Chapter One: Twist of Fate

In the midst of Jasper Park Canada, played a young wolf with a few other wolves. They, as they had always done, were sledding down a hill, the same hill as they always had. The first wolf was named Humphrey, the second Salty, the third Shakey, and the large one in the back was Mooch. These four wolves shared many things in common that made them almost inseparable friends. Life was perfect for the four all during winter. They played and played and played nonstop with their makeshift sled to the point where they were almost perfect at it. They were pack brothers. They were Omegas.

Sadly though time had not been kind to these four friends. For the leader of their small group was growing ever so distant from the rest as the season began to change. The three others always knew there was something different about Humphrey. Although his always Omega-ly playful attitude, his long term goals were much different. As they quickly grew older, all of their interests began to change. They we no longer pups, but wolves of the pack. And as wolves of the pack, they began to think about the future and continuation of their own kind. This meant that they began to feel differently towards the females of the pack. They indeed kept with their fun-loving group and continued greatly on their games, but all of them formed their own love interests.

This is when Humphrey began to move away from the rest of their group. He was the only one who had a crush when they were pups. The problem though was that his love was forbidden in Jasper Park. His love was Kate, an Alpha.

As an Alpha and the first daughter of the pack leader, Kate was entitled to be the next pack leader after her father relinquished the position, or her father died. She as a pup acted very immature and always like to have fun, which made her good friends with Humphrey; but as winter came and went, just as the other four Omegas did, she grew up and accepted the role they were to play in their pack.

As for Humphrey, the stars seemed to have aligned and fate had briefly been kind to him. For it was that same spring that the would two meet again. One thing led to the next and the two were thrown together on an adventure that would change their lives together. Isolation together taught the young wolves that love was stronger than anything. That love reigned above social standing.

The two wolves arrived home changed, but kept an unspoken love between them.

Their pack was on the brink of war and as Kate's duty as next-in-line to leadership, she had been promised to the son of the opposing pack leader. To protect all that she could, she hid away her love, even from Humphrey. Unknowing that her love for him was mutual, she caused a ripple that broke Humphrey's heart. She chose to accept the son, Garth, as her mate.

Humphrey, being entirely blindsided by Kate's decision, was devastated. He decided that there was nothing left for him in Jasper. He said his goodbyes and left for the train that would take him miles away from the one who gave him everything just to take it away.

The story of the star-crossed lovers was meant to end happily, for it had been planned by the heavens. Kate was going to call off the wedding and confess her love on the stand, while Humphrey ditched the train and ran back to the Valley. Then the two would by-chance meet and save the opposing pack leaders from a sudden stampede of caribou. But something in the universe shifted and changed the fates of the lovers.

Kate still confessed her love, and Humphrey ditched the train, but instead of living happily ever after, the two did not meet by chance. Instead, Humphrey missed Kate by 30 meters. The packs would ever be the same after both Kate's father and the leader of the opposing pack were trampled to death under the unstoppable stampede.

Kate would never be the same after watching her beloved father perish. As an Alpha, duty came before self. She, as well as Garth, became the leader of their pack, respectfully, and without any formal ritual, were united. She was stuck in this life.

Humphrey on the other side of the conflict, was broken. He planned to come back and confess his love to Kate, but given the circumstances, he couldn't. Neither could he leave again after ditching the train once. He was stuck in this life.

He was an Omega.

She was an Alpha.

Not one day went by that either of them didn't regret their own bloodlines.

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