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Chapter 7: Art by the Dragon.

Layla Heartfilia, was a woman of many things. She was the matriarch of the Heartfilia Family, married to Jude the mother of Lucy, twin sister of Anna.

The family was the richest in Magnolia city and even on the richest in the Country. Heartfilia

With her husband on a business trip, who wouldn't come back for a week, on the weekend Lucy was with her friends Levy and Erza, and her sister Anna were currently on a trip to a nearby city.

Most of the butlers and maids, were to have their day off, even if some were to stay later, Layla was soon almost alone within the large Heartfilia Mansion.

Almost alone, meant that someone was coming to meet her today.

In her simple, pink dress with long sleeves, which reached her ankles, a pair of red heels, black garter stockings and golden armbands and a golden necklace, and her blonde hair in her signature bun, Layla walked the corridors of the Heartfilia mansion.

With many paintings on the wall, statues on the desks and a large, blue carpet on the floor, she eventually walked down the large wooden stairs, down towards her living room, before then sitting down on the sofa, before taking a deep sign.

Layla, along with some other maids, including Virgo, had helped her decorating the room for the visit that would come today soon.

You see, Layla have privately called for Natsu Dragneel, a famous painter who were known for his drawing skills, which made him quite famous. Because of it, he had gained quite the fame and fortune, as he was quickly rising in popularity within the artistic world. Layla had seen some of his art, and were quite impressed by the details, beautiful imagery and coloring, making herself want to be drawn a portrait.

But it was different reason Layla had wanted. For you see, no one, not Jude, Lucy or even her sister Anna, had known of this, Layla had planned this for a month, making sure for the perfect opportunity. Alongside a small group of maids, they know that Natsu would come, but not the real reason.

A doorbell were heard, whom Layla notice as she immediately walked towards the large doors of the Heartfilia House.

She opened them, smiling in response as Layla was in front of her awaited guest.

Natsu Dragneel, a young man with pink hair and black eyes, wore black pants, white shoes, a simple, black belt, a white t-shirt and a red jacket. Underneath his arm, he had a brown box-set, and was caring a brown brief case too.

"Hello Miss Heartfilia! I hope I werent too late. There was some serious traffic on the way here." Natsu said. "No worries at all. You came just in time." Layla said and then showed the way inside.

The pink-haired boy went inside, following the blonde mother, the door closed behind him as he entered the Mansion.

Once they were in, they walked towards the room where Layla had prepared earlier. While walking, Natsu looked around; despite due to being friends with Lucy, Natsu never stopped looking in awe at the interiors, and exterior of the building.

Within time Natsu, as well his other childhood friends, the exterior was re-decorated time to time, and each time, he was in awe at he was seeing. I mean, they weren't things you didn't see in your house, like paintings big enough to be tables, statues of your grandparents, a pool, and even a freaking jacuzzi.

But for now, Natsu was tasked to do a painting for Layla, as for some reason, she had been very strict with the timing and planning.

"Consider this an honor to come." Layla said. "Don't make such a big deal, I am glad to be drawing a portrait of you today. You could just have asked me earlier. I am sure Lucy or your husband wouldn't mind." Natsu said.

As Natsu mentioned her husband, Layla mind went on. In the recent years, Layla and Jude´s "flame" had started to shrink as time went by. Jude was too busy to think of work, rather than on his wife and daughter, leaving her in a depression.

During those times, she watched adult movies, read adult novels, and even began to use adult toys for her to satisfy herself with. However, eventually they began to be less satisfying as well.

Eventually, she had noticed her daughter Lucy dating Natsu, whom she took interest in.

Layla was of course happy to see her little girl having a boyfriend, which was a sign of her growing up. Seeing how Natsu was kind, caring and somewhat naïve, he was almost the ideal boyfriend.

She remembered when listened to Lucy talk about Natsu after their dates, as even though he could be reckless, remembering that one time he punched a guy in the face for trying to hit on her, resulting a lot of trouble, which Layla couldn't help but to giggle. Natsu did it for her daughter after all.

But unfortunately, because of they began to disagree with things, they eventually had to break up, moving on their own lives.

As things were sad, they also had to move on. And during that time, Natsu had begun to drawn.

Which now brings us back to the present, as the both blonde-haired mother and the pink-haired boy in front of the room they were gonna paint in.

Without any words, Layla opened it and with that, the both went inside, with Natsu looking around the white room, until something got his attention.

Seeing the red couch with golden lining, red pillows, having pink carpets above them, and a wooden table with a bowl of fruit in, it was probably there Layla wanted to be painted in.

"I see you like the way I prepared." Layla said smiling. "Yeah, I can see this be very good for me draw you in." Natsu said. "Yep, I got some help with my maids for it. But can you sit and wait here, I am gonna go in and prepare myself, if you don't mind." Layla said.

"No problems at all." Natsu responded, before sitting down on the chair as told, before Layla went in the private room.

Once inside, Layla took a deep breath, before she then took the straps of her dress, having them fall down the floor, showing her off in her black bra in her huge breasts containing a huge cleavage, black, lacy panties showing her large cheeks, and long, black garter stocking. Taking off her hells, she slowly removed them, exposing her long, slender legs, and once she was done with the stockings, she removed her bra.

Due to the bra being very tight, her breasts showed to be bigger than they first appeared, having small nipples on the enormous mounds of flesh.

Bowing down to take of her panties, her breasts jiggled, being free of their prison of cloth, she pulled her panties off, showing her shaven maiden hood and her butt being shown free in the air.

Now completely naked, she took off her bun, letting her long hair fall to the lower back; she placed her clothes on a chair, before looking herself in the mirror, her figure in all its nude glory.

Smiling and giggling, Layla made some turns, having her breasts and butt cheeks bounce because of their shape and size, striking a pose with her left hand on her hip, while her right hand behind her head.

"Well, I didn't thought I say this, but I am sure blessed." Layla said, placing her hands behind her head, posing in front of the mirror.

"I am sure to give Natsu some art he will never forget." Layla said giggling.

At the same time, Natsu was just about done with preparing the set for him to draw on, with the frame on the stand.

With the door opened, Layla came in wearing a pink bathrobe, and her hair down.

"Well, it seems you prepared as well, I see." Layla said. "Yeah, now all you need to do is sit down and I shall begin to work." Natsu said, standing before the frame.

"Gladly." Layla said, walking to the couch and once she was before it, she took of her robe and showing of her naked body in front of the pink-haired boy.

Natsu went silent, and blushed a bit, his reaction of seeing Layla completely nude before him. Even if he had seen the naked body of a female before, which in this case being Lucy when they had sex, Layla surpassed Lucy in terms of body in every way.

Not only were her tits bigger, but also they were more fillier and well-shaped too, having longer hair, silkier skin, wide, well-shaped hips, and long, well-shaped legs with thick thighs.

Natsu shook his head to gather his mind, before then speaking.

"You sure you want to be in written in the nude?" Natsu asked. "Well, if I didn't, you sure I would do this right now?" Layla said, and the sat down the couch.

"But you seem awfully calm, Natsu." Layla asked. "I am sorry; I know you are married but..." Natsu said, but Layla cut of him off. "No worries, I'll have you know that Jude is on a business trip for a month, and Lucy won't be back until end of the weekend." Layla said. "I see. Then, shall I begin to paint?" Natsu said. "You have my full permission on that, Natsu." Layla said, before laying down the couch, and having her hair backwards, showing her full frontal nudity to Natsu.

Natsu began to paint, part by part, as he made sure to make on step at a time. Not too long or too short, he drew the details of Layla´s voluptuous body.

From her slender figure, her wide hips, her well-filled breasts, long hair and angelic face, Natsu drew and painted the drawing of her blonde mother, as despite her age, looked very young, and beautiful.

Hours went by, and surprisingly, Layla were very calm during that time. Even as the only man seeing her nude was Jude for obvious reasons, Layla didn't show any signs of nervousness or worry during the painting session.

For Natsu, it was a hard time for him to both draw, concentrate without ogling at Layla´s nude body, with her large breasts, shaved maidenhood, wide hips and volouptous figure as a whole, and to keep his erection in check. He was so glad he wore his apron to protect himself, from being dirty from the paint, and the growing excitement in his pants.

Despite blushing a bit, Layla smiled as she saw the blush on Natsu´s face. However, even while blushing both the blonde-haired woman, and the pink-haired boy, were able to remain their calm expressions.

But eventually, after some time, Natsu were eventually done with the painting, placing the paintbrush down the edge of the frame.

"I am done now, Layla. Do you want to have a look?" Natsu asked, as the blonde woman had a smile on her face. "Of course, I would love to." Layla said, standing up, but was still naked.

Natsu blushed as response, trying to close his eyes but couldn't even turn away as a fully nude Layla walked towards Natsu, her breasts bouncing and hips shaking with every step.

Once she was closer, Natsu stepped away from the painting, giving the naked Layla the space, she needed to obscure the painting.

Much to her delight, the painting was very well drawn, as well described, showing the picture of her full nude glory, with pink sheets lying on her body, barely covering her privates, on the red couch with gold decorations, in front of the pink curtains.

But as Layla obscured the painting, she bent over, showing a perfect view of her exposed rear to Natsu, who struggled to look at the heart shaped butt cheeks with a healthy shape.

As Natsu had an idea of what things were going, he hoped he was wrong, due to not wanting any trouble.

While Layla looked at the new painting of herself, Natsu did her best to not look at Layla´s naked body, until:

"I am impressed Natsu. I am not complaining or anything, but I think of a few ways to make it better." Layla said. "And that is?" Natsu asked, but then Layla grabbed his hand, and placed it on something he never would never expect to touch in his life. Layla´s breasts. More precisely, her right bare breast, exposed into the air, was now being touched by Natsu's hand. Natsu was touching his childhood friend Lucy´s mom´s breast which was naked!

Natsu felt like a million thoughts were going on his mind, like what was going on, while Layla were smiling as a response.

Even if he had touched naked women´s breasts before, in this case Lucy while they had sex, back then they were dating, it was way different.

Not only were Layla´s boobs bigger, but they felt softer too, even softer than a pillow.

"I bet I surprised you a bit there, didn't I Natsu?" Layla spoke, still smiling as the naked woman stood close to Natsu. "Layla, do you know what you are doing? I am not sure if this is a good idea." Natsu said.

"Don't worry. I have thought about this very well and besides..." Layla said, letting go of his hand, placed her hands on his back, and pulled her face closer to Natsu, her bare breasts pressing against his mighty chest. "...if I wasn't sure, I wouldn't have done all this." Layla said and then kissed the pink-haired boy on the lips. But instead of widened eyes of surprise, Natsu felt calm, yet happy at the same time. He slowly wrapped his hands around Layla as well and accepted the kiss.

Time went long, with the fully clothed Natsu kissing the fully nude Layla, but they didn't lock tongue yet, as it felt too soon before then.

Eventually, the let go of their lips, before looking deeply into each other's eyes.

"Shall I give you some more inspiration for future artwork?" Layla asked. "I would be glad for that." Natsu with a grin, and let go of Layla.

(Lemon Start)

Smiling, the naked Layla walked back towards the couch, beckoning her finger while walking.

"Then come here. It will be more comfortable here." Layla said. Natsu, grinning and without any words began to remove his jacket, shirt, shoes and socks.

The shirtless Natsu walked with his bare feet towards Layla in her birthday suit, lying on top of her, and then began to once again make up, this time, with their tongues and more passion.

As they kissed and locked tongue, Natsu with his instincts, began to move his right hand to her left breast, while having his hand behind her back.

With a squeeze, Layla moaned in pleasure and Natsu then let go of her mouth, while continuing to squeeze her tit. He then moved his other hand on her other breasts, and with both hands on the large, fleshy bounds of flesh, he began to move them at different directions and shapes.

Layla moaned as her face red, panting deeply as she couldn't stop feeling pleasure from Natsu´s movements with his hands.

Due to Layla´s mounds size and softness, the flesh was squeezed between Natsu´s fingers, as if he was kneading bread dough.

"You sure are enjoying my boobs, aren't you Natsu?" Layla said while moaning. "Yeah, but I cannot help your body is perfect." Natsu said with a grin, which Layla responded with a smile too.

However, as much he enjoyed playing with her breasts, Natsu and Layla know there was still much for them to enjoy.

He soon stopped playing with her breasts, as Natsu then got up for a moment, allowing Layla go closer to Natsu, making him then ask the blonde woman.

"You want me take them off or...?" Natsu asked. "I can do it for you. You did do all the work of painting me." Layla said, before placing her hands on the zipper of his pants, before pulling them down, showing his black boxes.

With her fingers on the boxers, she slowly pulled them down, but soon enough, Natsu manhood was exposed to her.

Layla´s eyes widened as a response, before she then went to speak with a seductive smile. "Wow, Natsu. I don't know what to say." Layla said, before then placing her hand on Natsu´s large shaft.

"As long you are pleased, I am glad for that." Natsu said. "Then, as a reward for making such a wonderful painting, why don't you sit down, and let me do some fun for you?" Layla said, which Natsu agreed.

While Layla got down on her knees, Natsu went up to remove his pants and boxers, stripping down to his birthday suit before Layla.

Layla couldn't help her face to become red as a tomato as she watched the completely naked Natsu.

Her eyes couldn't stop looking at his large muscles, well-toned stomach, six pack, abs, and his large manhood, its long, thick shaft standing hard, large, and its two, large balls.

The erection showed that it needed attention, and it was now, which then Natsu sat down on the couch, and a smiling Layla went on to play with his shaft.

Natsu showed a perverted smile, showing the Blonde Mother did a good job.

Layla stroke Natsu´s cock, while having her hands tickle with his testicles, and Natsu head were pulled back, with him groaning in pleasure.

Smiling at the reaction Natsu was having, Layla then began to lick the tip of his dick, with the tip of her tongue.

Soon enough, the more her tongue touched, Layla began to use more of her tongue as well.

Her tongue roaming across his dick like a serpent, Layla enjoyed the taste and the hotness the flesh gave to her, which Natsu continued to groan in pleasure and satisfaction as well.

Layla´s breathe emitted steam and her cheeks were red, her tongue moving then to his testicles, licking them one at time.

Natsu, growing hotter of Layla´s actions with her tongue, couldn't stop but to be filled with more and more pleasure for every second.

Layla couldn't help but to smile at Natsu´s response, before then moving back to his shaft of flesh.

Natsu saw and knew what Layla was about to do, which he then went to speak. "You sure you wanna do this Layla?" Natsu asked.

"Are you unsure about the consequences of me cheating on my husband, or that if I won't be able to take your balls in my mouth?" Layla asked. "I think it would be for both." Natsu answered, and Layla responded with a smile.

"Natsu, I am glad for your concern, but I have already thought through this. As of lately, I barely had any time for me and Jude to show any affection for each other recently, as he has been thinking more and more about his job to the family, even barely helping me, Lucy and some others. But not you, you know what´s best, you are there for others, no matter what, and I know because Lucy, my daughter has told me that." Layla said, her handing stroking his hard dick once again. "And I am sure I am able to fit it through. Even if it is bigger than I thought it would be." Layla said, and once she was done talking, she then began to suck on it.

Natsu groaned in pleasure the second Layla started, and it didn't stop there. She sucked on his manhood, enjoying the feel and taste of the thickness of his flesh. Even with its size, she managed to swallow most of it, thought it did give Layla some problems.

Natsu felt like it was going on forever; Layla´s amazing work with her mouth was truly a wonderful experience.

Layla proceeded then to move his dick to her tits, with her big breasts engulfing his big manhood. Due to both Natsu´s cock and Layla´s boobs were of immense size, they almost engulfed each other.

Natsu grinned, with Layla moving her tits while sucking on his dick. She sucked only on the top at times, before then sucking on the whole shaft, putting it in her mouth.

As Layla continued her blowjob and titjob, time went faster than they could notice, as within an hour, Natsu felt himself he was to climax.

"I am reaching my climax Layla... but I am able to continue if you like." Natsu said. "I am glad to hear that, I do feel like we can continue." Layla said, before looking at the erection that was about to erupt. "But first, time to see your little friend´s reaction, shall we?" Layla said in a teasing tone, and Natsu responded with a grin.

With more thrusts into her mouth and tongue plays, he unleashed his hot, warm seed into her, spraying her it inside her mouth.

Despite the load, and having Natsu´s thick, large cock in her mouth, Layla managed to shallow most of it, as the rest ran from her lips and down her chin, which she licked off with her finger.

Natsu, despite panting, as far from done with their session, and Layla was too, as they both wanted more.

"Layla, would you be kind and lay down? I want to try something, if that´s okay with you." Natsu asked. With a small, Layla understood and they switched place. Layla laid down on the couch, her stomach down and her well-shaped, heart formed butt were in front of Natsu.

His erection being hard and twitching, he was eager to put it between her cheeks, and give it a ride Layla wouldn't forget for a long time.

"If you are prepared for this, I won't hesitate." Natsu said. "I am more than prepared, as I think I am even more excited than you are right now, Natsu." Layla said.

Grinning, Natsu then proceeded to thrust his hard member inside Layla´s butt. Even if it wasn't the first time, Layla´s eyes were widened with surprised, feeling the power and thickness of his erection.

Overwhelmed by the pleasure, Layla gripped the armrests of the couch tightly. Natsu then began to pound, having his shaft in and out of her ass.

Layla moaned as she couldn't help but to enjoy the feeling. Both were sweating, panting and enjoying their time.

"God, Natsu is blessed! I can imagine Lucy going through the same thing as I am doing right now." Layla thought, eyes filled with pleasure and lust.

Her pink-haired lover felt his shaft tightened within the inner walls of her, increasing the pleasure further.

Natsu didn't show any signs of slowing down, enjoying it as well. He grabbed her waist, continuing to thrust into her rear in a powerful and fast rate.

They didn't think of anything, not even time itself, only focusing on their love making.

Eventually, after a long time, Natsu started to reach his climax once more.

"Damn, I am close again." Natsu said, sweating like crazy like his blonde lover. "Then don't hesitate, as I am on the pill for this, even if you are gonna cum outside." Layla said with a smile.

Grinning as his response, Natsu didn't show any hesitation and went quicker, increasing the pleasure for them both.

And then, once again, Natsu unleashed his seed, but quickly got his manhood out as it sprayed across Layla´s back.

With his white seed landing on Layla, she quickly got up as she then attempted to dry the semen off her with a paper towel.

Once she was done, Layla immediately noticed Natsu´s erection becoming hard again.

"My, my. Still exited I see. Not that I am complaining." Layla teased with a smile, while Natsu grinned.

"What can my body do, when you are beautiful and sexy as you are." Natsu said, and Layla blushed as a response. The naked Natsu then got up and then kissed the equally naked Layla on the lips.

As they kissed, his erection was teasingly touching Layla´s maidenhood, making her moan and gain Natsu the advantage.

But eventually, they let go of each other lips, and once again looked deeply into their eyes. "Where do you wanna do it now?" Natsu asked. "I think we both know the perfect place." Layla said.

Later, Natsu and Layla were entering the bedroom, where Layla and her husband Jude were sleeping. Both were wearing red bathrobes, while carrying each of their clothing. They put their clothes on the desk, before then Natsu were looking around the room.

Despite being in Lucy´s house more than once, mostly when they were little, and when they dating as teenager, Natsu had never been in her parents' bedroom.

Looking around, like the rest of the mansions, it was well kept and clean, having many fancy decorations of the walls like paintings, a mirror and an old grandfather´s clock.

While the floor having a blue carpet, the double bed that was in front of them had a red blanket, red pillows with golden cushions, and poles forming a roof with red curtains hanging from them.

Layla took off her robe, before then laying down the bed, all her nude glory exposed once again. Natsu grinned and took off his robe too, before then then walked towards her, his erection growing bigger and his balls swinging.

As he laid down the bed, being the one on top, his eyes were roaming across her body. Despite seeing it earlier, Natsu couldn't stop admiring to look at the bare fully naked body of his new lover.

"I am glad to see you eager for some more." Layla said. "As long I am able to please you, I am happy as well." Natsu said, before then kissing Layla on the lips, which she did as well.

Natsu then began to then move his face down her neck, giving it a great amount of passionate kisses. While he did that, his right hand move to her left breast, while his left hand were on her right hip, before it then moved to her butt, squeezing it.

Making Layla moan more than before, Natsu then went his face towards her breasts, before having both his hands before her large, soft mounds.

Squeezing them, as both Layla and Natsu were enjoying it very much, before then Natsu went to lick the nipples of her breasts.

Moaning louder than before, Layla had her head thrown back as she enjoyed what Natsus did to her, hoping it would end too soon.

While Natsu began sucking her nipples, he moved one of his hands to squeeze them again, and then placed his head between her cleavages. With her back on the bed, and his head between the cleavage, continuing to move his head between her breasts as they both were roaming on the large bed.

Layla smiled as Natsu were motor boating her. He then quickly pulled away and looked into Layla´s angelic face.

"You sure are beautiful." Natsu said. "I am quite a bit too old for that. But I give you my thanks." Layla said smiling, and then they switched position in the bed, with Layla on top this time.

Natsu, with his muscular torso, well-toned stomach, handsome face and large manhood, Layla had her eyes looking across his body once more, as she was the one on top this time.

She then grabbed Natsu´s shaft, carefully and gently, as Layla moved it towards her maidenhood, and he took immediate notice of it.

"You sure about it?" Natsu asked, and Layla smiled as a response for his concern for her. "Natsu, I am glad for you concern, don't worry. I am on the pill, or else I wouldn't be doing this right now." Layla said, and then proceeded to place Natsu´s manhood into her maidenhood.

Their eyes widened in the fullest, with Natsu´s shaft between her tight walls, it took them a second or two for them to fully get used to it.

Layla throw her head back as it took some time for her to get used to the overflowing pleasure that were coming, and it was the same for Natsu. But before long, they were both used to it and continued their love making.

They began thrusting in and out of maidenhood, enjoying it to the fullest.

"Damn, he is stacked! I never imagine Lucy was so lucky! But I am questioning that Lucy would dump such a fine man like Natsu." Layla thought with lust in her eyes.

As they kept thrusts, her breasts were jiggled into a swift motion, and Natsu´s well-toned abs were shining in his sweat.

Breathing for air, Natsu held tightly the bed sheets, showing that Layla had him in her command.

She bent over towards him, her large breasts hanging before. As her large flesh mounds were hanging before his very face and eyes,. Natsu felt his erection becoming bigger, thicker and harder.

Layla moaned as a response, with Natsu´s erection still within her maidenhood. With a grin, as he continued their love making.

"Man, Layla sure is blessed. Then that explain why Lucy were so good back in bed, when we were dating." Natsu thought, thinking Lucy must have inherited her ways in the bed from her mother.

Layla didn't slow down, even for a second. She made sure to enjoy every minute, every second, and every moment of their wonderful time the bed room.

Layla had never felt this pleasure, especially from her neglecting Husband Jude.

As a matter of fact, this way, way more enjoyable than what she ever felt from Jude. As time went on, their love making and love for each other has seemed to be faded away, with Jude barely focusing on his wife and daughter. She sometimes thought that he saw the business and the money more important than his family.

Layla remembered when Jude forget the day of their wedding anniversary, their daughter Lucy's birthday, and even when Layla´s sister Anna had her leg broken, Jude didn't come to comfort his sister-in-law in the hospital.

Her love for Jude had begun to fade away, making her question if Jude was the right one for her.

And at the same time, her love for Natsu had grown, stronger and stronger for every day that passed her life. Hearing from the stories Lucy told of him, seeing how good and kind person he was, she questioned as well why Lucy broke up with such a fine, young man.

But her eyes went back to its attention on Natsu, seeing him smiling, sweating and panting, completely naked like Layla as equally panting sweating like her new lower.

They didn't stop even for a second, but know eventually they would both come to their climaxes.

Because after some time, they were both close, and without saying anything, they stared into each other eyes filled with lust as then they both unleashed their climaxed after some more thrusting.

Layla´s juices and Natsu´s seed were unleashed, exploded as they floated down the bed, mixing with each other on the blanket.

Both were panting for a few seconds, Natsu then took the opportunity to speak first to the Blonde Mother.

"You aren't finished yet, Layla? I can go one for more rounds." Natsu said with a grin. Layla smiled; as Natsu know what the Mother of Lucy was gonna say.

"I was gonna ask you the same thing. I can go on, but if you have any good positions in mind, please tell me." Layla said with the lust in her voice.

"Well, I do have something I mind, just follow my lead." Natsu said, and with that, Layla was told what to do by the pink-haired boy.

As they went into the next position Natsu wanted to test, Layla had her face in front of his tall, thick manhood before her face. But this time, she was upside down, with Natsu on her, and had his face right before her maidenhood.

"Wow, I never imagine Natsu would be so bold. Has he done this with Lucy?" Layla thought, but then got her attention back on Natsu´s erection, hard and large as before.

"You ready Layla...?!" Natsu said, but was cut off as Layla then began to envelop his dick in her mouth, before then going on to suck and have her tongue roam across it.

Natsu grinned and then before even a second went on, he then began to play her pussy. With his tongue licking Layla´s maidenhood, Natsu then put hsi tongue inside of it.

Layla´s eyes were widened as a response of his tongue within her walls of flesh. Her mind were struck by sudden strikes of please and lust, as a response of Natsu´s wonderful plays with his tongue.

Layla then continued to suck and use her tongue on his thick dick, one of them such as her tongue roaming around his shaft of flesh, having her tongue tip teasingly touching the tip of Natsu´s dick, and using her hands to play and fondle her balls.

For Natsu, while he was tonguing to play with her maidenhood with his tongue, he grabbed her large ass cheeks, squeezing them through his fingers, and Layla, as expected, moaned as a result.

In the bed they continued to give each other pleasure, in the position that allowed them to give each other pleasure in their own, respective, private areas.

Without slowing down and instead went faster, more intense, more passionate, by the minute they went to focus on nothing more than making love.

Their sweating, hot, naked bodies colliding with each other, the sounds of their flesh colliding, the sound of them playing they did with each other´s genitals, and the sound of them moaning each other's names, were roamed across the bedroom.

Natsu and Layla found no limit of enjoying themselves, focusing only on making love on the large bed. The large bed squeaked, the blankets were wrinkled and even the curtains moved because of their ever-going lovemaking.

Layla was blushing; her cheeks red like an apple, steam coming from her mouth as she breathed her hot, aroused air onto Natsu´s thick erection and large balls. Her large beasts pressed against under his stomach, and under his erection, Layla moaned again as Natsu spanked her left ass cheek.

She enjoyed it and didn't give a damn if Natsu were hesitating because she didn't ask her to spank her, she just loved to have the pink-haired boy spank her left ass cheek.

Natsu hard chest were pressed against Layla´s well-toned stomach, while the tip of his tongue was teasingly slithering at the opening of her maidenhood.

Layla tried in vain not to moan, and while she moaned, she went on to stroke his shaft with her left hand, and she did that, she used her right hand stroke his shaft. While she did all that with her hands, Layla sucked on the tip of his manhood.

Natsu groaned once again, but once again he didn't want to it stop him from pleasure Layla. He took a tighter grip on Layla perfectly shaped ass cheeks, as it its flesh where was felt by Natsu´s fingers.

Natsu enjoyed the taste of Laylas maidenhood as much as Layla enjoyed the taste of Natsu´s manhood.

They continued for a long, long time, before they once again were close to climax.

"Natsu, I am close, I am about to..." Layla said, but was cut off by the pink-haired boy. "Yeah, I know. I am close too. But let's do it together then. Natsu said. Layla smiled, showing that she agreed with him to it.

Without further words, they then went to pleasure each other more. Natsu played with his mouth on Layla´s private, wet area, while Layla contiued to suck on Natsu´s hard, huge erection.

And after less than half minute, they each climaxed. But this time, rather than having their love juices falling on the bed, Natsu managed to shallow Layla's juices, while Layla managed to shallow his warm, white seed.

Even though Natsu and Layla managed shallow it, each had their respective love juices running down their cheeks. But as they got up, and then facing each other, noticing the seed and juices on the faces, Natsu and Layla, in a very erotic and playful way, began to lick it away from each other's.

Once they were done, and after looking into each other with warming smiles, they then began to kiss once again on the lips. Even if they had kissed a thousand times, they still couldn't have enough, and enjoyed every minute of it.

With Layla´s large, soft breasts, pressed against Natsu´s hard, well-toned chest, holding each other's and their knees laid on the bed.

Their passionate kissing felt it wouldn't stop, doing many things like having their tongues fight for dominance, kissing on the neck, or have Natsu gently squeezing Layla´s breasts.

But soon enough, they let go as Layla was then the next one to speak.

"I hope I was great enough for you, Natsu." Layla said. "Are you kidding? You are truly amazing! I cannot see anyone who wouldn't want to be your lover." Natsu said.

"You think so?" Layla said. "Yeah, and I wouldn't stand if I were a bad husband to you. I don't how I would feel if I were to break your heart." Natsu said.

Layla then started to tear up, her hands on her face, and it made Natsu quickly panic. "Oh no. I am so sorry Layla! I didn't mean to make you cry!" Natsu said in a concerned tone, and grabbed her shoulders.

But even with tears coming from her eyes, Layla was still smiling.

"No, it's not that, Natsu. It's just that I am awful woman, who cheats on her husband, only for her own needs." Layla said. "But Layla, I know you aren't that kind of a person, as I have seen you take care of Lucy, being such a good sister to Anna, and always were there for your family." Natsu said, remembering what Layla had done for her family in the past.

Still smiling, Layla dried off her tears coming on her eyes and cheeks.

"Thank you so much, Natsu. It's just that...?" Layla said, but then looked down the bed. "Just what?" Natsu asked. "It´s just that for a long time, Jude was been neglecting me and Lucy. He barely talks with me, doesn't show any concern for my sister Anna or even Lucy. He is only focusing on making money and the business. I don't think I can love a man such as him..." Layla said, but then a smiling Natsu put his hand on her shoulder, having her attention onto him.

"Layla. I won't ever let you down. If I ever did, you can always speak to me and I will make sure you have it alright. It's because I love you, Layla Heartfilia." Natsu said.

Layla cried with tears of happiness, before then grabbed him and kissing on the lips. Once she was done kissing him, she showed a smile to Natsu.

"I love you too, Natsu Dragneel. I am so happy right now." Layla said. "And I am gonna make you happier, I promise." Natsu said.

"I see. What position shall we do now?" Layla asked in seductive tone. With a grin, Natsu already know what position to take.

"Then lay down, if that´s okay with you." Natsu said. Layla understood immediately, as once her back were on the back, he brought his hard erection to her entrance.

"I know this is similar to before, but I hope you won't mind." Natsu said. "It´s okay. I don't." Layla said. Grinning, Natsu then began to insert his manhood into her Maidenhood.

Their eyes widened again, but since they had got used to it, they began to thrust long quicker than earlier.

Natsu moved his manhood in and out, increasing the speed faster and faster every second.

Layla moaned, had her cheeks red, her body sweaty and her large boobs were jiggling up and down.

Natsu, as if he was hypnotized by Layla´s moving breasts, then quickly went to kiss her nipples, all while still thrusting.

"Ah! Natsu!" Layla moaned, and Natsu continued to kiss her small nipples, before then sucking on them. He then folded her breasts with his hands, before he then moved up to her neck, still kissing her smooth skin. As he kissed the skin, he had one hand on her one of her breasts, while the other one on one of her ass cheeks. And while Natsu did all that, he continued to thrust in and out of her maidenhood.

After a long, long time of kissing and smoothing Layla´s neck, folding her breast and ass cheek, and thrusting with his dick into her, he was eventually close.

But rather than speaking, Natsu then went on to kiss once again Layla on the lips, which Layla didn't hesitate to return, enjoying his lips once more.

And with that, Natsu climaxed again.

(Lemon End)

While Natsu and Layla panting, he slowly pulled out his manhood out of her pussy, cum dripping out of it, and onto the bed sheets.

Natsu lay with his back on the bed panting alongside Layla. After some, Layla got up and stood with a smile, face to face to Natsu.

"Natsu, that was amazing. Thank you." Layla said. "Your welcome." Natsu said, before they both kissed again, and once they stopped, a smiling Layla went to speak.

"You can handle some few more rounds, right?" Layla said, and Natsu responded with a grin. "Yeah, I don't see a reason to deny that." Natsu said.

And with that, Natsu and Layla continued their "fun" in the bedroom, which went for many hours to come.

Three weeks later...

The doorbell opened, which a Layla, who was now wearing a white dress, white heels and a golden necklace, came opening the door.

With a smile, she saw Natsu, wearing a red, long sleeved shirt, black pants and brown shoes, with his painting tools in his arms.

"Hi Layla! Ready for another painting?" Natsu asked. "Yes, and you told me you would teach me painting?" Layla said. "Yes, I did." Natsu said beforel looking around.

"I don't want sound rude, but Lucy and Jude aren't home, right?" Natsu asked.

Since their first time having "fun", Natsu and Layla had kept their secret relationship be hidden from public, especially from Jude, Lucy and Anna. They had done a good job at that so far.

"No, Lucy is with Anna for a couple of days, while Jude is on to some business with some foreigner costumers. We have all the time we need here." Layla said.

Smiling, Natsu went inside the mansion, and once Layla had closed the door, he went to ask.

"So, what do you want me to teach to draw?" Natsu said, walking beside his lover, Layla Heartfilia.

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