A lone beowolf trot's along the edge of a dirt road silently, always waiting, watching, seeking out despair and fear where ever it can find as it stalks. Waiting for prey, weather it be faunus or human it doesn't matter, they will die. Then it heard it, the wine of a engine getting louder and louder. It lay in wait, checking both directions as it's prey getting closer, but then it got puzzled. It looked both ways again, but nothing, no dirt kicking up in the air both ways but the sound was getting closer. It turned around to make sure it was clear it got the face full of a metal as Pavela bursts out of the woods with her sparrow, along with a flying bewildered beowolf. Which landed like a spear into the dirt head first.

"By the traveler you hit a poor wol-wait never mind its just a grimm." Spooks commented as Pavel see's the grimm struggling to get its head out of the dirt.

"Damn I been hitting these things left right and center. I cant even drive straight without running over one." She said as she pulls out her primary and takes aim. As the beowolf grasped for air as it free'd itself it soon lost it"s head as Pavela shot it. The body slumped to the ground and soon dissolved till noting was left. "But at least the only upside is that I'm not leaving dead Grimm carcasses all over the place. Who knew these things were environmentally friendly."

"Well compared to everything that wanted to kill us over the years. I'm perfectly happy and content to not be shot at at every encounter."

"Where's the fun in that, these guys just die in one shot, well they die in one hit from my sparrow so far. But there so pathetic they make a dreg look good." She looked around a bit "So how far are we from Vale?"

"According to my calculations we should arrived in the next 2 hours if we fallow this dirt road. I'm amazed we might actually have a whole hour and a half hours to spare when we arrived."

"More time for me to explore then! This is so exciting!"

"Explore in the city guardian, go exploring now in the woods and we wont make the dead line."

She sighed as she revved up the sparrows engine, despite it smoking abit "Fiiine we head to vale. And after we get my new partner we go back to those cool looking ruins we passed a few hours back."

"Just promise that we get to Vale, We hit enough things on the way here and I think the Sparrow agree's with me."

"Oh it ain't that bad, right old buddy." Pats the side of it, which causes the front of the sparrow to burst into flames "Ok maybe to much abuse, Spooks if you would please."

Spooks reappeared and deconstruct the sparrow and after 12 seconds materialized back into a pristine condition. Pavela hopped back into the seat and revved the engine "There we go good as new. Now hope back in Spooks we got a couple of hours left to we get there. The quickly we get there the more time to look around!"

Spooks disappeared "I'm just happy we found a road that leads to our destination and NOT hit everything on the way here."

"Aw no detours?"


"Ok fine, and can you play something from MY playlist. Tired of hearing what ever you call "Pop" music."

"Fine its your turn for the next hour and thirty. Try not to run over anything sentient or darkness related."

"No promises" She said with a smirk, and just then see's a text at the bottom of her HUD saying "Playlist Starting...Bad Company by FFDH." As the song starts to play she pulled the throttle and sped of in the direction of vale as the sun begins to rise.


"Man this reminds me of some of earths old cites."

She slowed down as they started entering the city, or whats left of it. Much of the outskirts were rubble with a few buildings left barely standing. But the further she got in the more she can see a lot of reconstruction efforts still going even in the early morning.

"The have endurance that's much for sure. Even in the face of a alien invasion." Spooks said as Pavela waved at some construction workers who were waving at her as she rode past them.

"Even being put through hell they still go on. Think there's any shops that are standing?"

"Who knows, we got some time left to. But before we do anything I advise we look for Beacon academy, otherwise when we start looking for it you'll get us lost."

"I think I found it."

"Oh really?" She stops and points to a very fantasy looking castle that's overlooking the city on a far off hill. "Oh...well that wasn't hard to find."

"So, can I look around now?" She heard a sigh coming from her ghost.

"Sure lets take a look, though try not to scare the locals." She turns off the main road into a empty lot and hops off. Spooks materialized next to her and the sparrow disappears. "Well lets have a look around. How much time do we have?"

"About a hour and ten minutes."

"Yes! Lets go!" She walks along the sidewalk and not a minute went by till she see's some shops. One of them grabbing her attention immediately "Oh are those the transforming weapons?" She looks at a display in the front window, different types of weapons where on display both in gun and melee form. "Ooooh the combinations of these are insane! Who in there right mind would have a warhammer that turns into a grenade launcher as there weapon?! I WANT!" She then see's the price tag, even though glimmer isn't usable here she can tell that hammer costs as much as upgrading her ship. "Oh they are pricey."

"Well these are just the displays anyways, everyone knows that the best weapon is one made by hand." She heard a gruff voice to her right, she turned to see, possibly, the owner of the shop. He was as tall as her at 6ft, blonde hair and beard, scares on his exposed muscled arms as he was wearing a leather apron with tools in the front pockets and black gloves. "Names Tiberius Cross. Owner of Tiberium Weapons Emporium for hunters and huntress in training or fully fledged."

"Huh, do you usually give off your name, address, and number when someone enters your shop?" This got a chuckled from the smith.

"Only to those who not only saved my family but the entire world from galactic invaders. And Ill be happy to possibly sell my talents to guardians in the future." His soon drift to Pavela's back to see the wooden stock of Khvostov 7G-0X. Pavela noticed his stare at her primary. "Wanna look at it don't you."

He nods so she reached back and grabbed the grip of the gun as she took it off her back. And let him have a full view of it. He took in every detail of the rifle as his eyes covered every inch of it. She heard some hums coming from him every now and he continue to observe it.

"Its very old looking rifle, compared to what I've seen from and of your comrades."

"Cause it is a very old rifle." This got his attention as he looked up at her "I found this rifle in the old walls of the cosmodrome." She saw a quizzical look he was giving her "Its a place from where we guardians are from on a planet called Earth, in the former country of Russia. And the place is, well, a old space port called a cosmodrome, where people would go onto colony ships and travel to distant worlds." Again he hummed as he listen to her tale. "Now all the ships there still docked and the launch pads are rusted over time. If you where to explore, you could see what was once a heavy military presence. All lying there now and rusting away till time takes them. Except for this guy." She motions to the gun "This guy, even after all those years, fared a lot more better then what I have come across in the region. It even fired. And also a reminder not to look down the barrel of a gun, not even if its old and rusted."

Tiberius chuckled "From what I can gather, you all being Immortal and all, was a really big surprised." Pavela laughed nervously.

"Ya, ya it was. Anyways, after that happen, I took it to our residential gunsmith to see if he can fully restore it. After awhile of waiting, and looking for the parts and materials to repair and enhance it. She was good as the day she was made with more punch then it could ever do." She looked at it as she observes the details on it "An ancient instrument of war, renewed and enhanced by Guardian power, not unlike myself."

"That's a Interesting tale about about that. I like it, a weapon will always have a good of a history as the one wields it. Well that's what I like to think about anyways. Well its almost opening time. Your free to come on inside and see what you like. Maybe request my services to building a weapon fit just for you."

Pavela chuckled at the sales pitch "Oh I'm gonna look, but I'm not gonna buy anything just yet. I don't think you can accept my currency anyways."

"Well it wouldn't to have a look around my shop would it?"

"Maybe a few minutes."


45 minutes later Tiberius and Pavela were sitting in the back of his store as he was showing her the inner workings of how a large broadsword can change into a LMG when Spooks popped in. Startling the smith "I'm terribly sorry for that. But Guardian we need to start heading out."

"But Spooks we got at least a good 20 minutes."

"Better be a minute early then a second late." She can tell, if a ghost had a face his would be grinning like that cheshire cat from that old animated movie she found.

"Urgh fine. Sorry Tiberius but i gotta go. I'll definitely come back here again someday. Though the choice of what my weapon will be I'm gonna have to think about it." She does a slight head bow as she was got up.

Tiberius remained in his seat as he was tinkering away with the sword, gun, gunsword? "No problem, and call me Tibs. And also thanks for showing me your weapon and i hope you send some of your friends my way."

"Ha, we shall see, unlike me and some few other guardians majority see transforming weapons like these as a gimmick." Tiberius laughs

"Oh I'm perfectly fine with just getting one guardian to use my wears."

Spooks starts to nudges her outside "Guardian we need to go now!"

Pavela is soon "thrown out" by her ghost as she catch's her balance outside the door, as Spooks calls in her sparrow she turns around and waves at the weapon smith as she hops on. Pulls the throttle and flores it, her destination Beacon academy.

And then nearly crash's into a car as it came around the corner. Swerving out of the way as it honked its horn. "SORRY!"



After a few minutes she finally arrived at her destination. Beacon Academy, the Esteem school for Hunter's and Huntresses.

And it has many, many holes in the building.

"Man, this place didn't get away from the fighting ether." she said as she observed the fantasy looking structure, reminding her of those old animated movies intros from a begone company. The only parts of the building not totally damage being the tall clock tower. She pulls up to a fountain, the upper part of its body missing leaving just the waist and below. As she got off her sparrow she notices a very stern looking blonde woman walking out of the main doors of the building and walked in her direction. She was carrying some kind of tablet and a whip.

She walked up till she was feet from her, and looked up. She stared into the helmet of hers and for some reason Pavela felt a sense of dread come over her. Something she hasn't felt since the time she said the "S" word on accident around the general vicinity of Summer. Boy that crucible match was horrifying.

"You Guardian Pavela." She said with a certain air of authority. She soon snapped back to reality and nodded.

"Yes." Her eyes squinted, and a cold shiver went up her spin as she felt like for some reason she's gonna get scolded.

"I am Glynda Goodwitch, and you are early by 2 minutes. If you where to fallow me we will head to the meeting." She turned sharply and walked right back to the building. Pavela hurriedly walking beside her.

"She seems...strict." Spooks said in her head. And she agree's. As they walked through the halls of the school, she can see staff working on patching the holes and fixing up some parts of the building. Then they came up upon a double door that slide to the side revealing a elevator. She watch as Goodwitch stepped into the elevator and she fallowed soot right after her. Just as she enters the doors close and the elevator started heading up.

After a few tense seconds of waiting the elevator stopped with a ding and open up, revealing a room with cogs spinning in the floor and the windows revealing the landscape outside as well as the city.

She looked around, Admiring the room and scenery when she heard a cough. She looked to the source to see a man in a black suit witn a a green turtle neck and also has rounded sunglasses sitting behing a desk with a mug in one hand. She then looked to the other occupant and that's where she was surprised to see fox ears. Genuine fox ears. She stared at the other person, a orange haired woman, and her eyes where very green. She also notices that she was also staring and examining her as well.

The man behind the desk cough again and grabbed both there attention, Glynda taking position beside him. "Please take a seat." He motions to a empty chair beside the...what was it they where called...faunus. Pavela nodded and sat down in the chair. As soon as she sat down he went right to business after he took a sip from what ever he has in the mug. "Glad you can make it Guardian. My name is Professor Ozpin. Headmaster of Beacon. This-" Motions a hand to the woman next to her "is Huntress Kari Akiyama. And your name would be..."


He nodded as he took another sip, his face was like stone and she had a hard time figuring out any emotions out of him, would make one heck of a poker player. "So Miss Pavela, you don't mind taking off your helmet. I like to meet the face of the instead of looking into my reflection." Pavela nodded and within a instant her helmet faded away revealing her awoken skin to all. She can see from Kari that she was awe struck by her. The only person not completely in awe where to two people behind the desk. Ozpin leaned back into his chair and takes another sip. "Hmm these are changing times. And miss Akiyama i do believe your mouth is a bit open, wouldn't wanna choke on a fly now in front of our guest."

She chuckled as Kari became somewhat flustered. "Alright time to get straight to the point. You two are here for one reason." He leans in, setting his mugged down on his desk as he puts hes hands in front of his lower face "You two are gonna be partner for now on."


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