One Day in Ponyville, Felix and his pals Cameron, Fire Heart, Wolf Head and Scout were on there way for a Camping trip in The Everfree Forest. Felix was carrying a rather large snack bag full of snacks and goodies prepared for them by His Marefriend Squip.

"Uhh... that's a really big bag... Do you think we're going to need all of that food?" Fire Heart said in a confused manner.

"The more food, the better!" Said Cameron in response. Felix puts the bag down in order to catch his breath real quick. "it's a good thing we're almost there...right Wolf Head..?" Said Felix trying to catch his breath as sweat drips from his face. Wolf head pulls a map from underneath his mask.

"Hmmmm... we still have about 12 miles to go I'm afraid."

he said in a rather nonchalant type of way. Meanwhile, rainbow Scout is Trotting backwards.

"Um..Scout...?" Said Felix, "can you please explain to us why you are walking backwards?"

"Well, I walk forward all the time. I just got tired of it. So I figured I would try walking backwards for a little bit." Scout said, as if there was absolutely nothing wrong with his statement. Wolf head then pulled out a medical kit from his red hoodie

"I think now will be a good enough time as any to do a brain examination on you Scout" Wolf said has he and Cameron suddenly have doctors outfits on. Fireheart then excitedly rummages through the snack pack. "Hey! We have to wait till we get to the Campsite before we start eating!" Said Felix as he pulls Fire out of the bag.

"Awwwww but big brother Felix, I'm so huuuungryyy" he whined. Just then they all here a high-pitched squeaking sound.

"W-What was that?" Said Scout as wolf head and Cameron wrap him up in bandages. "Squeak!" Everypony looked around but there was nopony around to be seen. But just then, the tiniest Little Pony peeks her head out from Fire Hearts Mane

"Squeak Squeak!" It said.

Felix Narrows his eyes to get a closer look and then gasps as he recognizes little tiny horse, "I-Is that...Melody?!"

-To Be Continued-