Hello everyone who came to see this, or came to see what he hell this is! This is my first ever fanfic...from another fanfic from the (possibly Sane) ptabs0101's Remnant of the Rose and Remnant of a Iron Rose. It's a Side story of My Character/Characters in the same universe as Summer Rose where ill be attempting the end battle between the tower, vex, and cabal forces on our side of the galaxy while Summer is battling a Vex God. And who knows if it does well, people like it and so on ill continue with the adventure of my Titan character and a partner Huntress to do things that are different then the current events in Iron Rose but, a different view and perspective, not relating to the main story but will be influence by whats going on in it. Well then lets not keep you waiting and enjoy, give me your reviews as this is my first time doing actually publishing this. So Rip me a new one with those reviews.


Somewhere above Mercury, in the openness of space lays a gate, a gate to a lost colony from the golden age of man. And surrounding this gate was a 3 way fur-ball between the Hive Dreadnought commanded by Zavala of the Vanguard with fighter cover. What remains of the Cabal fleet that was present in the initial sol system invasion. And the Vex, lots and lots of Vex. They were swarming both the Dreadnought and the Cabal fleet with there there numbers of Harpy's, Hydras, and there Fighters the Erinyes. For the Vex they didn't need the use of troop transports or warships as they can just teleport there army's onto the surface of worlds. But that doesn't mean they have have a means of space combat capable units. Which where the Erinyes Superiority fighter.

One of the the Erinyes was being chased by a fighter of the vanguard forces as it tries to make a run on the Dreadnought. Inside the cockpit the pilot lined up the vex craft in her holosights, squeezing the trigger on her flight stick she got the results of the wing of the Erinyes being torn off by her ships guns. Spinning uncontrollably into a Cabal Gunship that was flying by.

The pilot pulled away from the intensity of the battle to look for more tempting targets, which wasn't hard considering the circumstance considering her goals. To protect the dreadnought and prevent the enemy from getting through the gate.

Though right now it was a pain in the ass for both those tasks.

"Damn how many Cabal are there, I thought what been happening to them over the years there dwindled turtle power would be near zero?!"

Here ghost materialized right next to her, and looked at her with its glowing eye lazily. "Myes it would seem they all but not all have died at the hands of the Hive, Vex, and that goof ball of a guardiaaaAAAN!" Hey goes bouncing through the cockpit as his guardian swerves her ship, the Quite Content Damsel, out of the way of stray flack rounds from a cabal cruiser. Trying in vain to stop a mob of Vex from swarming the ship, but explodes from the amount of void rounds slamming into its hull.

"Damn, and i thought the recordings of my death was that bad." Her ghost shakes itself to off after bouncing around the ship. "Ow Pavela dear, can you please fly a bit more safeeeeeeeeeely!" he goes flying as Pavela hit the vertical thrusters, giving chase to a Cabal gunship that was chasing a fellow guardians ship. She switch from her twin light cannons to her dual heavy cannons as she slips behind it. The Cabal must of noticed as the ship broke off from its chase in a attempt to shake her off.

Diving through Flak explosions and void shots from a formation of Hydra's and a cabal ship slugging it out with each other. The crazy pilot ducked and weaved, pulling a Aileron roll though a flak cloud as the shrapnel bounced harmlessly off its heavy armored hull as it barreled through. The pilot checked his monitor to see if he lost his pursuer, to see the ship burst through, its two cannons under it sparking to life as the ship shudders from the impacts. Something important must of got hit as he lost control one of his engines and spun out of control.

Pavela looked on with satisfaction as the gunship explodes. "I am a leaf on the wind..." She eye's a swarm of harpy's trying to have a go at the dreadnought, she switches to her missiles "watch how I soar...". She Jacks the throttle to full burn gaining speed as she starts to hear the tone of the missiles gaining lock. Her ghost popping up next to her again "What does that even mean?!"

She ignores him as she got lock and fires. The missiles firing one by one from the pods strapped on the top hull of her ship streak across space to there destination. A harpy in the formation turns to get a missile in its eye and explode, the others turn and fire at the missiles but one bye one each missile connects with its target but one. The lone Harpy face's the one who attacked its group and fired at th approaching ship. "Uh guardian its shooting BACK!"

Pavela just scuffed and pulled away, only to cut the engines and used the thruster's to point her ship at the lone harpy in a "slide" and fire her light cannons shredding the thing till it explodes. She Initializes her engines and sped off. "Splash 5 more, man if things keep going i might beat my old score from my first life. What you think Spooks?" Her ghost Spooks sighs "You are very reckless when you fly. It scares me sometimes.." Her ghost shudders.

Pavela's helmet dematerialize to reveal a Awoken underneath. "Ah its alright, a good dogfight is hard to come by these days, and its not like the crucible is gonna allow dogfighting match's if Amanda has a say in any of that." Spooks sigh, but then perked up quickly in a panic "Uh oh, Pavela we got a massage from commander Zavala. Says there firing the weapon again and all guardians should leave its blast radius!"

"AH FUCK!" She pulled forward on the throttle as she and other guardians left the slug fest that was happening. As she looks to her side she can see the weapon charging up, and fire. What she saw next was utter devastation as the vex and cabal caught in the blast get torn apart by the dark energy from that ship

She Couldn't help but think that this happen to her former comrades, and Mara Sov when they attacked the dreadnought. Being torn apart and becoming a Taken by...that thing. She was glad it was on there side, but a part of her wouldn't like nothing more then seeing that monster of a ship go up in flames. Or thrown into the sun...that'll be popcorn worthy to watch.

She rolled her ship over, and dived back into the mosh pit that's going on around her. Giving chase to her enemies, she notices a fine target that needs to be taken. And Spooks appears "You know what your thinking is a bad idea." Pavela shrugs "If i wont do it, then who would?" She notices something odd about her query, the front ends of the ship open up and fired sphere like objects, like rail guns, flying at blinding speeds till she saw where they were gonna hit. The Dreadnought.

"I think i agree with you on this."

"Then buckle up, gonna be some fancy flying."


On the "bridge" of the Dreadnought Commander Zavala was looking over the makeshift "Command deck" as the crew worked tirelessly to give updates, orders and alerts to the Guardians who are defending the ship from boarders and the Pilots out there trying to keep the enemies from getting access to the gate and boarding the dreadnought.

"How much longer till we can fire it again?" One of the bridge crew, a Exo, turned to him "Another 10 minutes sir!" Zavala looked outside, seeing more Vex's teleport in mass out above Mercury's Orbit. "We wont have 10 Minutes if the Vex keep this up, get gold group to try and intercept anymore trying to make a run to the gate. Alert Red group they are about to have incoming vex reinforcements on there position. What's the status of Blue group?"

A Human turns to Zavala "There currently attempting to clear a path to the Cabal's flagship but are getting swarmed by both the Vex and Cabal forces and taking heavy casualty's-" She put her hand on her headset as she looked back at her console. "Sir Blue 3 is breaking off and is heading straight towards the flagship!"

Zavala came over and watch a Blue dot on the monitor breaking off from the battle and heading towards the Cabal fleet, he was about order the pilot back into the fight when he notice just who it was making a mad dash to the cabal ship. And making a Detour to the incoming Vex reinforcements. He chuckled to himself "Always trying to prove herself." The Con officer looked at him witch a quizzical expression.

Until someone yelled from across the room "SIR WE GOT BOARDERS!" Zavala looked to the sound of the voice "Where?" The operator checked "The patched area where the Dantalion Exodus VI was, appears to be Cabal forces being launched from the there ships, well fired more likely in sphere drop pods. There punching through our patchwork. Sir 2 large groups are moving out from the beach head. One to the Core and the other...sir there heading to the bridge!"

"Get Fire Teams Hawk and Cipher on the teams heading for the core, Ill deal with our guest personally." He walked to the large door as it open before him. Pulling his scout rifle from his back he walked forward, the doors closing behind him. He rolled his neck around feeling a pop every now and then, and marched forward. For the first time in a long time he is gonna be thrown into the heat of combat. He almost pity's the Cabal heading his way.

Almost...but not quite.




The plan, simple as it was, was supposed to fly into the vex reinforcements in hopes a few would fallow her into the main cabal formation to get to the flagship. What she wasn't counting on was every vex and there motherboard would be after her. And them shooting everything they have at her wasn't helping the situation

A certian Cabal, a Primus, taken control of what remains of the many scouting legions sent here. All but being dwindled there numbers over the years and there leaders dead coming to this damnable system. Watch's as this lone vanguard fighter gets chased by almost every Vex imaginable. Would of find it hilarious if it wasn't for the fact that every vex chasing that ship was heading to his flagship.


He can feel the ship shudder as every gun emplacement open up as he watch's streaks of lights soar into open space and colliding with the Vex Swarm He was happy with the results of hundreds of Vex's explode to there Heavy Slug rounds and missiles. But he notices the same Vanguard ship coming in hot and fast towards his ship.


A squadron of Thresher attack gunships dived from above to intercept the lone ship. But the ship nosed up and climbed towards them as if challenging them. The lead Thresher fired at it as the Ship barrel rolled out of rockets flying at it. And returned fire with its under barrel cannons, striking the lead ship center mass exploding it into pieces as the ship flew through them. The 3 remaining threshers gave chase as they lined up behind it.

The ship weaved and dived though the hail of rounds from his ships as they fire on the Vex Swarm, he watchs as one of the rounds clipped the lead Thresher, causing it to spin out of control. The remaining two fire there Rockets at the ship as them home in on there targets. But the ship started to spiral at a rapid rate, more so then what normally would be allowed by Cabal standards. The rockets began spinning around each other, as they got closer to there target they also got closer to each other. Then they collided and exploded a mere feet from there target, the ship retaliated by cutting its engines and and with its thrusters flipped backwards as its momentum kept as it fly's backwards. It fires its guns and rockets at the two offending ships destroying them both.

He watch it all, as the lone ship flipped back over and continue its course to his ship. As close as it was the gun battery's wouldn't be accurate enough to hit such a nimble fighter as it heads towards the launching bay for the troops at the front.

"Alert the troops, we are about to have a guest." He turns and walks away, grabbing his Heavy Slug thrower on the way out of the bridge.

"Primus Pri'vaaghn, were you going?" A passing Legionary ask as he notices he was heading to the engine room.

"I know where it's goal is, I'm gonna deal with it myself." His tone was somber as he walked pass the Legionary.

"B-But Primus Pri'vaaghn they can never be slain, no matter how many times we put them down they just comeback!"

Pri'vaaghn stopped in his tracks. "I know, they seem unkillable, for the blood of our brothers bleed for fighting them on that accursed dust ball. But.." He turns to look at the Legionary "What is your name Bracus!"

The Legionary saluted "Bracus Vaseer Primus Pri'vaaghn"

"It is Valus Vaseer now." From what he can see his reaction Vaseer was shocked by the promotion. "And as Valus, my orders to you, is to take the Harvester dropship in the hanger and head to our Emergency HQ on the world known as Mars. And call for...call for help."

"B-but sir! What your suggesting...that is weakness!" Vaseer exclaimed.

Pri'vaaghn sighed "It is, but the enemy we face, from what our Pisons have discovered that cost them there lives by the one known as summer rose have learned. Is that they are not completely Immortal." He put his armored hand on the Young Cabal's shoulder "You must deliver that data to the Emperor Himself! Despite What we been through. Despite the loses we have taken over the years. The friction that caused the Broken Legion to mutinied. We will be save, we will be remembered by generations of our kin for the hardships we gone through. Our brothers will be avenged by the Emperor himself for the Intel we have learned. Intel that is vital to fight the endless enemy!" He let go, but not before handing Vaseer something.

"This will give you controls of what will remain of our forces as well as my authentication of your promotion." The ship rocked as a explosion erupted from the port side. "Now go, let them remember our sacrifice!" He turned and walked to the lift, its doors open as he walked inside. He turned and saluted, and Vaseer returned the salute as they both chanted at the same time "LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR, LONG LIVE THE CABAL!"

As the door closes, and him out of sight, Vaseer let go of his breath that he was holding, his emotions running through him till another explosion rocking the ship woke him out of his thoughts as he turned and sprinted with all his might to the hanger. With a goal in mind set in motion, he will fallow his Primus's last orders to the letter. He must survive.


Pavela walked out of the corridor that was full of dead cabal soldiers, her Primary Khvostov 7G-0X barrel still smoking from the constant fire fight from room to room on this ship. they come apon a open are with two levels surrounding it. Her being at the top level "Spooks what ya got for me."

Spooks chimed in over her coms in her helmet "The reactor room should just be at the bottom of the room. Just beyond that door." He places a marker on her HUD. She looked down and can see the door just as spooks spoke again "You know, we can take the stairs." She leaps off the ledge, and with a controlled descent from her hovering landed at the bottom. "Or you can do that, at least you can land on your feet."

"What can i say, I like to have some self control." She walks through the door gun at the ready as she sweeps the room. The cabal fought tooth and nail to keep her from getting to the reactor, but from what she can see no giant armored turtle was insight.

"Think you killed them all." Her ghost said in a worried hush tone.

She walked slowly to through the reactor room, heading to the central part that has house this big tesla looking thing with what appears to be Solar energy running through it. "Alright give me a minute to patch myself into there network and we will make this ship light up like a ca-" There was a loud THUD, like a kind of thud when something heavy and angry would make when a THUD happens. Pavela turns to see a Giant Cabal in what looks like a custom Colossus armor with a flag of the of the Siege Dancers. "-dle"

The cabal said something, but since there was kinda a language barrier Pavela didn't understand what it said. The one thing she did understand was the barrel of the Heavy slug thrower winding up as she dove for cover just as mini rockets slammed behind her. Spooks quickly started gathering combat data on the target and displayed its information on her HUD. "Target information required, relaying information to your HUD, oh dear this is gonna hurt." as the information on him came up she read his name fire off before looking at everything else. The Dancing Tank Pa'vaaghn.