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With a large burst of smoke, Fukasaku appeared in the same field where Naruto had summoned him the last time. He allowed the smoke to clear away, and saw the boy - who had been waiting for almost half an hour - sitting in front of him, a bit of a glare on his face.

"So, do you have the things my parents left for me, Fukasaku?" The toad nodded, understanding Naruto's impatience.

"Yes, I have brought the scroll that your parents left to Jiraiya. Now, the scroll itself is only a storage scroll meant to contain your inheritance, so I am not sure of what may be inside." The aged toad showed the boy the small scroll, which instantly caused him to relax a little. Fukasaku then offered the scroll to the boy, who accepted it gingerly and then looked it over in his hands.

"So, how do I have to open this? Does it need blood identification, chakra identification, maybe a specific password?" The scroll in his hand had been created by the two best sealmasters of their time. There was no end to the possible safety measures they had taken with the scroll.

"Nope." Fukasaku replied, slightly amused. "It works just like a regular storage seal. Push a little chakra into it, and it'll open up immediately."

Naruto was a little shocked by that. "Are you serious? I mean, I was sure they would have made this more secure." The teenager asked, as he began to inspect the scroll.

Fukasaku's expression grew further amused. "Kid, I think you underestimate your parents. They may have not put on any fancy seal, but they had it safeguarded by one of the strongest ninjas in the world, and that makes it more secure than just about anything."

Naruto smiled sheepishly. He had forgotten it over time due to the perverted and quirky nature of his teacher, but Jiraiya had been one of the Sanin, and maintained his title as one of the most powerful shinobi to have ever lived.

He then proceeded to roll open the scroll, causing another puff of smoke to be produced, although this one was much smaller than the one produced by the appearance of Fukasaku.

The scroll revealed a small chest, which was in Naruto's hands. It was barely larger than a dinner plate, yet it seemed rather sturdy and heavy.

"That, my boy, is your inheritance. Now, open it up already. I've been dying to see what's in there ever since I got that scroll."

The blond placed it on the ground, and pulled open the latch of the chest. He then took a deep breath, and pulled the lid up, to see what was inside.

The first thing that he saw in the chest was a photograph. The photo featured the Yondaime Hokage, standing in a room, with his arms around a red haired woman. It was his parents. Kushina herself had her hands wrapped around her stomach, and one could make out the distinct shape of a small baby bump under her hands. Both his parents were grinning from ear to ear as they looked toward the camera.

The young ninja didn't know why, but seeing the picture made him feel happy. It made him happy to see his parents happy. The photo was more than enough evidence that the two not only loved each other, but loved him dearly as well.

He carefully placed the photo back into the chest, and pulled out the next objects he saw. They were two, leather bound journals. They seemed relatively new, as the colour of the leathers was still bright, and they both had a title on the cover.

The first one read, 'The Uzumaki Bloodline', and the second read 'Hiraishin'. Naruto didn't have to be a genius to figure out what the books were, and who they had been written by. He skimmed through both of them, and saw that they were completely handwritten. He placed them back into the chest, alongside the photo, before pulling out an item he was much more familiar with. It was a Hiraishin kunai, much like the one he had received from the Sandaime Hokage as a gift. It had three prongs, and a seal marker on its handle. He held it in his hand for a moment, before returning it to the chest.

Finally, the last item in the chest, was a dusty, hardback book. Naruto blew the dust off from over the front cover, to reveal the title. 'The Tales of A Gutsy Ninja'. He flipped through the book, but didn't find anything special on it. But when he arrived upon the final page, he saw the name of the author. Jiraiya. Just a single word, but it was more than enough to explain the book's importance to him.

"That was Jiraiya-boy's first book," The toad chuckled bitterly. "It didn't get him as much fame or money as his Icha-Icha books, but it was good in its own right."

Naruto nodded, and put the book back into the chest, and locked it once more. He then resealed it. He would go through the books later, but only when he was back within his apartment.

"Thank you, Fukasaku. This was very important for me." Naruto said, as he pocketed the scroll.

Fukasaku smiled softly. "Don't worry, Naruto-boy. But I do have another offer to make to you, which I hope you will consider."

This caught the boy's attention.

Naruto still had his inheritance packed away in a scroll, held in a pocket in his jacket. He had wanted to return to his apartment immediately, but he couldn't do that just yet. He wanted to meet Wokian and tell him that he wasn't going to be able to meet up with him for training today.

As the familiar bar neared, he found himself growing a little nervous. His mentor had seemed a little tense this morning when Naruto popped in to say hello. The man denied it, but Naruto was almost sure it had something to do with the Grimm that he had slain. He had not pushed the issue, however, not wanting to step on any toes.

"Hey, Wokian-sensei, how are you?" The boy greeted cheerily, causing the old man to smile a little as well. "I'm fine. So, are you here for training? If so, you should know I still won't be closing up for a few hours."

"Actually, I wanted to tell you that I cannot train today." This earned a bit of a stern look from the ramen chef. He didn't like it when Naruto tended to slack off. "It's not that I don't want to, it's just that I wanted to try out some experimental training with Galuchat, which I want to keep a secret until it's perfected."

"Nice save, brat."

"Well, I don't mind you taking a day off, Naruto. But make sure you don't go off getting a big head now that you're Monchak's own little celebrity." The man replied, with an amused grin.

Naruto cocked his head to the side in confusion. "How so?"

Instead of saying anything, the man pushed the day's copy of the local newspaper toward the boy. Naruto raised an eyebrow. He never did read the newspaper. He picked it up, and his jaw went slack once he saw the front cover.

"Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze: Surprise Prodigy of Monchak." The Kyuubi read the title of the front page exclusive out loud, struggling to hold in his chuckles. The boy himself felt both a little surprised and a little proud. The page showed the picture which he had submitted to the officials for his participation in the Mistral Tournament, and adjacent to it was a picture of him standing over a downed Grimm, doubtlessly one taken by someone who had seen him fight the creature. "What is this for?" The boy asked his teacher

"Trust me kid, killing a real Grimm is a big deal. It's an even bigger deal if you do it before you're even in a Huntsman academy. The other participants barely know how to hold their own weapons. They were already afraid of you going off of what you did in the previous rounds. Now, those guys would rather back out than face a Grimm-slayer." Wokian grinned. "Honestly, I think the name is kind of catchy."

The boy realised that his mentor did have a point. The Kyuubi then chose to chime in again, having been able to control his laughter at last. "Ha! Those guys would be smart if they stepped out themselves. I'm tired of seeing you fight those brats day after day."

"Ok, Wokian-sensei, I have to go now. I have some work to get done at my apartment. Oh, and I also wanted to give you a heads up. I will be going back home to my grandfather's place for about two weeks after the preliminary rounds of the Tournament end. He hasn't been feeling too well these days, and he wanted to see me."

Wokian was slightly intrigued by that final comment, but he chose to not pry. "I hope your grandfather gets better, Naruto."

Naruto opened the journal on the Hiraishin first. He had been told quite a bit about by both the Kyuubi and the Third Hokage. It was a technique that allowed the user to teleport to a marker instantly, and it could be used to transverse great distances in milliseconds. His father had even improved the technique by attaching the markers to special made kunai. The trick-pronged kunai were made specifically with very sharp edges so that they would embed themselves into any surface they were thrown at. And then, he could just teleport to the kunai.

This theoretical explanation from the journal was easy enough to understand. However, once the boy looked over the actual seal patterns, he knew he was way out of his depth. 'Time and space manipulation? I can barely do space manipulation alone, let alone combine it wth something as complex as time manipulation.'

Kyuubi chuckled. "You would be better off leaving that alone for the time being. After all, you wouldn't want to level this entire town if you messed up, would you?" Naruto hated putting off the Hiraishin, but he knew that the big furball had a point. Incorrectly drawn seals tended to backfire, and the damage grew graver along with the complexity of the seals themselves.

He had decided to take a day off from training to just be able to go over what his parents had left for him. He had his final preliminary match the next day, but he wasn't too worried about it. The other participant - a girl named Nikolay Avatar, he recalled - was good, but not anything over the top. He closed his father's journal on the Hiraishin and instead opened the book on the Uzumakis and their bloodline. He quickly began to read, eager to learn more about the closest thing to a history his family had.

By the time he had read the first twenty pages, Naruto was convinced that the Uzumaki were amazing. 'Looks like I have a great name to back up.'

They had lived in settlements scattered across the borders between the Land of Fire and the Land of Water, but they still had a stronghold located in Uzushiogakure no Sato, where most of the Uzumaki lived. There were almost one thousand of them located there.

The Uzumaki were very powerful, despite their lack of numbers. They were legendary across the Elemental Nations for their great strengths in Water Jutsu, Fuinjustu, sword fighting, and their bloodline limit: The Uzumaki Chakra Chains. The clan was also considered royalty among the Leaf and the Mist villages, for the second Uzumaki clan head had been wed to the Lord of Water's daughter, and Mito Uzumaki had been wed to Hashirama Senju.

Another thing that just added to his clan's incredible list of great achievements were their natural strengths. They were always a war clan, and had the heritage for it as well. The average Uzumaki had as much chakra as a Kage, and they were known for their 'Uzumaki immortality'. This term was coined by Hashirama himself, and was actually just a result of them having a higher healing rate and greater life expectancy due to a result of having more chakra than other races. Most Uzumaki could live to the ripe age of 100 and still be able to fight.

'God, I swear, these guys were the best. And I swear mom, I'm gonna make sure nobody forgets that the Uzumaki are still kicking, dattebayo!'

At this point, after having read so much about all of his badass relatives, Naruto was growing a little antsy himself. Reading about his history filled him with a strong urge to train and live up to his family name. So he put the journal back into the chest he had received it in, and resealed the chest. He wasn't taking the risk of leaving that chest in the open.

After pitting the scroll away with the other sealing scrolls he had made for shrunken, kunai and rations, he ran out of the apartment, and decided he'd put in some training anyways. 'If I want to be anything like mom and dad, I can't afford to just sit around, even for one day. I need to get stronger for everyone who knew I'd be strong one day. Mom, dad, Pervy Sage, Hokage-jiji, Granny Tsunade, Iruka, all of them. And that ain't gonna happen if I just sit around.'

"Don't worry kid. If they could see you right now, they wouldn't be worried. You're already shaping up to be a strong one boy." The Kyuubi himself was a little surprised by what he said, but he knew the boy deserved it. He was trying to be strong, and he was trying harder than anyone the fox had ever seen before. "And don't worry, once you learn the basics of Sage Mode, you'll become just as strong as your parents, if not stronger."

The Kyuubi's words brought the boy's attention back to the offer he'd been given by Fukasaku earlier the same day. The toads were some of the oldest summons that existed, and had always been proud to fight for strong and just summoners. But they had never accepted too many summoners, and only served the cream of the crop. Another thing they had been known for was producing the strongest Sages known to man, such as Jiraiya and even his father, Minato. But with all of their summoners other than Naruto being dead, the Toads no longer had that privilege. It resulted in many other summoning creatures - with Manda the snake boss at their lead - threatening to attack Mt. Myoboku and take the territory of the Toads. The Toads may be strong enough to fight away an attack, but they weren't strong enough to do so without suffering any casualties.

'The toads need a summoner now more than ever, and you are our only summoner. If you come to Mt. Myoboku for some time, I can teach you how to use nature energy to become a sage, and once you are a Toad Sage, that big brute Manda wouldn't dare try anything.'

Of course, Naruto had no reason to disagree. The Toads were his final connection to his original home, and they had always helped him in times of need. Plus, the thought of learning something that his dad and the Pervy Sage were famous for was irresistible.

'I'll have to see for myself, Kyuubi. All I know right now is that I need to win the Mistral Tournament, and make sure that I make it to Beacon Academy, just like I promised Jaune.'

"Keh, I swear, you Uzumaki and your big promises."

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