It was that time in the year when the seasons were in the middle of changing, when the days are warm enough to sit comfortably on a chair outside and read, but the nights were cold and the wind chilled your bones. She sat by the window watching the sun fall below the distant tree line that framed the once lively city. Now the streets were dead and the leaves that remained on the ground were picked up by the wind, dancing in the breeze before disappearing into the shadows. It reminded her of her youthful days when she believed fairies would come out just at dusk and play in the wind. Only these were much darker. Shivering at the sight, the girl finally turned her gaze to the forever screwed-up patch in her yard where his tent used to be. The sparse grass that did begin to push through the earth looked ragged and frayed. It did not help that the little white feline kept pawing the earth for her once was home. They had been gone so long now..

"STUPID FROOGGG!" Natsumi yelled as she smashed her way into the base. Keroro almost instinctively ducked behind the nearest thing, Giroro, to shield himself from the teens rage. "Keroro, what did you do to piss her off this time?" Giroro asked with a bitter tone. He held no sympathy for the idiotic green one. "G-GERO, Nothing I swear!" Squeaked Keroro. "BULLSHIT!" said a very angry feminine voice at the door to their base. Giroro slid out of the way to reveal her target before he sat back down in his seat to listen. Kululu could be heard in his chair cackling to himself, obviously highly amused by the scene in front of him. "What kind of immature moron puts SLUGS in ANOTHER PERSON'S BED?!" She nearly lost her voice yelling at the Keronian. Keroro swallowed hard. He almost replied before Giroro beat him to it. "Keroro, this wasn't one your your half assed invasion plans again was it?" He remarked though he was slightly worried about Natsumi's condition as her skin almost glowed with the added moisture from her unwanted bed mates.

The young woman in question looked on with unmatched rage in her fiery eyes, and even Giroro himself had to admit he would not want to be the one who was the target of her fury. Though as suddenly as she came, she turned quick on her heels and padded swiftly out the door and up the ladder into the main hallway and was gone like that. Keroro relaxed momentarily but seemed confused as to her sudden change in moods. Kululu was in the background giggling as he typed away on his keyboard. "Kukukuku, she is looking for another way to hurt you Keroro" Kululu smirked and chuckled again with glee. The green toad suddenly felt deathly shivers and fled to room without another sound. Giroro on the other hand was still looking on from where his love had up and left without so much as an attempted swing at his sergeant. His steel-Grey eyes dilated with worry and confusion. Kululu spoke as he hopped off his chair, laptop in hand while the other covered his more than obvious grin. "She seems moody. Maybe you should go check on her Gi-ro-ro" The Demon Corporal turned to him and caught a glare in kululu's glasses. Kululu snapped his laptop shut with a smirk he didn't bother to hide, and with that the genius left through a hole before Giroro could spit a comment back.

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