Episode 6: Ashura...I mean Rave-strom is Born

It was night time

Mayhem was sticking to a window on a high building

She uses the suit to expose her face in to feel the cool night sky and looks up

She thinks back to what happened to her

'YOU LET IT HAPPEN!' She remembers Ashuras thought

Her starts to have a bored look but hugs herself

"Did you think I wouldn't feel sad...for what happened to dad?" She talks to herself

The next day after the events with mayhem had gotten Ashura to cool down. But even with a clear head, he was unable to find her.

"So she got away" Irina said

"Yes and that really sucks, no one has even escaped from me before" Ashura said

"But your powerful " she retorted

"Yeah but apparently now see my hunting skills have gone rusty" he said with a embarrassed tone

"Let's stop ta about it and contin where we left off." she gets it the point "Are those new kids the reason you missed school" she made a stren look

"yup" he said honestly

"wha you didnt bother to lie?" She said shocked

"Why would I make an excuse like that, it practically gave me time to avoid school work" Ashura said

"school work sharpens the mind and keeps you from being a bum in the ally!" She yells at him

"Keep telling your self that, also I had nothing to do with the girl with the glasses, shes a coincidence"

"Oh so she's normal?" She said suprised

"I guess?" While Ashura didn't have the heart to tell her that he forget to check if she was human meaning he was really rusty

"What do you mean you guess what else could you..."

"Oh there she is sorry we'll talk later" he runs away while she Irina yells at him at the background for leaving the conversation and running in the halls. "OI ITS RUDE TO RUN DURING A CONVERSATION!" she yelled because she was getting pushed away as the school bell released a horde of active school students

He finds her "hi" he says to her

"You again?" She looks annoyed as before

"Are you okay? I heard a lot of commotion about someone getting dangled yesterday "

She froze up a bit and "why would that bother me"

"Well cause that was a lot of news that could scare people especially on their first day"

"I don't scare so easily " she said


"Do you need something or...?" She said in a bored look

"Right well I was thinking that maybe we could hang out, and talk about your experience"

"Not interested " as she starts to pace away

'Crud! Losing her gotta think of something' he tries to think quickly until an idea came "Uh I know a great cafe for food"

She suddenly stopped then her eyes glowed brightly

"...your paying"

At the a local cafe,

They got outside and picked out a couple of sandwiches and sat down on a near bench

"interesting spot you picked" Asura said as he ordered a donut with strawberry milk

"I like the quiet" she simple said drinking her coffee...that he purchased for her

" so you go here but you have trouble buying there food?"

She looked away and buriedher face with her scarf "I had a solution where my money problems could end but I need a phone"

"What for?" He said curiously

"It turns out my...friend is an expert at handling money but he can't because his he...old phone broke" she slipped on the tongue

Asura was confused by her reply but he brushed it off "sooo if I were to get you a phone, we could hang out more?" He said


"Is it possible?" Asura said

"You want to get me a phone?" She was confused "but we just met" she stated

" you have money problems at home do you?" He answered shocking her

"But how?"

He interrupts her "well you had trouble buying a food here, you said yes to a free bunch even though you rejected my attempt to befriend you and you have some holes in your clothes" he connects the dots

She is having trouble coming up with an answer

"Exactly So let me do this, I don't know how long this will take but I swear to you we will be friends " he sounds excited

She is starting to get embarrassed as people are staring but then she suddenly hears some noise going on. Now Ashura hears it too.

"But first, I have to go on an errand" he said "my friend Irina always needs help with buying supplies for school" he makes and excuse and leaves a tab before he walks away

She looks dumbfounded and looks at him like a weirdo.

Asura in his Asgardian suit now with a non removable helmet thanks to Memoria heads to the source of the sound

As he attempts to check things out he sees Lorna floating down With scott thanks to magnetic fields. And sees Kurt suddenly poof next to him. "Woah!" He got startled and each of them are wearing some uniforms

"Hope we're not to late" scott said wearing his first outfit

"Lorna, what are you guys wearing?"

"Battle uniforms, Memoria help make them, and careful with the identities, on the field I'm Cyclops" scott adjusted his visor

"I chose nightcrawler" kurt said

"And I'm Polaris" she adjusts her cape around to show off "do you like?" She winked to impress him

"Oh you guys look good" he gives a thumbs up not hinting what she meant "But are you sure its its okay to help me"

"Fear not mein fraud, we felt that we should owe you for your generosity" Kurt reassures him

"Alright since you guys are here we could split up to find the source" as the all nod their heads and go "we should also check if there's people hurt" Scott said as they agreed and temporarily split.

Ashura uses his axe to fly and and sees some bald guy throw cars around holding a wrecking ball.

Ashura floats down and walks to confront this weirdo.

"Eh beat it punk "

"Maybe, but why are throwing a tantrum?"

"Clearly you don't know who I am" he as absorbs a car and crushes it to make a point

"Interesting, let me guess...the mimicer?"

"No! It's the absorbing man!" he raises his first at him as Ashura blocks it with his dodges it and grabs it with both arms

'Interesting, Big brother Thor mentioned defeating him' as Ashura throws him a few feet away for keeping distance

'So all I have to do it not let him to anything difficult' as dodges the enemy's wrecking ball so Ashura grabs the chain and swinga it around along with the annoying man like a yo yo into a the hard concrete...hard.

Ashura takes some steps to look close at the crater and through the smoke he sees the crook absorb some concrete

"Fool I can absorb anything even rock"

Ashura looks at him like he's stupid as Ashura runs towards him and with a focused fist he demolishs the annoying man's fist causing him to back off

"Uh Yeah I'm pretty sure I can break rock idiot" Ashura said as he pats his fist for intimidation and sees the moron charge again so Ashura jumps and does a hard kick breaking the other arm to pieces. And finally does a slide kick to destroy his arms

And finally chop his head off with a hard karate chop... likely for the idiot, his not flesh right now as the head bounces to the ground to Ashura's feet.

"I even I thought you that was a poor choice" Ashura step on his head in victory. As he looks at the absorb mans pants he sees a undamaged phone that fell off before his legs became stone. 'Sweet' he hides so no one notices.

As Ashura was about to leave he hears some banging and kicks the annoying mans yelling head away. He sees a lady kicking inside her damaged car so he pulls to door open. And the door off.

"Oops sorry about that" Ashura said

"No worrys that's what insurance is for" she said but then looks at him "what I minute, Ive seen you before"

"You have?" He looks confused

"Yes when I went to trip across the continents you help that country" she got up and takes out her pad and pen" I almost didn't recognize you because of that new helmet of yours."

"What are you doing?"

"Oh sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I'm a reporter, the names Jane Foster"

"Oh I'm," he realized what he was about to do and stopped himself "Sorry my real name is kept a secret"

"It's okay it's a superhero thing I guess?"

"Superhero?" He was confused

"Isn't that why you stopped absorbing man?"

"Well keep this fact to yourself but I mostly came here to undo the wrongdoings of a horrible person" Ashura answered truthfully

"That sounds like superhero work in my book" she answered for him.

"So don't you have a hero name?"

"Uh well It's been for much time that I didn't have time to think of one"

Jane thinks about it "well you not as famous as Iron man but you remind me of thor" she adds some thought "what interests you?"

"Well I like rowdy raves and playing around with my friends" Ashura said

"Well how you fought him, it was like you moved around like a whirlpool." Jane mentioned

"I got it, with that Ironclad helmet and your actions how about...


Asura looks suprised by the name but then again "hmm..." hes in deep thought

"Okay thank you for the name" he prepares to take off "I hope to meet again" he flies away

Jane smiles "I named a superhero, Im such a genius"

After a long day turning to night

Asada retruns home with a new phone in her hand.

"I still can't believe he came through" she muted


"I told you I'd get you a phone?" Ashura said with a cheeky smile

"Ehh?!" She was shocked by the speed 'is he rich?' She sweated at the suprise

"You've returned" mainframe broke her out of her train of thought who is resting on a chair

"Of course" she said "here" she tosses him a phone

"How did you get this" he said as he catches it

"I asked" she said "literally saying I would be someones friend if I ask for a phone in return"

"And did you" mainframe questioned

" well I told him I'd consider it" she sat down

"Now can you do what you said you could do"

"Of course with a random phone I can hack into the net and make this place a well earned living" he said as he gets to work

"Good now I need a nap" she said

Later at night next outside midtown high, a woman with blue eyes and silver hair in a business suit prepares to enter the school hallway.