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The ships were docked at Saboady Archipelago, about to head down to Fishman Island towards the new world.

Marco watched as the three sworn brothers said goodbye to each other.

Ace was offered a place of refuge upon the Moby Dick, now that he is officially starting his career as a pirate once more; until a time when he chooses to go out and find his own crew or join the Whitebeards as a brother. Whitebeard had taken a liking to Ace, to all three of them, in fact, but only Ace was staying. Marco really wanted Ace to stay permanently. He would be great. He just knew it.

Sabo, on the other hand, was about to leave with the Revolutionaries. Ivankov had proposed that Sabo join their cause and well, Dragon did not deny it. Marco reckoned he must be glad that one of his sons is following in his footsteps at least. Sabo was ecstatic to be able to take on an active role against not only the World Government, but the Celestial Dragons as well. Marco sensed a little bit of a grudge there.

Luffy, was going to leave his ship, the Thousand Sunny on Sabaody, and leave with Rayleigh towards an island in the calm belt. There, he shall train for the next two years so that he will be able to tackle the New World. He had the sense to acknowledge that the way he and his crew were now, they wouldn't be able to take on the challenges of the New World, not without training. Likewise, his crew are going to venture off to different islands in Paradise that best suits their expertise to gain knowledge and experience. Shanks has agreed to drop off Zoro at Kuraigana Island to meet Mihawk and the rest of them, Bartholomew Kuma of the Revolution shall send them to their selected islands.

Now, before leaving, the brothers were having a goodbye toast, reminiscent of their childhood. Marco had no doubt that the trio will go on to shake the world in their own way, to cause chaos in their wake, as is the D. way. When the three do meet up again, they shall bring the world to their knees. It is just a feeling in his gut, a deeply entrenched emotion that seeped into his bones, a rooted notion in his mind. And here he is, watching where and how it all began.

Ace popped the cork off the bottle of cheap sake and poured it into three identical red sake cups.
"Hey, did you know? If you share sake, you become brothers."

Sabo chuckled, "This brings back nostalgic memories." He took up his cup, "Let's continue to work towards our dreams, and we shall meet again on the seas."

Luffy laughed, his grin bright and happy, swathed with bandages as he was, "Our bond, can never be broken! Shishishi! It is one of my greatest treasures!"

Sabo and Ace's smiles softened, "Ours too, little brother, ours too."

In tandem, the three D. brothers raised their cups in a toast, knocking back the drink, "TO FREEDOM AND OUR DREAMS!"

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