Frozen in the Force Chapter Three

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In case people were wondering what kind of stasis method Denjarr was using, it's the same kind of stasis that Darth Krayt used in the legends continuity

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Ever since the cruiser had jumped to hyperspace Denjarr remained in his quarters reading what he had missed over the past centuries if not that he was meditating. While his gaze in the force wasn't as clouded as the Jedi's ability to gaze in the force it was still murky at best.

Denjarr was sat cross legged in the middle of his quarters his eyes closed as he focused on piercing the veil of the dark side until he could sense the shining force presence of Young Tano.

Before Ahsoka could press the door chime the door opened of its own accord. "Please come in, Young one." Denjarr said his legs still crossed but his eyes now open, The silver galaxies sparkling.

"I just wanted to let you know that we will be arriving back at Coruscant in 20 minutes." Ahsoka said but couldn't help but be transfixed by Denjarr's fantastical eyes "Sorry, your eyes are kind of."

"It's alright, young one I've gotten used to people starring at my eyes, several millennia and sometimes I'm not used to it." Denjarr said as a almost wistful small smile appeared on his face and the galaxies in his eyes dissipated. "Could you direct me to the bridge, apprentice?"

"Certainly, if you could follow me."Ahsoka said turning around embarrassed that she was caught starring at his eyes. "Oh to be young again." Denjarr said before wrapping his cloak around him and following Ahsoka out of the room and to the turbo lift. As they were walking through the corridors Denjarr gazed at Ahsoka through the force trying to understand such pure light side energy could be melded with one's soul.

Soon they reached the turbo lift as they waited for the lift to reach them Denjarr asked "If I may be so bold, your presence in the light side is brighter then any Jedi I have met and I have met an uncountable amount of Jedi." Ahsoka turned to Denjarr in puzzlement "What do you mean by that?" Ahsoka asked

"When I look at you through the force, I see the light side of the force wrapped around you like you were using it as your life force but there are remnants of the dark side but the darkness was not your own, like it was a disease. What are you, young one? What will you be?" Denjarr was getting very close to Ahsoka now. Gazing into her eyes the galaxies in his eyes swirling more and more intensely as if he was trying to gaze into her soul. But before Ahsoka could draw her lightsaber the lift doors opened. Inside the lift was Captain Rex and Arc Trooper Fives. "Commander is everything alright." Rex asked. His right hand moving towards his blaster but not drawing it.

"My curiosity got the better of me captain. No need to worry." Denjarr said as he stepped away from Ahsoka. Her hand still grasping her lightsaber. "Well make sure that there isn't any need to worry." Rex said eying Denjarr suspiciously.

Denjarr gestured for Ahsoka to enter the lift first "After you, young one." Ahsoka kept eyeing Denjarr as she entered the lift. Denjarr then entered the lift his back to the door. The ride up to the bridge was silent and tense as two master force wielders about to do battle. The tension was broken when Denjarr started hacking and coughing. "Are you alright?" Ahsoka asked in concern, the fear she felt was not necessarily gone but subdued.

"I think so, this only happens whenever I go to a world that's been infested with the dark side." Rex and fives looked at each other from the corners of their eyes in worry at that. The lift then stopped and it's doors opened. Denjarr was still coughing slightly as they walked to the main view port at the front of the bridge.

"Ah, Ahsoka, Denjarr." Anakin greeted. "We are just about to arrive at Coruscant. Are you alright?" Anakin asked Denjarr who was still coughing. Denjarr simply waved him off. "It's nothing, but it will be nice to see the temple again.

We're dropping out of hyperspace general." A clone technician reported and as soon as the stars unstretched to reveal Coruscant Denjarr collapsed on to his knees and his coughing increased. "Get a medic up here "Skywalker ordered as he tried to help Denjarr, who at this point was coughing up blood.

Denjarr then fainted, the two Jedi and the clones had no idea what had caused this.

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