"How was school?", Usnavi asked his and Vanessa's seven-year-old daughter Claudia after picking her up from the bus stop. "Great", replied Claudia, "During recess, our gym teacher had us play with a rainbow parachute".

"Dad, Mrs. Davis wants us to do a project on the person that influences us most in our family"

"That's pretty easy" said Usnavi, "You can do one on me, or Mommy, Sonny, or Aunt Nina, or you can do one about Abuela"

"I thought she died"

"Yeah, but you're named after her"

"why am I named after Abuela Claudia again?"

Usnavi began to explain, "Well, Abuela was the one who raised me after my parents died when I was a kid. She wasn't biologically my abuela, but she was like a grandmother to me and everyone in the community. The reason why you were named after her is because she was one of the most courageous women I knew. She was what held us together as a community and made us believe in love, patience, and faith, like this saying that she always tells us, 'Paciencia y fe', patience and faith".

"Do you miss her?"

Usnavi sighed at the thought of Abuela Claudia. "Yeah" he replied.

"Do I look like her?"

"Well,not exactly", said Usnavi, "But what I can say is that you have her big heart"

Claudia smiled. Usnavi held Claudia's head and kissed her forehead. "I think you look more like your mom" he said as they continued to walk. "Mommy said that I have her chin and your big eyes" Claudia said playfully.

"Well, I got to be honest" said Usnavi, "Mommy's not wrong"

"About what?" Vanessa asked as she stood outside the bodega. "Nothing" Usnavi said. Claudia said hi to Vanessa and Vanessa bent down to Claudia's level and hugged her. "How was school?" asked Vanessa.

"Good" Claudia replied.

"How about you can tell me about it when we get inside?"

Claudia nodded her head.

Usnavi and Vanessa went inside with Claudia tagging along, but Claudia looked from the corner of her eye and stopped to look at the mural of Abuela Claudia. As she moved closer to the mural, she pressed her forehead against where Abuela Claudia's forehead in the mural and closed her eyes.