Another Galaxy Away

Written By: Noah Sampson

Edited By: Griffin Miller

Co-authored By: Brady Sterling

"Look, all I need is a ship to the Dreon system, and, I can even give you four percent of the profit." pleaded Quark. Morn shook his head no. Quark sighed. "You drive a hard bargain, Morn. I guess I have no choice." He leaned in closer. "I'll give you five percent" Morn gave Quark a look of disbelief, then turned back to his drink.

"Quark!" shouted Ezri, clearly impatient. "I ordered my drink twenty minutes ago!"

"Sorry, sorry" apologized Quark, quickly grabbing a glass and bottle. "I was attempting to negotiate with Morn." Quark explained, pausing to glare at Morn.

"What could you be negotiating for twenty minutes over?"

"A 'special delivery' of mine was dropped off on Dreon seven and not here, now I need a ship to get there and pick it up myself."

"I used to be a pilot, or Torias Dax was."

"I don't suppose that you would fly me to Dreon." Quark replied sarcastically.

"Well, considering that Torias died piloting, I don't think I'm your best option." Quark sighed, walking off to serve other customers. Bashir and O'Brien walked up to the bar, laughing about their dart game.

"Garak should leave the station more often, that's the most fun I've had playing darts in a while." O'Brien said, stopping to yawn. "It helps a good bit to be entirely awake during the game."

"You have seemed drowsier recently." noted Ezri. "Why is that?"

"Oh, just a routine staton wide diagnostic, I'm required to do one every year." said O'Brien, yawning again.

"You really should get more sleep if you're yawning at lunch." said Bashir, mockingly.

"I'm fine." insisted O'Brien.

"I wouldn't ignore your doctor." responded a grinning Bashir.

"Captain, you should take a look at this." said Ensign Nog, ushering Captain Sisko to the display. "The plasma variance of the wormhole has increased."

"What does that mean, ensign?" asked Sisko.

"Well, I'm... not entirely sure, sir." replied Nog looking down. The rising turbolift carried a weary O'Brien into ops.

"Chief!" shouted Sisko.

"Yes Captain?"

"What effect would an increase in plasma variance have on the wormhole?" inquired Sisko.

"I suppose the length of the wormhole would increase... but Captain, you really don't need to worry about it. It's physically impossible!" He broke into goofy smile for a second, but the stern faces around him erased it quickly. "Oh, bloody hell. Alright, how much has the variance increased?"

"Fifteen percent." shouted Nog. O'Brien thought for a moment.

"Why, that could stretch it all the way to another galaxy." speculated O'Brien.

"Captain, a ship is emerging from the wormhole." announced Colonel Kira.

"Raise shields, commander!" ordered Sisko.

"Shields up." announced Commander Worf.

"The ship is within visual range." announced Kira.

"Onscreen." ordered Sisko. The screen blinked to life and displayed, for the first time in this galaxy, an Imperial Star Destroyer. Sisko turned to his engineer. "Scans, Chief."

"Why, it's remarkable, sir!"

"What? What is it?" asked Nog nervously.

"It doesn't have any warp drive or impulse, and," O'Brien looked at the reading in bewilderment. "It's a kilometer longer than a Galaxy Class starship."

*Deep Space Nine intro rolls*