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~~-time after school -place Music room 3~~

Haruhi pov

While the twins do their act, Tamaki flirts with his guests, Kyoya writes in his dairy, Mori and Honey eat cake with their guests, i fall into the habit of smiling and nodding my head etc i find my mind wonder off to this morning.

(4;20am Haruhi's room)

(I wake with

the sound of Screams ringing in my ears

the smell and taste of blood all around me and on my tongue

and the phantom pains of broken ribs making it difficult to move around.

i was trying to remember what i was dreaming about when Uncle Ryoji rushes into my room having heard my cry of pain, when he asks me what happened i say calmly that I can not remember anything from my nightmare.

Uncle Ryoji nods his head and gives me a sad yet knowing smile as he pets the top of my head then leaves my room so that i can get ready for school even though it is not for another 3 hours.)

I am ripped out of my mind as I hear the door of the club room open i turn my gaze towards the one entering the room and i see a lean man looking to be about 30 years old.

With long gray/silver hair and a single braid on his right side long bangs blocking any view of his eyes, many ear piercings in both ears, long black fingernails and a long scar across his face, neck, and left pinky finger, he is wearing a robe which is pure black, skin tight black pants, over knee length black boots with many buckles, his attire also includes an incredibly long gray top hat, and a gray scarf strapped across his chest and knotted by the hips, an emerald ring on his left index finger, a band of prayer beads around his neck, a chain with six mourning lockets around his hip.

The others in the room look at the man with open distaste, irritation, etc Mori and Honey look at the man with respect, interest etc i however i look the man with respect, curiosity, knowing, disbelief etc as the man ignore's Kyoya completely choosing to walk around him and towards me.

When he stands before me i offer him a resting place beside me on the couch which to the shock of the others he takes happily, and i say ; to what do i owe the pleasure of your unexpected visit today UnderTaker? ;.

UnderTaker smiles widely as he says ; do not play coy with me lass you know why i am here after all your the only reason as to why i would be in this place filled with bright colors and living people ; I sigh tiredly as i say ; he called you to check on me didn't he? ; UnderTaker Grins as he says ; yes yes he did but i didn't come here just to check on you i also come here to do two things the first one being to give you something that is very important to you and the second one is to see what happens after you have it within your grasp once more ;.

I tilt my head to the side in curiosity as i say ; what is it? and does it have anything to do wit- ; i am cut off by UnderTaker placing a long black nailed finger softly against my lips as a silent way of telling me to stay silent as he says ; you'll find out what it is in a minute and yes it does have something to with you almost everything in fact ; i nod my head mutely as UnderTaker starts search his long robe sleeves for something.

Soon he finds what he is looking for in the form of a faded brown paper package with pale tan handspun string bindings, he places the package in my lap as he says softly ; go ahead and open it now ; i nod as i carefully begins to open the package with everyone in the room watching with baited breath.

As the last of the paper is torn away i see a red scarf which makes my heart almost stop from the mere site of it, i say nothing as i stand up and walk towards the large windows of the club room with the red scarf in my arms securely, my mind and see's clouded by feelings, image's and memories that I already know i won't be able to keep yet.

Everything is silent in the room so silent infact that the hosts and ladies are shocked when I begin to sing.

He lost his brother a mouth ago

His picture's on the wall, and it reminds me

When he brings me coffee, his smile

I wish I could be with him till my last day

Can't look back - They will not come back

Can't be afraid, but time after time

it is like a nightmare, and it's pain for me

Because nobody wants to die too fast

Remember the day of grief, now it's strange for me

I can see your face - i can hear your voice

I'm crying, missing my lover

I don't have the power on my side forever

Oh, where is my lover?, in this final hour

I'm standing alone today, calling out your name

Sie sind das Essen?und wir sind die Jaeger

Sie sind das Essen?und wir sind die Jaeger

Sie sind das Essen?und wir sind die Jaeger

Sie sind das Essen-Sie sind das Essen

Finally we march in victory, this is our first Gloria

Oh, my friend let's toast to victory when we meet again

In this beautiful, crual world so dark and frightening

Are we never to obtain a sign? Or a reason why we're still alive?

Someone once was calling out my name

But now i can't make out a single word

Is this the end we cannot mend?

We're slowly dieing

If we're here, despite the fear, we must keep fighting

We don't know what went wrong tonight

Everybody's got no place to hide

No one's left and there's no one to go on

All i know, is my is gone

Sing for reluctant heroes

Oh, give me your strength

Your lives are too short

Oh, where's my lover

I can see your face - I can hear your voice

Now I'm standing alone today

Calling my reluctant heroes

And just as i predicted i become unable to remember the feelings, image's and memories that I received from the no my red scarf, soon the room starts to fade away as I begin to black out from the weight of being unable to remember.

UnderTaker's pov

After she finishes her song i notice that she is about to pass out from not being able to keep what's rightfully her's to begin with, and as she begins to fall towards the floor i waste no time in catching her in a bridal style carry, shocking the human children in the room.

However as i grab her bag i notice that the tall dark haired male along with the small blonde male on riding on his back/shoulder's are not as shocked at my speed, i smile knowingly at the two of them as i head towards the open window.

Then just see if the humans will have a heart attack, i jump out of the window and land gracefully onto the now cracked ground with my precious passenger still safety in my arms.

As i head towards the place where i am going i nonotice to my disappointment that none of the human children had heart attacks but i also notice that the tall dark haired male along with the small blonde haired male are trying really hard not to laugh at the stone still and shocked faces of the humans around them i grin madly at this fact.

I see Ryoji standing outside of his door with a grim knowing look on his face as he says softly ; so i guess that i was right in calling you this morning? ; I nod as i say calmly ; yes you must defiantly were right in calling me because now i know that we both can say for certain that she is going wake up from her dream very soon, and when that happens you remember what has to happen right? ;.

Ryoji gently takes her into his arms as he says sadly ; of course I still remember what needs to be done but makes it no easier for me because I love her like the daughter that Kotoko and I could never have, even if she refered to Kotoko as Aunt Kotoko and still refers to me as Uncle Ryoji in private, only when we are the company of others does she refer to Kotoko as mother and to me as father, and when she wakes up i shall continue to love her like a daughter even after what needs to be done is done ;.

I nod my head and give Ryoji a knowing look and sad smile as I say ; her awakening shall be sooner than you think so you should enjoy what little time together you still have with one another, because even i can not stop her from waking up from her own dream, you shall see me then but i fear we must say goodbye for now ;.

I wave goodbye to Ryoji as i begin to fade away from his view i see him cry a single tear because he knows as well as i that the gear's of fate stops for no one, be they man/woman mortal/immortal, even as death i myself can not cut tie's free from the vast web that the fate herself has handspun.

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