Well here's a little something I've been working on. For fans of my older stories I wanted to try writing something a little darker, a little more tragic. I hope that I was able to do well with this.

I want to see You


Thunder sounded overhead as I took slow unsteady steps towards the crater in front of me. Looking down I saw her through my broken and cracked glasses. Seeing her prone, impaled form made my heart lurch into my throat. "Bl-Blossom!" I found my voice before nearly tripping over my own feet in my haste to get to her side.

She gave no reaction to my shout or my frantic attempt to reach her. 'I can't be too late, I can't take this anymore!' Despite the cold rain pelting us her eyes refused to open and her body remained still. I dropped to my knees by her and pressed my fingers against her neck. Absolutely nothing.

Fingers feeling her matted red-orange hair I gently lifted her head and was horrified at feeling no signs of life from her. No body heat, no heart beat, nothing. "No, no, no!" I cried out for the world to hear as the heavy down pour continued.

Above me twin streaks of blue and green flashed as they continued battling the giant robot terrorizing the town. Shockwaves rang out across the city as Bubbles and Buttercup persisted in their struggle, even though I knew that they wanted nothing more than to rush to their fallen sister's side.

Her body was broken in numerous places and several sharp spikes had pierced her abdomen. I didn't even care that my once pristine white lab coat was stained by her blood. "Please, please not you..." I whispered while cradling her lifeless body in my arms.

With shaky breaths I placed her head down and tried to convince myself that this wasn't happening. 'She's a Powerpuff Girl, she has superpowers. She shouldn't be able to die.' I told myself despite knowing better. "I can't accept this." I whispered, taking one of her small hands and holding it close. "Please, please, please..." My broken words continued to fall on deaf ears as tears stream down my cheeks.

How does this keep happening? Why does this keep happening? I wonder in the back of my mind, as I continued to stare at the girl who had only known me for a day.

How many times had I endured a scene like this? A hopeless battle, a dead girl, and me being unable to save her? Too many times, but this is easily the worst yet. From above I notice the blue streak of light being slammed into a building. With my broken glasses I can't make out Bubbles' form but when she doesn't rush back into battle I know that she's hurt badly.

I've long since reached the tipping point. "Useless!" I yelled at myself, punching the ground hard enough that my knuckles hurt. "Every time! You're useless! All you do is sit back and watch them get hurt! All you do is let them die!" I grabbed my broken glasses and threw them away. "You are a man of science, you are Dexter, Boy Genius! Nothing can stop you! You will save these girls! With science nothing is impossible!" I cried out to the heavens.

For a long while my words were met only by the sound of rain."A very nice speech, Dexter." A familiar voice said. "But it's too late, she's dead. And soon you will be too."

Standing up and turning away from Blossom's body I took in the form of my once rival turned enemy. "Mandark! You have killed one of my friends for the last time. When the next reset happens I swear to it, you will be the first to go!" I promised him before pulling out the ray gun I had kept strapped to my waist.

He appeared confused by the meaning of my words but decided not to dedicate too much thought into them. "I don't know what you're talking about Dexter, but it doesn't matter." He spoke quickly as he pulled out his own laser gun. "Because you're going to die now!"

At the same time we both pulled the trigger and I felt a searing white hot flame in my chest as I heard Mandark's shrieks of pain.

Clutching my burning chest I turned my blurry gaze to Blossom's unmoving body. "When I wake up...I want to see you..." I whispered as my vision turned white.

And there's the first chapter of this story. Honestly I do not know when I'll have more for you guys. It might be awhile since I'm currently pretty busy in my regular life. But I will try and work on this in my spare time, because I really want to see where I'll take this, and I want you all to enjoy the ride too.