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Evelyn was still sitting on the chair. Her body was already fixed during the first T-virus invasion, and the rope that detained her was broken by her enhanced Force. Now all she need is a plan.

Evelyn first valued her options. The red dragon is separated from his two comrades, but he still has control over a hell lot of weaponry. Through a Force scan, Evelyn saw the red dragon holding a Bolt-firing gun that she was knocked out by and had a pistol in his belt. Something that looked like the handle of a sword is connected to his belt as well. His white cloak covered most of his back, and might be bulletproof. But it's not going to matter. Evelyn had a slight smirk to her face. This man is going to die.

The main problem for Evelyn is not how to kill the red dragon. The main problem is how to kill the red dragon and have enough strength left to kill his friends. If Evelyn uses the super mode too much, then she will be too hungry to fight gold and black dragon. Which is why she is not going to kill the red dragon herself, as much entertaining as it is going to be. She is going to sit back and watch, for most of the time anyways.

Evelyn suddenly opened her eyes and held her left hand out at her black jacket. A ring flew out and went right into Evelyn's palms. Wasting no time, she went into the storage place and ordered 200 droids to be taken out.

Red dragon heard some movement and turned around with his pistol raised. He thought it was just some stray zombie, but instead he found piles of b-1 battle droids all around him. "Holy shit!" He swore and opened fire on as much droids as he could.

However, his resistance was ineffective. The hunters are strong, with all their combat training and advanced weapons, but they are not invincible. And when greatly outnumbered and surrounded, there are just so much that can be done.

Red dragon responded quickly. He first dodged behind a droid and used him as a metal shield and fired with his pistol. In five seconds, he emptied all twelve rounds, and there were lines of space in the droid formation as the Gauss ammo teared through the metal clankers. But those spaces were quickly filled by more and more droids.

"Damn it!" Red dragon let go of his battered droid and charged through the metal lines, dodging most of the blaster fires just in time. Those that he failed to dodge were absorbed by his cloak. Many droids fell on the ground after the white cloak moved pass them. Their heads were snapped into an unnatural position, even for droids. More were killed by friendly fire, but it doesn't matter as more and more droids filled the emptied space.

"I can do this all day." Evelyn said gladly, "Can you?" She had thousands of b-1 battle droids in her ring. Till now, a mere number of 95 battle droids have fallen, and the red dragon is already getting tired.

Red dragon jumped behind a metal wall and sat down. He's breathing heavily, and his every muscle is starting to hurt like hell. He's losing and he know it. This is a fight that he can hardly win, at least no by killing droids. No matter how many droids he kill, they can be replaced. The only way to win is by killing the on behind everything. The mysterious attacker than he has no idea about.

Red dragon checked his weapons. He has two grenades left, along with a vibe-sword. He dropped the main gun when the droids first appeared because it was too heavy and will slow him down. The pistol is out of ammo and abandoned. He called for assistance, but black dragon and gold dragon is not going to be here for another ten minutes. If he wants to win, he must strike now.

Red dragon threw two grenades over the side of the wall and waited until they went off before charging out. The front line was shaved especially thin, and the white cloak slaughtered the droids with absolute ease. But the main force posted a great challenge.

"Uh." He hissed as a blaster fire hit him right in the chest. Despite the armor he wore it still burned. With a swift strike he chopped the droid that fired into two parts. Biting his lips, he pushed inwards.


Red dragon cut off the head of the last battle droid that stood in his path. His white cloak is stained with blood, but he reached his goal. That's when he saw the ''mysterious attacker", aka the girl that he killed himself.

"Surprised?" Evelyn asked with a smile, "I have to say I am impressed. That was five hundred battle droids. Unfortunately..." She held up her right hand, which held a light saber, "That was just the first wave." She ignited the weapon, and a crimson blade appeared.

Red dragon grinned and stroke with his vibe-sword. Evelyn raised her saber and blocked it while sending a knee into red dragon's stomach. The white cloak should be glad Evelyn didn't switch on the spike armor she got in Star Wars, or else this fight is going to be rather short.

Red dragon fell back onto the floor. Normally he should be able to take that blow quite easily, but he is way too tired. Even if those five hundred droids were just standing there, it would have been a task to kill them all, much less if they are all shooting at him. Still, he struggled to get up.

"This is not a fair fight!" He said angrily, trying to somehow appeal to the honor of his foe.

"True." Evelyn answered while flipping her saber, "So?" She charged forwards without even finishing the question. Red dragon took a step back, but he was a bit too slow, and the price was a wound on his leg, almost crippling him. Against the slower than ever white cloak, it was only half a minute until Evelyn managed to not only disarm the opponent but also dislocate his arms.

"It doesn't matter." Red dragon hissed, "My friends will be here anytime! And when they come, you will be dead. For real!"

"Don't worry. I'll deal with them. It's a pity you will not be there to see it." Evelyn smiled wickedly. Red dragon tried to say something, but Evelyn moved her hand, and the white cloak's neck was immediately shattered. The hunter fell on the ground, dead.

"One down. Two to go."

On the other end of Hive, Black and gold dragon are running toward the central command as fast as they could. The distress call they received was a code black, which means that the other member is in extreme danger. They white cloak dragged behind them.

What the white cloaks didn't know is, somewhere in front of them, maybe two minutes of running away, a commander droid is waiting for them. And it brought some of its metal friends.

"Get these tanks open." The commander ordered its fellow droids, and dozens of battle droids started to blast at the metal tans that contained the lickers, who might be the strongest monsters in Resident Evil 1.

The tanks were designed to contain lickers with a hypnotic gas that are strong enough to make the lickers fall asleep. But if the tanks is somehow broken and the gas starts leaking, the lickers will soon wake up and start hunting for fresh meat to support their body. This is what happened in the original movie. When Alice and the special force fired at the zombies, they accidentally broke the tank, and a few hours later they got themselves a licker.

The tank was easily shattered by the futuristic blaster fires. Most of the lickers, however, survived the shots weakened by the tank. They started to tear through the containers and break free.

When the lickers broke free, the first thing they saw was hundreds of metal stuff. The lickers were after food, not metal. A leading licker smelt a droid and, when it received no smell of flesh, abandoned it and started to look for other food sources. That's when they smelled two biological creature moving in. The lickers hissed and charged towards the hunters.

In a room filled with tunnels, the two white cloaks are running towards the last signal of the distress call. The chance of red dragon being still alive is slim, but they can't give up. Every hunter is well trained and well equipped, and losing on can be a large toll to the entire organization.

"Did you hear that?" Black dragon suddenly stopped and pulled Gold dragon back as well. "Something's approaching. Take cover!" He aimed his main weapon at the area ahead.

"Oh damn it!" Gold dragon swore as he saw a dozen lickers running his way. Their tongues sticking out and their claws sharp. "Fire!"

White bolts came out of the hunters guns and started to burn down all the obstacles in their path. Within the first blasts, two lickers were hit. Their skins burned as they struggled to get back onto their feet but couldn't. But the other monsters behind the fallen ones dashed forward. Their hunger for flesh powering them.

The white cloaks only had time to fire one more round before the lickers got too close. Almost instantly, the two dropped their main weapon and took out their close quarter weapons.

Gold stepped aside to dodge a licker that jumped towards him. When the licker just landed and before it could actually stand still on the ground, Gold struck it with his vibe sword and chopped its head off. The hardened structures that could stop bullets and the super regeneration rate of the licker did little to keep it alive. Gold smiled and charge towards two more lickers.

Black took out two Gauss pistols after he dropped the main weapon. He put on a pair of glasses, and immediately he started firing. His shots were of incredible firing rate and accuracy. Every bullet that came out of his gun found its meant target and ended a licker's life. A licker growled and attacked him, but he stepped back just enough to dodge the monster's claws and to put a gun onto the monster's head and fire.


Two minutes later, all the lickers are turned to pieces of dead meat. Both hunters are unharmed, but they are tired and very close to out of ammo.

"There is a problem." Black dragon said as he returned his guns back to his holsters. Gold is walking around and making sure the lickers are completely dead, which means chopping all of the brains open.

"You mean beside the fact that we are attacked by enhanced bio weapon?" Gold asked impatiently, cutting off the last head and deactivating his sword. The two started to continue their journey. "Yes, we do have a problem."

"These lickers didn't just freed themselves." Black reasoned, "And if these lickers are here then someone must have freed them. Maybe that's the mysterious attacker that forced Red to send the distress call. And maybe he or she is still ahead of us waiting!"

"I hope whoever did this is still here." Gold said, "Cause I'm going to make him pay."

"It's a her." A female voice came from behind, and the two elite hunters were shocked to turn and find the girl they killed standing here, alive and healthy."You like my gift?"

"Those abominations did little to harm us." Gold said, taking his sword out and swinging it around his right waist. "The only contribution they made was to increase the density of the T-virus, but that's not going to be a problem if I kill you quick enough!" He dashed forward with amazing speed.

"If you want to make this quick." Evelyn grinned, "Then so be it." She reached inside her body and found the T-virus, which she triggered. Immediately her metabolism started to grow faster and faster.

From Evelyn's point of view, everything became so clear, and statics started to form.

The Golden dragon is trying to assault her chest. The vibe blade is going to reach her body in 3.5 seconds. If Evelyn defends, the white cloak will slowly ware her down with his excellent sword skills. But if she can take the blade and counterattack with her light saber, the white cloak will not be in time to dodge or defend. Her body will be damaged, but it will not be critical and will quickly be healed.

In a split second, Evelyn made her decision. Instead of moving away like the golden dragon expected her to, Evelyn moved forward and charged into the vibe sword while also holding a light saber in her right arm.

When the two collided, the battle was already over. Golden dragon pierced Evelyn's heart, and Evelyn stabbed gold's. Both fell on the ground, choking.

"It's going to be worth it." Gold said with his dying breathe, "I don't know how you made it, but my friend will burn your body, and you have lost your last chance of survival!" That was when he watched in surprise as Evelyn pulled the vibe sword out of her own chest. The wound, without the vibe blade to keep up damaging, quickly vanished and was covered by new grown flesh.

"Quite the opposite." Evelyn said. She still had the grin on her, but the blood on her face made the grin look evil, almost like a devil's smile. "You have just lost the last chance of survival." She swings the vibe blade and beheaded gold dragon.

"No!" Black dragon screamed. Evelyn almost felt sorry for him. Almost. The last white cloak fired at her, but Evelyn easily stopped the Gauss bullets with her enhance Force abilities. Evelyn smiled and moved her hand forward, and the bullets flew back and hit black dragon. The armor and cloak were helpful, but not enough. Blood started to paint the white cloak red.

"Enjoy your victory," Realizing he's doomed, black dragon cursed, "you will not have many of them left. There are thousands of hunters, hundreds of elites, and dozens of generals, and every world you go to, you will be hunted! Sooner or later, you will die!"

"Thanks for the advice." Evelyn acted as she didn't hear the threat. She force choked black dragon to death and, taking a deep breathe, pressed the recall button on her ring. This time, it worked.

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