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~~-time 6;51pm place trost district~~

Honey's pov

I know that Takashi, Kaoru and me are happy that Mika-Chan is back with her lover now husband and a youkai now as well, but Tamaki, Kyoya and Hikaru are not happy with the fact that they can't have her for their own wife not anymore, however i can't help but to feel that they are going to betray us today just to get what they want.

And i can feel it the line's of the battle field between us shall be drawn in our own blood before the day is done but at least the battle between us won't last forever because only one side can survive while the other die's so with these thoughts in mind I lead Takashi and Kaoru to where Mika-Chan and her pack are staying to tell them of the battle, one that is all to soon to come knocking on their door.

Mikasa's pov

I am ripped out of planning a course of action against the three traitors by a knock on my door soon i open it reveilng Honey, Takashi and Kaoru i move a side to allow them enter into my house as i close and lock the door behind them.

After Honey tells the others and me his fears about the three traitors i give him a grin as i say calmly "i was just planning a course of action against them when you three came here, and it's simple really we simply wait for them to came to us then don't waste time in talking we just kill them short sweet and to the point, after all why draw line's in sand when you can draw them in blood instead" everyone nods their head's agreeing to my plan now all their is left to do is wait.

It's not long before their is another knock at my door and i silently signal the others to get in their positions as i open the door this time reveilng the three traitors i move a side to allow them enter into their soon to be deaths.

I stand in the middle of the living room as the three traitors sit in a half circle around me as i say calmly "Now to what do i owe for you to visit me just before i leave for out side of the walls with the other's in the scout elite team, for a classified mission" with the signal said the three man team of Eren, Levi and Annie ready their blades as they wait for perfect moment to strike their prey dead.

And they don't have to wait long as Tamaki says "Haruhi the three of us think that you made a huge mistake in marrying Captain Jaeger, since the first day that we saw Captain Jaeger which was on gradation day the day we pick our place in this world, however when i saw Captain Jaeger who standing behind captain Levi while he spoke, but Captain Jaeger watched us coldly with a dead look in his single eye and though out the times that he has been seen since, so i regret to have to inform you Haruhi, but i think that dangerous dog you choose as a husband needs to be put down but don't worry your pretty little head you can marry one of us" and with the words put down said, the three traitors don't even have the time to draw their blades before their head's are on the floor of my living room making a bloody mess.

-time skip 3 hours later place titan forest-

Mikasa's pov

Eren carefully wraps the red scarf that he gave me all those years ago my scarf as the Titans below us eat the remains of the traitors and i think to myself as the moon begins to rise making the air colder than before but I don't care about the cold because i am happy with the fact that i am home now after all when you wake from your the place you have left to is home.

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