SOOOO, PAPI hit 2,000 reviews, so I'm celebrating by fulfilling some promises for one-shots! This is the first of 3 that I have planned. So, have a little Nalu moment that didn't need to be in PAPI, but I really wanted to write.

The next one-shot will be at the request of rein serenity for a little Juvia time and after that, I'm going to shoot for the story of how Mira and Laxus met in this universe, as requested by . ! Thanks for your constant positive feedback!

When the bond had first advanced to the next stage, or phase, or origin opening, or whatever-the-fuck-they-had-decided-to-call-it, and Natsu had started hearing her thoughts, Lucy had thought it was kind of cool. Despite her limited experience with men, she had come to understand very quickly that they were dense about most signals women put out there, so having a boyfriend who knew everything she was thinking at any given time seemed like a pretty great bonus.

And, she couldn't deny that Natsu was as attentive as a boyfriend could be. If she didn't also know exactly what he was thinking, she might have thought he was neglecting his needs for her own sometimes. But it turned out, their hopes, dreams, and tiny daily wants and desires lined up most of the time. She'd even gotten used to experiencing his boxing matches second hand. (Thankfully, he didn't get too hurt doing it, so she didn't feel the need to take the joy he felt from that away.)

Still, she had grown up with an overbearing asshole of a father, who had cared less about what she wanted than the next modicum of power he could use her to grab, so it had been a major adjustment to get used to having someone that damn much.

And, objectively, she thought she had done pretty well adjusting!

But this was just beyond her ability to cope.

"Yeah, Lucy's got to take a piss so we'll meet you over there!" Natsu blurted out.

Lucy's face went white and then red as their friends either stared at them with surprise or tried to hold in their giggles.


"Aaaand now she's pissed at me, so it could be a few minutes, you guys better go ahead!"

DAMN RIGHT I'M PISSED AT YOU! What the hell is wrong with you?! That was out of line!

What? You had to pee. I was just watching out for you!

I didn't tell you to do that! I can speak up for myself, thank you very much!

But you weren't planning on saying anything. And it's honestly getting fucking uncomfortable. How small is your bladder anyway?

THAT IS SO NOT THE POINT! Just because you hear my thoughts and know way too much about my bodily functions, doesn't mean everyone else needs to know too! Like when you just straight up declared I was on my period last week!

Oh no, you already got mad at me for that! You can't get mad again! That's the rule!

Bullshit. That was a symptom, this is the disease! It's not just sharing things that I don't want to share you idiot! You're not even letting me talk. You've cut me off before I was about to say things like a DOZEN times in the last month!

Pssh. Yeah right. I don't do that at all.

Lucy crossed her arms over her chest and very carefully remembered all the specific times he'd done exactly that, blurting something out the minute she opened her mouth to speak:

"Erza, Luce wants another piece of strawberry cake. Naw, a little smaller. She's thinks she's getting fat."

"Lucy's in too! Let's go!"

"Princess IcePop, your stupid music is hurting Lucy's ears."

"I know Luce. You don't have to say anything. I'm telling you, that skirt definitely doesn't show the weight you've gained at all. Especially in your ass. Now, can we go?"

"Don't talk to Luce today, she's sleep deprived and pissed at everyone. And she hates your shirt Gray. She's thinks it's stupid."

And that last one wasn't even true! His shirt was hilarious!

...lies. I didn't say any of those… And his shirt was totally stupid. You would have thought so eventually.

I CAN FEEL YOUR WILLING DENIAL OF THE SITUATION YOU BASTARD! YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME! And there's NO WAY either of us could get away with lying, so cut the bullshit!

FINE. I just don't get what the big deal is. I'm just trying to help!

You're stealing my voice!

Lucy could feel her heart clench in her chest at the idea of it. She'd worked so hard gain her own voice. Just thinking about being silenced again made her remember things she wished she couldn't. Maybe science would catch up and she could finally Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind everything before she'd come to Magnolia…

Suddenly she was enveloped in a massive hug, Natsu's vise-like arms wrapped around her own, locking her to his chest and pulling her up onto her tippy-toes. She squeaked as the air was crushed out of her lungs.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that to you. I just got a little…" he trailed off, nuzzling his face into her hair.

"Clingy?" Lucy squeaked out.

"Sure. That. Sorry for that. And being an idiot. And not realizing I was being an idiot."

Also, I am so damn proud of just thought a movie reference. You're finally assimilating pop culture into your daily life. Lucy could feel her eyes tearing up as his did. She rolled hers in response.

Very funny Natsu. But I can hardly breathe over here you know. Her belly gurgled in an unpleasant way, reminding her just what had started this whole conversation in the first place. She really needed a bathroom.

Duh. Of course I know. Just give me another minute okay? I'm hugging away your bad memories.

The sincerity of his thought stopped her other thoughts in their tracks for a minute. Then the blush started.

You know, it doesn't really work that way...

Ssssssshhhhhhhh, let me have this.


A half a minute later, when he loosened his arms, letting her slide back down onto her heels, Lucy felt bereft of his warmth. Before she could even shiver, Natsu shrugged off his jacket and handed it to her. was really great that she didn't have to use her voice with him.

"Ready to go Luce? I think there's a bathroom around the corner up here. I'll go ahead and let everyone know you're going to be a while since you also have to-OW! What the hell?!"

Lucy kicked him in the butt a second time, using the full force of her martial arts training. And a good amount of angry girlfriend energy.

"If you say a goddamned word to them that isn't 'She'll be here in a minute' I'll Lucy-kick your balls so hard you won't be able to speak for a week. Got it?" she said in a chillingly sweet voice.

Natsu rubbed his sore ass and glared at her. "You've been spending too much time with Erza."

"Damn Straight. Fear the righteous indignation of a disciple of Erza Scarlet."

"Do you think they're okay? They've been gone awhile… I hope Lucy's feeling okay..." Mystogan murmured to Erza as the previews for the movie started playing.

Erza smiled. "She's fine. She can take care of herself."

Mystogan just cocked an eyebrow. That hadn't really been what he meant...but he was saved from having to answer by the arrival of Natsu, sitting down gingerly in the seat next to him with an inexplicable wince.

"Everything okay with Lucy?"

Natsu opened his mouth to say something, then closed it, seeming to think better of what he was going to say. Eventually he just nodded.

Better safe than sorry.

There you have it, just a normal day for a pair of bonded soulmates with boundary Stay tuned for the next one-shots!