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Mirajane Strauss clinked her twisty metal bar spoon against the shot glass in front of her to call the meeting to order. The busty and well-tanned assembly of Magnolia's college co-eds ceased their high pitched conversations and turned to face the owner of Satan's Soul, the bar they had chosen for their home base.

The Body Shot Bitches Union (or the BSBU) had grown exponentially over the last couple of months. Who knew that the spunky group of women who had volunteered to help out Fairy Tail for their Gildarts bash would end up forming one of the largest all female unions in the country (after forgetting it all and reforming the group again post Moon Drip, of course)?

They held monthly meetings at Mira (their founder)'s bar. Every patent leather-covered seat under the red lights of Satan's Soul was occupied and the walls were lined with even more shot enthusiasts. While it had started as a simple club for body shot volunteers on college campuses in Magnolia, it had quickly expanded to include female bartenders from all over central and east Fiore and a few from even farther away. So far they had accomplished a lot: negotiated equal starting wages with their fellow male bartenders, started a business providing attractive and well-trained body-shot volunteers for events, and ordered matching customized uniform bikinis and t-shirts (with OMG just the cutest little bunny logo ever!).

Mira cleared her throat delicately and started the proceedings.

"I call to order the 5th official meeting of the Body Shot Bitches Union, formed to keep body shots flowing, fun, and flirty, while protecting our right as women to walk around half-naked without getting groped. Welcome to all continuing and new members. We will now take the traditional shot of tequila now, before I hand over the reigns to Secretary Milliana to read the minutes from our last meeting."

The women sitting down picked up the full shot glasses in front of them while those standing raised those they already held. As one they recited:

"We drink to those who love us,

we drink to those who don't.

We drink to those who fuck us,

and fuck those who don't!"

As Cana, an almost charter member, circled the room with an empty tray collecting shot glasses, Millianna adjusted her ever-present cat-ear headband and began to read the previous meetings minutes.

"President Mirajane Strauss called to order the 4th official meeting of the BSBU and the minutes of the 3rd official meeting were read. Following the reading of the minutes, a motion to change the official shot from tequila to Jager was made, but not seconded as tequila is the chosen favorite of all true party-girls everywhere." Cana blew a raspberry, which everyone ignored. "Despite Cana's objections to the contrary. Following that, a motion was filed to open the admittance of foreign immigrants living and working in Fiore to our association. The motion was seconded and carried. Our newest member, Bisca, was inducted at that meeting." Millianna paused to smile at the green-haired bartender that Mira had hired a month or so before. It was clear she was their kind of people. The photographer had needed a quick job to help pay the moving bills until she got her studio setup, and Mira had offered her a job on the spot. Anyone who could pull off a bikini top in December and mix a martini that quick was bound to be a good hire.

Mira mostly hired on gut feeling. It didn't always work out for her…case in point, Cana. She was generally more trouble than she was worth. And drank her entire paycheck in free booze. But she had her upsides. Never getting drunk was at the top. It was always nice to have a bartender to push all the shot buying college boys on who would still be standing at the end of the night. However, she was also just as likely to end up in the backroom getting nailed by one (or more) of them before the night was through. But it was all worth it if it kept Cana distracted enough not to open her own bar in town. In Mira's eyes...totally worth the trouble. She didn't need that kind of competition.

"-and to conclude the last official meeting, the date for the next meeting was set and a celebratory round of shots was taken for Little Beth's 21st birthday and subsequent initiation into our society," Millianna finished up.

"The floor is now open for discussion," Mira said, clinking the glass in front of her again.

"Motion to throw out all the silly rules and talk like normal people?" Kagura's voice range out from the back wall.

"SECONDED!" just about every woman in the place replied.

"Passed!" Mira said with relief. They had tried. But that shit was just stupid. Millianna took out a glitter gel pen to finish taking notes with instead of the blue or black ink she was using previously.

Lisanna sidled up to her sister and asked in a hushed tone to her sister while the real meeting got underway, "Whose idea was it to use all those stupid rules anyway?"

"Oh, no one…" Mira said in an overly sweet voice with just a whiff of hostility wafting through to alert the casual bystander that she had anything but the most candid of intentions.

Meanwhile, Erza blissfully ate the cake she had received via personal messenger, with the niggling feeling that there was somewhere else she was supposed to be...