A/N: So, I started writing this a while back but then I stopped and I found it again today and this was the end result. I'm not sure if I'll write more but I hope you like it. This is completely AU by the way. Enjoy!

Bound to You

Her body trembled as her sisters helped her get into the long flowing ivory lace dress. Small white and red roses had been woven into her braided dark hair while kohl had been applied around her eyes to emphasize their green color.

"You will take his breath away," Emily promised with a small yet sad smile. This was hard for all of them.

I don't want to take his breath away. I don't want him at all, Bonnie screamed inside her mind. Her eyes were lost in the widow across from her. Her family had been given rooms in the high tower of the castle and Bonnie wonder if she could make a run for it and jump down into the sea below. The sound of the waves crashing against the rocky shore below was a siren's song that called to her soul. But even as the dark and treacherous thoughts flowed to her mind, Bonnie knew she wouldn't be able to do it. She was a creature of duty and this marriage would secure the peace countless of innocents had died for.

Our people need this alliance, her Grams said the night she informed her of her marriage. Too much blood has been spilled, it needs to end. This is our chance to finally bring peace. Emily is already wed, Lucy has been promised to the Traveler king, you are our last chance child. You will marry him and together you shall bring peace and prosperity to our land.

"He's not even the first-born son," Lucy felt outraged on her younger sister's behalf. "The third son, third," she emphasized while finishing lacing Bonnie's dress. "It's a disgrace!" She exclaimed. "Not only is he a wolf but he's not even the first in line to the throne."

Bonnie stared down at her hands which shook slightly. As the hour approached, the more nervous she became.

"He's beneath you," Lucy continued angrily. "He's nothing more than a savage brute who won't know the difference between a lady and a tavern whore!"

Bonnie flinched at her words. Throughout her life she had heard that wolves were savage beasts, not only on the battlefield but on the marriage bed as well. She trembled even more.

"The first and second sons are already married," Emily pointed out while also giving her sister a warning look. They did not need to make Bonnie more nervous than she already was. "This marriage has finally ended the war. Our people are celebrating and look forward to years of peace and prosperity."

Bonnie continued to stare at her hands. The heavy burden she carried on her shoulders threatening to consume her whole.

Lucy opened her mouth with a retort but Emily cut her off.

"He's young and handsome," she said gently. "Remember Greta? Her husband could easily pass off as her grandfather. Yours is only a few years older than you," she gave Bonnie a reassuring smile. "He looks clean, didn't smell bad when we met him, and still has all of his teeth, that's a good start, don't you think?" It was certainly better than what most of the girls they knew had gotten for husbands.

Bonnie shuddered thinking about old stinky Lord Devon and his pretty young wife. While the festivities of their wedding had lasted well into the next morning and drool slid down Lord Devon's wrinkly chin, Greta sat next to him and was the perfect picture of composure and determination. Bonnie had felt pity for her but she had also admired Greta's iciness and indifference. While another girl would have broken into pitiful sobs, the young witch had accepted her marriage and went through with it with her head held high. Bonnie could only hope she had some of that steel in her, to carry out the difficult journey ahead of her with gracefulness. She also had to admit how glad she felt that her husband wasn't as old and stinky as Lord Devon.

"He's still not going to be king," Lucy retorted.

"Werewolves don't choose their leaders based on who is born first," their grandmother's voice echoed inside the room.

The three young women turned to their beloved Grams.

Sheila smiled softly at her youngest grandchild and stepped further inside the room. "You look beautiful, my dear."

Bonnie remained quiet, she felt so nervous she couldn't seem to find her voice. There was a part of her that wished she could hate her grandmother for arranging this union but Bonnie knew that peace was something everyone desired, something their people had been looking to obtain for years. The war had torn apart families, killed countless, and destroyed their resources and land. In the end, neither side had won. They were both tired of endless bloodshed and had finally agreed to peace. What better way to solidify the peace than by forming an alliance through marriage.

"When the Alpha dies, his children and every other eligible wolf in his kingdom will fight to obtain the crown," Sheila explained. "The wolf who proves his dominance over the rest of the pack will be elected as king, that is the way of the wolves." She looked directly into Bonnie's eyes as she spoke. "Your husband could very well be the next Alpha."

"I guess you can still be queen then," Lucy offered her a small smile. It was a small consolation but deep down she knew her sister cared very little for such title.

"I just want to get this over with," Bonnie said her voice surprisingly calm considering the circumstances.

"He's a good man," Sheila told her gently. "Young, handsome, and a great warrior who has the love and respect of his people." She moved to stand in front of Bonnie. "You have a great burden ahead of you my child," she said sadly and with a hint of regret. "You will be the bridge between our people and the wolves, this marriage of yours will be the glue that will hold the alliance together. You have a duty to make it work." She touched Bonnie's cheek tenderly. "Love him if you can and if you don't…" she paused gathering her thoughts. "Try to make the best of it."

"Try to make the best of it," Bonnie muttered with a bitter laugh. "The wolves hate us! You really think I can make the best of it when I've been given to the enemy!"

"They're not the enemy anymore," Sheila retorted in a stern voice. "Some might hate you, yes. But you need to stop seeing them as the enemy. You must learn to get along with them," she advised. "They are your people now."

Bonnie bit back all the things she wished to say and looked away, feeling angry tears burning in her eyes.

"My dear child." Grams grabbed her face and made Bonnie face her once more. "I know how difficult this is for you and I am sorry that you must be the one to pay the price of peace. But I know that you will carry your duty with dignity and strength." She stared into her eyes. "May the mother goddess and all of our ancestors bless you and this union," she kissed Bonnie's forehead. "May the fruit of your womb live long happy lives, and may your heart find the love and the peace you do not have today." She paused, her face breaking with emotion. "I hope one day you can forgive this old woman who has sacrificed your happiness in the name of peace. Blessed it be, Bonnie."

"Blessed it be," Bonnie repeated, a single tear rolling down her cheek.

"Blessed it be," Emily and Lucy took their turns kissing Bonnie's cheeks and giving her trembling hands a gentle squeeze.

"It's time," Sheila said a few minutes later.

The four of them made their way out of the chamber in silence.

The most dreadful hour of Bonnie's life had arrived. She swallowed the lump in her throat and walked down the stone steps feeling like a lamb being led to the slaughter. She wanted nothing more than to run away, to take her horse out into the woods and disappear forever but she didn't. Instead of running like her heart desired, the young witch princess raised her chin proudly, straightened her spine, and proceeded to walk quietly and with dignity. She would not cry. She felt determined not to let anyone see the anguish tearing her insides apart.

Bonnie Bennett would do her duty, even if her heart bled.

The wedding ceremony was a blur. If anyone were to ask Bonnie what was said, what vows they made in front of the elders of their clans and their people, she would be unable to tell. Her mind drifted far away, to a field of flowers in the safety of her native land, where magic and enchanted animals thrived and lived free, like she had once upon a time.

There were certain things she remembered though, things her mind refused to forget.

Bonnie remembered being led down the path covered in rose petals. She remembered the golden rays of the sun bathing down her skin through the thick canopy of trees and the endless row of faces watching her as she was escorted down the altar by her Grams, Emily and Lucy walking a step behind them.

The ceremony took place outside, in front of the white oak tree with red bleeding leaves as was dictated by the wolf gods. The tree stood proudly in the stone garden of the Mikaelson castle, surrounded by roses of every color and whose perfume invaded the air around them. There were many wolves who looked at her with curiosity, others with disdain, and a few others with outright hatred. Not everyone in the land approved of the marriage. Not everyone in the land liked the idea of their handsome and valiant prince marrying a simple witch girl, the enemy.

Bonnie did not remember the guests but she remembered him very well.

Her future husband stood waiting at the end of the petal covered trail, right underneath the huge oak tree with the bleeding leaves. He was tall and proud, his dark golden hair to his shoulders and his stormy eyes as blue as the Nordic sea below the castle. She had met him the day before when they had arrived on shore. Their journey had been long and difficult, a terrible storm had nearly destroyed their fleet and they had to use magic to remain hidden from the pirates that raided the seas. Bonnie had spent most of her time locked inside her cabin, wondering what her future husband would look like, how he would be like. Would he resemble the man she had conjured up in dreams as a child? Or would he be the complete opposite? The reality was far different from the childish fantasies she had entertained once when she and Lucy had ventured into Aphrodite's temple and fantasized about the men they would one day wed. The man of Bonnie's dreams had been strong but kind, handsome but not vain, courageous but not bloodthirsty. Niklaus Mikaelson was a handsome man, he was fierce in battle by all accounts, but there was no warmth or kindness in his eyes and the disappointment that filled her belly when she first laid eyes on him, left her feeling uneasy and scared.

He had not said anything to her then, content to let his imposing father do the talking. She in turn had done the same, letting her grandmother and sisters talk and greet her new family for her. He had so many siblings she could hardly remember their names or their faces. She did remember the old woman accompanying his mother though, Ayana who had smiled at her with kind dark eyes and greeted her like family. Esther Mikaelson on the other hand was an ice queen who had politely welcomed her but whose snake like eyes told her that she was not wanted.

Bonnie jumped startled when he took her small hand in his so they could face the old white oak tree together. His hand was warm in hers but he did not utter a single word. There was nothing to be said, this marriage was set in stone and he seemed to want to get it over with as quickly as possible. Bonnie wanted the same.

His father and her grandmother were in charge of blessing their union. Many words were said but Bonnie hardly paid any attention to them. She stood with her head proud and her eyes set on the trunk of the tree right behind her Grams. They drank from a golden cup; the sharing of the special sweet wine was a tradition among the wolves that signified their shared journey from now on. The wine did little to warm Bonnie's cold skin, if anything it made her nauseous.

A small cut was made on both of their palms before they were made to hold hands once more. Their bloods mixing together and becoming one.

Bonnie felt the spark of magic in the air and looked down at their joined hands briefly. An invisible magic string bound them together in that moment, to Bonnie it felt like a chain forever holding her captive to the stranger next to her. If her husband felt the same, she didn't know, he stood next to her and continued to stare ahead, standing still as a statue. A sense of loneliness and helplessness invaded her then. Was this how the rest of her life was going to be? Always filled with endless silence and indifference? It made her heart hurt.

"You are one now," Sheila decreed loud and clear for all the people witnessing the ceremony to hear. "One heart, one soul, one flesh." She placed her hand over both of theirs and muttered the incantation in their ancient language.

Bonnie felt a slight shiver run down her spine as the words were said, as their union was blessed and made official. They were now bound by blood and magic.

"May our ancestors bless this union with happiness, prosperity, and love. Now and always," Sheila said to them gently.

"May the wolf gods grant your womb fertility and may you birth sons to carry our name for centuries to come," Mikael said proudly. He looked directly at her as he said it.

Bonnie shivered. His words sounded like a threat to her ears. She didn't like the man.

There were more words said after that but Bonnie once again drifted away, to a far, far away place.

After the ceremony came the feast.

There was music and dancing and delicious food worthy of a King's son. The long tables in the castle's great hall were filled with meats, cheese, bread, fruits, and lots of wine among other more elaborate dishes the cooks had taken long hours to prepare.

Witches and werewolves alike mingled tentatively together for the first time in a century. Some did so more willingly than others, the majority however, stuck to their kind and watched the others warily as if waiting for an attack. A century of war could not be changed in a single night after all. This was merely the first step in a long journey.

Only a small group of witches had accompanied Bonnie as the alliance was still new and many particularly the older generation did not trust the wolves nor did they have faith in her marriage. As a sign of good faith, the witches had brought all kinds of spices, herbs, silk, and grains for the wolves. The wolves in turn gifted them with gold and precious gems in large wooden chests. It was rumored that the Mikaelson's had many mines hidden beneath their great castle and Mikael always liked to show off his wealth.

As the night progressed, the sense of dread in the pit of her stomach intensified. Bonnie was offered plenty of food but she hardly ate anything. She sat on the high table next to her husband while people slowly came forwards to offer them their best wishes. Most of them did so out of duty and respect for him, they could care less about her but plenty more were definitely curious about the witch girl that was now their new princess.

Bonnie politely greeted them and did her best not the let their scornful and judging eyes affect her. This was what she would have to put up with for the rest of her life. She had to learn to endure it. Once her family returned home, she would be left alone with them and she had to learn to take it. But not everyone was hateful or judging, Bonnie found the most pleasant of people among the royal wolf family itself.

Niklaus's younger sister the princess Rebekah, surprised Bonnie with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Welcome to the family, sister," she said with a kind and gentle smile.

"Welcome sister," Freya the other sister, also kissed both of her cheeks and greeted her warmly.

"Thank-you," Bonnie whispered feeling touched by their kindness. She knew she had to make the best of impressions on her new family. Not getting along with them would only make an already difficult situation all the more painful.

Kol Mikaelson grabbed her by the shoulders and planted a sloppy kiss on each of her cheeks. "I think you're the prettiest of all my sisters," he told her with a laugh. Rebekah jabbed him on the ribs. "The prettiest indeed," he winked before disappearing into the dance floor with a young brunette girl.

"Please forgive my brother," Elijah Mikaelson-the second eldest son said. He and his beautiful pregnant wife Katherine smiled at her. "I'm afraid Kol does not know how to behave." Their two little girls, Ilia and Miraa offered beaming smiles. They were the perfect mixture of both of their parents.

"Your daughters are beautiful," Bonnie whispered before looking at Katherine who was proudly clutching her big pregnant belly.

"Don't let those angelic faces fool you," Katherine glanced at the girls. "They can be a handful and find cunning ways to cause mayhem around the castle."

"You're to give birth soon," Bonnie noted.

"The healers said it's a boy, I hope they're right." Katherine's smile was hopeful and her eyes shone brightly with excitement.

No, Bonnie thought. She would deliver another girl. As a witch, Bonnie could easily sense the sex of the baby. She hoped they wouldn't be too disappointed.

"If you have another girl, father will have a fit."

Bonnie frowned and glanced at her husband. This was the first time he had spoken and she found his accented voice rich and silky yet the words he said had everyone immediately tensing.

Katherine visibly paled while Elijah gave him a reproachful look.

Niklaus clamly kept on drinking, a smirk on his full lips.

Bonnie looked over their shoulder to where the king stood arrogantly talking to a group of men. She didn't like Mikael, from the moment she met him the day before, Bonnie had an uneasy feeling about him and judging by the way Katherine had paled at Niklaus's words, the king was not an easy man to please.

"Boy or girl, it does not matter," Elijah's voice brought Bonnie's attention back to him and his wife. "What matters is that the baby is born healthy." He wrapped and arm around Katherine and smiled lovingly at her.

This was a man in love, Bonnie thought. She doubted very much her husband would one day look at her with such clear adoration. In that moment, she couldn't help but feel a pinch of envy.

"My turn, my turn," the youngest of the Mikaelson siblings came forward bringing a small bouquet of wild flowers. "For you," he proudly presented them to Bonnie.

"Thank-you," Bonnie took the flowers and breathed in their sweet scent. "They're beautiful."

"When I'm old enough, I will have a wife as pretty as you." Henrik stated with a dimpled smile.

He was such a handsome and charming young boy, Bonnie found herself laughing.

"You still have a long way to go before that."

Her husband's accented voice said.

Everyone laughed.

Bonnie's eyes met her husbands for a brief second before they both turned to look away. That's how they spent the rest of the feast as a matter of fact. They went their separate ways as the wine continued to flow and the music carried outside. The entire hall was lit up with countless of candles as the night grew darker but the party continued merrily.

Kol danced with little Ilia and Henrik happily twirled Miraa around the stone floor. Katherine sat with Rebekah and a few other women, occasionally glancing in her direction. The eldest Mikaelson son, Finn danced with his wife while Niklaus and Elijah chatted and drank wine near one of the big windows. Everyone seemed to be having a good time.

Bonnie continued to sit at the high table, watching the crowd and occasionally taking a sip of her wine. It did nothing to calm her nerves.

"He's not going to ask you to dance?" Lucy inquired taking the seat her husband had vacated.

"I don't care for dancing," Bonnie muttered. She felt nervous and anxious for what came after the feast. Not even the four cups of wine she had drank helped to ease her fears. Her eyes landed on her grandmother conversing quietly with Esther Mikaelson and her trusted adviser, Ayana. Bonnie felt like she had seen that woman before but she couldn't recall from where.

"Your new mother has hardly looked at you," Emily commented while looking at the icy queen of the wolves. "There is something about her that I don't like."

"Me either," Lucy agreed.

"I don't think she likes me very much," Bonnie murmured. "Neither does the oldest son," Bonnie glanced at Finn who was with his wife, a tall red-haired woman named Sage. Unlike the other siblings' warm welcomes and friendly smiles, Finn and Sage treated her coldly.

"They must feel threatened," Lucy murmured knowingly.

"Why do you say that?" Bonnie questioned turning to face her.

"They say she's barren," Lucy whispered lowering her head to Bonnie's ear. "Seven winters since their marriage and she has yet to conceive a child." Her eyes moved toward Elijah and Katherine. "The other son has only girls," as a witch Lucy knew already that Elijah's and Katherine's third child would be another girl. "That means that you and Niklaus could be the ones to give the king his first grandson. That would be something that would give you an advantage at court and even earn the king's favor."

Bonnie frowned.

"A wolf who cannot produce a son is not a true Alpha," Lucy continued watching her carefully. "If Niklaus's seed takes root inside of you tonight and you bear him a son, he will without a doubt be the next Alpha, his skills in battle are already legendary after all. He'll have no trouble defeating all other competitors."

Bonnie looked down at her lap, feeling the heat on her cheeks. She did not want to think about that. She could deal with the ceremony and the feast but the bedding…she shuddered.

Emily took her hand in hers. "Don't worry," she whispered giving her hand a gentle squeeze. "Everything will be fine."

Bonnie hoped she was right.

"You must be careful, sister." Lucy's face was serious as she talked. "You are in the wolf's den and you must be as vicious as they are if you wish to survive," she warned. "These beasts will tear you apart if you don't."

"I'm not afraid of any wolf," Bonnie muttered. Her eyes suddenly found her husband across the room. Almost as if he sensed her gaze on him, he turned to face her.

Their eyes met and held.

Hours later came the moment Bonnie had been dreading the most.

"Will it hurt?" She asked while Emily helped her undress. It was past midnight and the feast was still going strong. The wolves loved to drink and celebrate into the early morning hours. Bonnie would have been content to stay in the great hall watching everyone and talking with her sisters but the king told the couple that it was time for the bedding.

Bonnie had paled at the words and the loud cheers that had followed. For one terrifying moment, she felt afraid that she was going to be escorted to bed by the king himself. Thankfully, that had not happened. She had been escorted to the chambers she was to share with her husband by her oldest sister. She felt rather grateful that Grams and Lucy had not come with them. She loved Grams but there was a part of her that still resented her decision to allow this marriage and Lucy was not wed yet, which is why Bonnie felt grateful it was Emily with her in that moment.

"When he takes me, will it hurt?" she asked fearfully. She had heard all kinds of stories about the wedding night, some had been more horrible than others and considering how vicious wolves could be, she shuddered to think what her husband would do to her.

They force their women on all fours and take them from behind like beasts in heat, one servant had confided in her once. Bonnie hoped her husband would at least be considerate on their first night.

Emily helped her out of her wedding dress and into the floor length lace white nightgown, which had been made by their beloved aunt Ernestine who was too ill and fragile and could not make the journey with them.

"Emily?" Bonnie waited impatiently to hear an answer.

"It will hurt the first time," Emily murmured while avoiding her eyes. "The other times after that," she unbraided Bonnie's hair next. "Well, that depends on the man."

That did not make Bonnie feel any better.

"Don't worry," Emily placed her hands on her shoulders. "You might find yourself liking it," she whispered.

Bonnie flushed and looked down at her bare feet. "I don't love him."

Emily walked around so that they could stand face to face. "It's not about love," she confessed with her cheeks set aflame. "It's a hard lesson for any woman to learn but pleasure and love do not go hand in hand."

Bonnie looked up startled by that honest confession from her sister.

"Allow yourself to feel Bonnie. Don't be afraid to enjoy his touch, it will make things easier if you allow your body to relax and get carried away by the sensations he will provoke in you," her sister advised.

Bonnie couldn't find her voice to say anything so she simply nodded.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Emily whispered.

Bonnie choked back a sob. Her sisters and her grandmother were to set sail on the next day. Bonnie didn't know if she would ever see them again. "I'm scared," she admitted.

"Oh Bonnie!" Emily threw her arms around her and embraced her fiercely. "It will be alright," she tried to reassure her. "We might not be able to see each other every day but we can still communicate," she pulled away and touched her face. "We are sisters, bound by blood and magic and no matter where we are in this world, nothing will change that, nothing will break that," She swore. "Don't be afraid. We will be with you always."

Bonnie nodded, her sister's words giving her some comfort.

The door opened and her husband strolled inside.

Bonnie's hear quickened and her body shook slightly. The time had come.

Emily gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and rapidly left the room, Niklaus didn't even bother to acknowledge her.

Husband and wife were left alone and Bonnie felt absolutely terrified of what was to come.

The chamber was illuminated by candles and a big fireplace which created shadows all around them. The massive bed was adorned with white and red rose petals and the table in the far corner had wine, fruits, and some bread. She turned her back to him and waited by the foot of the bed, nervously keeping her hands together. Her heart was pounding loudly, her body was trembling, and her mind was over flooded with different confusing thoughts.

For a long time, her husband did not move or say anything. He simply watched her, which only helped to make Bonnie even more nervous.

Finally, Niklaus calmly walked towards the table and served himself a cup of wine. "Would you like some wine?" he politely offered.

"No, thank you." Bonnie couldn't stomach anything at the moment.

"Food perhaps?"


"You did not eat anything during the feast," he remarked.

Bonnie glanced at him over shoulder feeling surprised that he had noticed. He had pretty much ignored her since the moment they met and they had hardly looked at each other during the feast. "I'm not hungry," she whispered.

Niklaus brought the cup to his lips and drank all the wine in one go. He placed the cup on the table and walked towards her.

Bonnie's breath hitched when he came to stand right behind her, his hands gently pushing her dark hair to one shoulder and his head lowering slightly to the side of her neck. Her entire body shook uncontrollably by his close proximity. Her breathing became ragged and her eyes closed as he nuzzled the side of her neck.

"You are quite the beauty, aren't you?" he murmured, his nose slightly tracing the curve of her neck as he happily inhaled her scent.

Bonnie kept her eyes tightly shut, the heat from her cheeks spreading all the way down to her toes. When he placed his hands on her shoulders, Bonnie gasped not knowing what to do. The only thing she knew was that her heart was about to burst from her chest. He began to push the nightgown off her trembling shoulders, Bonnie whimpered and bit her lip, waiting for the worse.

Nothing happened.

He pulled away and walked towards the left side of the bed.

Bonnie's eyes snapped open, feeling surprised by his distance. She watched as he pushed the furs away, the petals scattering all over the floor. A loud gasp escaped her lips when she saw him pull the hidden blade from under his clothes. Her heart constricted. He's going to kill me, she thought for a mad second. He did no such thing of course.

Niklaus pricked one finger with the sharp object and let a few drops of blood fall onto the pristine white sheets of the marriage bed.

"What are you doing?" Bonnie asked watching as a small red stain formed on the sheets.

Niklaus met her eyes. "Deflowering you," he replied simply.

"You don't want to…" she trailed off feeling confused and uncertain.

"Only a fool would not want you," he stated with surprise sincerity.

Despite her apprehension, her treacherous heart skipped a beat at his words. She wasn't even sure why. "I thought…."

"That I would throw you on that bed and open your legs and have my wicked way with you?" he questioned arching an eyebrow. "Perhaps throw you on all fours on the floor?"

Bonnie looked away, her cheeks flaming, and her mind in utter chaos.

"A savage beast," Niklaus muttered with bitterness. "That's what witches think wolves are, isn't that so?"

Bonnie stayed silent.

Niklaus chuckled. "You have nothing to fear wife," he drawled as he leisurely moved his eyes over her delicate body. The sheer lace giving him a nice view of the womanly curves hidden beneath. "I won't touch you this night," he proclaimed. "You have my word on that."

"Why?" Bonnie asked. She had never thought he would be the considerate kind. She had certainly hoped so but she had never thought he would spare her this. Who was this husband of hers? She suddenly wondered.

"Because you want this marriage as much as I do," Niklaus responded honestly. "Neither of us had a choice in this matter but we can choose when to take that step, don't you think?"

Bonnie regarded him curiously. She suddenly found herself understanding his coldness and indifference since they met. He was trapped, just like her. Neither of them had a choice in this matter but they now had to make the best of it. "Thank-you, Niklaus." She was sincerely grateful for the kindness he was showing her.

Niklaus nodded and began to blow the candles around the room, leaving only the light the fireplace provided.

They went to bed afterwards, slowly getting into a comfortable position under the furs and with their backs to each other. The bed was big enough that they didn't have to touch.

It was a strange thing to share a bed with a man but it was something she would have to get used to. She curled into herself and kept her eyes closed attempting to relax and get some sleep but it was far too difficult with the warmth of his body next to hers. Even if they weren't touching, Bonnie could feel him nearby and his presence made her nervous.

For a long time, they laid like that, with their backs to each other, their eyes closed, and their minds lost in their own thoughts.

"Nik," he broke the silence sometime later.

"What?" Bonnie whispered feeling confused and startled by the sound of his voice in the dim lit chamber. She had just begun to get used to the silence when he spoke.

"We're married," he said quietly. "You can call me Nik."

"Nik," Bonnie repeated, a small smile forming on her lip. She could do that.

"What would you like me to call you wife?" he asked shortly after and still keeping his back to her.

"Bonnie," she replied right away. "You can call me Bonnie."

Silence descended over them once more. The only sound in the chamber coming from the burning flames and their breathing.

"Good night, Bonnie."

"Good night, Nik."

This was not what she had imagined when she was a child and thought of marriage. This was not what they wanted but it was the hand that life had thrown at them. They were bound together now and had to live with each other until their dying breaths. They had no choice but to make the best of this marriage. Bonnie didn't know what the future would bring or what her life would be like in the wolf kingdom but for now, calling her husband by his first name seemed like a good start.