Frozen in the force

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"After returning from the strange world of Mortis, Anakin Skywalker and his young Apprentice Ahsoka Tano are dispatched to a abandoned world on the edge of known space but there is no doubt that Count Dooku and his droid army aren't far behind."

Standing upon the bridge of the Republic Venator class cruiser, young Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker gazed out of the view port. As he gazed into the blue streaks of Hyperspace he felt the approaching presence of his Apprentice Ahsoka Tano. "What do think it is this time, Skyguy?" Ahsoka said.

"I don't know Ahsoka, I just hope this time we don't encounter any super powerful force wielders." Anakin said looking down at his apprentice, although they may not acknowledge it there time on Mortis and their encounter with the world's near godly inhabitants had shaken both master and student.

Sir, we are preparing to drop out of Hyperspace." A Clone officer informed the pair. "Thank you lieutenant." Anakin said as he turned back to the view port to watch as the blue and white streaks of Hyperspace faded and the blackness filled with small lights from distant stars that was normal space reappeared. Anakin turned from the window again to speak with Admiral Yularan. "Admiral, is there any sign of enemy ships in the area?" Ahsoka soon followed her teacher before looking back at the nearing planet. "Nothing yet general Skywalker but the sensors are set to long range scans so we should know long before any Separatist ships come into range." The Admiral reported. Satisfied with the report Anakin turned to the Clone Captain Rex of the 501st battalion. "Rex, prepare a shuttle and a small squad of men." Anakin ordered before he walked past Yularan to head to the hanger bay. But before the young Jedi could leave the bridge the same Lieutenant from before reported "General Skywalker, there's a small ship coming out of Hyperspace. It's a Jedi shuttle carrying General Yoda."

"Why would Master Yoda come here?" Ahsoka asked her master who replied "I'm not sure Ahsoka, Rex prepare the shuttle and a squad. Admiral give Master Yoda's shuttle permission to board." Skywalker said as he once again left the bridge to leave head to the hanger bay. His young student soon following.

By the time both master and student arrived in the Hanger, Master Yoda's shuttle had just lowered it's boarding ramp. Soon the ancient Jedi grand master departed his shuttle. Both knight and apprentice bowed their heads in greeting to the old master. "Master Yoda, we weren't expecting you." Anakin admitted as he raised his head. "Know by now to expect the unexpected you should young Skywalker."

"Yes Master." Anakin said as he bowed his head once more.

Many years it has been since stepped foot in this system I have." Yoda admitted to the other two Jedi. "Then you know whats down on that planet?" Ahsoka asked the aged Jedi. "Helped I did to set up the signal that drew us here, yes a young Padawan learner I was then." Yoda admitted.

"Then what's down there?" Anakin asked. "Introduce you to him, I will." And with that the ancient master ended the conversation and started to head towards the other shuttle with the clone squad preparing to depart. "I don't like this master." The young torgrutian told her mentor. "Neither do I Snips, but we must put our trust and our faith in Master Yoda." Looking over towards Captain Rex he gave the command "Rex prepare your men for departure." Anakin ordered as he and Ahsoka followed Master Yoda on to the shuttle the clones following immediately after.

Soon the shuttle descended into the atmosphere, the ship buckled and shook from the turbulence. "Not to question you Master Yoda who is down there." Ahsoka asked her curiosity getting the better of her. Master Yoda closed his eyes "Long ago, from even before I joined the order. A Jedi knight there was like any other, compassionate, Brave, skilled and powerful. One day he and a small army of Jedi knights were sent to protect a nexus in the force from the Sith, but during the battle fell into the nexus the young Jedi did. Handful of Jedi survived but the Sith did not. When the Jedi Emerged, revealed it was became one with nexus he did, he became frozen in the force."Yoda finished as the other two Jedi were flummoxed.

"What do you mean Frozen in the force?" Anakin said but before Yoda could answer the shuttle's pilot called out "prepare for a rough landing. It's going to be bumpy." The shuttle bumped and rocked as the winds blew by soon enough the shuttle despite the difficulties the shuttle made a smooth landing. "Well it was a better landing then you could have done Skyguy." Ahsoka joked to her Master. "My flying isn't that bad, snips." Anakin responded with mock outrage. "I never said your flying ships was bad Master but you are bad at landing them in one piece." Ahsoka continued but before the Jedi knight could reply the boarding ramp lowered.

Once the ramp was completely lowered Master Yoda was the first to depart with the other two Jedi and the squadron of clones following soon after. "So Master Yoda you never answered my question what did you mean by frozen in the force?" Ahsoka asked but before the aged Master could answer. A great chill fell over the three Jedi this was not some ordinary weather but it was cold in the force. The two younger Jedi felt like they had just been thrown into a frozen lake naked. Even though they were not as attuned to the force as their commanders were the clones to felt the great chill that had fallen before upon them but not as great as an extent.

This chill was not like cold that dark siders such as the Sith emitted for their was no accompanying malice and hatred, just a pure ice cold chill through the force. "Since felt like for a long time I have not." Master Yoda said as he began to walk toward a cave. Soon the group could see an emerging silhouette emerge from the cave. The two younger Jedi and their clones read edited their weapons where as the grandmaster merely said "Lower your weapons a threat he is not." Reluctantly they did lower their weapons but they were still ready to use them if they had to.

"It's been a long time Yoda." The figure said as he lowered his hood revealing his brown hair and fair skin but his eyes were closed but they were opened soon enough and when they did the two younger Jedi were transfixed as they starred into the man's eyes for they appeared to hold a galaxy within each one. "My name is Denjarr Relik, the frozen Jedi at your service." The figure said as the galaxies in his eyes dissipated to reveal shining blue eyes, the oppressive chill they felt faded as they did so. He then bowed his head. Leaving the younger Jedi and the clone soldiers absolutely confused and scared but somehow they felt like they were staring into the heart of a sun.

Chapter one end

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