It was a bright afternoon in Ponyville, and Felix and Fire heart were playing basketball with Wolf Head and Cameron. "Pass it to me! Pass it to meee!" Screamed Fire heart to Felix. He passes him the ball and Fire heart uses his magic to take a shot from the 3-point line. He shoots, but it ends up flying over the net and out of the Court. "Damn it Fire, not again..." Groans Cameron as he facepaws.

"I-Im sorry guys..." Fire Heart said with his head lowered And his ears dooped back. "...let me get it" said wolf head as he runs to try to find the ball. Suddenly it was a sharp whooshing noise and a gust of wind blowing past them all. And then they see their ball whoosh through the net! Felix said, "W-was that Rainbow Dash?!" the others looked up in the air to see if they can catch a glimpse of the multicolored Pony

"Hmm not quite, but I am definitely much cooler! Hehe!" send a mysterious voice that seemed to come from nowhere. Is the guys continue to look around a light color Pegasus with a long streaming Mane floated down behind them. "BOO!" She said which caused all of them to jump with surprise. Upon turning around they saw that it was their friend Melody the Pegasus! Wolf head straightened his mask and cleared his throat and said "ahem... You didn't scare me at all." but he was clearly lying.

Melody giggles at them and asked if she could join their basketball game. As the sun began to set they all end the game and begin to head home. Felix Takes Fire Heart back home. While heading back home To his girlfriend Lexis, Felix see his friend Aura Skye and his girlfriend Typewriter walking in the distance. They appear to be discussing something at length. as he got closer, he greeted them, "Hey Aura, hi Typewriter! It's been awhile since I've seen you guys!"

Aura turns to Felix, "oh hey Felix. Almost didn't see you there. my girlfriend and I were discussing the plans that I'm having tomorrow. V, Chris, Double Play and I are having an OverWatch party at my place. Wanna come?" Felix smiles and said, "sure! Is it okay if I invite some more friends over?" Aura Skye replies "Ech! I don't really care. you know my place in Canterlot is big enough for everybody. I bet you're inviting your friend wolf head too huh? Tell him to stay out of my fridge this time!" Felix laughs and heads home. The next day, he heads over to Amber and Moonlight house with Fire Heart. They are going to teach Fire how to improve in his magic skills. Amber greets them, "hey there Felix... Is the, uh, Kid with you..?" She said with a raised eyebrow. Fire Heart jumps from behind Felix and shouts "HERE I AM!" Amber's horn glows and a sharp wind blows him back.

"W-What was that for...?" Asked Fire Heart as he gets back up. "Meh, just don't jump out at me... I don't like it when ponies do that." Said Amber as she turns and trots away while gesturing for Felix and Fire to Follow her. Felix says, "Good to see you too Amber hehe.." He rubs his head and follows. Elsewhere, Wolf Head, Foxy and Cameron are hanging with Chris.

"Hey Red Snoot, what's this 'special surprise' you've been telling us?" Said Wolf Head as he Trots in place, feeling rather impatient because secretly he loves surprises. "Yea, tell us" said Foxy " we really don't have all day and we've been standing here waiting for 30 minutes." suddenly Chris comes from the other room "okay okay, I wanted to invite you guys over to Aura Skye's house. We are going to be having an OverWatch party there!" Said Chris. Cameron shakes his head. "maybe next time you could have just lead with that instead of waiting a half-hour to tell us."

Chris chuckles and says "oops my bad guys."

-To Be Continued...