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*Rumble rumble*… *thump!*

"Ow!" May yelped as the cardboard box precariously situated behind her finally smacked her in the back of the head. She had insisted to her mother that she sit in the back of the moving van. What better way to start an adventure than by taking it one new experience at a time? And though she hardly admitted this outloud, the peace and quiet was much needed. Her mom, Caroline, was many things; sweet, a remarkable baker, and friendly… but boy could she chat your ear off when given the opportunity.

Yeesh though… after rubbing the sore lump that's starting to form on her badgered head, May was beginning to think it might have been worth it to risk sitting in the passenger seat. Curling up in the dark surrounded by the smells of rancid socks and damp cardboard is one thing, but nearly getting knocked out by a box of her mother's pans? Yeah, no. Peace and quiet be damned. She didn't sign up for this. Just imagining the horrendous state her hair must be in after all the tussles she's taken makes her want to cringe.

May's dad was offered a position as Gym Leader in Petalburg City a few years ago, and upon accepting the job he moved there as soon as possible, his reasoning ranging from it being a rare opportunity to strengthen his pokemon, to it being a sign from above that he is meant to make a name for himself. May shook her head in exasperation at the memory. Either way his excuses were always ambitious by nature… Dad never could quench his thirst for pokemon battles. But because May's grandmother was too sickly to make the move, May and her mother stayed behind in Johto to care for her as well as run the small bakery that May's mother owned. Naturally, May's father did visit them every now and then, but thanks to a consistent battle schedule, he couldn't stay away from his gym for much more than a week at a time.

It was only recently, last fall to be exact, that May's elderly grandmother had succumbed to the sickness that had wrought her body for years. The funeral was quick, and the first few months after particularly morbid for her and her mother as they learned to deal with the loss of her presence in their lives. Now, however, May and her mother look back on memories of grandma with a fond smile. The loss was hard, but time has washed away the dank memories of late night hacking, blood-clotted coughs, and somber obituaries to leave only thoughts of grandma's adventurous pokemon fables and cheeky grin. Finally, at the cusp of May's sixteenth birthday, her and her mother are moving to Littleroot town in an effort to join her father and start anew. The dark confines of the moving van, however, are a stark contrast to the magically exciting adventure this move is supposed to be.

How much longer is this miserable drive going to ta- May's thought was cut short when the moving van came to an abrupt halt, shoving her body forward onto the ribbed metal floor of the van in the process.

"Urghhh…" An inauspicious moan came out of her mouth.

She was pretty sure she heard a door slam shut in the distance, but the throbbing in her head was making it hard to concentrate on any of her other senses. She slowly brought her bruised body to her knees, groaning at the effort. Just as she had placed both her palms on the moving van's metal doors in an effort to gain her bearings, said doors were flung open wide and May's body came tumbling out to land with an *oomph* on the grass below.

May's mother looked down at the teen's unceremoniously splayed legs and gave a little *eep!* of surprise.

"Oh jeez, May." She bent over and patted her daughter's tangled hair with one hand, and offered her other in a gesture of support. "I knew you were excited about the move and all… but kissing our front lawn?" May's mother giggled. "That's a bit much."

Ignoring her mother's outstretched hand, May finally lifted her face up and gave her mother a defiant glare. Mumbling something about her sarcasm not being appreciated, she got on her two feet, dusted her clothes free of dirt, and walked towards their new home with a dignified huff.

Flinging the hard wood front door open, May gave the inside of the house a once over. A slow smile began to crawl its way onto her face, and after running up the stairs and twirling into both available bedrooms, the smile turned into an absolutely radiant grin.

"It's… so… CUUUUTE!" She squealed in excitement, gave what she already determined would be her bedroom another appreciative glance, and tore down the stairs two at a time on her way back to the moving van outside. Once she reached her mother's side, May did another twirl for good measure and bit the tip of her thumb in excitement.

"I'll admit…" May's mother put her hand on her hips, admiring the front of their new home, and winked over at May, "it's pretty darn adorable."

It really was aesthetically appealing, especially on the outside. Their new home was built primarily with chestnut wood, and it featured adorable blue shutters on the outside. There was a winding stone pathway that lead to the front door, and a series of flower baskets were situated along the front just waiting to be filled with beautiful floral arrangements. Before the quaint house could be admired any more, however, May and her mother were interrupted by a low guttural sound coming from beside the moving van.

"Ah! There you are." May's mother proclaimed with a smile, clapping her hands together in pleasant surprise.

May's response was a lot less welcoming, the only sound coming from her being a long drawn-out "Ughhhhh… I thought you said you weren't going to enlist pokemon to help?" She spared a glance at the two burly Machokes now standing before her and wrinkled her nose in disapproval when her blue eyes met the pointed red ones of the muscular pokemon closest to her. Gray skin, bulging pectorals, and reptilian features… I mean c'mon, they look like mother flipping Ninja Turtles gone wrong.

"Now May…" her mother began in a disapproving tone. "I didn't enlist their help. No, I had a client who lives nearby contact me last minute about a group of Machokes near Littleroot town who freely offer their muscular abilities to anyone in need. So naturally, I put my expansive network of connections to work and arranged for them to meet us here!" May's mother gave the pair of large framed Machokes, who at this point had begun to soundlessly and independently load their arms with boxes and furniture, another smile. As they began to take their loads into the house, she waved at their backs and yelled a cheery, "thank you so much!" before crawling into the moving van to fill her own arms with belongings.

May shook her head and squeezed her cheeks with her palms in an effort to not let the pokemons' presence get to her, then resolved herself to just ignore them all day. It's ok May… you can do this. Just pretend they aren't really pokemon. More like big, grey, bodybuilders on steroids who eerily resembles reptilians. Mhm, yeah, that'll do!


Aw hell. May frowned and pursed her lips. Like that's even a little bit convincing.

She let out an exasperated sigh and started digging in the van for her personal stuff, determined not to let either Machoke infect any of it with their pokemon cooties. This'll be a long day…

The following morning May jumped out of bed, quickly smoothed her pink duvet in a lousy attempt at neatness, and rushed to get ready. A new adventure awaits! At least that's how May saw her current situation. She had people to meet, places to explore, and discoveries to make. Not even the thought of encountering pokemon could dampen her spirits and thirst for adventure.

As she stood before her reflection she smoothed any stray tawny hairs and adjusted her brand new red and white bandanna. May couldn't help but think of the numerous amazing ways her day could go. Would she run into anyone interesting? She really could use a new friend or two. Maybe come across some new berries, enough to bring back for her mom to bake one of her famous pies? Oh man, just the thought of biting into one of her mother's sweet, succulent desserts had her nearly salivating at the mouth. I definitely need to ask her to bake one of those oran berry pies again… the kind with the sweet glaze on top. Mmm, yeah.

May finished messing with her hair, then applied a touch of lip gloss to her lips and smoothed out any imaginary creases existing on her biker shorts. Next came her yellow fanny pack, which she snapped on around her waist, then tightened till it was snug. She gave herself a once-over in the mirror, and after deciding she looked sufficiently cute, winked at herself and virtually skipped down the stairs to the front door.

"Wait May! At least take some breakfast with you." Before she made it out the door, her mom waved her over and set a slice of fresh homemade bread next to a small saucer of butter on the kitchen counter. After getting a whiff of the warm, buttery scent emanating from the bread, May couldn't resist succumbing to her mother's offer of food.

*rwaaarrrghhh* Clearly her empty stomach agreed, so without wasting another second, May did a U-turn and bee lined for the bread slice.

"So, May darling…"

Oh greeeat. May spared her mother a brief glance, then reached for the nearby butter and spread some on her warm bread slice. Whenever mom uses that tone of voice she's trying to con me into something. And "darling"? Yup, no doubt about it, she definitely wants something.

"I hear your father's dear friend Professor Birch lives right next door to us. And the best part? His son is your age!" Taking a large bite out of her freshly buttered bread, May focused on the succulent flavor of her mother's baking, hardly listening to her words. She practically moaned from the hearthy brown cedar flavor of the multi grain bread, the rich butter perfectly complementing its flavor of nutty sharpness and sweet cream.

"May, are you even listening to me?" Her mother crossed her arms and gave her a frown, but May just waved a hand at her, mumbled a near incoherent "of cows mum" around her mouthful of food, and turned on her heel and left. No more dawdling, time to get going!

The blaze of sunlight that hit May's face once she stepped outside caught her off guard, and she quickly brought a hand up to shade her eyes before the rays practically burned her retinas. Now, where to first?... But before she could even come to a decision, she heard a scream in the woods to her right. Immediately May took a step in the direction she heard the dire yell come from, but suddenly a thought hit her and she came to a halt.

Oh my god, what if there are *gulp* pokemon out there? May bit the tip of her thumb and shivered. Yuck, just thinking about the number of bug pokemon that are probably crawling through the bushes gives me the heebie jeebies. She wanted adventure, but not the kind that included saving helpless souls from sticky situations that more than likely included pokemon encounters. Pokemon encounters that probably involved slimy Wurmples or creepy Cascoon.

Suddenly another scream ripped through the air and startled May into action.

Aw hell, there's no helping it. She took off at a run into the woods. This girl better be one hell of a damsel in distress though. I expect raging Charizards and burning infernos.

What she did encounter when finally arriving on the scene was something completely different. The "damsel" was a heavy set grown-ass man in a lab coat running in circles with an irate pokemon hot on his heels. May might not be too fond of pokemon, but her dad is a gym leader, so she's been familiarized with Hoenn's basic pokemon. The gray and black fur on the small hyena pokemon, along with its deep red eyes, easily identified it as a Poochyena.

I knew pokemon would be involved! Every time the Poochyena got close enough to nip at the man's ankles, he let out an ear-splitting scream so high pitched it could shatter glass.

"Well, what are you standing there for?!" The man yelled at May, shaking her out of her brief surprised stupor. "Help me!" He gave another squeal as the Poochyena caught the tail of his lab coat in its jaws only for the white fabric to rip free a moment later.

"Ah, yeah, just one - er - moment!" May scrambled, hurriedly looking around for some kind of weapon or way to drive the Poochyena away. Just great! I obviously didn't think this through. I have no weapon, no personal pokemon, and if I throw something at the Poochyena it will just chase me down! She racked her brain for any kind of solution to the quagmire she found herself in, and just as she was about to say 'to hell with it' and charge the furry creature with a nearby branch, the man before her yelled out "My bag! Use one of the pokeballs in it! Now!" May could see the man being cornered against a tree, the Poochyena slowing to a prowl as it growled and got closer to him one menacing step at a time.

Blanching at the thought but realizing it was a better plan than what she came up with, May swallowed her anxiety and rushed over to the brown knapsack about five meters away. Thrusting her hand into its contents, she grabbed the first pokeball she came in contact with, and stood up in a hurry.

How do you even use one of these?! May shook the pokeball back and forth a few seconds till she discovered a smooth push and release button on one side. That's right! I've seen dad use pokeballs before, so all I've got to do is- Spurred on by another scream, she pushed the button and threw the ball in the general direction of the Poochyena and man. Immediately after release the pokeball and its contents were enveloped in a flash of iridescent light that receded to reveal a small blue pokemon eerily resembling a salamander or funny-looking fish.

Understanding that the pokemon, which type May had no idea, would need direction, she yelled out "You, frog-face! Stop that Poochyena!" The pokemon gave her a brief look of offense, then swiftly lunged toward the Poochyena and let loose a torrid… of… bubbles?

What the hell is that blue fish brain thinking?! Bubbles won't do cra- but before she could finish her inner tirade, May's jaw dropped at the sight of the Poochyena yelping in pain and scurrying off into the nearby bushes. On cue, the small water pokemon turned toward May and gave her a proud grin.

May couldn't help but return his smile with one of her own, the euphoria of winning the brief battle contagious. Well… maybe battling in and of itself isn't that bad. But suddenly she shooker head, trying to rid herself of such thoughts and gain composure. No way May! Of course pokemon battles aren't fun! They involve, well, pokemon. Nevertheless, she couldn't completely shake the feeling of pride and excitement that plagued her, and instead decided to just ignore it.

"Nice job young lady! If it weren't for you, I'd be a whole lot worse for wear. Now c'mon, let's head back into town."

"So let me get this straight… you were out researching the local woodland pokemon when you accidentally stumbled upon a Poochyena's tail?" May frowned in puzzlement. "Why didn't you just use one of the pokemon you had in your knapsack to fend it off yourself?"

The man, who introduced himself as none other than Professor Birch, paused in his efforts to bandage up the many bite marks on his ankles and gave a disgruntled sigh. "I would have done just that, but unfortunately I'm older and *cough* a tad heavier than I used to be." He used one hand to give his fairly round belly a heavy pat for good measure. "I wasn't quick enough to outrun the Poochyena and reach my bag."

May took his point, then made another cursory glance around the lab they were currently in. It was certainly impressive with its cutting edge machinery, flashing lights, and clean modern feel. The walls were whitewashed, the floors covered in steel grey tile, and the building itself spacious. Professor Birch even had an assistant, though he has said little more than a sentence to either May or the professor, instead preferring to fiddle with the mounted gadget in the far corner.

"Sooo… it was nice meeting you and all, but I'd better go." May gave the professor a bright smile, waved, and abruptly pivoted around to head for the lab's entrance. As interesting as she found the lab, May would rather continue adventuring than stand around and waist anymore daylight. Besides, Professor Birch made it a point to keep a few pokemon around in his lab, and the glassy-eyed stare coming from the ditto across the room was making her feel seriously uncomfortable.

"Oh really? Well, wait one second please!" The professor called out to May just as her hand reached the door knob.

Well fudge.

Not wanting to be rude, she turned around and plastered on one of her cutest smiles. "Yes?"

"You don't have a pokemon, correct?"

"Well, er, no but-"

"Perfect! Then why don't you let Mudkip join your party? You two were an excellent team, and he seems to be fond of you." Professor Birch gestured to the closest of the three pokeballs displayed on the counter beside him with a cheery smile.

No way, absolutely not! May tried to hold back her rising panic as she fumbled for a polite way to turn him down. She can't deny that there was definitely something alluring about battling with pokemon, but she was still adverse to the idea of forming any kind of partnership with them.

"Oh, wow, that's so nice of you and all… but see, I'm not really looking for a new pokemon or anything."

Either the professor didn't notice how uncomfortable she was, or he simply ignored it, because his next move was to rise up from his sitting position, hobble over to the pokeballs to pick up Mudkip's, then place it gently in May's right hand. "At least give him a chance. I have a feeling you'll warm up to him with time."

Before she could protest anymore, Professor Birch placed his hands on May's shoulders, turned her around, and gave her a gently push towards the lab's door. "Now go on and explore Hoenn with your new pokemon! My son Brendan should still be conducting some research on route 103 for me, so if you run into him feel free to ask him any questions you may have."

May wasn't sure what to do, but she recognized that the professor wasn't going to let her leave without Mudkip in her possession, so she decided to just go with flow and leave quickly before she became partnered with anymore unforeseen pokemon.

On her way out the door she ran into someone, accidentally shoving them with enough force for them and their bag to topple to the ground in a heap.

"Oh jeez, I'm so sorry!" May looked down and went to offer her hand to the boy sprawled on the ground, but seeing that he was moving to gather his scattered pokeballs, notebook, and pencils back into his knapsack, she opted to help him with his belongings instead.

"Don't sweat it, it's all right."

After sparing a glance his way, May was pleasantly surprised to find that he was around her age. Most of his dark brown hair was hidden under a white and black beanie, his sun kissed skin sported a light tan, and he was decked out in a ruby red and charcoal ensemble. This must be Brendan. Guess he returned from route 103 earlier than his dad thought.

"... though you could watch where you're going a little more."

May was startled out of her musings by Brendan's voice, and she turned towards him with a frown. "Well excuse you. No need to have such a tude. I really was sorry." She stuck her tongue out at him, adjusted her hair bandanna, and stood up with a sniff.

Putting the last of his belongings into his backpack, Brendan stood up too and matched May's own irate gaze with one of his own. "What do you mean you were sorry? You can't even deny that you bumped into me."

May was flabbergasted. How rude! Here I was helping him pick up his junk after he fell, even apologizing for the whole ordeal, only for him to be a sarcastic boob.

"I'll have you know that it was a mutual accident. As in we bumped into each other." May put one hand on her hip and used the other to point between the two of them for emphasis.

Brendan just rolled his eyes at her theatrics and turned to leave. I don't have time for this. I'm sure dad's waiting for me inside.

"Besides, I just saved your dad's butt from a super menacing Poochyena, so I hardly deserve your facetious attitude."

That got Brendan's attention. He quickly turned to face her, latching his amber eyes onto May's blue ones. "He's alright, right?" I can't believe he went out on his own again! Last time it was a Zigzagoon, now a Poochyena?

"Why don't you find out for yourself? He's inside." May gestured toward the lab's door with her thumb, then turned and walked away with a flourish. "You're welcome by the way!" was her last call as she waved Brendan's way without sparing a backwards glance.

Ignoring her, Brendan rushed inside the lab to check on his dad's well-being.

Well, that was interesting. From saving Professor Birch's butt from a Poochyena, to gaining, albeit begrudgingly, a new pokemon, May's first day has been quite eventful thus far. Though I could have lived without the dish of sass I was delivered by the professor's son. Yeesh, hopefully he just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

After reaching her house, May looked down at the pokeball in her hands with uncertainty.

"Well, I'm stuck with you whether I like it or not, so I guess I better make the most of the situation."

May's mother had been hesitant to let her explore too far from home. It's not uncommon for teenagers like May to go out in search of adventure, fame, and glory, but alone? No way. The world can be a dangerous one without pokemon by your side - or so May's mother always says. And naturally, because May has an insatiable desire for adventure and new experiences, she's been pushing the topic more and more.

There's no way that mom can hold me back now that I have you for company. May grinned and opened her front door. Time to pack for a journey.

Dinner that night was an awkward experience for Brendan. He glanced up from his bowl of noodles only to catch his dad still staring intently at him, and his mother pretending nothing was out of the ordinary.




Ok, this is just ridiculous.

With a sigh, Brendan put his fork down and glared over the dinner table at his dad. "Seriously, what gives? You've been boring holes through me since we sat down, and frankly? It's plain weird."

His mother paused what she was doing to watch the exchange, as she'd been curious about her husband's unusual behavior as well.

"It's that girl that saved me from the Poochyena attack today. You know, the one you said you ran into?"

"Uh, first of all, she ran into me. And second of all, what about her?" Brendan didn't understand why his dad was hung up on her. I mean, she was pretty cute and all, with her big blue ey- er, uh, I mean-

"She's pretty cute, isn't she?"

Brendan startled and his cheeks instantly got pink. "Er, um, what? Pshh.. I guess, kinda sorta maybe." Jeez, can he read minds? Gah, what am I saying, of course not. Still… He gave his dad a suspicious look. That was an eerie coincidence.

"Right?!" Professor Birch clapped his hands in enthusiasm, only to see his wife giving him a withering glare. "Well, you see Brendan..." *cough* He really needed to make his point, otherwise Mrs's Birch was going to give him an earful tonight. "What I'm trying to get at is that I think you should keep an eye out for her."

"What?! What do you take me for, some kind of stalker?" Brendan was incredulous. What the hell is my dad getting at?

Professor Birch quickly shook his head no and gave a sigh. "No son, I don't want you to follow her, just keep an eye out for her, you know? I have this nagging feeling that she's special, and may just need some guidance." He remembered her fumbling with the pokeball earlier today in the woods, and her odd aversion to pokemon. Or a lot of guidance, he inwardly cringed. Before Brendan could protest he added, "And we both know you're leaving soon on your own adventure, so I'm sure you'll cross paths here and there."

Seeing that his dad was serious, Brendan sighed and nodded. "Sure, I guess I can help her out. If we cross paths that is."

Maybe we just got off on the wrong foot today. Then Brendan's arrogance took over and he gave a small smile. Besides, I do have experience with pokemon and can hardly leave her to her own devices. I am a nice guy after all.

Seeing that his son was lost to his own musings, but did in fact agree to look after May, Professor Birch left the conversation at that and returned to his now lukewarm dinner. Mrs. Birch just smiled at the two and shook her head lightly. Boys.

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