How Zootopia Took Over the Human Race:


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Chapter 1: Canon Evidence

To prove this theory, we need evidence - so let's start with something canon, like the teaser trailer. The first sentence of the trailer is, "In the World of Zootopia, humans never happened." You'll notice that on the screen it shows the word "humans," then the word is shown being crossed out as if there were humans before. Like humans got wiped out, taken away, erased, cut off, separated from reality forever. "Humans never happened" could just be ruled off as a bold-faced lie. But lying for a reason. There must be a reason for lying about animal-kinds past. You know when you do something bad accidentally, like when you break your neighbor's window with that baseball bat your neighbor told you to stop swinging, you can cover it up, say it didn't happen, pin the blame on someone else etc. In this case, animals don't have anyone to blame it on, so they just say humans just didn't happen. They do this because they don't want animals to feel bad about themselves, about something they've done. They don't want someone to start an army and commit genocide. But that's crazy! No animal would feel so bad that they would commit genocide.

I already hear you typing away objections in the comment box. And I say, think about Hitler. He didn't feel sorry about wanting to wipe out an entire race – the Jewish people (plus other "undesirables" in his point of view). Only the Jews were one race of people – and humanity is a whole species. You wouldn't have to be that crazy to commit genocide! And another thing - how would the animal narrating the teaser trailer even know about humans if they didn't exist? And again, I know you're typing in the comment box…That was the Narrator talking! The Narrator is probably human! Jason Bateman (The voice of Nick Wilde) was talking. In a lot of movie trailers, the main character is narrating their life, where they live, and so on. For instance:

1. The Emoji Movie (Trailer): "Welcome to the world inside your phone, where everyone is expected to act one way their whole life."

-Gene the Meh Emoji

2. Tangled: "This is the story of how I died. But don't worry, this is a very fun story and the truth is it isn't even mine."

-Eugene Fitzherbert

3. Wreck-it Ralph: "My name's Ralph…and I'm a bad guy…uh…I'm nine feet tall…got a little bit of a temper on me."

-Wreck-it Ralph

These all are the main characters telling their life story. The voice from the Zootopia teaser trailer could be Nick Wilde Narrating the trailer, telling how he lives his life. Telling the lie to whoever's watching that humans "never happened." That's might be partially why he seems depressed and in the beginning of the movie – he knows the truth. So how would Nick Wilde know humans existed unless he knows the truth? What's the real reason why predator and prey settled their differences and joined forces?

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