This story is going to be relatively short and will not be closely related to the actual movie. But it is going to include a lot of crucial parts to my series.

The lights of Hive were out due to the trick played by the Red Queen, and most of the underground facility of filled with water. When the Red Queen executed the researchers, she/it filled the rooms with either poison gas or water to kill the infected people. As Evelyn and Alice walked deeper and deeper into the facility, they started to see more and more strange things, like huge tanks with giant pipes connected to them. Evelyn knew they are the containers for lickers. She will deal with them, but not now.

"What happened here?" Alice asked, having lost all memory due to the poison gas attack. Evelyn glanced at her. If she's keeping Alice around, the latter will see most of her secrets, including the droid army, and live to tell the tale. Discreetly, Evelyn used the force to make herself seem nicer. Throughout the small trip, Evelyn have transformed from a cold blooded killer into an honorable hero. At least that's what Alice felt.

"It's complicated. Take a break here and I'll explain." Evelyn stopped and sat down, realizing it's a bad idea to keep her wound open in a possibly bio hazard location. "Do you mind tending my wound? I can take the bullet out, but because of the angle I can't stitch the opening close."

Alice nodded as Evelyn handed her a needle and some thread, all of them meant for medical uses. Taking off her black jacket, Evelyn put her hand over the wound, and a few seconds later the reddened bullet flew out. Evelyn hissed as she dropped the bullet and Alice started to seal the wound. Evelyn started to explain the things that occurred in Resident Evil 1.

"This is what happened." Evelyn explained, "Everyone knows Hive is a research facility under the Umbrella Corporation. What they don't know is the topic of the research. This facility is actually working on developing and experimenting on a virus called the T-virus, which leads to the development of bio weapons. A while ago there was a virus leak, and the computer in control, the Red Queen, decided to massacre all the researchers to prevent the virus from escaping to the surface."

"How do you know all this?" Alice asked, "And the way you appeared and killed the soldiers. They were...not normal."

Evelyn paused for a while. "I am from another world. Another dimension. And in my universe everyone knows about these information, along with what will happen."

"So you are a time traveler? You came from the future and is here to stop this virus from spreading?" Alice asked hopefully while finishing the last stitch.

"Not exactly." Evelyn answered in a coldblooded way as she stood up. "I can't stop the virus from spreading because this virus, T virus, is air-borne. I am too late to cut off the air circulation. Plus, Hive is not the only facility researching T-virus. There's nothing I can do about the virus, but I can make the one responsible for this crime pay for it." She gave a spare look at a security camera. "The computer that caused it. The Red Queen." Not true. She just wants to take a super advanced AI and all its information for her own goal.

Alice, who didn't realized the evil plan, suddenly looked quite frustrated, and Evelyn doesn't blame her. After all, she was just told the world would burn, and there's nothing she can do. Evelyn started walking and Alice blindly followed her as she was deep in thought. Silently, the two continued to advance deeper and deeper into the facility.

Truth to be told, Evelyn could try to stop the T-virus by assaulting the Umbrella Corporation. There's a small chance of success, but even if Evelyn wins, there's no benefit for her. And Evelyn is not a world savior.

The two reached a dark hallway with the door open. As Evelyn stepped forward, the lights in the hallway opened, as if it was welcoming her inside. Alice subconsciously walked into the hallway, but Evelyn grabbed her by the arm and pulled her back, hard.

Evelyn looked up and saw a security camera. She knew very clearly that the Red Queen is watching her, and that she also heard her conversation with Alice as the computer had eyes and ears all over the facility. This bad girl is trying to lure her into the laser trap and cut her to pieces. Apparently it didn't take her saying seriously. After all, Evelyn did just tell Alice that she knows all about what happened. When a trap is known beforehand, it is practical useless.

"What's wrong?" Alice asked. "The Red Queen is just down the hallway."

Evelyn smiled wickedly and waved her hand, not answering the question. A group of twenty B-1 battle droids she got from Star Wars appeared out of nowhere. Alice was suddenly taken back. "Take down the entire hallway." Evelyn ordered, and the droids started to fire at the laser trap.

Alice watched in thankfulness as she saw random laser lines appearing here and there in the hallway as they were shattered under the blaster fire. She looked at Evelyn in gratitude. If the girl didn't stop her, she would be sliced into pieces.

Frankly speaking, the laser beams could cut through the metal droids like paper, but that's if they can reach the droids. The droids, though not clever at all, were strictly ordered to completely destroy the walls of the hallway before advancing. The laser projectors, though hidden, were not even close to well protected. A few minutes later, the trap was completely destroyed. Satisfied, Evelyn walked into the control room, which held the Red Queen's main drive.


A warm hole suddenly appeared two meters above the ground. But instead of attracting everything around it towards the hole, it was extremely stable. The space around the warm hole was undisturbed.

Three figures came out of the warm hole. All of them wore a white cloak and a mask, which made them indifferent. Their white cloaks covered almost all of their body. Their steps were extremely careful, as if they didn't want to wake someone asleep.

A zombie walked up to them smelt the three intruders and started waling towards them. Its brain is too dead to comprehend what happened. One of the white cloaks took out a small rectangular prism and aimed it at the zombie. The screen on the prism showed "0 percent", and the figure returned the prism to his pocket. A white cloak behind the first one took out a gun and aimed it at the zombie and fired.

A white light came out of the white cloak's gun, which reached the zombie in the blink of an eye. There were neither blood nor scream as the zombie literally evaporated into thin air. The only evidence that the monster existed was a small pile of ash on the ground.

The white cloak that fired put his gun back like nothing happened. He turned to his two comrades. "Spread out and find the target. Use lethal force if necessary."

Evelyn looked at the hologram of a girl in red dress, which represents the computer Red Queen. Truth to be told, Evelyn is actually quite excited, despite the fact that she has no ownership of the computer, which can be averted by a few tricks.

"I am going to make this very clear." Evelyn said as multiple battle droids filled the control room and aimed at the main computer drive. Those were physical threats that the Red Queen can escape by going to other parts of the Hive. What she can't escape is dozens of EMP grenades Evelyn previously placed all around Hive. Once activated, these rounds can bring down the entire computer system of Hive, and the computer, which accidentally developed self conscious, will be very dead. "I want to make a deal with you. You have something that I want, and I have your life in my hand."

"Wait what?" Alice asked, confused and angry as what she is hearing is very different from what Evelyn told her earlier. Thinking that the EMP rounds were to completely eliminate Red Queen, she even helped Evelyn! But no, Evelyn is trying to get something from the Red Queen. And the only thing valuable in the Red Queen is T-virus. How can she lie to me like this? I should have known. She's a killer who doesn't care who she hurts. And now she is planning to spread the T-virus to elsewhere. She must be stopped.

The projected girl looked at Evelyn like she was a fool. Evelyn merely smiled and continued. "Remember when I said I was from a different dimension and know everything about you? Don't object, I know you were watching us. I know you have developed a conscious. You are like a real person, which means you want to live, so you can be threatened."

"What's the deal?" Red Queen asked. Her voice was computer generated and emotionless. But Evelyn smiled as she knew she won the round. However, she didn't saw Alice behind her reaching for something.

"I want a copy of your programming and all the information about the researches the Umbrella Corporation did. In exchange you will get mercy." Evelyn said, flickering with her nails as she thought everything was under control. Nothing could be more wrong.