The gate activated Sg13 started walking though. All of a sudden, it tries to shut down just as Ranma walks into the event horizen. On the other end only three members of Sg13 walk out before the gate shuts down. They notice Ranma did not appear.

Major Styles orders, "Redial earth let them know that all my team did not make it."

Mockry asked, "sir, that is going to be a problem."

Major Styles inquires, "Why is that, Mockry?"

Mockry says,"The dialing device has been smashed. Looks like it was done a long time ago."

Major Styles replies, "You two look around see what we can find. When we are late, they will call back and we will let them know to find some help to get home."

At stargate command General Hammond realizes the gate shut down,"Redial the address."

"Sir, we have been trying and cannot get a connection," the lieutenant replied.

O'Neal asks,"Can we get one of the people that owes us some favors to go to the planet and look for them?"

General Hammond answers,"We will look into that but for now, unless they contact us, they are on their own."

On the P1-269 it has been a week and the team found nothing near the gate.

"Lets widden the search and try to find something to eat as well," Major Styles commanded,"but keep in contact."

"Yes Sir" was the responce.

Major Styles says, "Mockry, you go west. Lankin, go east. I will take south. Radio, If you find something if not in an hour we meet back here."

Major Styles was exploring the area and found a small house surounded by growing crops. On a second inspection, he sees someone taking care of them. They were dressed in a robe with its hood up to protect from tne sun.

Styles radioed, "I found a cottage and am checking it out."

Lankin and Mockry replyed,"want us to meet back up with you?"

Styles said,"Start back to the gate. I'll be back in touch."

Major Styles broke in, "Excuse me, could you help me?"

"Major, long time no see," said the mystery man, "Why dont you call the rest of the team so they can get something to eat?"

Major Styles asked, "Who are you and how do you know who I am?"

"I will explain when the rest of the team gets here." replied the mystery man.

"Lankin and Mockry, come in," says Styles

"We made it to the gate," Lankin reports.

"Come to the south til you see a cottage we are invited to eat," said Styles.

As the team shows up The mysterious man invites them into the cottage. When the takes off the hood, the team reconizes him.

Major Styles responds,"Ranma, how long have you been here?"

"I guess a couple of years waiting on you to show up." said Ranma,"I was the one to wreck the DHD hoping the malp would see the damage. So Stargate command would not send us. When they sent us anyway, I disabled the gate but I did it too late."

Major Styles angrily asks,"You are why we are stuck here?"

"Yes, Basically, you were supposed to the rerouted to another world. A world that would be safe and could gate back home but I miss doing it."

Lankin asked, "Since you disabled the gate, can you fix it so we could get home?"

"No sorry, what I did was the same as taken the gate and destroying it. It will never connect to another gate ever again. I am sorry but I can still get you home. It is the best thing I can do," said Ranma.

Major Styles quizes,"How do you supposed to get us home without a working gate?"

"Well I could bring you there directly. Or drop you off where another SG team is and let them help you,"says Ranma. "I guess I will let it be your choice. But if I take you directly, I cannot let you contact SG Command until after your there."

Major Styles sighs and replies,"Just get us home, we will deal with that when we get there."

"Ok that is settled. Eat up, you all look hungry. we will leave out tomorrow," said Ranma."Styles, could you give this to Hammond for me, please."

Major Styles asked,"Your not coming with us?"

"Earth is not my home anymore, even though I wish it was sometimes," replies Ranma sadly.

"This disk will only play in front of SG1. I have tried to make that the only way so I will know he will get the msg. This planet for some people is a holy place. It use to get a lot of visitors but when the gate started messing up they stopped coming. The last ones that came I was here and had to help get home," informs Ranma.

"So I made an agreement until I could totally disable the gate, I would stay and watch to make sure this planet was not disturbed. Also, I had to wait for you to show up before I could finish my work. Now the planet when I leave will not and cannot be defiled by anyone," Ranma continues.

Mockry asked, "Why didn't you just take the gate off the planet?"

"Because I was asked to leave it when I finished protecting it. They wanted the planet protected, as is. This cottage and the planted food was here when I started. I just keep them up and planted so I would have something to do while waiting on you to show up and finish what I started. Now rest we will leave tomorrow," finished Ranma.