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Episode 0 Prologue: Ashura the Mighty

In a small apartment complex, a young female with a young figure starts sits on her desk and prepares to write down something in her textsbook

She writes...In old northern tales of the most ancient texts, the exists a world but at the same time, a hidden realm yet known to all by the name of Asgard

After thousands of years the land of the Asgardians had progressed and prospered and socialized with most of the nine realms. But while there are good moments in history, there are also bad moments, such as the frost giant invasions, the great war with the all father odin taking charge,

The great Asgardian war which invasion of the infamous mandarin who vanished for a long time,

Some say he fought for utopia, but a wise person would see he would create a dystopia in its place

Many heroes from other worlds fought to save a world they never knew and Asgard is forever grateful. The war took a lot of innocent lives. Old heroes fought bravely but when they were at odds, that's when the new heroes made there debut.

But to save trillions of trillions of lives one man gave his soul to the invaders leader to end the war.

His sacrifice and great battle will be forever carved in Asgardian history and be eternal remembered and his precious soul rests well in valhalla therby making him immortal through his legendary feats

He has done marvelous trials such as outwitting the prince of mischief

Surving a hunt of hungry Asgardians in a small pig body

Traveled through time and space

Conquered the Asgardian destroyer suit in a childs body (chibi episode )

He was the Man of Spiders...

And she puts down her pen and closes her book for the night and leans on where she Sits. "Hard to believe it's been a few since he released me into this new world" she smiles on and relaxes by looking at the celing

Asgard few days back

A silluotte in a black hooded cloak, and walks out of the city, by going through a populated area could make him look unimportant which is useful right now

After reaching his destination, he sees a huge statue of the man of Spiders in solid gold which makes him stop and think (I never met the guy, but that makes me think, what kind of hero was he like?) He smiles and makes a fist "What a guy" he smirks and heads into the bifrost area

He wouldn't dare to step oonto the rainbow bridge yet, not unless he wants to get Helmdals attention (It's a Good thing I called him)

As to what he meant, A blond boy dressed in a cloak sees the gate keeper on guard so his starts to form a hex in order to make him think he was watching the other realms which in reality made him fall on his knees and flat on his face

"Heh too easy" and now shoots a green light in the sky

The cloaked man sees a flare shoot out "I guess that's the signal" he says and paces toward the bridge

After a long run he reaches the exit to any realm within the nine worlds. And meets up with his accomplish "Okay access helmdals sword and open to midgard"

"Sure, I knock him out then I open the door" he says it in a tone saying he did all the work which he did

"Sorry but I have to stand to reach quickly before anyone could notice." He says as he opens his hood revealing a briwn haired individual with a gold headguard similar to lady sif but with braded hair

"Nah I'm kidding, but seriously you want to try this?" He questionns the revealed man

"I have to... the mandarin caused havoc in both midgard and asgard, and he left both in a horrible mess, I barely handled our so called brother!"

"Stop blaming yourself, menma was too stuborn and twisted" he said as he disliked him

"No, it seemed like he was asking for attention like a one year old..." the brown haired boy thinks "a creepy one year old" as he remembered the perverted look on his face "Anyway I have to do this, if someone like mandarin or the man of spiders can handle the burden, then maybe it's time someone should!"

Soon the door opens, "Well I guess this is good by for now"

Suddenly the blond takes out a mirror, "Not necessarily take this and we can still keep in touch"

"Thank you" but looks sad "Are you going to be yourself I mean"

The blond huffs "Yeah, I've been alone without that so called mother of mine, I won't forgive her for all she's done" he Grits is teeth But shakes off the sad memories "Besides I got the warriors three so I'll be fine"

"Take care Boruto" He says as he enters the portal

He looks at the door "You too Ashura" he looks sad to see his family member go

A day had passed since exploring the grasslands of...most likely in a great forest outside of Europe. He spent a his first day exploring the new land and finding a river to hunt for fish. And searched for other types of nutrients because an Asgardians diet is quite difficult from that of a mere mortal. As for his resting place, he found a mountain and created a cave using one of the weapons he carries with him

As he was resting on a tree, he takes out a book he...borrowed from a nearby store, one that tells the potential stories or fates of the asgardians. ( This is not a vacation, but I dont know what to do) he flips a page (Maybe I should have thought of a proper location first before going into this world) he thought to himself

Suddenly he heard a noise coming from the sky (what's that noise?)

A mysterious space craft decends on the middle of the flat fields of land, and outside of the ship come out these mysterious green rock creatures

"Ah! At last we are on Earth!" Said one of the aliens

"This atmosphere -It is so different from our planet" said the second alien

That is to our advantage! In Saturn, we are mighty beings! But here, in this oxygen atmosphere

Our strength is even greater!" Said the third

The first one walk to a tree and grabs it"Behold how easily I kift this plant-thing out of the ground

While the second jumps on a hill"Hah! Well done Gorr! Now watch, as I prove the invulnerability of our stone bodies" he leaps "without the slightest hesitation, I jump...for I know that nothing on this puby earth...can harm me!" He jumps down hard leaving a hard impression on the ground

But unaware to them an aged fishermean looks the shocking development (by odins beard! What have I stumbled into) he looks scared by watching this

"And if our strength were not enough, we could rely upon our weapons!" Said the first alien

"It will be child's play to conquer this planet when our main invasion arrives" said the second as he blasted the tree into pieces

The old msn had enough watching this and ran I must run to the village and sound the alarm!"

Ashura walks to a fishermens warf, after taking money from robbers and muggers, he decided to use said currency to buy something fresh like a new type of fish

Then he hears something interesting

"Stone creatures from outerspace!, what nonsense?!"

That got his attention(that sounds great, a chance to try my first task here) then looks at the old man (he doesn't look insane, so I'll believe that) and he heads to the lands

Europe coastal area

About the following day, he heard enough of the old mans conversation to know where in the coastal areas to look after evesdropping in the conversation and attempted an investigation for the fun of it...but it's harder than it looks "this is turning into a bust, shouldn't I notice something interesting or" he looks down as he notices footprints "Oh guess he wasn't crazy" he leans down and checks them out (these footprints look bigger than the average mortal) he starts to follow the rracks which lead around the bend. So he takes a look and sees a bunch of sliens conversing and plotting

"Remember death to those you discover our presence!"

(Actual offworlders and terrorists at that) he didn't notice as he steps on a twig getting ther attention "Oops not wise the fight now" he runs around

True he could survive the attacks but he wants to know what there up to first but trips


As they prepare to shoot, he reveals his weapon, "Not yet!" He outsheaths his blade once stolen from the hands of surtur himself "Twilight!"

He makes a slash wave that pushes them away but used it too low which pushed him back too which left a bunch of smoke so he gets up but hears the guns fire so he retreats to other side of the mountains. "Huh some survived it"

He sees an open cave that is useful in times of conflict so he to temporary refuge hides for a bit

(Okay, I messed up, if it weren't for that twif, I could have heard there plot...*sigh* stupid cliches) he leans on a cave wall which suddenly opens "woah!" He falls in the door way

He falls through the sudden entrace and sees a hidden room, "what luck a secret chamber" he get up on his feet and rubs the dirt off his blade

"This place could be useful one day" he takes a breather and checks the room surrounded by stone and grey stalactites "tood bad theres nothing around here but..." something caught his eye "What?" He looks and sees a mystic axe on a stone next to a book

"That's impossible" he walks toward it and observes it "Thor told me he lost this weapon long ago"

He picks it up and whispers "Jarnbjorn" the Mighty weapon of thor before his possesion of mjolnir (for appearance look up ultimate thors hammer mixed with god of war IV axe)

He takes a swing at it and another and so on, and starts to remember his axe training from his superiors "This is amazing, a little peculiar but still!" He smiles at the fortune but then remembers the book he staches the axe away and walks over to the tome

It looks to be some complex looking tome, he trys to open it with no avail "That's weird, only Asgardian items from the weapons vault are like this suddenly "His the text starts to glow and and shows a scanner light to slowly covers him

Asgardian code recognized but carries Strange blood of several others including frost giant...the book speaks before opening a text

"Sigh don't remind me..." he looks sad at the remind

"I'm Sorry..." said a female voice

"No it's cool just that my family heritage is just sham...?" He eyes wide open at the new voice

He looks around but sees no one "Where are you?"

"On top of your head silly" said the voice in a cheerful tone and he quickly touches his head and grabs something "Kya!"

His brings his hand to him revealing a tiny blond haired girl "D-dont squeeze me please!"

He lets go of her as she floats to the level of his head looking to be dressed in a frilly but but free dress "Ahem!, greetings I am a creation of Roma therefore a decendant of merlin"


She blinks "Merlin from the Arthurian legends"

"Sorry My knowledge only reaches in norse myths" he shrugs

"Boo!" She shouts "what good is taking my summary if you don't know!"

"Why tell me it at all?"

"I'm trying to tell you what I am"

"Hmm..." he thinks and looks between the creature and the book "Your a fairy"

"A high level tome fairy to be exact at least you know about that much"

"My friend thor explained the mysterious other world and its similarities to the elf world lyosalfar" he looks to her and she has a confused face "my knowledge on other legends are small but I know at least I know some"

She sighs "Okay, so why are you here?"

"You don't want me here?"

"No! I like company it's super boring here!" She waved her tiny arms "I meant what brings you here?"

"Oh that well I was..." oh right the offworlders" he got up and grabs the book "the what?" She looks confused

"Monsters I let get away so I could hear there plan" he said as he opens the entrance" the fairy stops and her eyes glow "there here to conquer this world"

He looks at her wide eyed "How do you know that?"

"Tome fairys have the ability to receive knowledge from there surroundings" she smiles "also the ability to sense other life forms and hear there precious thoughts"

"Suprised but impressed" he smiles "want to join me outside" he holds out her hand "well you have me book so of course"

They both walk out as Ashura uses Jarnbjorn to a method of flight which somehow has similar skills like thors hammer

As they land he wondered if the axe can return like mjolnir, so he tests it out and throws it at a boulder which crashes and returns by going through a tree and lands on his hand.

"It has mjolnirs abilities except in the element department" he believes that the axes limit wouldn't be a problem But useful (at least I stiill have my elemental abilities and I could use Jarnbjorn as a conductor) he thought as he uses the axe to conduct a snow storm and snow lands everywhere

The tomr fairy look intrigued "How did you do that"

"Simple, I'm a Asgardian that can tap into the elements" he raise the axe"Now let's go find those out worlders"

The aliens in there ufo ships spotted the air force jets

"The humans Have sent up an armed aircraft" said oone of the aliens

"We shall dispose of them, set up the monster image" which cause a three dimensional picture of a wyvern pops out of nowhere

The air force couldn't react in time and had to bail out through the ejector seats

"It should be child's play to conquer them" the said as they made there illusion fade away and continue on

Well the airbase activates there defenses through missiles "Behold how they try to stop us with milled, as mere rockets could penetrate our atomic force fields! The earthlings have nothing that can keep us from decendin upon them! Nothing!"

Finally Ashura flies towards the where he can see the ships "Jeez with all that noise I can still hear them gloat" he says while the tome fairy hides inside her book in Ashura's pocket "Watch this"

He now creates a storm in order to get the aliens attention

While in the alien ship, "strange-a moment ago the sky was clear now there's a storm brewing" said the first alien

"How can this be? Our weather instuments did not forcast it!"

Now on the sky Ashura decends on the ground as he sees the aliens ship land again knowing he got there attention "They look to be from a far distance,"You think there's any life under the alien ships" he asks the fairy

"No why?"

"Good" he smirks and twils the axe a few times until he whirls it around until its as strong as a whirlwind and launches himself as he fliesas fast as he can as the time fairy cries out in sudden shock as the both slingshot at the speed of a rocket. He flies through over many miles and sees them as he floats below the enemy

"Behold an earthling flying thru the air! to attack us!"

"Do not slay him! He must be captured and studied"

The lands the and removes his cloak revealing his Asgardian warrior wear. With his golden head headwear, He wears a bronze suit, with coin shaped guards on his chest like thor, that painted blue shoulder guard on the left side with a brown strap around the armor with a small cape the hangs on the left side to avoid stabbing with a two weapons behind his back, twilight and Jarnbjorn with a shield for extra protection and his left arm has leather straps and armored leggings (picture thors outfit from thor ragnarok) he takes out twilight and swings it around again cutting half the hord

"Capture him how?" Said one enemy as he was cut down

"His whirling weapon is keeping us at bay" said the second as his arm was cut off"

They launch a metal cage at him catching him "Hah he's ours!" But he Ashura chuckles and uses Jarnbjorn the cut through the iron bars easily

"IMPOSSIBLE!" Said the hord

"The reason I ran..." he pressed a button on his head guard with covers his upper face(like female thor) "Was because I wanted to see what you were you were up to" he puts the axe away and returns to twilight "Now I know and I'm not going to take take it slow today"

"The earthling is too powerful to be captured alive!"

"He must be slain! Prepare to disintegrate him"

"Nope" throws his blade like a boomerang and detroys there weapons and then catches some to cut more limbs of the remaining hord

"Set the mechano monster free" said one of the aliens as they open a the ship doors revealing a new yellow robot "It is done sire, now the enemy will surely meet his master!"

"There is your foe! Attack him! Destroy him!"

Ashura looks tickedd off at those insults "I don't think so!" He holds his blade with two hands and cries out


And a huge wave a fires slices the robot in half leaving a devastating mark on the land Scaring the aliens as they see there enemys back

So Ashura slowly turns his head making a funny scary face "And as for you..."

The were petrified more than the average rock...if that's possible

"He has vanquished the mechano monster!" One cried

"The human is too mighty-too skilled in the art of battle"

"Who knows not many more there are on earth like him!" The said as the start to retreat ack to the ships "Back! Back to the ships at once! We most flee from this accused planet!" They said as the ships close forcing the invaders and other possible rock creatures from saturn never to return

"Im not human" he said to himself "What do you think of those rock people?" Ashura asks the fairy who pops out of the book

"Personally they should have fought harder instead of letting there fear take over" she crosses her arms "Also you should probably go now"

His headwear returns to normal "Why's that?"

"Because I sensed a group of armed humans marching this way" she points her thumb over the hills "Very well," he places her in the book and they fly off

"By the way my names Ashura of Asgard, what is your name"

"It's Thrush of Song"

"Like the bird...That's your name?"

"I don't want to hear that from a Asgardian with a hindu term that means

six armed monster!"

"Trust me I didn't pick it"

"Same with my name!"

" hmm...what if I were to call you something else like Song or oracle"

"...I'll think about it Ashura"

In the USA outside of newyork

"You sure this is a safe place to stay?"

He looks at an abandoned apartment complex

"I checked, And read the news of this city, no one bothere to come here let alone work so there's no need for rent or anything"

"Um...what's rent?"

This episode was based off journey into mystery issue 83

And inspired by the upcoming Thor Movie and once again Thanks to shadowknightdestroyer for giving me permission to try out his character

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