This is a story about the movie Resident Evil episode 1. It is kind of a following to my last story concerning Star Wars: the Phantom Menace, and it is better to read the last book first before this.

Warning: Major character death may occur.

Training Facility #9

Multiple Light beams came down from nowhere and landed in a room. In those beams, different figures can be seen as they became more and more real, as if some artist is quickly painting them out. After a few seconds, the figures finally solidified.

Most of the figures wore a strangely styled clothing, but one of them was different. She wore a black armor and a helmet that hid her identity. When the figures opened their eyes, they looked at each other, and the majority of them instantly took out their weapons and pointed at the armored individual.

"Don't be so worried." The black figure said in a girly voice, very different from what her armor would have suggested."If I want you dead you'd be dead during the gangster rebellion. No, you're still useful to me." She turned around, ignoring those blasters pointed at her. Ava signed and knew she's right. The girl had more than one chance to kill them, but she didn't, and it's unorthodox for her to kill the girl as well, even if it's just an attempt.

"Everyone take a break." Ava said after holding her hand up in a fist and the followers lowered their arms. "We are no longer in war. We are safe now. Let's go back to our rooms and take a nice nap, and we can meet up again tomorrow in area 5." Everyone nodded and left in a lightening speed. All of them were tired from the endless battle and death in the last dimension. Evelyn smirked, but instead of leaving, she walked up to a hologram projector.

"When can I make my next dimensional traveling?" Evelyn asked, not even bothering with politeness. She knows the Host doesn't care about politeness, and he is certainly monitoring them.

After a few seconds, the hologram powered on, and an image was produced. However, instead of an infinity sign, the projected image was a male human being.

"How do I look?" The AI, the Host, asked. He wore a white suit and a purple tie, which made Evelyn feel extremely weird. The last time she met the Host the AI was not nice, if not hostile, but this time he is asking her for fashion advice?

"Are you OK?" Evelyn asked, hesitating and trying to not sound offensive. Now that she saw the integrity of dimensional travelling, it is better to be careful while dealing with someone that can just teleport her away into space and leave her there forever. In reality, Evelyn would rather kill dozens of people in an unimportant dimension as long as it doesn't harm her than insulting the Host and potential make him her enemy. "You seem different. Mind I ask why?"

"That's my secret, I'm afraid." The Host said, still very polite, "You were asking?"

Evelyn made a silent note to herself to remember what happened before going back to her purpose. "I was asking when can I do a dimensional jump again."

"You can dimensional jump anytime, my dear." The Host explained, "but remember, the time in a parallel dimension is 60 times faster than the time here. You spent 8 days in your last mission, but here it is only 192 minutes here, that's roughly 3 hours. The crowd are still partying. And you can't jump back into the dimensions you have went to, at least not that same time period."

"Wow." Evelyn was truly amazed. Controlling time is either an act of god or a very advance piece of technology. "Anyways, I want to dimensional jump to the world of Resident Evil."

"Right away. Step back." The Host said as Evelyn walked back to the mat where the light beams come down from. Warping mat. A light beam came down, and Evelyn blacked out.

Evelyn opened her eyes in a completely sealed room. But something is not quite right. She looked down and found her hands handcuffed together. Evelyn immediately looked at her fingers and found that the ring was not taken away. Considering all her weapons and armors are stored in her ring, she is actually in a great situation.

Evelyn bit her lips and looked around. She spotted a total of eight hostile attackers, all wearing black Kevlar and headsets and all have weapons with them, around her. There were also three other people with no weapons. One of them, a man, was handcuffed. The second was a woman wearing a bright red dress. The third was a man in a suit. The last two both had a wedding ring on them. Noticing that she opened her eyes, a dark man walked up and knelt down beside her, who was sitting on the ground.

"Who are you?" The man asked, "You are not someone normal judging from how you appeared."

Evelyn was truly confused. "How did I appear?" She asked while discreetly waving her hand, using the Force to encourage the man to tell the truth. Her force abilities might not be at Jedi master level, but they are still enough to plant a suggestion in an elite soldier's head.

"You came down in a light beam." The man answered, but than realized he's not behaving correctly. Alerted, he Immediately stepped back, and the other solders aimed their weapons at Evelyn.

Now Evelyn is a bit worried. These local people have saw how she came down and might potentially warn the others about it. If they do, it will be not long until the entire Umbrella Corporation comes after her for her mysterious teleportation technology. And Evelyn wants to make sure this is not going to be the case. The best way to keep someone quiet is by silencing them permanently, especially if they are going to die here anyways.

Evelyn waved her hand, and a light saber appeared in her right hand. With lightening speed, she ignited the foreign weapons, and a crimson light cut the steel handcuffs open, melting the connection and slightly burning her wrist in the process. The soldiers were very alert. After the mere two seconds in which the handcuff was shattered, these elite soldiers realized what happened. However, most of them looked to the man who questioned Evelyn, their captain, for orders.

The captain gave the order to fire a second later, but this delay caused more damage than one would assume. During the delay, Evelyn, with both hands free, was able to use the force to create a shock wave, knocking all of the soldiers off their feet. The three civilian were also knocked over as well. Evelyn saw the uncuffed man going to help the lady in red dress.

The soldiers on the ground struggled to get up, only to find a red light coming out of their captain's chest. The man slowly fell down onto the floor, lifeless. Screaming in anger of losing a leader and fear of facing the unknown, the soldiers started to empty their clips at the girl.

In Star Wars, there were little scenarios where a force user actually stops of blocks a blaster fire using just the force. They either dodge them or deflect them with their light sabers simply because the amount of force needed to stop a blaster fire is too great, plus the shooter can just fire more and more at you until they eventually overwhelm you.

The same idea goes to blocking bullets with the force, and it's almost impossible to deflect 7 automatic rifles with shocking fire rate with just a single light saber, so Evelyn played a trick that she was practicing on.

Evelyn spread the force into a pyramid, with it's tip pointing at the enemy, and the three sides pointing at behind her. When the bullets were fired, all of them hit the slope, and were directed into a different path, a path where the only obstacle they will encounter is the steel wall.

After a frenzy of firing, the soldiers emptied their last bullets in their guns and tried to see if the girl is dead. Normally they wouldn't have fired all their ammo away at once, but this time they were simply too shocked to keep note of tactical flaws. This is the last straw.

Behind the smoke from the firing, a red sword formed.

"That was easier than I thought." Evelyn said as she closed her force shield and put her light saber back into the ring. Behind her, eight bodies laid lifelessly on the ground. Emptied shells and severed guns fell on the ground, along with the blood slowly flowing out of the corpses.

The battle was hardly a contest. The mercenaries didn't have enough time to reload their rifles, and their small pistols did little against her force shield. Though the elite soldiers were in a good formation and were apart, a few force jumps helped Evelyn close in the distance and slice through every piece of resistance.

Suddenly, the force screamed to Evelyn for danger. Evelyn tried to slide aside without even looking back, but a gunshot rang from behind, and Evelyn felt a burning pain in her arm. The bullet was going to hit her chest if she failed to dodge. Evelyn fell onto the ground, not moving and playing dead.

The man that fired on Evelyn, the man not cuffed, let out a held breathe. No matter what type of monster this girl was, she's dead now, or so he thought. Now he can continue his journey to find his sister. He just hopes she's still alive.

That was when the man felt the air around him getting thicker and thicker, and he dropped the gun and grasped onto his neck, struggling to breathe. He watched in horror as the girl he thought was killed stood up and walked towards him. Her former white t-shirt half red from the wound, but her eyes were still sharp. Eventually he stopped moving, and Evelyn allowed the body to drop.

Evelyn slightly touched her wound on the upper part of her right shoulder, using the force to suppress the blood flow. Suddenly Evelyn turned, and a blaster was in her hand and she fired one shot. The cuffed man fell on the ground, dead from a shot to the head. As he fell, a grenade fell on the ground. Luckily, it did not blow. If it did, Evelyn, using most of her force to suppress her wound, would be in a lot of trouble.

Silently praising luck, Evelyn looked around and realized the red dressed woman was the only survivor. Alice. And Evelyn's doubting over what to do with her.

If she kills Alice, then the plot will be very skewed, and god knows what will happen in the future. The most likely thing is that Umbrella Corporation will grow into an invincible enemy, and Evelyn would have a very hard time trying to defeat them. So, for the sake of the future, Alice has to live.

Alice watched in horror as the demonic girl walked towards her. Yes, she used the word demonic because how else can she describe a girl that just killed ten men and women, choked someone without even touching them, and got shot in the shoulder but acts like it didn't happen. The girl must be possessed or something. Alice closed her eyes, giving up.

However, the expected strike didn't come. Alice opened her eyes and saw the girl stopping and motioning for Alice to follow her. Her weapon was nowhere to be seen. "Follow me or die." The girl said, her face slightly unnatural from the pain. "Your choice."

Somewhere at the end of space and time

"Sir, there is a major glitch detected in a dimension." A figure in white armor walked up to a similar figure in a silver coat. The latter just raised his eyebrows and showed no response. The white armored continued, "A member of code 81043 have been detected."

The silver coated figure thought about this for a while. There have been more and more events of dimensional jumping and looting recently. All of them claimed to be gods, there are thousands of them, and have been rallying and empowering their soldiers by sending them to destroy different dimensions. This type of obstruction of the natural way of things has to be stopped. "From now on, send a standard strike team for every instance of such intrusion. Give the orders to kill on sight. We need to weaken, if not end, these crimes."

"Yes sir." The white armored soldier left. The officer looked out of the window. War is coming.