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It took Eliot months so recover from the time he spent with Moreau.

In about a year, he was able to explain parts of his past to Parker, and when he did, it felt like a ton of weights had been lifted off of him.

Parker helped him… she always did.

She helped him tell his secrets, she helped him talk about his past, she helped him get through the few nightmares that sometimes came to torture him.

Pretty soon, the team was back to doing jobs. For the first few weeks, they only took small ones to get back into the jist of things… but after a month, they started taking harder ones.

The memory was Moreau was still in Eliot's mind, but it was faded, something that the entire team was grateful for. Eliot learned to adapt to everything around him, and that meant that he could just as easily get through everything that he endured while in captivity.

More time passed, and soon enough, Nate and Sophie left the team to get married, which left the three of the youngest thieves to take control over Leverage International.

And a couple of years after that… Eliot asked Parker to marry him. The thief easily said yes, jumping on top of him once he slid the beautiful ring on her finger.

A few months later… a wedding.

It was rather small, but still gorgeous. The team was invited, as well as the Martins, Eliot's siblings and mother (his father didn't even show up).

Still, the wedding was amazing, and right after, Eliot and Parker were on their way to their honeymoon….

…. Which consisted of skydiving, zip lining, and jumping off high buildings. And of course... making love!

And when they came back… they had a baby on the way.

They named her Natalie; a name that reminded them of the man that started the team, and that made them a family: Nate.

Once again, they all lived in peace and happiness. Life was good… and they wouldn't have had it any other way…