Guess who's back, back again...


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Enjoy this very long-awaited chapter.

It was a typical morning in the Goldstein sisters' apartment – Queenie stood in the kitchen making pancakes for breakfast, and Tina sat at the dining table reading the New York Ghost with a mug of strong coffee. She always liked to update herself on the goings-on in the city before work, because the likelihood was she would be investigating some of them when she arrived at MACUSA for the day (secondary to the Grindelwald case of course). The front of the paper was emblazoned, as it had been for several days since Grindelwald escaped, with another story attempting to predict the whereabouts of the dark wizard. Tina, however, had already read that story (nothing she didn't already know) and was now perusing a smaller article on a series of robberies taking place in more affluent magical households in New York.

Tina had just looked up to accept her pancakes and syrup from Queenie when there was a very insistent tapping at the window. Tina deduced very quickly that the letter was from MACUSA, since she had received Newt's letter two days previously. Sucking in a breath, she got up from the table to let the very sleek and official-looking owl into the apartment, gave it some food and untied the envelope, sealed with the MACUSA emblem, from the bird's leg. Before she read the letter, she put up her Occlumency walls – couldn't risk Queenie finding out possibly confidential information. Upon reading the letter, which told her she was to report to President Picquery's office before the morning briefing today, she glanced at Queenie, who was sat at the table waiting for Tina's reaction.

"Picquery wants to see me." Tina informed her bluntly, her Occlumency walls still up.

"D'you think it's about Grindelwald?" Queenie asked, sounding worried.

"Oh, definitely. I was the last person to interrogate him, remember? And the one that's still being shadowed by Theseus bloody Scamander's henchmen because of it."

Queenie giggled despite her worry, "How very British of you, Teenie. I wonder where you could possibly have picked that up."

Tina blushed; she hadn't even realised. "Not the time, Queenie. I have to leave in ten." She said as she sat back down and began eating her pancakes at a speed that would've given a normal person indigestion, but to Tina it was a normal occurrence when she had to run to work.

"Replied to your fella yet?" Queenie inquired teasingly while Tina ate. Queenie didn't need to read Tina's mind to know what her response would be.

Tina looked at her sister, blushed, swallowed the last bit of her second pancake and said, "Newt is not my fella."

"Yet." Queenie grinned.

Tina didn't respond, just wolfed down her third and final pancake, downed the rest of her coffee and stood from the table. She grabbed her leather trench coat and said, "As usual, no idea when I'll be back. I'll let you know." And without waiting for her sister to answer, Disapparated from the apartment.

Upon reaching MACUSA, Tina made her way to Picquery's office, her heart pounding in her chest – she'd somehow managed to convince herself that she was about to be fired and was already rehearsing her speech in her head. She reached the very official-looking door and knocked thrice to announce her arrival. "Come in." she heard Picquery's voice from the room beyond, and nervously entered the office, closing the door behind her.

"Madam President, before you say anything, can I just say that I'm doing my best to get to the bottom of how Grindelwald-"

But Picquery interrupted, seemingly unfazed by not being given a chance to speak, "What on Earth are you talking about, Goldstein?"

Tina looked at the floor, suddenly sheepish, "I-I thought…"

"That I was going to fire you?"


"And why would I do that?"

"Because I was the last person to see him before he…escaped. And I'm still being shadowed."

"Goldstein. You are one of my best Aurors. Grindelwald's escape was not your fault, despite what that British moron is suggesting."

Tina suppressed a giggle at Picquery's blatant insult of Theseus as the President continued, "In short, I would never fire you, Goldstein. Theseus Scamander doesn't have the authority to get you fired, and I can assure you I have no intention of following his idiotic 'advice' to do so."

Tina, remembering how much Newt was loving Theseus not being able to get his own way, suppressed another laugh. "Thank you, Madam President."

"You're welcome. Now, to the actual reason I called you here. Despite his aforementioned shortcomings, it turns out that Theseus Scamander does actually have some sense. He has requested that you make the journey to London to assist his team of Aurors at the British Ministry of Magic with the Grindelwald case. They have reason to believe that Grindelwald will strike in Europe next, and need someone from MACUSA, from which he escaped, to offer their knowledge of where he might possibly have gone."

Tina was floored. "Why me, though?"

"Well, you have an excellent record, not counting that Second Salemer meeting, and the report that Smith has compiled on you, despite our shared hatred of the man, is actually pretty glowing. You were also the last person to see Grindelwald. Scamander believes you would be an asset to his team, and, despite everything, I agree with him."

Tina couldn't think of anything to say to that. Finally she asked, "When would I leave?"

"In four days' time, at 1:30pm sharp. A Portkey will be arranged to take you from MACUSA straight to the British Ministry in London."

"And how long would I be stationed there?" Tina hated the idea of leaving Queenie, but a significant part of her desperately wanted to go, especially with the possibility of seeing Newt again.

"As long as it takes to catch Grindelwald."

"How long do I have to decide?"

"Until the end of today. Feel free to go home in your lunch break and discuss it with your sister, I know how close the two of you are."

"Thank you, Madam President."

Picquery stood up. "Now, I'll see you in the briefing room in five minutes."

Tina nodded, moving towards the door. As she opened it Picquery spoke again, "Think about it, Goldstein."

Tina knew from her tone that the President was not expecting a verbal response, so simply nodded and hurried to the briefing room.

As soon as twelve noon hit, Tina was out of the office like a shot. Normally, she spent her lunchtimes working, in keeping with her status as a workaholic that her sister had bestowed upon her. But today she had to go home – she had a big decision to make.

Queenie had had the day off work today, so it was no surprise to Tina when she entered their apartment to the smell of freshly baked bread. Queenie turned and looked at her sister in surprise. "Teenie! I wasn't expecting you back till tonight!" then she read Tina's mind. "Oh, Teenie, you should absolutely go!"

"Are you sure?" Tina sank into a chair at the dining table. "On the one hand, of course I wanna do everything I can to catch Grindelwald, but I don't wanna leave you alone…"

Queenie took a seat next to her sister and placed a hand comfortingly on her shoulder. "Tina. I can look after myself. Besides, you wouldn't be leaving me alone exactly…"

"If you're talking about that pigeon…" Tina started, her eyes flicking to the curtain rail where said pigeon was perched, staring at her indignantly.

"Of course I'm not talking about Mr Flappy! The pigeon you now refuse to call by his name because it reminds you of how embarrassingly drunk you were." Before Tina could defend herself Queenie continued, "No, I was talking about a person…"

"But we don't have…guests…wait. You're not…"

"Yes, Teenie. Jacob and I…we're…dating."

"You're WHAT?"

"Teenie, just listen…I didn't wanna tell you for ages cos I knew…"

"That I'd freak out?"


"What else am I gonna do, Queenie?" Tina was, in fact, freaking out.

"I know, Teenie, it's a shock. But his memories came back! The venom only erased the bad ones."

"And seeing you brought the good ones back." Tina put the pieces together.

"Yeah. I know it's a lot to take in…"

"Queenie. Do you realise what MACUSA will do if they find out?"

"They won't find out! We're being careful, I promise!"

Tina sighed. "Nothing I say is gonna change your mind, is it?"

Queenie grinned. "Nope. I promise, Tina, I can look after myself. They won't find out."

Tina looked at her sister seriously. "Just promise me you'll be extremely careful. I mean it, Queenie."

"We will. I promise." Queenie wrapped her sister in one of those hugs Tina just couldn't refuse. "And, you, Tina Goldstein, are gonna go to London and show those Brits how we do things in America."

Tina laughed, "What I wanna know is why Theseus Scamander picked me of all people."

Queenie smirked. "I think I have a pretty good idea."

"What?" Tina asked, and when Queenie didn't answer and instead turned back to making sandwiches with the bread she'd just made, insisted. "Queenie, tell me!"

Queenie giggled. "Nope. Not. Saying. Anything."

Tina groaned in frustration, "I hate it when you do that."

"I know. But you'll find out soon enough." Queenie said, placing a pastrami sandwich and a black coffee in front of Tina, who, having just realised how hungry she was, accepted them gratefully, her hunger replacing her confusion in her list of priorities.

Between mouthfuls she asked Queenie, who was sat next to her again, "So you really think I should go?"

"Yes, Teenie. You should. And you'll finally get to see that fella of yours again." She said with her signature Queenie grin.

"For the last time, Queenie. Newt. Is. Not. My. Fella." Yet.

"No, he isn't, yet." Queenie teased. Tina blushed and looked down into her coffee.

"Stop reading my mind."

"Oh, come on, Teenie. You are pining so bad."

"I am not!"

"Are too. And what's more, he was your first thought when the President suggested London to you."

Tina blushed harder. "You know, I really hate having a Legilimens for a sister sometimes."

"You need to try harder with your Occlumency then, don't you?" Queenie laughed. When her sister didn't answer, she put a hand on her shoulder again. "Tina, you could not be more obvious if you tried. I don't need Legilimency to know that you're completely head over heels for him."

"Name one thing I've done that's 'obvious'."

"Ooooh, I don't know, squealing and tripping over yourself to open his letters, reading and rereading and rereading his book to the point where it's falling apart, using and reusing those quills he got you for Christmas, the dreamy smile on your face reading his letters and his book, and not to mention going on and on about his eyes and his freckles and his hair and his gorgeous accent and how he saved your life and how strong and handsome he is…"

"I was drunk!"

"Drunk words speak sober thoughts, Tina." Queenie's smile was knowing.

Tina sighed. No point trying to hide it from herself any longer. "Fine. Fine, yes, I'm in love with him. Are you happy now?"

Queenie grinned. "Very."

"But what if he doesn't…" Tina started but Queenie finished.

"Teenie, I can assure you that he does, in fact, feel the same way."

"Guess I'll find out soon enough."

"That you will, big sister. Now, you gotta get back to work and tell Picquery you're gonna take it!"

"What about this one?" Queenie asked for the fourth time, two evenings before Tina's departure. She was holding up a pastel teal knee-length dress with a petticoat skirt, delicate boatneck and a sheer back dotted with crystals.

In terms of clothes, Tina, who was known for having quite a plain, sensible fashion sense, simply wanted to take her work clothes, comfy slacks and older blouses to lounge in (should she have the chance), and her pyjamas. Queenie, on the other hand, seemed to have gotten it into her head that Tina was going to London to go on romantic dates, dinners and dances with a certain someone.

"For the last time, Queenie, I am not going to London to go out on dates!"

"But you might get a chance! Might as well be prepared, I don't trust you to buy dresses on your own."

"Harsh." But true. I don't trust myself either.

"There you go then. So?"

"No, too flouncy."

Queenie turned her choice of dress around and scrutinized it, trying to imagine Tina wearing it. "Yeah, you're right."

"I'm sure Newt has better things to do anyway." Tina muttered, hoping Queenie wouldn't catch the thought or the words.

But her efforts were futile. "Don't be so ridiculous, Teenie! The man is infatuated with you."

"How do you know?"

"Because I just know. When have you known me to be wrong about a man's intentions?"

Tina considered this. "That's very true, but how am I to know if you're definitely right? He's on the other side of the Atlantic."

Queenie crossed the room to Tina, who was stood next to her bed – on which her suitcase lay open, containing neatly folded black, white, grey and navy-blue items of clothing and underwear. "Teenie. Just trust me."

Then Queenie took a look at the interior of Tina's case and a smirk crept across her features. Tina noticed and froze, "I don't like that look. What are you planning now?"

Queenie said nothing, just crossed the room to a drawer and pulled out something that made Tina's cheeks flame. "Queenie! What kind of woman do you think I am?"

Queenie held the white, tiny lacy shift up and said, "What? It could happen!"

Tina crossed the room and snatched the thing out of Queenie's hands. "No. It could not. Even if Newt and I were to…become an item, so to speak…I do have standards, Queenie. And those standards include not rushing into things like…that."

Queenie ignored her sister, though, and pulled something else out of the drawer. There was a lot of silk straps and tiny buckles on it, and Tina wasn't quite sure what exactly it was. She blushed even more, as impossible as that seemed. "How do you even get that on?" And, in the extremely unlikely event that it did happen, how is he supposed to get it off? Surely it's a waste of time? Tina immediately cursed herself for allowing her thoughts to wander off to such a location when Queenie burst out laughing.

"What? I'm just being logical!" Tina, still blushing bright red, protested as Queenie's laughter subsided.

"Yeah, no, I get it, Teenie, I do. Too much time would be spent getting it off when you could be doing…"

"Let's not go there."

"I was gonna say 'other things', Tina, get your mind out of the gutter!" Queenie was still giggling, earning her a shove from her older sister.

"You're the one that needs to get your mind out of the gutter." Tina muttered, still not laughing.

"Okay, okay, no lingerie in the suitcase. I was just messing with you, Tina." But had Tina seen Queenie's expression, she would not have believed her.

Tina gazed at herself in the mirror, unable to believe this was her. She wore an absolutely stunning navy-blue gown, with tiny silver sparkles effortlessly stitched into the fabric, making her look like she was wearing the night sky. The dress hugged all the right places, and had a very revealing, plunging, off-the-shoulder neckline – much lower than what she would normally wear. The slimline skirt fell almost to the floor, and even had a split reaching about halfway up. On top of that it was backless to her waist. Around her neck she wore her locket, and a glittering sapphire pendant. On her feet were a pair of sparkling stiletto heels, around 4 inches high. Her hair was styled to perfection, not a strand out of place, and she had just a hint of makeup on her face – the only noticeable features being her dark smoky eye makeup and deep burgundy lipstick, which was charmed not to come off. Everything about this look wasn't what regular Tina would even dream of wearing. But this Tina, this dream version of herself, didn't care how scandalously low her neckline was, how high the skirt split was, how high the heels were. She was confident and happy. She even felt sexy.

A voice from behind her. "You look breathtaking, Tina." A male voice. A male, British voice. Tina notices his reflection in the mirror and glances over her shoulder. Newt looks incredibly handsome in his deep peacock blue suit, muted pastel blue waistcoat and dark blue bowtie. He wraps his arms around her waist from behind and rests his head on her bare shoulder, pressing gentle kisses to her skin – like the dream Tina, this dream version of Newt was confident, but there was a hint of the real-life Newt there as well, as a tinge of pink had appeared over his cheekbones at the sight of her. Tina leans back into him. "You're not so bad yourself, Mr Scamander." she replies, grinning.

His hands caress her waistline, eventually creeping down her thighs, where one of them encounters the split in the skirt. His fingers toy with the top edge of the split, lightly brushing her stocking. Tina grins and leans further back so her head was resting on his chest while he continues to press kisses to her neck and shoulder.

"Do we have to go? Call me selfish, but I would love to have you all to myself." He murmurs into her neck.

She smiles even more. "I think your brother would kill us if we didn't go." She turns around and wraps her arms around his neck, leaning her forehead to his. She pretends not to notice his blatant glance at her chest. "But you can have me all to yourself when we come back. I have a surprise for you." She adds, a sultry tone to her voice.

His voice is low, husky and Mercy Lewis is it sexy, "Mmm, I look forward to it then." He leans further towards her, closing the gap and pressing a searing kiss to her lips. He wraps one arm around her waist, his other hand in her hair, and holds her closer as she reciprocates the kiss, her fingers toying with the waves at the nape of his neck. Tina isn't sure what he tastes of, all she knows is that she wants more of it. His mouth is warm, and slightly chapped but she doesn't care. He smells ridiculously good, and every cell in Tina's body wants her to tear open the buttons of his waistcoat. Instead she digs her fingers further into his hair, almost tugging on it, prompting a soft, low growl to rumble in his chest. She pulls out of the kiss, giggling breathlessly, but she doesn't move away from him. "Easy tiger. We do actually have to go to this dance."

"I wish we didn't." His breath tickles her lips and she desperately wants to kiss him again.

"So do I, honey. But we have to. And besides, not going would ruin your surprise for later." The smirk on her face is catlike as she adds this last sentence.

He sighs, "I suppose we should get it over with then."

She laughs softly, "Yeah. Listen, we go, we show our faces for a couple of hours, and then," her voice was low and had that sultry tone again, "we come back here."

His smirk matches her tone. "Sounds like a plan."

"Oh, and one more thing." Tina adds, "You have to promise to behave yourself."

He grins, his eyes flicking down to the neckline of her dress and back up again, "I have no idea what you mean."

She notices his glance, "Yes you do. While we're in public," she paused to click her fingers in front of his face before pointing two fingers to her eyes, "eyes up here. Okay? And no threatening any man who looks at me."

He's still grinning, "I'll do my best. It might be difficult though, since I'll have the sexiest woman in the room on my arm." As he added the last bit he pressed a kiss to the portion of her chest that the dress exposed.

Ordinarily Tina would've blushed to the roots of her hair but dream Tina did not. She remained cool, simply smiling and kissing the top of his head. She shook her head good-naturedly, "Thank you, but seriously, promise me you'll behave, okay? You can ravish me all you want when we get back in a couple of hours' time."

"Oh, I will." He says in that husky voice, facing her but his eyes are drifting down, his hands caressing her waist again.

"You've got to promise." She repeats, lifting his chin a little so he's forced to look her in the eye.

"I promise, my Tina." He presses another kiss to her lips before stepping back and holding out his arm. "Shall we, Miss Goldstein?"

She smiles and takes his arm, "We shall, Mr Scamander."

Tina woke to the sound of her alarm ringing at 6 o'clock the next morning, sure that she, the very real Tina, was blushing violently. Mercy Lewis, what was that? That dress…and for Morrigan's sake, I was flirting with him! I was suggesting…things…and we weren't even married! And he…he wanted me. And I wanted him to want me. He thought I was sexy… Tina's mind was all over the place. But while she was utterly mortified by the whole affair, she also wanted to revel in it - remember the way he'd touched her, the way he'd kissed her, the way he'd wanted her…

"Sounds like someone had a nice dream." Came Queenie's teasing voice from the twin bed next to her.

Tina doesn't even turn to look at her sister. "Don't. Say. A word."

Queenie simply giggles, and ignored her sister's instruction, "Seems I'm not the only one who's mind's in the gutter."

Tina flipped over to face her sister, glaring daggers, "Shut. Up."

Her sister giggled again, "Only if you do."

"I have."

"Okay, okay, jeez, Teenie, calm down." But her sister was still grinning. Tina made a mental note to improve her Occlumency skills. Queenie laughed, "I heard that, Tina."


"Oh come on, Teenie, it'll be fun! What better way to celebrate your last night here?"

"Queenie, you know I don't do fancy restaurants!"

This argument had been going for the last hour between Queenie, who wanted to celebrate Tina's last night in New York with a meal and drinks out at a nice restaurant, and Tina, who wanted to spend her last night as she would any other night – a home-cooked meal followed by hot cocoa and a book.

"You haven't been to enough of them to make that judgement!" Queenie protested.

"Queenie, it's literally my job to make quick judgements. And we can't afford it anyway, you know that. Those places cost more than our week's rent." Tina, ever the sensible, logical one, countered.

Queenie sighed, "I just want to treat my sister, is that too much to ask?"

Tina, standing at the opposite end of the lounge to her sister, sighed and held out her arms. Queenie smiled – Tina was rarely the one to initiate hugs - and moved towards her, returning the hug. After a few moments, Tina said softly, "Okay."

Queenie looked up, "Oh, Teenie, thank you! I knew you'd come around. You were thinking about it weren't you? You were seriously considering it."

"Yeah, alright, no need to make a song and dance about it, Queenie." But Tina was smiling fondly into her sister's blonde curls.

Queenie giggled and pulled out of the hug. "Anyway, I've already made a reservation."

Tina rolled her eyes, "Why am I not surprised?"

Queenie laughed again and grabbed her sister's hand, "Come on, we gotta get glammed up! I'll put some music on, we'll have a proper girly evening!"

Tina rolled her eyes again but smiled fondly, taking her sister's hand and following her to their twin bedroom.

Two hours later, Tina stood in front of the full-length mirror in the bedroom, unable to believe this was her.

Queenie had made her yet another stunning dress – royal blue with a v-neckline, it had intricate black and blue sequin detailing with the majority of the garment having a corset-like effect with blue sequinned flowers cascading down the centre, which then gave way to a more art-deco style pattern before the dress ended at her knees in black fringing. Queenie had styled her hair into soft waves, which framed her face perfectly. A smoky eye and a burgundy lip completed the look along with simple black kitten heels and her locket around her neck.

Tina ran her hands down the dress in disbelief. "Queenie, you have outdone yourself."

Queenie giggled – if Tina only knew what she'd made earlier today while her sister was working. "Aw, you're too sweet, Teenie. You look stunning, big sis."

Tina smiled, "Not as much as you, little sis." Queenie wore a sky-blue dress embellished with art-deco sequin patterns which, like Tina's, had a v-neck, though it was much lower, and ended in fringing reaching to her knees. Unlike her sister's dress, though, Queenie's dress had capped sleeves, whereas Tina's were cut off at the shoulder. As usual, the younger Goldstein's makeup was flawless, a light brush of gold shimmery eyeshadow and a light pink glossy lipstick. Her blonde curls fell effortlessly around her face and a simple feather-shaped pendant hung around her neck – it had been her Christmas present from Tina.

Queenie simply smiled, she found it sweet how Tina always complimented her, but also a little sad that her beloved big sister didn't see her own beauty. She held her arm out for Tina to take and they Disapparated.

Later that evening, the two sisters were sat opposite each other in an expensive (Tina had glared at Queenie when she'd seen the prices, to which her younger sister had responded "Oh come on Teenie, live a little!") wizard-run Italian restaurant with a glass of wine each. They were just finishing their main courses – Tina with a spaghetti Bolognese and Queenie with a lasagne - and chatting about the latest gossip Queenie had gained from her mind-reading abilities. This story was much like many of the others – a man cheating on his wife.

"He was literally thinking about her while he was sat next to his wife!" Queenie was explaining to a mildly-entertained Tina.

"Men can be like that. Only one thing on their minds." Tina rolled her eyes. Working in what was considered to be a man's job meant she had dealt with a lot of misogyny in her career. Including crude remarks made by several of her male colleagues. Until they realised that she could and would thrash them in a duel.

"Yeah. Not all of them are like that though." Queenie remarked, winking at her sister who proceeded to blush, but she grinned.

"True. Queenie, can I ask you a question?"

"You wanna know what Newt actually thinks of you."

"Ugh, I forgot you could read my mind for a second there."

Queenie laughed. "Doesn't knowing what he thinks of you kinda defeat the point?"

"The point of what?"

"Well, you'd already know what he thinks of you, so it'd ruin it when he actually told you."

Tina sighed, "I guess that's true. I just wanna know the general trajectory of his thoughts when it comes to me. I don't see him as the kind of man whose thoughts are immediately of the crude and…inappropriate kind."

"No, he definitely isn't. All I'm gonna say is this - he thinks the world of you, Teenie."


"Oh yeah. He is fully head over heels for you, Tina. Trust me."

Tina blushed again. "Guess I'll find out when I see him."

"That you will, big sis." Queenie smiled.

Just then, a waiter arrived to take their empty plates. "Can I offer you two lovely ladies dessert?" he asked. Tina declined – Queenie had compromised with the promise of only getting a main course since the restaurant was so expensive – and asked him for the bill. He nodded and left to fulfil her request. Just then an owl crashed through the open door of the restaurant and landed on the sisters' table, making them, and everyone within a 10-foot radius, jump out of their skin. Tina noticed that the letter the bird was holding was addressed to her, and bore the MACUSA seal. The bird took off again as soon as she took the letter. It was an urgent letter from President Picquery - she was to leave immediately for London as the British Ministry believed that Grindelwald was planning to attack them. A Portkey in the form of an old bowler hat was waiting for her in the alleyway next to the restaurant, and her things would be sent along first thing tomorrow. Tina, surprised by the short notice, looked up at her sister, who simply nodded. "Go, Teenie."

"Are you sure you'll be alright?"

Queenie rolled her eyes, "Like I've said before, Tina, I'm a big girl. Besides, it's me that should be worrying about you. And it's not like you have a choice. Now go."

Tina stood and dug into her purse for a handful of Dragots, before practically throwing them onto the table. "This should help go towards the bill. I'm sorry about this, Queenie."

"Teenie, don't worry about it. Go show those Brits how it's done."

Tina laughed, "Oh I will. I'll miss you, little sis." She walked round the table to give her sister a quick hug.

"I'll miss you too, Teenie. Now for Morrigan's sake, go!"

With that Tina rushed out of the restaurant, and turned into the dark alleyway, looking behind her as she half-ran (somewhat difficult in her heels) and found the old hat sitting on top of a bin. She made one last check behind her before placing her hand on it.

When Tina arrived at the British Ministry, it was 1am (according to the giant clock in the atrium), she felt ever-so-slightly nauseous from the Portkey travel (although since she was pretty used to it, it was manageable), and the place was seemingly deserted. She glanced around – both the floor and walls were made of emerald-green tiles, and all along the back wall were half a dozen fireplaces (for Floo travel, she quickly deduced). Just as she was about to wander down the corridor immediately in front of her in search of people, a young blonde man came running out of the corridor to the left of it. He was clearly an Auror, judging by his black trench coat and suit. He almost skidded to a halt about a foot in front of Tina, and asked breathlessly, "You Tina Goldstein?"

She nodded. "Yeah…what's going on?"

He didn't answer her question, just said, "This way."

Tina followed the young man down the corridor he had just come from, which lead to another open space that looked exactly the same as the atrium she had just come from. The only difference was that in the centre of this one there was a gigantic statue of a man sitting on a throne, crushing several (what Tina assumed to be) No-Maj's underneath the weight of it. She internally winced. But her revulsion didn't last for long, as she then noticed that the young man was leading her to an impromptu briefing next to the statue – a gathering of about a dozen people stood in a circle around a tall, dark-haired man wearing a grey woollen trench coat who was giving them orders. Without needing to be told, Tina knew that this man was Theseus Scamander himself. As Tina and her guide approached the group, Theseus looked up and smiled, "Ah, Tina, just in time."

Tina approached him to shake his hand (there was a striking facial resemblance to Newt – she could definitely see that they were related), but before she could do it there was a very familiar voice from behind her.


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