Many sounds were heard that night. Shuffling footsteps. The crashing thunder and the pattering of rain against the rooftops. The soft wails of a newborn. And the unlikely sound of a woman, screaming.

The young mother screeched as she forced her child into the arms of the confused mid-wife. Her hands clutched onto the bed frame as she wept with the sheer force of a thousand hurricanes. Even with the dim lights, her tears still glistened against her face.

"Keep dat T'ING da Hell away from me! Dat is no child o' mine!" The child's cries only grew louder as its mother protested. The mid-wife stared in disbelief at the child before her. A beautiful and healthy baby boy sat in her arms. She didn't understand. The young boy opened his eyes.

The mother wept, "Le diable," over and over until her voice croaked from exhaustion.

The mid-wife was frozen in terror, never before had she seen eyes like these. Pure yet tainted. The dark abyss that was his sclera was of stark contrast to the blood red colour of his iris. She stared at the child. Surely no being as pure as this could be of the devil.

Her voice cracked, "Miss," the young woman locked eyes with her, clearly filled with rage and disgust, "what would you like me to do with him?"

There was no hesitation, "Get rid of it."

Under the cover of night, the mid-wife was sent out with the child. She knew exactly what the woman had meant. She knew the future the mother intended for the child, but she couldn't let that happen, she could not destroy one of God's purest creations. The child's cries had only worsened, but he was drowned out by the grumble of the storm. Besides a few drunken partiers and homeless passerby's, the street was barren; no one would want to be out during this storm. The woman held the child close to her chest as she scampered down the sidewalk,

"Shh. We're almost there. It'll be okay lil' one."

After turning down several streets, they had finally reached their destination. Her shoes clicked against the steps as she climbed towards the front door. She pounded against the large entrance of the building. With a final kiss on the forehead, she left the child, a long with a note, at the steps of St. Remi's Orphanage.

We are all the same in God's eyes. Please take care of him.