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*Rustle, rustle*

"Woah, what was that?" Brendan stopped walking and looked in the long grass to his left where he heard the rustling.

The two companions had been walking on Route 102 for a short while, and even though they had seen wild pokemon here and there, neither had attempted to catch one.

"What, you scared Brendan?" May smirked.

He's such a boob, going on and on about how amazing he is only to cower at rustling bushes. Nonetheless, she also stopped walking and peered into the long grass. A few seconds passed by when suddenly-


An abnormally large Poochyena jumped straight out of the long grass towards Brendan! He scrambled back with a surprised yell, May doing the same. Before the wild pokemon could turn on him, Brendan threw a pokeball at it.

"Hotwings, get ready!" He yelled.

A flash of light revealed the fire type pokemon already in her battle stance, a fierce glare on her face and claws flexing in the dirt.

May had run over to stand at Brendan's side, but the Poochyena had his fierce red eyes now fixed on the new threat. He howled in anger and dashed towards the Torchic, foaming at the mouth.

"Quickly Hotwings, dodge, then use scratch!"

The fire type pokemon jumped to the side just as the Poochyena's jaws were closing in. Before the hyena pokemon could react, Hotwings raked her claws along the Poochyena's flank. The dark type pokemon howled in rage, raising its attack in the process,
and rounded on the Torchic.

"Ember, now!" Brendan yelled out. This should get the job done.

Without taking his eyes off of the battle, he extended his hand to May and asked, "Grab one of my pokeballs from my bag."

She grumbled about not being his maid, but handed him a pokeball anyway, vowing to give him a piece of her mind later.

Meanwhile, Hotwings was focusing on building up a scorching flame in her belly. The Poochyena sprinted straight at her in fury, the scratch marks on its side visibly red. Just as the dark type pokemon was closing in, Hotwings let loose a blazing ball
of fire from her beak. The flame enveloped the Poochyena and caused him to scream in agony before he dropped to the now charred ground in a faint.

"Woohoo!" May cheered as she threw a fist to the air in excitement.

Brendan just smirked and threw the empty pokeball in his hand at the Poochyena. It opened up right before hitting the fainted pokemon, enveloped him in a bright light, then dropped to the ground once closed. Brendan watched the pokeball rock back and
forth a few times, biting his lip in anticipation, before he heard a distinct *ploop* of the pokemon being caught.

"Yes! Now that's how it's done," Brendan hollered at May. He walked over to his Torchic and praised her battle prowess, then returned her to her pokeball.

"That was amazing Brendan!" May told him excitedly, a bright grin on her face. "I mean, wow, your Torchic managed to beat the Poochyena without taking one hit!"

Naturally, Brendan soaked in her praise and let it coax his ego out. "Yeah, it was pretty awesome, wasn't it?"

He smirked and started walking beside May, his hands behind his head. "Hotwings kicks ass, and with my help strategizing, there's no way we could lose. So see May?" And at this he looked over at her, his smirk only growing bigger, "aren't you glad you
have me around? I've been catching pokemon for years, something you have no hope of doing without my killer guidance."

May's exuberant smile instantly turned into an annoyed frown at Brendan's words. As if I need help from an arrogant prick like you Brendan Birch. But before she could spit the words out, May and Brendan were
interrupted again by rustling in the long grass up ahead. Woah, another wild pokemon already? We've only been walking a few minutes! Thought May in surprise.

Peering at the occupied patch of grass, Brendan was just able to make out a fluffy pink tail with three yellow balls waving in the air. He instantly recognized the pokemon. A Skitty, eh? They're sneaky little pokemon. Hmph, I'd like to see May catch one of those by herself. Maybe then she'll realize it's not as easy as it looks.

Brendan wore his signature cocky grin and nudged May with his elbow. "Hey May, how about you try and catch the Skitty hiding in the grass? I'll be here for you when you need help, so no need to be shy."

May grew furious with Brendan and shoved him off the path as she stomped past. "Whatever! I'll show you that me and my Mudkip can deal with one wild pokemon just fine without you!" And with that she made her way to the still rustling grass.

Brendan followed May with a roll of his eyes. No need to shove me, jeez.

When he saw her grab Mudkip's pokeball off her fanny pack's strap and get battle ready, he yelled at her, "I was just being nice, but after manhandling me, I expect you to get on your hands and knees and beg when you come asking for my help. Which you
will, by the way."

May just ignored him and threw her pokeball out in front of her. "Mudkip, come on out!"

Her Mudkip emerged from its pokeball just as the wild Skitty poked its pink crescent head up from its hiding spot in the long grass. Mudkip saw the wild pokemon's head emerge so he bobbed his tail up and down in anticipation of a battle. Before May could
shout out a move, however, the wild Skitty dove back in the grass, disappearing from sight.

Both May and her Mudkip were flabbergasted. "Whaa?" May muttered to herself in confusion.

Brendan's smirk just grew bigger.

Suddenly, the wild Skitty's head popped back up in another patch of long grass, a few feet from where it was originally spotted.

Urgh, I'm going to catch this Skitty! No way am I letting Brendan My-ego-is-too-big-for-my-britches Burch one up me.

May quickly shouted a command at Mudkip, "Water gun, now!"

Mudkip nodded in understanding, then locked eyes with the wild Skitty in the grass and released a torrent of water from his mouth. The powerful jet of water ravished the tall grass in its way as it headed towards its target. After the attack, both water
type pokemon and trainer waited to see if the water gun made contact.

The answer was no.

"OH, C'MON!" May shouted, grabbing her hair in frustration as she saw the wild Skitty pop up in a new patch of grass appearingly dry and unharmed. Mudkip's cute rubbery face fell too when he saw that he had failed to hit the mischievous pokemon.

"What the hell is this, a game of hide and seek?" May muttered.

"One that you're obviously losing," Brendan snickered, not even trying to cover up his laugh.

May just glared at him, then turned back to the Skitty, only to see she had popped up somewhere new again. May's Mudkip was currently trying to shoot water at the Skitty whenever she showed her face, but it was apparent that the pink pokemon was too quick. Ok then, May
thought, two can play at this game. She remembered the way Mudkip's water gun had destroyed any grass in its path and grinned as she swiftly came up with a strategy to out-trick the trickster.

"Kukuku" May looked up at the sound only to see the Skitty was… laughing? No way, the annoying ball of fluff is actually laughing at me and my Mudkip! May thought in shock. She heard Brendan cracking up beside
her, which just infuriated her more, causing her eye to twitch. That's it, time to put my plan into action.

"Mudkip, water gun again!"

Getting frustrated himself at the wild Skitty's antics, May's Mudkip was more than happy to let loose another jet of water at the teasing pokemon. As expected, the Skitty immediately ducked down to pop up further to the right.

Knowing the Skitty had no choice but to go left if she wanted to keep up the game, the tall grass ending shortly to the right, May smirked. Got you now.

"Keep up the water gun, but now sweep it to your right!" She shouted while blindly fingering for an empty pokeball in her fanny pack.

Mudkip did just that, turning his head to the right so that the powerful stream of water trampled any impending grass in its way. This caused the Skitty to run out of hiding spots, and though she barely managed to escape being hit by the water gun, its
attack left her fully visible and only a few yards away from May's Mudkip.

"Tackle Mudkip!" May shouted as soon as she spotted the Skitty.

Mudkip's smile grew large and his eyes narrowed in determination as he dashed toward the Skitty with his head lowered. The wild Skitty was clearly shocked that she had been outsmarted, for her coy smile had been replaced with a surprised "O". Just as
Mudkip drew near, the Skitty snapped out of it and attempted to dodge to the left. It was too late though as May's Mudkip launched itself at the last second and hit the wild pokemon at full force. The Skitty landed hard on the ground in a daze as
May's Mudkip jumped off of her, a huge smile and look of satisfaction on his face.

"YESSS! Way to go Mudkip!" May squealed in praise as she threw her empty pokeball at the exhausted Skitty. Mudkip's naturally wide smile only grew larger at his trainer's admiration, and he wagged his heavy tail in happiness, similar to that of a dog.

After the pokeball containing the Skitty stopped rocking, May skipped over to pick it up, catching the look on Brendan's face as she did so.

He was absolutely shocked.

No way… His jaw was still dropped in surprise, so he shook his head to get a hold of himself. I can't believe she… on her first try too…

"You're totally amazed, aren't you?" May said with a cheery grin as she made her way over to Brendan. Her Mudkip was hardly tired from the short battle, but she had returned him to his pokeball anyway after saying a few soothing words to him.

Brendan avoided looking at her and grunted. "Pshh, You just got lucky. Again." He walked a little faster as they continued their journey to Petalburg City in hopes that he could leave her behind.

May easily caught up to him though, that damned happy grin still on her face. "Oh come on Brendy-poo… I can only be lucky so many times before its-" she leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "skill."

Brendan pushed her away with a look of annoyance plastered on his face. "Ok, ok, fine. So you're not that bad for a beginner," he relented.

His response only caused May's smile to get even cheerier if possible. "Darn right I'm not," she said with a wink Brendan's way.

Brendan just rolled his eyes. "My Hotwings could still kick your Mudkip's ass."

May snorted. "We already proved that my Mudkip is a better battler."

"Your Mudkip? I thought you didn't like pokemon?" Brendan said with a raised eyebrow.

"Err- well, uh- I don't," May stuttered out uncomfortably. Really though, she was just as surprised as Brendan was. She really didn't like pokemon, but she just…

Mudkip's cheeky smile and cute rubbery face came to mind, and she felt herself slightly smile. "Mudkip is… different" May said softly. And it was true, because whenever she takes him out, whether it's to battle, sleep, or eat, she doesn't feel uncomfortable
or adverse to his presence. He's a pokemon, I know… but honestly? I think his wide grin is pretty cute. Plus, he's so funny and sweet when he makes faces at me or snuggles in my lap.

"...Ooook then," Brendan said. "... you're so weird," He added as walked ahead of May.

All of a sudden, Brendan and May heard a high-pitched squeal ahead of them. Brendan flinched at the atrocious sound as they drew closer to the source of noise.

"Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Look Rick, it's trainers!" said an excited young girl about May and Brendan's age. She was shaking the older man beside her with so much enthusiasm that he was clearly seeing stars.

Once Brendan and May came up to them, she let go of the poor man and waved at the two young companions before her. "Oh, hi there! My name is Tiana, and this here," she pointed at the disgruntled man beside her, "is my cousin Rick!"

May matched the young girl's bright smile with one of her own. "Nice to meet you! I'm May, and the doofus beside me here is Brendan."

Brendan had been taking in the strangers, noting the man's carrot red hair and unusual bug catcher ensemble and his cousin's ultra cute (and pleasantly short) skirt. Once he heard May introduce them, however, he rounded on her in annoyance. "Hey! Who
are you calling doofus?!"

May just gave him a lazy eyeroll. "Uh, you obviously smart-ass."

You annoying ass, dumb- "What the hell is your problem?" Brendan snapped at May, totally forgetting about the strangers before them.

"Hmm.. where to start? Oh! I know. You are my problem."

Brendan snorted. "Says the girl who asked me to accompany her because she was lonely."

May stuck her nose up in the air. He has a point… but still! "That was before I knew what an arrogant snob you are, and rude too!"

Meanwhile, as the two companions continued bickering and calling each other all manner of crude names, the cousins stood awkwardly in place wondering how things escalated so quickly.

"Eheh.. *cough* well… want to, uh, battle?" The cute lass Tiana asked meekly. Her older cousin just looked at her in shock, his face saying, You still want to take on these weirdos?! After she got the question out though, both arguing teenagers
immediately stopped their insult war and turned to her raptly.

"You're on!" May said in excitement, fist in the air.

"Hope you're ready to get your asses handed to you," Brendan added with a smirk.

Gaining some of her bravado back with the promise of a battle, the young trainer stepped back, dragging her bug enthusiast cousin with her, and got battle ready.

"Alright! Since there's two of you, and two of us, we'll do a double battle, ok? Ok!" At that, she threw her pokeball at the empty area between the four trainers.

"Zigzagoon, I choose you!" she shouted, and out came a brown and beige striped pokemon.

After adjusting his glasses, Rick grabbed his own pokeball and threw it with a yell, "My dearest Wurmple, bless us with your adorable presence!" A flash of light revealed Rick's red and white bug type pokemon.

"Oh, ick, c'mon mannnn," moaned May in disgust. "You just had to use a bug pokemon."

Both Rick and his Wurmple looked at her in offense.

"How dare you! My glorious Wurmple has the most slimiest of slimy thoraxes, and I make sure that her horns are impeccably polished every single day," he exclaimed in exasperation. As if to agree, the Wurmple in question raised her nose at May in a snobbish
gesture and harrumphed.

Brendan just shook his head and faced the cousin opposite him with his signature confident smirk. "Allright Hotwings, let's show them who's boss!"

He threw Hotwings' pokeball, and after a flash of iridescent light, the fire-type pokemon was revealed. She stood battle ready with a smirk that matched her trainer's on her face.

Like trainer like pokemon, May thought with a smile. After the Torchic's appearance, however, Brendan and May's opponents burst into laughter.

"Oh, for the love of-" Brendan shook his fists in fury. "STOP LAUGHING. Hotwings is a fierce bundle of feathers! FIERCE!" He yelled at the hysterical Tiana and Rick.

Hotwings just sighed and shook her head in shame.

"Alright, time to get this show on the road. Go Mudkip!" May yelled with a grin as she threw her pokemon's ball.

May's Mudkip burst out of its confinement to land beside Hotwings, his smile wide and rubbery tail wagging.

Seeing all the pokemon on the battlefield, Brendan smirked again. "Hotwings, use scratch on the zigzagoon!" He shouted.

Hotwings' embarrassed look from earlier changed into one of pure confidence, her body suddenly shaking with excitement. She dashed at Tiana's Zigzagoon at top speed, and even though her opponent attempted to jump out of the way, Hotwings' claws raked
down the Zigzagoon's haunches. The hurt pokemon yelped in pain as the red scratches began to lightly bleed.

"Zigzagoon, tackle while the Torchic is at close range!" The young lass Tiana yelled in fury.

"Wurmple darling, use string shot on the Mudkip!" sang Rick to his bug pokemon.

The Zigzagoon rounded on Hotwings in anger and ran towards her, only to launch herself at the Torchic. Unfortunately for the Zigzagoon, Hotwings anticipated her opponent's retaliation and easily jumped out of the way.

Meanwhile, Rick's Wurmple was shooting sticky strings of slime at May's Mudkip, the strands wrapping themselves around the water type pokemon tightly.

"Oh, EWWWW," May groaned and began to gag in disgust. "GROSSGROSSGROSS."

"Mudkip, use your tail to loosen the nasty strings and slip out!" May shouted.

Rick sneered, though the look was a lot less sinister on him than it would be on most people thanks to his large glasses and unusual bug get-up. Because the purpose of string shot is to bind pokemon and slow them down, the bug catcher was convinced that
May's Mudkip would struggle at least a little bit. Much to his shock, however, the Mudkip was able to use its thick tail to forcefully remove the sticky strands binding him. In fact, the whole ordeal was much too easy, a piece of cake really.

"Wha- what?!" Blubbered Rick in shock. Even his Wurmple was surprised, so neither were prepared for what came next.

"Alright, Mudkip!" May cheered. "Water gun, now!"

Mudkip wagged its rubbery tail in acknowledgement and opened its large mouth wide to let loose a jet of water, hitting the enemy Wurmple right smack in the face. The bug pokemon shook his head side-to-side as he tried to shake off his dizziness.

"Oh no, my dearest Wurmple! You need to focus Snookums!" The bug catcher cried at his hurt pokemon.

"Tackle it while it's down Mudkip!" May commanded, her eyes narrowing and grin growing.

Wanting to please his trainer, May's Mudkip nodded then took off as fast as his short legs would let him. Though his speed was nothing special (Mudkips are much quicker in water than on land), the force in which the Mudkip hit the Wurmple was more than
strong enough to make up for it. After hitting Rick's battered Wurmple, the bug pokemon was thrown backward hard. It hit the ground with a heavy *thump* and instantly fainted in defeat. Mudkip, which had landed a few feet away, swung around in place
in excitement, May matching her pokemon's happy dance with one of her own.

"Oh yeah baby, ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh" May cheered as she spun her arms around in a circle. "You kicked serious slug butt Mudkip!"

After cooing over his fainted Wurmple and returning him to his pokeball, Rick turned to the still bragging May with an offended look. "My sweety pie is not a slug, you self-righteous bug hater." His upset face suddenly softened to one of love
and adoration. "He is… the perfect caterpillar. His exoskeleton is the perfect shade of cherry red, and his yellow spikes compliment his eyes impeccably."

Once Rick finished his mushy soliloquy, he turned to look at May, only to see her finger down her throat as she pretended to gag again. The bug catcher harrumphed in

Indignation and turned away from her, his arms crossed.

"Jeez, Brendan. Talk about taking your time." May said cheekily as she turned her attention to the ongoing battle beside her.

Hotwings and Tiana's Zigzagoon have been playing a never-ending game of cat and mouse, with the Torchic being predator and her opponent the prey. The Zigzagoon has been dodging Hotwings' constant barrage of attacks, and with the exception of a few additional
cuts and scrapes, she'd been fairly successful in her endeavors. After seeing that May had already beaten the Wurmple, however, Brendan felt the need to end the battle once and for all.

Ok, he thought. Time to get your head in the game Brendan. He observed his Torchic as she attempted to rake her claws along the Zigzagoon's underbelly, only to miss by a centimeter. The Zigzagoon got away again, but was panting heavily
and visibly slowing down. Hotwings is tiring out, but not nearly as fast as the Zigzagoon. So… hmm, yeah. I've got it. Brendan snapped his fingers at his sudden idea, and his signature snarky grin came back.

"Hotwings, run straight for the Zigzagoon again!" He yelled out.

Hotwings, who was more than irritated with the Zigzagoon and her pokemon trainer's antics, was happy to end the battle. She took a deep breath, then narrowed her big eyes and ran at full speed at the Zigzagoon like before. The normal type pokemon looked
up from where she was taking a breather and saw the Torchic racing toward her.

"Zigzagoon, dodge!" Commanded Tiana, desperation in her voice. She clearly didn't know what to do but have her pokemon escape since the Zigzagoon's past attempts at attacking proved to only hurt the Torchic a little bit.

The Zigzagoon turned and took off again, albeit slower than its past escapes from Hotwings' claws.

Just as expected, Brendan thought in satisfaction.

As soon as the Zigzagoon's back was turned, Brendan yelled out a new command. "Hotwings, use ember on the Zigzagoon!"

The Torchic immediately obeyed, slowing down slightly as she mustered up a blazing flame. A few seconds later, she released a scorching ember from her open beak, the flame making direct contact with the Zigzagoon's behind. It yelped in surprise and pain,
its furry tail and butt catching fire.

"Use scratch while it's distracted! Put everything you've got into it!" Brendan shouted out.

Torchic took off running at the distracted Zigzagoon, the determined look on her face showing that she meant business.

Tiana saw what was happening and tried to retaliate. "Zigzagoon, hurry and dodge!" She yelled franticly, her fists clenched tightly and worry in her eyes.

Her Zigzagoon, however, was busy trying to put out her flaming bum and paid her trainer little attention. The normal type pokemon was yelping and jumping in circles till it finally rolled over on the ground, successfully putting the flames out. Its sigh
of relief, however, was short lived as Hotwings suddenly jumped in the air and landed directly on the vulnerable Zigzagoon's stomach. As if having the breath knocked out of it wasn't enough, the Zigzagoon was soon under attack as Hotwings used her
claws to scratch the enemy pokemon repeatedly. Tiana's pokemon fainted within seconds, the pain and exhaustion it felt being too much to handle.

"Ok, ok, that's totally enough!" Tiana said urgently, her hands up in surrender.

Hotwings immediately jumped off the Zigzagoon, realizing her opponent was out cold and covered in raised cuts. Tiana returned her pokemon to its pokeball to recover, making sure to lovingly tell her Zigzagoon what a good job she did.

"Talk about doing a bomb job Hotwings. Way to go!" Brendan cheered to his Torchic as he walked over to her, pokeball in one hand. Hotwings ruffled her feathers happily upon hearing her trainer's praise. She was clearly exhausted though, because when Brendan
went to pat the top of her head, she nearly fell over.

"Woah!" Brendan said in surprise as he quickly caught his tired pokemon. "Guess you could use a rest, huh?" He said sheepishly. His Torchic smiled weakly at him and nodded, so he told her good job again and returned her to her pokeball.

"We won Brendan!" May exclaimed in excitement, walking over to Brendan and raising her hand for a high five.

"Duh, of course we did!" He said cheekily, returning May's high five with one of his own.

The two companions then turned to Tiana and Rick. "Ok, ok, you guys sure are tough. But wow, it was a fun battle! I think my Zigzagoon really learned a lot," Tiana said with a smile, her pigtails bouncing as she bobbed her head.

Rick just glared at May and muttered, "So cruel… you wouldn't know cute if it hit you in your face."

May snorted and flipped her hair at him. "My face is the definition of cute."

Tiana giggled awkwardly and stomped on her cousin's foot, causing him to squeal in pain. "What he really means is that he thought it was fun too!" She said, flashing another big smile Brendan and May's way.

Brendan grinned back and said, "Yeah, it was cool, thanks for the battle. We better go though if we're gonna make it to Petalburg City before dark." He gave Tiana's short skirt one more appreciative look, then turned around with a wave and started walking
to Petalburg City once more.

May followed after him, but turned to look back at the cousins with a bright smile and wave of her own. "Thanks again for the battle!"

Tiana waved back, and even Rick gave a half-hearted goodbye, before both turned to head in the opposite direction towards Oldale Town.

"Sooo, Brendan," May started as she caught up with the teenager. "How much longer till we get to Petalburg City? I'm starving." She rubbed her empty belly for emphasis.

Brendan looked up, noticing that the day's last bit of sunlight would be gone soon. "Well, it shouldn't be much more than… forty-five minutes or so", he said in contemplation. He shoved his hands in his pockets as a cool breeze came by, causing him to
shiver. "Hopefully less though," he grumbled.

May hummed in answer and rubbed her own arms as she was hit by the same chilly gust of wind. I could so go for a meal and warm bed right about now. And shower. She look down at herself, spotting the dirt that
covered her clothes. Mhm, definitely a shower.

A few wild pokemon encounters and battles later, Brendan and May made it to Petalburg City. Just in time too, because the sun was rapidly going down, leaving the sky covered in an orange haze. Though partially obscured by lingering clouds, the plethora
of colors visible were distinctly warm. The two traveling companions were too tired to notice the sun's descent though, so they beelined straight for the Pokemon Center once they reached their destination.

With heavy eyes, they entered the building and were welcomed by the beeping of machines and friendly face of Nurse Joy. Brendan and May handed their pokeballs over for healing, then collapsed on the nearest couch to wait.

"Sooooo tireddddd Brendan," May moaned to her companion with closed eyes.

Brendan grunted in response. "I feel you." Then a comfortable silence fell over the tired companions.



"...Remember that pecha berry bush you threw me into earlier today? Yeah, I'm still feeling those thorns in my ass." Brendan said suddenly.

Eyes still closed, May giggled. "You're still stuck on that? Wow Brendy-poo, you sure do hold a grudge."

Brendan looked over at May with a frown. He'd long given up on getting her to stop calling him that stupid name though, so he let it go. "All I did was ask you to share the road."

"You called me fat."

"Uh, no May. You were literally twirling around and swinging your arms so much that there was no room for anyone else to walk on the route."

"It's called dancing, silly."

"Oh yeah? What dance were you doing, some twisted version of the window wiper? Cause it sure wasn't no salsa."

At this, May opened her eyes and smacked Brendan's shoulder. "Meanie," she said with a pout.

Brendan rubbed his sore shoulder, but before he could say anything a Chansey holding a tray of pokeballs walked their way. Brendan and May both got up to retrieve their pokeballs, and after thanking the Chansey, they went to make sleeping arrangements
with Nurse Joy. Each Pokemon Center has a separate boarding wing for traveling trainers. The wing has a few rooms, each room being just large enough to contain two bunk beads separated by an end table. There is a public bathroom for males, and one
for females, as well. The cost for staying at the Pokemon Center is very cheap, making it more than convenient for traveling trainers, especially ones who need to heal their pokemon.

In the end, Brendan and May ended up snagging one of the last available rooms for the night. After showering and changing into their pajamas, Brendan and May settled down into their respective beds and released their pokemon from their pokeballs.

"Time for bed Hotwings and Chase," Brendan said as his pokemon popped out in a flash of light.

"Beddy-bye time Mudkip and Skitty," May sing-songed. Her pokemon also came out of their pokeballs, May's Mudkip sprawling out at the end of the bed, and her Skitty curling up beside her.

May snuggled up under her covers, then turned to face Brendan, who was reaching for the lamp's light switch. Hotwings was perched on a pillow on the the top bunk, while Brendan's Poochyena was already snoring at the end of his trainer's bed.

"So Brendan… Chase, huh?" May said.

Brendan stopped reaching for the lamp's switch and instead settled back in his bed to get a better look at May. "Mhm. It seems like whenever I encounter Poochyena's in the wild they're chasing something or someone, and that includes Chase. It's
simple, but suits him, you know?" He said thoughtfully, then reached over to give the snoring Chase a gentle rub on his head.

"Your pokemon are probably so happy that you chose names for them, weird or not. But I don't know…" May said softly.

"What, you can't decide on names for your own pokemon?" Brendan asked, looking at May.

"Well, I guess it's more like I haven't bothered. It's just, I don't know, now I feel like they need names." She said as she glanced at her pokemon.

Brendan smiled at May's words. Well would you look at that. "So Miss I-can't-stand-pokemon wants to get friendlier with her own now? Who-da-thunk. Not that I understand your weird aversion to them in the first place."

May looked at him in surprise as it dawned on her that, yes, that was exactly what she wanted, and no, her dislike for pokemon didn't seem to make much sense to herself either lately. It's been so long, I can't even remember why I started to avoid them in the first place. Well, except bug pokemon. She
inwardly cringed at the thought. They'll always give me the creeps.

"So what if I do? People's opinions can change, you know." She said as she layed back on her bed with a sigh.

Brendan chuckled and fluffed his pillow. "Don't sweat it May, it's actually a good thing that you want to get closer with your pokemon."

He leaned towards the end table again and turned off the lamp, plunging the room into near dark. The moonlight streaming through the room's one small window was the only source of illumination left.

"Besides," Brendan started as he settled into his covers and turned his back to May, "You're not half bad for a newbie trainer."

For the second time that night, May was surprised by Brendan's words. Did he just… compliment me? She mused with a smile. Then she curled up into a ball and closed her eyes, her Mudkip's gentle snoring and the day's excitement quickly causing
her to fall into a deep slumber.

Author's Note:

Ok, ok, so I admit... battles aren't my strong suit. T^T But I get kudos for trying, right? Please?

Also, I'm not even sorry for ragging on bug pokemon. Obviously all pokemon deserve a little love, yada yada, but bug pokemon RECEIVE NONE from me. NONE. I just can't.

Hell yes, I'll shower creepy ghouls, toxic ball of gas, and poison-oozing living piles of trash with affection and love, but I want nothing to do with the creepy crawlies. Do I have mild bug-phobia in life? Possibly, maybe, yes, Icheckmyroomformosquitoeseverynight.

I hope you guys enjoyed chapter 3! Next, we might just find out why May avoids pokemon so much (*cough* or used to *cough*) ;)

PLUS DADDY COMES IN TO THE PICTURE. Err.. and by daddy I mean May's dad.. *ahem*