Hello everyone, sorry it took so long. I hope this can redeem myself. This chapter will be an AU one, and would like to thank altajir95 for his idea for this chapter. Also some other pairings will be mentioned, even though I am writing on Natsu of the Darkness, a Natsu Harem Story.

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Pairing: Natsu X Mira

Story: In a hotel room, which Natsu resides in, he received a surprise which he never thought would happen, which he didn't expect the hotel to that kind of service. Contains some other pairings.

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Chapter 2: Dragon Guest and Demon Maid.

The Hotel, Fairy Hotel, was something to be known for. Their good service, clean environment and peaceful atmosphere. Truly a place to relax.

Which Natsu Dragneel needed as he needed to relax so very much.

After working day in and day out in the Dreyar Industries, with his boss, Laxus Dreyar, giving him no breaks. After his grandfather, Makarov Dreyar, went in pension, he made sure to take his position seriously, as he made sure the people in the company work.

But as for every good boss, Laxus made sure to treat them fairly. As he gave the workers a break, one of them being Natsu, they were glad to have break.

They had gotten their one-week vacation, and each worker went different places.

Lucy went to her mother Layla as she hadn't seen her in a while.

Gray went with her girlfriend Juvia to meet with his old friend and rival from high school Lyon, who recently had gotten a girlfriend named Sherry.

And Loke, who went on a two-day cruise, as he wanted to meet up with some girls on there.

And Natsu himself, was in front of a Hotel. The Fairy Hotel.

The pink haired and onyx eyed man wore a black jacket, blue shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes, and also carried a simple hand baggage.

He went into the reception table of the hotel, the lobby seemed okay, as the floor, roof, and walls were white as snow, a red carpet was on the floor that reached from the gates to the hotel, to the end reception desk, which Natsu was of course on his way to.

Natsu walked towards the reception, where he met a woman. She had long violet hair, brown eyes, had an amazing figure, wore a pair of glasses, red jacket with blue stripes and a white shirt underneath, a long red dress with blue stripes like the jacket, as well as black heels.

"Welcome to Fairy Hotel, what can I do for you?" The violet haired receptionist, named Laki Olietta said. "Yo, I am here due to having rented a room here." Natsu said, which Laki then checked her computer to see the guest list.

"Yes, Natsu Dragneel, you booked a room here yesterday?" Laki said. "Yeah, since I got vacation for two weeks, I wanted to find the closest hotel here so I didn't need to spend more time into planning." Natsu said.

"Here is your key to your room, which is room 413." Laki said as she gave the key to Natsu. "Thanks." The Pink Haired man said as then a brown-haired porter came to carry his bags.

"As Hibiki will carry your bags, as well one of our maids will come to your room with our service. I hope you will have a good time at Fairy Hotel." Laki said as she smiled. Then Hibiki took the bags, and they went into an elevator, which they took to the floor of where Natsu´s room was. They later finally were on the level Natsu was heading to, the fourth level, as they then got out of the elevator and travelled down the corridors.

The duo were finally at Room 413 as Hibiki then dropped the bags inside Natsu´s room, where Natsu gave Hibiki his tip as he left the room.

Natsu looked around the room. It was nothing extraordinary, only a typical hotel room with a bathroom, a shower, a fridge with drinks, a window with curtains, and a double bet with white sheets.

Natsu tossed his bags on the bed as he packed up his stuff. Once he was done he laid on his bed as he looked into the roof.

"Damn, all that work truly took the breath of me. Imagine if I hadn't gotten any vacation sooner, I would've been broken to pieces." Natsu thought while having his hands on the back of his head as he remembered the hard work he endured.

He worked none stop, he could only watch others moving further into their lives, as Gray getting a girlfriend, Lucy having a promotion and even Gajeel and Levy are going to be married by the end of the year. And all of that was going through while Natsu worked like there was no tomorrow.

"I really hope I can have a good time here, because if I don't, next time I might die once I am back to work." Natsu thought.

He remembered the work he endured, he wanted to at least be one step further in his life after the vacation.

Before he even could think further, there was a sudden knocking on the door, meaning the service Laki the lobbyist said earlier was there.

Natsu walked towards the door, and as he opened the door, he saw something he would never forget in his life.

It was a woman, who had long white hair, blue eyes and an amazing figure, which was a perfect hourglass figure, wide hips as well as pair of perfectly shaped and large breasts.

She was wearing a maid outfit, which hugged her figure perfectly, with an ankle length skirt, black heels, long white stocking and a black headband with a white frill, as the rest of the outfit had similar frills.

Natsu was as frozen as a statue as the white-haired beauty giggled at Natsu´s reaction.

Natsu immediately snapped back to his senses as he then went back to reality and tried to speak with the white-haired female.

"You seemed to be part of the service Laki talked about earlier." Natsu said. "Yep, I am your service for your time here." The White-Haired Maid said while she went in, closing the door behind her.

"Well, it seems like you are here to clean the room. Well sorry, but I just recently came here, so it seems you came a bit early..." Natsu said and then was stopped by The White-Haired Maid by putting a finger on his lips.

"I am pretty sure you got the right type of service." The white-haired maid said, making Natsu confused, and once he was about to say something, the White-Haired Maid kissed him on the lips, making his brain stops in its track.

The kiss was simple, with no tongue interaction of each other, some playing with their bodies or even sounds. It was simple, yet a very incredible experience for Natsu. After less than a minute, which felt like an hour to Natsu, they suddenly stopped and Natsu dropped on the bed, sitting immediately straight up in pure shock as the maid giggled.

"I have no idea of what just happened." Natsu said. "I was doing my service Natsu, as I wanted to prove I was the right woman for you." the maid said, much to Natsu´s confusion. "What are you talking about, I don't even know you." Natsu said, making the maid pout her cheeks.

"That´s very rude of you, Natsu, but since it was years since the last time we saw each other, maybe this will freshen up your memory." The maid said as she then took her hair and had it in the grip behind her hair, making it look she had ponytail.

The image immediately made Natsu realize who she was.

"MIRA?!" Natsu yelled with shock. "I am glad you realized it was me." Mirajane Strauss said with a smile. "I can´t believe it, we haven't seen each other since 6th grade, I can´t believe we are seeing each other here!" Natsu said. "Yep, I was also quite surprised to see you back here." Mira said as she then sat beside him on the bed.

"I was looking at the guest list for the incoming guests and was kinda surprised to see you come here to the hotel I worked at, so I took the opportunity make sure to be with you here." Mira said, much to Natsu´s confusion.

During their time in 6th grade, Mira was acting like a bully, as she loved to tease him and even beat him up when Natsu challenged her to a match.

"I bet you are wondering a lot of things, and if you wondering about the kiss I gave you earlier." Mira said, making Natsu blush a bit, remembering the kiss a moment ago, making Mira giggle. "It was an apology." Said Mira. "Huh?" Natsu said confused. "During our time in the same school, when I bullied you, I am sorry I did that. I did it because of the feelings I didn't know how to deal with and accept. But the day you moved to another school was the day I realized it, the feeling was that I loved you. I know this is sudden, but it is true. When I was being the bully that I once was, I didn't truly know the love I felt for you." Mira said as she then grabbed Natsu´s right hand. "I love you Natsu, and want you to forgive me for the bullying I did to you in the past." Mira said.

"Mira." Natsu suddenly said, gaining Mira´s attention. "When I moved, it felt like I was missing something, and the thing that was missing was being with you. Despite the bullying, it was always you. And finally, I realized my feelings, which were about you, I was afraid that if I did tell you my feelings, you would ridicule me and never talk to me again. But now, that I heard it from you, I want to say I love you too, Mirajane Strauss." Natsu said.

Mira exploded with joy on the inside as she then kissed her pink haired childhood crush, as this time, Natsu returned the kiss, which they started to wrestle their tongues.

Natsu was wrong, it wasn't after the vacation he would go further into his life. It was during the vacation.

(Lemon Start)

As Natsu and Mira kissed with passion with their tongues, Natsu went to grab one of her breasts, making Mira moan, as Mira then broke their kiss, pushing Natsu on the bed, as Mira started to take off her maid dress, showing her pure white bra and panties, as Natsu had his eyes glued on the sight of Mira's body, as even in the bra and panties, it looked incredible.

Mira giggled as she took one of Natsu´s hands, placed it on one of her breasts, and before long, Natsu´s started to squeeze and play with it on instinct.

Mira moaned in pleasure, as Natsu started to kneed her breast, as well taking his head towards her breasts, as well his other hand on her other breast. Natsu kneaded the breasts, as he then went to the back of Mira´s bra, and took it off. Mira giggled as Natsu then went back to look at her large, perfectly shaped breasts, which had small, pink nipples on them.

"Wow Mira, you truly have grown a lot." Natsu teased and then to lick them. "Oh Natsu! Yes!" Mira yelled in pleasure, as Natsu played with her boobs. He licked and sucked the nipples with his tongue on the right breast, while his left hand was on her left breast, kneading it.

As Natsu played with it, Mira wanted to do some action, as she then once again shoved him on the bed. Before Natsu could react, Mira took of his jack and shirt, exposing Natsu´s well-toned and muscular upper body, making Mira licking her lips in hunger and lust.

"Well, it seems you have grown too." Mira said, admiring Natsu´s body, as she then took off Natsu´s pants, shoes and socks, exposing his red boxers, which had a tent in it.

Mira had a small blush as she noticed it, as she couldn't blame Natsu, since she was currently wearing a white bra, white panties, long, mid-thigh white stockings, and black heels, which made Natsu harder than stone at the mere sight of that.

As Mira giggled as the tent in Natsu´s boxers got bigger and bigger, Natsu felt his boxers would rip any second if he got harder while wearing his boxers.

Mira than gently placed her hands on the edges of the boxers, which she slowly pulled down, setting Natsu´s member free.

Mira, having read about a manhood in books, both in education and literature, knew a manhood weren't normally this big, but, that didn't surprise her at all, as she had prepared that Natsu would have something like this.

"Well, it seems like Natsu Jr is pretty excited for me." Mira teased with smile, making Natsu blushed as he looked away.

"Don't look away, or you'll miss the show." Mira said as she then started to lick it, making Natsu moan. As Mira licked itat first a tiny bit, a huge stream of pleasure came and eclipsed Natsu´s brain, as Mira then started to lick more and more on it. As Natsu didn't want to be the submissive, he suddenly grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them, making the white-haired beauty moan in pleasure. Natsu grinned at that.

"My Natsu, you truly are excited." Mira teased. "Well, I don't want you to have all the fun." Natsu teased back, as then Mira got further over him, while Natsu started to knead her breasts, this time both of them, which he sucked her nipples. As Mira moaned, she placed her hands behind Natsu´s head, shoving it further into her breasts, as Natsu went deeper with his work on Mira´s "melons."

While Natsu squeezed Mira´s breast, his erection still got hard as it teased his new white-haired lover´s backside, making her moan more in pleasure. Natsu grinned as he held her in dominance, but the second he thought of that, Mira quickly went back to his most sacred part.

"Ah ah, don't think I will let you have that chance." Mira teased while she stuck her tongue out, making Natsu groan in annoyance. Before Natsu could say anything, Mira went back to licking Natsu´s dick, making Natsu throw his head back.

As Natsu groaned in pleasure, Mira then started to play with his balls to increase the pleasure that Natsu felt. Mira smiled at Natsu´s reaction as she then took Natsu´s dick inside her mouth.

Natsu groaned louder, while the white-haired woman had the cock of Natsu in her mouth, she then started to suck on it. Up and down her head went, as she didn't managed to swallow it all, but at least got more than half of it. After a minute of Mira thrusting her head up and down, she then took it out to catch her breath, as she then started to lick Natsu´s member again.

Natsu, on the other hand, didn't want Mira to have all the fun. As Mira licked Natsu´s member, Natsu suddenly took her arms and pinned her to the bed, very roughly. Before Mira could say anything, Natsu kissed her on the lips, much fiercely as when he turned her on the other side.

"Natsu, you were very rough there." Mira teased with a smirk after she and Natsu let go of their lips as they needed to breathe. Natsu didn't respond as he then took the opportunity to take her panties off, showing off her shaven maidenhood, which was pink and wet from lust and pleasure. "Yep, and don't expect me to let you have any more control over me." Natsu said with a determined grin. "We'll see about that." Mira said, but before she could react, Natsu inserted one of his fingers into her snatch, making her eyes widen.

"NATSU!" Mira screamed in pleasure while Natsu grinned at her reaction, which he then inserted another finger into Mira´s maidenhood.

Mira´s response was a moan of pure and blind pleasure, as she never felt before her life. She loved it, she loved Natsu and loved the future she and Natsu would be in together.

Natsu started to play further with her, by moving his fingers inside her, coating his fingers in her love nectar, as Natsu continued to play with her most private part.

Mira gripped the sheets of the bed, as she moaned more and more. As Natsu moved his fingers inside her in all different directions, as the fingers touched her walls of flesh, making the white-haired woman see a mist of lust and pleasure.

As Natsu took them out, much to Mira´s disappointment, he then took his fingers, still coated in Mira´s juice, inside his mouth and eat. "Hm, you truly taste good in so many ways." Natsu said. Mira responded with a perverted smile, as she then got on her four legs on the bed as she then pointed her perfect shaped butt to Natsu.

"Well, I am hoping you are gonna enjoy this, Master." Mira said, as Natsu then went with his erection towards Mira´s ass, hard as steel and tall as ever with a grin.

Natsu teased Mira by rubbing his erection on her ass cheeks, which were glistered by sweat. "Natsu, don't tease me, you are very rude." Mira moaned and pouted at the same time, as her cheeks were red. Natsu responded by simply poking her ass cheeks with the tip of his dick, as it pressed her ass.

But before she could react, Natsu put his cock inside her ass, making her eyes widen with pleasure and surprise.

"NATSU!" Screamed Mira, much to Natsu´s joy and grin of perversion. Natsu then took no time of wasting any seconds and then started to thrust in and out of her. At first, it went a bit slow, as he suddenly got faster and faster as time went by.

"Natsu...! Don't stop...! I am loving it...!" Mira moaned as Natsu fucked her in the ass. "Don't worry, I will not stop, because I am so enjoying it!" Natsu said, as he continued to slap his dick inside Mira´s maidenhood. As their flesh slapped each other, the sounds echoed the room, as the shadows of their bodies danced on the walls as if they were shadows of a fire.

Mira and Natsu were covered in sweat as Natsu continued to fuck her in the ass, and Natsu after an hour started to reach his climax.

"Mira, I am so close!" Natsu said. "Then cum inside me! I don't give a damn if you make me pregnant or not, in fact, I am looking forward to it!" Mira said, as she had accepted to being a mother a long time ago if she met Natsu again.

After a couple of seconds of more pounding, Natsu finally exploded his sperm into Mira´s womb. The white and warm seed of Natsu went inside Mira, as the amount was so large not everything went in, as the white seed fell on the bed.

Mira moaned as she then fell down in bed as her eyes went in her head as she then laid her head on the bed.

"Amazing, Natsu..." Moaned Mira. "Don't be relieved, because I am not finished yet." Natsu said with a grin, which then Mira responded with a smile. "Actually, I would be very disappointed if I didn't have any more." Mira said.

"Then, shall we try a new position?" Natsu said as he then took of the rest of his clothing, leaving him in his birthday suit. "Well, what about we take shower first, since we want to be clean for the next round." Mira said as she took off her remaining clothing. Once she was fully naked, as then took pink a towel from a closet. "Wanna join?" Mira asked sweetly. "Sure, I can´t see a reason to reject." Natsu answered with a grin, which Mira then tossed him a blue towel, as the two new lovers went in the bathroom.

As Natsu and Mira went in and then closed the door behind them, Natsu turned the shower on, which he then first let Mira in, since he knew it was something he learned to be a gentleman in front of women.

Mira went in first while holding his hand as they both went in. As they got covered with shower water, they then started to do the next part of making love.

"Still not having enough, are we?" Mira said, as both she and Natsu still hadn't had enough of their "Good Time." They both kissed each other's, as Mira´s breasts touched Natsu´s well-toned muscular abs, their tongue played with each other's in their mouth.

"Well, we both know what we want?" Natsu asked, as then Mira took soap from the shower stand as she then gave it to Natsu. The Pink Haired man grinned in understanding as then they started to clean off each other's bodies.

Some minutes of cleaning later, Natsu was about to turn off the shower, which Mira stopped him. "There is one place I have forgotten to clean." Mira said as she then grabbed Natsu´s member. "Eager, aren´t we?" Natsu teased, as their next action would come.

As Mira stroke Natsu´s member, Natsu grabbed her ass cheeks, before he Natsu then moved her closer to the wall. That didn't stop her from further stroking on Natsu´s shaft and then went lower to then tickle his balls while she then put it in her mouth. Natsu groaned, it was amazing every time she did it, as he could never stop not loving it.

"Mira...!" Natsu groaned, much to Mira´s pleasure. After an hour of Mira sucking him off, Natsu reached his climax once again, as he was prepared for another shot of his seed into Mira.

"Mira, I am close!" Natsu said, as Mira responded with sucking on it faster, as then with one final thrust, Natsu exploded into her mouth.

Due to the amount, Mira didn't manage to swallow all of it, but managed to swallow more than half of it. As Mira then got up, her ass was once again grabbed and then squeezed, making her moan. "Not going to let you have all the fun." Natsu teased with a grin as he then inserted two of his fingers into her snatch, making her moan in pleasure. "Please don't stop." Mira whined as she enjoyed the pleasure.

Natsu grinned as he moved his fingers inside Mira at all different directions. As he got deeper with his fingers inside Mira´s snatch, the pleasure of it made Mira moan.

Natsu grinned as he inserted another finger into her snatch, increasing the pleasure. One hour later, Mira started to reach her climax.

"Natsu... I am close!" Mira said as she got closer and closer. "Then why don't you come, I know you want to, and so do I." Natsu teased, giving Mira a smirk on her face. After some more poundings, with one thrust, Mira finally came.

"NATSU!" Mira screamed as the fluids filled her, as her juices fell on the shower floor, which then disappeared with the water into the shower hole.

"Natsu, you truly are something to be reckoned with." Mira said as then she got her feet on the floor. "And we have so much left for the night, haven´t we?" Natsu said, giving Mira a smile, as they then left the shower, dried off with their towels, and while still naked walked out of the bathroom.

As Natsu grinned and Mira smiled, they laid on the bed, with Mira under Natsu, as Natsu stood tall as a mighty mountain over her.

"Please me, Dragon." Mira said with pure lust in her voice. "You can bet on it, Demon." Natsu said as he then penetrated his manhood into her entrance.

It went through her walls of flesh, Mira fought not to scream, as she didn't want to make the people in the hotel to hear, despite the sounds she and Natsu made earlier.

The action took her breath, it felt more amazing than anything she had ever felt in her life, which made her go into a whole dimension of pleasure.

Natsu on the other hand was enjoying it as he finally got payback for all the times she teased him back when she was a bully. Natsu was finally going to have his payback, and this time, was the perfect time.

But those thoughts were quickly tossed aside, once he saw red liquid coming from Mira´s entrance, silencing and stopping him in his tracks.

"MIRA! YOU´RE BLEEDING!" Natsu said as he tried to go out of her, but got stopped by Mira. "Don't worry, it´s happens every time for every girl´s first time." Mira said with a smile, as she gotten back to the senses after Natsu screamed.

"You haven´t had one before me?" Natsu said. "Yes, I have meet many men in my life, but none of them was the one I wanted to take my virginity." She then placed herself in a better position, her eyes could only show pure lust, desire and pleasure. "Now do me, Natsu, do me until I don't even know my own name!" Mira said, as she couldn't hold against the pleasure any longer.

Natsu responded with a grin, he was happy that he was going to make be the first one of his former bully, and he was so happy that he could make Mirajane, his new lover, happy.

And with that, Natsu once again started to give Mira pleasure. Mira threw her head back from the pleasure that came to her, stronger than before.

As Natsu started to pound again, he then took his head towards her breasts and started to play with them again. Natsu groped them, he placed both her nipples in his mouth, as well squishing the big heaps of flesh like pudding.

Natsu playing with her breasts, he continued to pound in her most private area, increasing their tension. Mira´s ass cheek shook while Natsu fucked her, the White Haired woman´s face was as red as a tomato which glowed.

After an hour of endless pounding, Natsu and Mira reached their climaxes. "Natsu, I´m close!" Mira said which she was close to the next limit. "Me too, shall we cum together?" Asked Natsu. "I bet we both know the answer." Mira said as after some more poundings into each other, they finally reached their climaxes once again.



And with that, they exploded into each other, Natsu´s seed got mixed with Mira´s juices. "Hmmm." Said Mira and she climaxed with Natsu. They calmed down while they panted and sweated, Natsu grinned while Mira smiled. Once Natsu got his erection out of Mira´s snatch, it then started to become hard again. "Wow, you truly have a lot of stamina." Mira said while in admiration while giggling. "Well, it´s kind of hard not to be become hard after seeing someone as beautiful as you." Natsu said.

"Then why don't we try a new position?" Said Mira. "Well yeah, I had one I wanted to use after the shower, but we can use it now." Natsu said. "Better late than ever." Mira said and Natsu changed position with her, with Mira facing Natsu´s manhood while Natsu faced Mira´s entrance.

Before they wasted any words, they finally started to work on their "jobs" on each other, as Mira had Natsu´s manhood between her breasts while licking on the top. Natsu on the other hand inserted his tongue inside her maidenhood, Natsu had his tongue play with Mira´s walls of flesh.

Mira on the other hand started to suck Natsu´s manhood again which she twirled her tongue inside her mouth, and then started to bring it in and out from her mouth. Mira continued her work, which Natsu wanted to have some action as well, he still didn't want to be the submissive one.

Natsu then inserted his fingers once again, making Mira stop on her tracks, which then she made sure to not have Natsu gain the upper hand, she then went to pleasure Natsu´s member.

While Mira pleasured Natsu´s member, Natsu inserted in tongue once again, which Mira then started to play with Natsu´s balls, which increased the pleasure tenfold.

The two lovers continued to pleasure to each other, after an hour of non-ending love making, they finally reached their climaxes once again.

"Mira, be ready, I am gonna cum." Natsu said while sweating like crazy. "Me too." Mira said, which then after a couple of more thrusts and poundings, they finally exploded into each other's mouth.

With them both climaxing, Natsu drank Mira´s sweet juices, while Mira ate Natsu´s warm seed.

After they calmed down from enjoying each other´s climaxes, they let go of each other, as they looked into each other while panting.

"Man, truly you taste delicious, right Mira?" Natsu said. "Yep, and you taste good as well." Mira said as she then laid on the bed, showing her perfect shaped peach shaped ass to Natsu. "And don't tell you can´t go on?" Mira teased as she shook her ass.

Natsu showed a grin on his face, showing eagerly he could show more than Mira expected. "Don't ask such silly questions, Mira." Natsu said as the put his erection at the bottom of her butt, he then stroked his erection up and down, teasing back.

Mira panted as she he got even more turned on. "Then give me the thing I want, and you know what I want." Mira said, as her cheeks were red from Natsu´s sudden action.

"Don't tease me..." Mira said, as Natsu respond to that was a sudden penetration with his erection into her butt. "Natsu! That was rude, not warning me about that." Mira teased with cherry cheeks. "Sorry, I hope this can make up for it." Natsu said as he then started to thrust into her, as soon enough, Natsu went into a greater speed. Despite the earlier "doggy style experience", Mira still wasn't used to it, but that didn't mean she was tired from it. She wanted in fact more of it.

Natsu continued to penetrate her, while he grabbed one of her breasts, which he once again started to play with. Mira moaned as the more he played with her, even more when Natsu took one of his hands off her breasts, which Natsu then inserted fingers into Mira´s most private area, increasing the pleasure once again, and made Mira even redder.

While Natsu pounded and played with Mira, they sweated like crazy, after an hour, Natsu and Mira was once again close to their climaxes. "Natsu, I am close." Mira said. "Yeah, me too. Let´s cum together." Natsu said and Mira agreed. A couple of seconds of poundings, sweat, playing's and moans later, the duo of lovers then exploded with Natsu´s seed and Mira´s juices. They screamed their names, as their climaxes went on, and some seconds later, they finally calmed down.

"Wow Natsu, you really have manned up in the years." Mira said with admiration. "Yeah, but shall we finish this, since we need to go back to our duties?" Natsu said. "Well, I have a duty to do, but you are guest who´s lazing around." Mira pouted with red cheeks. "Well, one of the guests you have to entertain, is me." Natsu said and kissed Mira on the forehead. "And you are gonna be my favorite to work here." Mira said with a happy smile of joy.

"But then shall we finish this, before your boss wonders why you have been gone for so long?" Natsu said, worried that Mira might be in trouble for being so long for so absence.

"Don't worry, after I "convinced" Erza-san, she won't give me any problems." Mira said, making Natsu sweat drop at bit and a bit worried when she said "convinced."

As "convinced", Mira simply gave her a gift free card which was to eat free at cafés for a week. Many cafés were sure to be bankrupt and it costed Mira some money, but it was so worth it.

"Anyway, shall we finish this?" Mira said as she then placed her hands on Natsu´s hips, showing then Natsu on the bed, showing him that Mira wanted to be on top. "And this, I will have the honor to have the chance to be on top." Mira said with a perverted smile, making Natsu gulp.

And without any moments to waste, Mira then penetrated herself on Natsu's manhood, this time, on top of Natsu.

Natsu groaned while throwing his head back. No matter how many times, he couldn't stop himself from not being pleasured by Mira´s playing with his manhood.

As Mira got in and out of it, the action increased the pleasure and enjoyment for them by the second it got by their time. Mira´s breasts bounced and jiggled as she got up and down from Natsu´s manhood. Natsu grinned as his cheeks were red, giving Mira a smile as she got the same red blush as Natsu on her face.

With a half an hour coming past, they finally were once again close to their climax.

"Natsu..." Mira moaned. "Don't worry, I know you are close and so I am. It´s time to finish it, shall we, Mira?" Natsu said and Mira understood. With a couple of poundings later, they exploded once again with climaxes.



(Lemon End)

Natsu and Mira laid on the bed, Mira´s juices and Natsu´s seed mixing once again while panting for breath. Before Natsu know it, Mira got and then started to put on clothes.

"Going so soon? I know you have work to do, but didn´t Erza gave you a break?" Natsu asked. "Well, me and Erza would sure get into trouble for me bribing and Erza neglecting her post, so I need to be back for work." Mira said as once she was dressed, she left the room and before she did it, she turned to Natsu with a smile.

"Don't worry, I will make sure you have good time here." Mira said as she then left the room by swaying her hips, shaking her sexy butt to Natsu, who got a hard on again.

"Yep, I am definitely going to have the best vacation ever here." Natsu said to himself after Mira closed the door behind her.

Natsu would sure want to thank Laxus a good time for giving him a break.


Natsu had a good time in the hotel, which sometimes he enjoyed what the hotel offered, and wanted to mostly have a "good time" with Mira.

Two weeks later, after Natsu left the hotel, Mira and Natsu started to date a week later. After dating for half a month, Natsu proposed to Mira, as they got married three months later. One month later, Mira got pregnant with their first child.

Nine months later, their first child and daughter, Bianca, was born.

Two years later, their second child, Tamara, was born.

And Four years later, their son, Doug was born.

Mira and Natsu lived more happily than they could ever imagine, as the one day went with the whole family to a hotel to spend there.

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