The docking procedures were less than simple, packing two x wings onto a landing pad was a delicate operation. Still, Luke was just glad that he wasn't stuck with Han trying to match different docking ports. Luke sat back in the conference room. The X-wing pilots were the first to come aboard and they were escorted here by men wearing grey and black with yellow collars. Wedge appeared to be taking it calmly, as he took almost everything. Wes Janson, on the other hand, looked about as disgruntled as he could be. The doors slid open, with the same yellow-collared men walking in first, followed by Han, Chewbacca, Leia, Lando, and C-3PO.

"Wait here." Ordered one of the yellow-collared men. The two left the room.

"Were you able to get our location?" Luke asked Han.

"Yeah, R2's first estimates were almost dead on. That wormhole put us in a galaxy about a hundred thousand light years from our own." Han said, looking less than positive about their situation.

The doors slid open again, revealing a man with a red collar leading the way, with multiple others in colored collars and uniforms, and an Imperial officer walking into the room, all sitting on the opposite side of the table from the rebels.

"These are the insurgents that attacked my vessel, thank you for finding them, now if you will detain them-" Sisko cut Harcourt off.

"These people are not going to be detained, and you are lucky that I haven't detained you." said Sisko. Harcourt looked away from Sisko, grumbling to himself. Sisko turned and addressed the rebels.

"I am Captain Sisko, welcome to Deep Space Nine. I apologize for the conditions under which you were brought here, but these are unusual circumstances. You see, the wormhole that brought you here did not lead to your galaxy until a few hours ago. Then, after one ship came from your galaxy, you came along, and blew it up! Now I want to know why that is."

"Look," started Han. "This really isn't any of your business."

"Normally, I'd agree with you, I have no part in your war. But remember, you're the ones who brought the fight to me. You blew up a ship right outside my doorstep. We're lucky we didn't get hit by the debris! I'd say that makes it my business. Now, I'll ask you again." Sisko spoke with added intensity. "Now, why did you blow up the ship?"

Harcourt stood up and spoke. "It is very simple why these rebels destroyed my vessel. They merely want to disrupt the order that the empire provides, and will do so at any cost."

"That's the most blatant lie I've ever heard!" shouted Luke, rising from his seat.

"Luke calm down." ordered Leia, standing up herself. "Captain, we apologize for whatever harm we have caused to your station in our attack. However, whatever this imperial has told you about our actions and motives are false, and we do not intend to cause chaos."

"Don't believe these lies Captain, these rebels act only to cause harm and havoc." said Harcourt, glaring at the rebels.

"We fight to restore the Republic and democracy." countered Leia, staring back at Harcourt

"You ruin lives with your destruction."

"You would put those lives in slavery."

"Your rebellion kills without remorse."

"Your empire rules without remorse."

"The rebellion ruins the economies and infrastructures of every world you touch."

"At least we don't destroy planets!" lashed out Leia. Silence filled the room. Harcourt sat down, unable to counter her argument.

"Thank you for this… enlightening discussion." said Sisko, standing. "You will be escorted to your temporary quarters."

Lando walked into Quark's. He was less than impressed. The low lights, crowded atmosphere, it was not the finest bar he had ever seen.

"Hey, you." shouted Quark, waving Lando over to the bar. Lando walked over, his cape flowing behind him, and took a seat. "What'll it be?"

"What do you have?"

"Oh, Maraltian Seev-ale, Aldebaran whiskey, some-"

"I'll have a hot chocolate if you can get me any." said Lando. Quark grimaced. He was well aware of hot chocolate, the less insidious cousin of root beer.

"Coming right up." Quark turned to the replicator. "You're one of the people from the other galaxy, right?"

"How did you know?"

"News can travel fast," Quark gestured to Lando's outfit. "And the clothes are a little less than common."

"The name's Lando Calrissian, businessman, gambler, jack of many trades." Rom ran into Quark's.

"Brother!" Rom with excitement.

"What do you want Rom?" asked Quark without enthusiasm.

"Remember the ship cousin Gaila gave you?"

"The one he sabotaged, and we sold for scrap?"

"Yes, that one."

"What could you possibly have to tell me about that?"

"Well, I bought the ship back, and I fixed it up, and, er-"

"And what?"

"And Leeta and I are inviting you on our vacation to Dreon to get your illegal-" Quark slammed his hand over Rom's mouth. Lando looked up from his drink. He understood what type of person this bartender was, a type he had seen many times before, and one that could turn a profit. Quark pulled his brother up by the collar, nearly lifting him over the bar.

"Don't you ever mention those-" began Quark, setting Rom down as Odo came into view outside the bar. Odo stared at Quark for a second, then continued walking. "I'll take your invitation, but don't even think about the delivery." said Quark, glaring at Rom.

"So you're in the market for contraband?" asked Lando.

"What does it matter to you?" responded Quark, turning to the back wall to end the conversation.

"I think it would be in your advantage to have an expert smuggler in your crew." deadpanned Lando, looking at his glass.

"And what makes you an expert?"

"Have you ever Kessel Run?"


"Well, where I come from, that's impressive stuff."

"I suppose you want half the profits too."

"I'll do it for five percent." Quark turned around and looked Lando in the eyes.

"Four percent."

"Deal." Quark and Lando shook hands, and left for the docking bay.