Ash was sitting on his couch watching TV with Dawn. Then all of sudden a group of masked men kicked in the door. They pointed their guns at Ash & Dawn. Ash grabbed his Intervention sniper rifle off the coffee table. He then jumped off the back of the couch & 360 No Scoped all of them. Before he knew it, Dawn tackled him into a make-out session.

"That was so awesome Ash!" She said when their lips parted. "I think I love you!"

They then lived happily ever after.

The End.

Hey erry body! Skele here! This is a random idea that popped into my head right before I fell asleep. I couldn't stop laughing! I don't care if you review this fic. I honestly don't really care if you even liked this one. It took me less than 5 minutes to write. I found it funny so I thought I'd share it. Anyways, cya later erry body!