In the debriefing room SG-1 and Sg-13 was meeting with General Hammond.

"Major Styles, we are gathered here as you have requested. Care to enlighten us to the reason?", asked General Hammond.

"Well Sir, As a favor to the guy who gave us a ride back to Earth, He handed us this crystal and told us that the only way to activate it was with SG-1 and General Hammond present." replied Styles as he presented the crystal to General Hammond.

O'Neal interupted, "And who was this guy who gave you the ride and the crystal?"

"Well sir, the answer may shocked you, it was Lt. Ranma. The crystal was a security mesure to make sure that the right people would get the information it contains. Lt. Ranma also stated that an explanation of why he didnt come with us and what happened to him will be made available," informed STyles.

After the voice identifying of Sg-1, the crystal started to emit a soft glow. A woman's voice simply asked," Is General Hammond here?"

"Yes, I am", answered General Hammond. The woman's voice then said, "Standby. Connecting now."

The crystal started to flash faster and faster til it just continuously stayed on. At the end of the table was a hologram of Lt. Ranma.

"Hello, General Hammond," greeted Lt. Ranma with a salute. "First my reason for not coming down would be, it has been so long since I been on Earth I would not know if I would be welcome.", Lt. Ranma.

"Ranma, Where did you acquire the technology to do hologram messages?" enquired Carter.

"Just a little something I picked up in the travels of my life", laughed Ranma.

Daniel spoke up, "Why would you feel you wouldn't be welcome?"

"As you may or may not know where I ended up the gate malfunctioned. It turns out my DNA was being destroyed and they repaired it. I am now one of the first incarnation of humans." answered Ranma.

"You are an Ancient?" asked Daniel with a look of astonishment.

Ranma sighed, "Yes, I have been called that and frankly there are times I feel all the years. It seems as they were fixing my destroyed DNa they took it a step further by accident. I have lived since that day."

"Come on, Rnama, you expected us to believe that you are that old?", O'Neal remarked snidely.

"No sir, that is why I am going to provide proof,"answered Ranma. Ranma then reached off to the side and picked up to bring into their view.

"I guess you can all see this is a P90. It was issed to me last week before the accident that sent me back in time. The box was built about 20 years after I arrived in the past.

I cleaned the P90 with the remaining stuff I had with me and sealed it in the box. I can send the box whole down to up and you can run a carbon test on the box to see how old it really is as my proof.

Or if you would rather I can meet you on a planet of your choosing to let you scan it with me there to show it is no trick." said Ranma.

General Hammond looked around the room and replied, " Send it on down here. We will have a looked at it."

"Major Styles has a phone that I can be reached on to when you want to meet or need to talk again. Until we speak again. Good Day Gentlemen." said Ranma.

The hologram faded out and the crystals light turned out. The Crytal then turned to a pile of dust.

As the meeting eneded and the hologram shut off, Ranma Started to think abot his mother. He had received word through his many resources that she had taken ill.

His first plan of action was to go snatch her up and bring her to his ship where he could heal her up quickly. As he thought it over he then decided that he would just go visit her in the hospital and see if he could help her without causing any trouble.

Besides if he can help her get better he would then give her the choice to come with him or stay on earth.

Meanwhile Nodoka was lying in her hospital bed connected to various machines. The doctors searched high and low for anything that could increase her chances of healing but to their great disappointment, she wasnt responding to anything.

The most they could do was keep her comfortable. The family even insisted that the hospital call in Dr. Tofu. After looking over her records and her herself, Dr. Tofu was lost for a way to make her better as well.

Dr. Tofu then called for a meeting with Genma and the Tendos. Struggling for the right words and what seemed like an hour or so Dr. Tofu began,"I have examined Nodoka and looked at all the records of things the other doctors have tried with her.

There is just no easy way to say this...Nodoka is not responding to any of the treatments and i am afraid there is nothing more we can do for her besides make her comfortable."

The room bursted with voices yelling and sounds of crying. Nothing could be understood. Kasumi stood up and with a big frown on her face she slammed a book down on the table.

It made a big noise and got everyones attention. Seeing Kasume frowning made the family a bit spooked. Kasumi asked. "IS there anything we can do for her Aunt? Would getting in touch with cologne be an option to look into doing?"

The logical choice would have been Ranma of course but after the events that happened and the amazons leaving the note that read:

Ranma is being declared dishonorable and is being kicked out of this family. He would only weaken the tribe.

And is now not welcome in the Amazon borders.


They thought it might be to explain things to cologne and get her advice in the situation.

Ranma devised a plan to dress as a doctor to sneak in to his mom's room to check on her. Careful not to attract attention Rnama made his way to room 4301.

His luck kept holding out for no one was in the room allowing him to contact his ship and start a scan of his mother. After a few minute the word came from his ship that she could be repaired and healed. A silver box then materialized on the bedside table.

Ranma opened the box and took the device out and set it on Nodoka's head. Ranma then ordered it to scan and heal the areas that needed to be fixed.

The device lite up and made a low whirling sound and then shut off. A Voice came from the device, "Scan is complete. Repairs are complete."

"Thank you," ranma replied to the device as he collected the device and put in back in its silver box. Ranma then slipped the box into his pocket just before Kasumi came into the room. Luckily he hadnt turned around to leave yet.

"I am sorry. I didnt know there was a doctor in here with her. I just came to visit my auntie", replied Kasume apologetically.

Ranma turned around and looked at Kasumi. With a look of disabelief on Kasumi's face she remarked, "Oh My, Ranma is that really you?"

"Yes, Kasume. I heard about my mom and came to see if i could do anything to help her." replied Ranma.

With almost a sense of relief Kasumi walked over and hugged Ranma.

"Since Auntie has been hurt Nabiki has been trying to get in touch ewith you. The only thing she found out was you enlisted in the US military, and no other information could be given out. Not even a way to contact you or get a message to you."

"Sorry about that, you know how funny the military can be. As soon as I got back to town I hear the news. I dressed as a doctor to be able to come see her without causing any trouble. Speaking of that I need to go before anyone figures out who I really am." informed Ranma.

Just before Ranma could get out the door a soft hoarse whisper was heard. "Ranma, is that you?" asked the voice.

Kasumi and Ranma looked around to see that it was his mother that had spoken. Ranma walked over close to the bed and took her hand in his. "Yes mom. It is me. As soon as I heard you were hurt I came to see if I could help you." answered Ranma.