Hello, and here is my latest story. I came up with it one night, so why not. I am going a one shots story about Natsu meeting the women from the Fairy Tail series. You probably have read stuff like this before, but I don't give a damn. I am doing this for fun. Also, some of them will be AU, but not this chapter. Also, Natsu will be a Fire Dragon Slayer like he is in canon, instead of Natsu of the Darkness. (NOTD for short).

See this as an apology for deleting and abonding Devil Hunter Natsu.

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Warning! Lemons! Don't read if you can't handle them.

Chapter 1: The Dragon and the Mermaids.

Story: One night, Kagura and Millianna are taking a break from the jobs and entered a hot spring in a nearby town, where they accidently enter the mixed bath area, where they encounter Natsu. I bet you all know where this is leading too.

Inspired by a Sketch of Hiro Mashima where the Mermaid Heel girls are bathing in a public bath.

This is also set after the Alvarez Empire Arc.

In a peaceful night, two mages from the all-female guild Mermaid Heel, were walking towards a town for a break in the hot springs. After a doing some jobs, they felt like they needed some rest and a good time in the hot spring.

As they walked towards the town where the hot springs was, they felt they would die after doing some very hard jobs. Especially since you had a pink haired Dragon Slayer in mind.

You see, since Millianna meet Natsu at the Akane resort when she worked with Jellal, she couldn't let her eyes off the Natsu, which made her very confused. During the events of the Tower of Heaven, she felt more and more towards Natsu, even when he had his head in a cat mask he couldn't get off.

During the Grand Magic Games, she had even more feelings to see Fairy Tail trying to regain their honor after a seven year comeback. From the fights and events Natsu was with, one of them being with the fight against the Twin Dragon Slayers of Sabertooth, and the Dragon Invasion, she could only admire more feelings for Natsu.

As for Kagura, like Millianna, since she first saw Natsu at the Grand Magic Games arena, she had her eyes on her, even though she was at that time having a grudge against Jellal for killing her brother Simon. Hell, he even was the one who beat Jellal at the Tower of Heaven for killing her brother. As she watched Natsu fight in the tournament and the Dragon Invasion, she could only think that man that had that strength and used it well, actually existed.

As they arrived at the town, they checked into a hotel before they went to the hot spring of the town. Once they checked into, they went to the dressing room, took off their clothes before wrapping them into their voluptuous body and went into what they thought the was the female only area.

After they went in, two men came in and argued. "Are you telling that your kids came in and mixed with the bath sighs?" Said the man with the mustache. "Sorry about that sir, I´ll change that right away." The bald man said and then replaced the "female only" - sigh with the "mixed bath" - sigh. "We´ll better hope nothing had happened before we realized and fixed that." The mustached man said, unware of what had happened.

At the same time, with Kagura and Millianna...

As the two Mermaid Mages walked in the corridors of the bathing area in only their towels, Millianna suggested to take off their towels and leave them in their birthday suits, since they were only women in this area. Kagura blushed and was against that first, since she was a proper woman, but since it couldn't hurt for once, since they were here to relax.

They took off their towels, showing their large and perfect breasts, wide curves, amble thighs and good asses, Kagura blushed a bit, but calmed down since she was in a bathing area for women only.

Which she and Millianna thought.

As they walked fully nude in the bathing area and once they went in, they could only squeal, yelp and blush with surprise that was in front of them.

Natsu Dragneel, the Fire Mage from Fairy Tail, was bathing naked in a pool of boiling water, and had noticed the two women.

"N-NATSU! W-what the hell are you doing here?" Kagura yelled with a blush on her face as she and Millianna covered their bodies with their towels.

"Isn´t that what I should be asking? This is the mixed bath area. Didn't you read the sigh?" Natsu said. "Yes and it said "female only." Millianna said as she blushed, as she was being seen nude by Natsu. "If that bothers you, I leave then." Natsu said and went out of the poll, showing his completely naked body to the two women.

Kagura and Millianna blushed as they saw the beast between Natsu´s legs, blushing at it´s size and it wasn't even erected yet.

It even made them forget the embarrassment they had previously, which they then looked at each other eyes before they nodded with agreement, understanding what this could lead to.

You probably wonder why they know they both knew they have feeling for Natsu. You see, some days after the Events of the Grand Magic Games, Kagura had found Millianna pleasuring herself while moaning Natsu´s name, much to the cat woman´s embarrassment. After an embarrassing apology and some explaining, they got to know that they had feelings for Natsu.

And that moment was a perfect way to show that.

"Natsu, is it okay if we can bathe here?" Millianna asked. "Eh? I don't mind. Do as you feel like." Natsu said innocently, not knowing what the two women where up to.

"Thank you, so sweet of you." Millianna and then went with Kagura to the stools to clean each other. Natsu want back into the pool water again, erasing the view of his manhood.

"What are we going to do seduce him?" Kagura whispered and sat down a stools. "I know just the thing." Millianna said, and removed Kagura´s towel, earning a "yelp!" from her. "W-what are you doing Millianna?!" Yelled Kagura emberassed, as she covered her hands on her body, while Millianna smirked and threw the towel away, before she took of her own off and threw it away, exposing her naked body.

"Don't worry, I know one way to seduce out little dragon to us." Millianna said and then. "Natsu, I hope you don't mind cleaning each other off." Millianna said, getting the attention of Natsu, who replied "Okay."

And without any further adieu, Millianna poured soap into her hands and then started to rub and clean off Kagura´s back. "M-Millianna!" Kagura yelled embarrassed as she blushed, with Natsu then turned around and blushed at what he saw.

He felt his neither regions get hard. He was happy that he was in the pool which hide his private part that was hard.

Millianna noticed red Natsu, who didn't get red from the steam, giving her a smile.

"Let´s take this to a new level, Kagura." Millianna said and then moved her hands into Kagura perfectly shaped ass.

"W-wait, Millianna!" Kagura said, but the brown haired woman grabbed the swordswoman rear, giving it a gentle squeezed, giving Kagura a moan.

Natsu could turn harder and hotter at the same time, and wanted to see more, but he had to endure so that wouldn't do any stupid.

Millianna only grinned more as she then moved her hands towards Kagura´s melons of flesh and gave them a squeeze. Like dough, the cat woman moved them up and down, pressing her fingers into Kagura´s boobs, making her moan louder than before.

That was the last straw for Natsu.

Natsu went out of the pool, and then walked towards the Mermaid Heel due, not caring that his manhood was now at full mast.

Kagura and Millianna were stunned by the size of Natsu´s erected cock, if it was big enough to silent the two female mages, imagine it when it was erect.

"Wow, you truly arent called a Dragon Slayer for nothing, Natsu." Kagura said with a blush while she looked at the Dragon between Natsu´s legs.

"Sorry, but I can´t handle it anymore." Natsu said. Kagura and Millianna then got off their stools and then walked towards Natsu, with Kagura still a bit embarrassed with the skin ship with Millianna, but it disappeared once she saw the naked glory of Natsu.

"Don't worry, Natsu. We can´t handle it anymore either." Millianna said and then kissed Natsu on the lips.

(Lemon Start)

Natsu and Millianna´s kiss turned from a normal to a more passionate and hot one, with then made the two wrestle their tongues against each for dominance. They then finally got off each other, looking other in the eyes with lust, before Natsu slowly lowered his head to Millianna´s breast and gentle licked them. Millianna moaned, giving a Natsu a grin, and licked them more wildly, much to the jealousy to the other woman who wanted some action too.

Without any seconds to waste, Kagura went to behind Natsu and pressed her breast against Natsu´s back.

"You truly are impatient, Kagura." Natsu teased. "S-shut up, I want some action too." Kagura pleased, as the lust started to the get the better of her. The purplenette´s nipples turned hard on Natsu´s back. "Kagura, I was the one who made Natsu this heated, so I get to have him first." Millianna said. "But..." Kagura tried to defend, but Natsu. "Don't worry Kagura, after I finish with Millianna, you will have your way." Natsu said. "I might even have the both of you then." Natsu teased. "Fine! I´ll watch for now on. But promise me when you´ll go on with me when you´re finished." Kagura pouted and then want to sit on pall.

"So, where were we? Oh, that's right." Natsu said and then went back as sucking and teasing Millianna´s nipples. Millianna moaned, and yet Natsu was only sucking on the dots around her melons. Kagura moved her right hand to her maidenhood while having the left hand on her breast, as he played with herself as she watched Natsu and Millianna having sex.

Natsu then started licking her right orb of flash, then took his left hand and squeezed the other, much to the cat woman´s pleasure. Natsu grinned and moved his left hand to squeeze her ass cheek, making Millianna moan louder.

"Natsu...! Let´s change positions!" Millianna moaned. "Then let's do that." Natsu said, which then the two laid on the ground, with Natsu licked her breasts again, before he then moved to her maidenhood, which were wet and wasn't cause of the water or heat from the hot spring.

Natsu grinned as he took one of his fingers and then shoved into Millianna´s entrance, making her threw back her head. "You´re been a very bad kitty, I see." Natsu teased as moved his finger inside Millianna´s entrance. "S-stop teasing me..." Millianna tried to say, but Natsu simply added another finger into her snatch, teasing her more. "What was that? You have to be clearer than that." Natsu said. "I-I d-don't want your fingers..." Millianna tried to say, but her mind was filled with pleasure. "What was that?" Natsu said and inserted a third finger, making the cat woman moan more. "I didn't quite hear you." Natsu said again.

"I WANT YOUR HUGE COCK INTO MY PUSSY, YOU BIG DRAGON!" Millianna screamed in pleasure, not caring one bit that someone might heard that.

"Then here you go, since you are so honest." Natsu said, removed his fingers and then had his erection inches away from Millianna´s entrance. "Well, here goes nothing." Natsu said and then penetrated Millianna´s entrance, as she then screamed of the sheer size penetrating her flower, and pain it was giving her, before then slowly turned into pleasure.

Natsu grinned and then started to pump repeatedly into Millianna, going faster each time. For Millianna, it was truly one of her best moments she ever had.

As they sweated, the rhythm got faster and harder, each time feeling better than the last one. "I am about to cum, Natsu." Millianna said. "Then cum with me." Natsu said. And with one final thrust, they gave each other a scream, before Natsu exploded his seed into Millianna, and at the same time, Millianna exploded with her juices.

Natsu´s seed filled Millianna, both panting and sweating like crazy. Natsu turned around to see Kagura, who had played with herself during Natsu and Millianna having sex in front of her.

"Don't worry, I still haven´t forgot about you." Natsu said, and then got out of Millianna, and then went towards Kagura, with his erection hard again.

Kagura and Natsu, kissed without any hesitation, just with pure lust and pleasure. Kagura´s tongue fought for dominance, but Natsu didn't falter and eventually took him over.

They then parted lips and then Kagura lowered herself and then grabbed Natsu´s manhood, not believe the hardness of it.

She then licked Natsu´s shaft as both her and Natsu laid on the ground of the hot spring, Natsu threw his head back and groaned. Kagura smirked and then started to lick the head of Natsu´s manhood, while twirled Natsu balls with her fingers. Natsu didn't want to be the one dominated, so he then grabbed one of her ass cheeks, then started to squeeze and twirl them together, making her moan.

Kagura didn't want to lose either, so she then swallowed it either. Despite its size, Kagura swallowed it very well, but could not swallow it whole.

Natsu groaned even more, as Kagura, unlike Millianna, who let her be dominated, as Natsu was fool to think of Kagura would let her do like the cat woman.

Kagura let her mouth of his manhood to breathe, but then started lick the saliva covered penis with her tongue, teasing and playing with it.

"Damn it... Kagura..." Natsu groaned, making Kagura smirk again. Kagura swallowed it whole once again and the started to suck it in an out of her mouth repeatedly.

As it got faster and faster, the only sound that could be heard was the groaning from Natsu and the sound of Kagura´s sucking his cock repeating in and out.

As Natsu was about to climax, Natsu then grabbed Kagura´s head and shot his seed into Kagura´s mouth. Due to the large amount of it, Kagura couldn't swallow it all, so some of it landed on her face and on the ground.

"What wonderful experience. Have you done it before?" Natsu teased. "No, but I have read some "Adult Books" in case I would have sex with some. That amount was inhuman, truly something a Dragon could give, Natsu."" Kagura said, which Natsu grinned and then Kagura looked Natsu in the eyes. "I am glad you became my first time, Natsu. Thank you." Kagura said. "You´re welcome." Natsu said and then kissed Kagura on the lips.

"Meow." Millianna said and then Natsu around to see Millianna sitting on her elbows and knees, wiggling her naked butt to the world to see.

Natsu smirked and got to Millianna, much to the swordswoman´s annoyance, making her pout.

Natsu put his manhood closer to Millianna´s rear end and then. "You know, despite being a Cat Person, you seem to like Doggy style." Natsu teased while he touched her ass cheeks with his dick, but not into her hole. "Cats does that too." Millianna said. "Less talking and more into fucking." Natsu said and then penetrated Millianna´s rear.

"OH GOD!" Screamed Millianna as her pupils went to the back of her, losing once again to the pleasure, which she didn't care and wanted more of it.

"You love it, do you." Natsu said as he started to thrust into her repeatedly into her ass. "YES, MY DRAGON! FUCK ME LIKE THE NAUGHTY KITTY I AM!" Millianna screamed as she wanted more and more of Natsu´s dick. "Say my dick is the best, and you will have more." Natsu said. "NATSU-SAMA, YOUR DICK IS THE BEST THERE IS!" Millianna screamed. "Then let's go faster. I´m all fired up!" Natsu said as he went faster. While he got faster, he grabbed Millianna´s breast, squeezed them like dough, enjoying their softness. "Millianna, here comes the next load." Natsu said as he reached his climax for the third time. "Then give it me. Give it all to me!" Millianna begged and then Natsu shot his semen into Millianna. Due to the large amount, the seed where coming out of her ass as she then slowly got up and the kissed Natsu on the lip.

"Let me have some too." Kagura said and then kissed Natsu, making Millianna pout. Natsu kissed Kagura, and then grabbed Kagura´s tits with his right hand, while having his left hand on Millianna´s tits. He fondled the two women´s breast, making them moan, and then kissed Millianna again on the lips, still groping and playing with their breasts. "Natsu, you are one hell of a beast." Kagura said, making Natsu broke his kiss with Millianna. "I truly I am. You shouldn't have underestimated a Dragon Slayer." Natsu as then got up.

Natsu took their boobs and made them touch each other nipples, much to their embarrassment, making them blush, but the pleasure overcome when Natsu put their nipples in his mouth at the same time. "Natsu!" Both woman moaned at the same time, even louder when Natsu squeezed them together. Natsu got away from their tits and then. "Kagura, I want to test a position I have heard very much about." Natsu said, which Kagura and Natsu went into that position, while Millianna pouted, but Natsu promised her that she would have her way, much to her delight.

Natsu had his head into Kagura´s entrance, while she had her head infront of his cock. Kagura blushed and wondered why a guy like Natsu knew about this position, which was called 69.

Natsu explained that in the past, when Gildarts had the task to teach Natsu and the others about the birds and the bee´s, until he got too descriptive and gave them a Kamasutra book, much to Erza´s rage, making her kick him his jewels, making Natsu laugh like crazy.

But before long, they then started to work on their respective regions. Natsu put her tongue into her snatch while Kagura started to once again, suck Natsu´s dick.

Both of them were sucking as if time had lost it´s effect on them. Natsu put two fingers into her snatch, widened them with his fingers and then started to lick, increasing the pleasure into her. Kagura didn't want to be alone on being the dominated, so she sucked on Natsu´s manhood deeper and faster. She swirled the tongues around the shaft, before she played with its tip by licking it and once again swallowed it. As she did, she then started to fingering his balls. After an intense moment of teasing, fingering and sucking each other, they were close to their climaxes. "Natsu, I am gonna cuuum!" Kagura said. "Me too!" Natsu said and with once more time, they reached their climaxes.



And with that, Natsu´s seed exploding into Kagura´s face, while Kagura´s juices came into Natsu´s face.

They let each other's essence rain on each other, before Kagura then started to lick of Natsu´s cum off her body. She then yelped once she had her right breast licked of by Millianna, who licked of Natsu´s seed off like a cat to milk.

"M-Millianna! I had that first!" Kagura said. "Well, you had so much fun while I had to watch you fuck. I want some too." Millianna said and then continued to lick off Natsu´s seed of Kagura´s body, who then tried to make sure she didn't steal of it.

Millianna moved from her breasts, to her stomach and then her entrance, making the swordswoman blush in embarrassment. Natsu grinned and got hard at seeing Millianna licking Kagura off, which Natsu then.

"Prepared for some more, Millianna?" Natsu said, making the brunette stop and walked towards the pink haired man with a lustful look on her eyes, her breasts bouncing and her hips swaying, as she couldn't have enough of the love making.

Once Millianna was in front of Natsu, with sweat coming down from her breats, Natsu grinned, grabbed her ass cheeks, making her giggle, before he then put her on a stool. He then had his towering manhood over Millianna, then penetrate her cleavage with it, which Millianna struggled to keep it between her breasts.

Without any furter moments to waste, she then startted to licked it´s shaft while finger his balls, and then Natsu started to move his cock up and down between Millianna boobs. Millianna worked on sucking and licking the shaft while playing with the balls, with Natsu then started to move faster and faster. With Millianna engulfing Natsu´s cock in her saliva, she licked and teased it with her tongue, as she still wanted Natsu to once again cum, which he would soon do.

"Millianna, I am about to cum, ready for it?" Natsu said. "I am more than ready for it." Millianna said and with one more final thrust, it Natsu exploded on her face, covering it with ropes of white.

As Natsu´s seed spraying calmed down, Millianna was about to lick Natsu´s baby making seed, but Kagura came and started to lick the seed on her as payback for earlier.

"Kagura!" Whined Millianna like a child, with Kagura. "You took mine, now I will take yours." Kagura said and then started stealing, with Millianna made sure to steal all of Natsu´s seed.

Natsu then hugged the two women once they were finished, kissed then gently on her forehead, playing their breasts, giving each them a kiss and a lick, before he got up and then.

"Lay down on the floor, ladies, cause it is time to finish this!" Natsu said.

"As you wish, Natsu." Both the woman said, and then laid down on the floor, showing their bodies. Millianna laid on her stomach, showing her heart shaped ass to Natsu, while Kagura, laid on her stomach, showing her massive breast and womanhood, with her hand pushing up, making them look even bigger.

Natsu´s dick got hard and large once again, as he wanted to fuck them into oblivion, but then remembered something. They tricked them into teasing him into their little evil plan. Natsu wasn't so forgiving towards that, but then came up with a plan once she saw the two Mermaid hungry look for Natsu´s dragon, giving him a grin.

"I have changed my mind. I won't go for a final round." Natsu said as he crossed his arms, shocking the two woman as he wouldn't give him the last round, despite the earlier ones.

"WHAT, WHY?!" Yelled Kagura and Millianna shocked at the same time. "Cause of your little scheme into tricking me. I won't forgive you for that." Natsu said, making Kagura and Millianna look down in shame, with Kagura then stared angrily at the brunette.

"It´s your fault for coming up with that plan!" Kagura accused. "Don't blame me! Please Natsu, we´re sorry for tricking you, is there anything you can do to forgive us? We´ll do anything!" Millianna begged Natsu while she and Kagura watched hungrily at Natsu´s manhood.

Natsu looked at them with a grin showing on his face. "Kiss." Natsu said, making them blush. "Even though were both women?" Kagura said. "Do you want a last round or not?" Natsu said.

Millianna and Kagura looked into each other with blushes before. "Ah screw it, it´s worth it." Both Kagura and Millianna said at the same time, and then kissed each other. In the first second, it was weird for both of them, but then started to become enjoyable they longer they kissed. The then used their tongues and rubbed her hot, sweaty bodies against each other, with her breast kneading towards each other, her womanhood pressing against each other an and their wide legs curling into each others legs.

Natsu watched as his dick even got harder than before, at he saw the hot girl-on-girl action in front of him.

As they broke the kiss, they then looked into Natsu with a string of saliva connecting their mouth, looking into Natsu more lustfully before.

Natsu, with a grin, went to them laying on the ground and then sucked Kagura breast while kneading on Millianna´s breast. Natsu grinned as he then put his manhood into Kagura´s maidenhood, making her scream lustly in pleasure.

Thinking that Millianna would be left out, Natsu then took his finger from his other hand and then played once again with Millianna maidenhood with her fingers.

Natsu played with Kagura and Millianna breasts and women hoods at great speed. Natsu fucked Kagura in her entrance with his massive beast, while using his fingers to play with Millianna´s entrance, and kneed, groped, licked and sucked on their breasts.

Natsu knew that they would soon reach their climaxes, so he stopped and let go of their private parts, much to the two women´s disappointment.

"Don't worry, cause now we will finish this, cause I am going to give a reward for being his good girls." Natsu said and then laid on his back, letting his cock up.

"By letting you both suck on my dick." Natsu said, much to the two woman joy and happiness. They then sat on their knees, with their asses in front of Natsu, with Kagura on the right and Millianna to the left giving him a good view of their maidenhoods, while they were on Natsu´s dick. It was like earlier, but with Millianna too. It gave him a grin and started to play them with his fingers, which the two didn't seem to be bothered, in fact, I made them feel even better.

As they ran their slender hands on Natsu´s hard rock abs, they finally came to his manhood, tall and thick, they grabbed it and then started to lick it.

Natsu enjoyed it and started to pump his finger faster into their pussy´s making them work on his wood even faster and harder.

Kagura licked the tip like a lollipop, while Millianna licked the shaft around it. As a trail of saliva connected Kagura´s mouth to Natsu´s cock, the both then grabbed it and then started to pump it up and down, increasing the pleasure.

While they did, Natsu increased even fast at inhuman speed with his fingers into their maidenhoods and then. "I am gonna explode!" Natsu said, which Kagura and Millianna said at the same time. "Me too." "Then lets finish this!" Natsu said and with a few more pumping into the Kagura´s and Millianna´s pussies and stroking Natsu´s cock, Kagura and Millianna exploded their juices from their womanhood's, Natsu cock exploded into white ropes of semen onto them. As it got all over them, they licked of themselves, and eventually from each other, as they could reach it themselves.

Once they had swallowed everything, they went and laid onto Natsu, resting on his chest.

(Lemon End)

All three of them panted and sweated like crazy after their intense love making.

Both Kagura and Millianna rested their heads on his chest, with Natsu then grinning and kissed both of them on their lips.

"That was fun." Millianna said as she broke from her kiss with Natsu. "I agree on that. We need to do that more often." Natsu said, much to Kagura and Millianna´s joy. "But then let's take a bath, we are very tired and somber the intense sex wed had." Kagura said, which Natsu and Millianna agreed on, got up and then jumped into the warm pool.

As the two women rested their heads on Natsu´s shoulder, Natsu only grinned while played with their breasts, as he thought he so lucky to have two beautiful women to himself.

"I love you, Kagura and Millianna." Natsu said. "We love you too, Natsu." Kagura and Millianna said at the same time, kissed Natsu on the lips and then went on into enjoying the pool.


After they left the hot spring, Natsu, Kagura and Millianna went back to the hotel where the duo from Mermaid Heel rented for the night. They spent they night of having more "playtime" there.

After six months of dating and having intense love-making, Kagura and Millianna told Natsu they were pregnant with his children, much to his joy to have a family of his own.

They got married they week after he got to know that they were pregnant and four years later, Natsu had a six kids, three from Kagura and three for Millianna.

Natsu and Millianna´s children where Koneko, who a girl with pink hair, Anthony, a boy with brown hair and Ronny, who had pink hair like his dad.

Natsu and Kagura´s children were Simon, a black haired boy was named after Kagura´s death brother in honor of him, Derek, a boy with purple hair and Sandy, a woman with pink hair.

Kagura and Millianna smiled as they walked with their husband and children into the streets of Crocus during the vacation, as they truly lived a happy life everyone could ever wish for.

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