I figured that will save you from reading what you've already watched, and not waste your time if you weren't interested.

Now, to be honest, I'm kind of breaking my rule when I said I will stay original and canon to character's personality (or at least as best as I can interpret). Like make them say and do what they (might) really would in the situation. But the problem I had with writing this is having little motivation to work with Roman Torchwick. Or rather, I did not have enough out of Roman Torchwick to work with. We JUST started to actually get a better interpretation of Roman Torchwick's motives, but right before he died (or so I'm hardly convinced); he's working for Cinder not just because he's already bad, but so he remains on the winning side, and so he can survive during their takeover of the world that he is convinced will really happen. But even then, that's hardly enough.

He's hardly developed, has no revealing background, or looked within depths like our heroes are. Or even some of our other villains for that matter. Because of that, there is hardly enough heart for me to put in, without adding something else. So, because of that, I kind of enhanced (if you might call it) his care for Neopolitan. I can not confirm, nor disagree that Neopolitan is as important to him as I have written. But the only time I can recall that he has shown concern for someone other than himself is that one moment of Neopolitan being lifted to the sky. Bare in mind, Roman Torchwick is still human, so he may only care LESS of other people, but certainly, he couldn't have no care entirely. Probably, think of it as his deeper, or one of his deepest concerns that is yet to be brought outward. My main goal is not just to give a story, but have fun making it, and touch my reader's heart. Maybe my own if it happens. So I do apologize for adding too much of my mix into him.

In any case…

The titles are meant to allude to the characters in Pinocchio, in case no one caught my drift. The characters Candlewick/Lampwick and The Terrible Dog-Fish/Monstro. The two characters come from the same story of Pinocchio (Penny Polendina, hahaha). The only difference is one of the other characters is eaten whole instead. So I just addressed the connection. With this said, I hope enjoy this chapter.

Roman Torchwick. Not much can be said, for a lot of things about him are unknown. Not even his loved ones can be announced. That is if anyone has ever really loved him while growing up, or him to another. The closest he has ever been seen to show care or concern for at times is Neopolitan; a lady who has been loyal and humble at his side. They both revolved around one of the darker sides of Remnant for the sake of survival. Whether they chose this path or a better one, there is no telling what greater impact on the World of Remnant they could establish. Here, we will cover how he pursued his goal of survival from near death, his concern for Neopolitan's, and how it has been achieved.

Chapter 2: Torch The Terrible Cat-Bird

The Battle of Beacon Academy has begun. Soon to be the Fall of Beacon Academy, the majority of Cinder's Faction have done their assigned tasks. One of the members, Neopolitan, proceeds to her assignment so that her boss can start his. Her boss, being the witty criminal mastermind, Roman Torchwick. He sits in one of the airships in the sky, imprisoned in a solitary confinement. And strangely, he does not only feel trapped in the current custody he is in alone, but from his own personal ultimatum.

Roman: "*sigh* It's about that time now, isn't it? I swear, if I don't get out of here and get a drink soon enough, then 'I' will be the one causing problems on this ship! I'm starting to go crazy in here!"

Roman speaks to himself as he anticipates the next course of action of Cinder's plan. The part where he is no longer held captive. Any longer, and he may attempt to free himself. During his time being locked up, he occasionally thinks on the main goal of Cinder, and those along with her.

Roman: "Whatever it is that woman has in store for the world, I could care less of whoever gets hurt, so long as my skin's safe. Well, mine and Neo's, of course. Honestly, I don't know what I'd do without that girl."

While Roman sits in thought, he hears a commotion happening outside of his containment, within the ship. It becomes more aggressive with the sound of fighting. The fight however sounds more one-sided with one person against the group of soldiers. The ship then becomes literally dead with silence, as the fight now ends.

There is only a few people whom Roman knows that can conduct a flawless victory against an army. But he only knows one who remains so silent while doing so. Knowing this, he sits up in his seat, and awaits for what comes next.

Roman: "Speak of the devil…!" Roman hears the footsteps get closer to his seal, and then stop. The door opens up, exposing light in the dark room, as well as an Atlas uniform that disgusts him. However, it brings him joy to see the person in the uniform barring pink, white and brown hair, and pink and brown eyes. That person being Neopolitan, with his hat and Melodic Cudgel, his cane. "Well… it's about time."

Roman gets up from his seat, and makes his way out of his cell. Thankfully, he takes his hat and cane from Neopolitan.

Roman: "Thank you, Neo." Roman puts on his hat and spins his cane on his finger as he walks past Neopolitan. "Good to see you again." Roman casually walks past the bodies on the ground and makes his way towards the ship's main controls. "Now, how 'bout we raise a little more chaos on this lovely night?"

Roman takes control of the ship and turns it to face the two other ships aligned with him. With one of the controls, he shoots three streams of laser at the ship closest to him. It immediately loses control and altitude and falls toward the other ship. Then, the communications sound off from one of the Atlas Ship Captains.

Atlas Ship Captain: "(communication) We're hit! What's goi-?!" His transmission is cut off as the ship that had been shot rams into the farthest ship. They both begin to fall to destruction.

Roman: "Woohoo-hahahaha! Oh, it is good to be back! Wouldn't you say, Neo?" Neopolitan nods in agreement. "Okay. If you would be so kind, could you fetch me the scroll?" Neopolitan nods once more and walks away from the controls. "In the meantime, I think I'll get acquainted with this here ship."

Roman walks off as well, and presses different buttons all around the ship. After a while of doing so, he skips back to the main controls and questions the buttons there.

Roman: "Hmm, let's see. What does this button do?" Roman playfully presses one of the buttons and feels rumbling in the ship. He looks back out of one of the windows to see explosive missiles deployed. "Oh, fun! How about- this one?" He presses another button and awaits a sound or rumble.

What Roman does not know is that he depletes eight of the ship's Atlesian Knights 200 to fall from the sky. An alarm did sound off, but it did not reach his attention, nor concern however. Nothing is heard nor felt.

Roman: "Hmph. Alright… Nothing." What does get Roman excited is Neopolitan coming back with the scroll he had mentioned before. She gives it to him, and he happily takes it. "Oh, ho ho ho." Roman places the scroll into the control's port installation. "Now, this one, this one's gonna be fun."

As Roman states the sensation the scroll will leave him, it lights up red with a black queen chess piece symbol. The virus has been planted, making all of the ship's lights turn red.

Roman: "Excellent! Now, let's land this baby somewhere safe and hidden, so the show can go on, and we can enjoy." Roman refers to the Atlesion Knights and Paladins around Vale in the effect of the virus. It has them all going rogue and attacking innocent lives.

One of the effects results is an aircraft breaking down from up in the sky at a distance. There is a good chance it is General Ironwood, if not anyone else. Unknowingly, Roman has taken his revenge for being in solitary confinement.

A few moments later, Roman continues flying the ship to make sure the virus goes undisrupted. But then suddenly, a thud is felt from outside.

Roman: "What was that? There aren't any Grimm around right now. And that aircraft had already reached the ground. That couldn't have been debris… It might be nothing, but just in case, I should have… I should have Neo check it out, while I pilot this thing. *growl*" Roman feels irritant with the risk of something disrupting their plan, as well as hesitant to send Neopolitan out into danger. He drops his head down out of intolerance. "Go see what that is."

Neopolitan nods her head and runs out of the door to the outside.

Roman: "I swear, it better not be something like a Nevermore or a Griffon. Everything was going just fine. It better be nothing. Not while she's out there…" Roman cracks his neck for the sake of minor relief of stress and tension. "Please, don't let anything happen to mess this up, or harm Neo. Just let it be anything that can't hurt her."

Not too long after Neopolitan left, a picture message from her is sent to the scroll attached to the controls. It reads "Guess who?" with a picture of Ruby Rose who is outside.

Roman: "Oh, you can not be serious." Irritant, Roman takes the scroll, with the virus already planted in the ship, and makes his way outside. "You know what, I take it back! Neo can handle a horde of Grimm if she can handle some incompetent soldiers. But this… this little red brat is just so unpredictable and everywhere I go, it's starting to really pi-! *inhale* *exhale* ...Let's just get rid of her, once and for all, and we can move on with our lives."

Outside of the ship, Roman sees Ruby in combat with Neopolitan. Ruby tries her hardest to fight against her, but only to miss in every dodging movement. She then tries to shoot Neopolitan, but unknowingly shoots an illusion of her that shatters. Standing behind the shattering image is Roman, who shoots Ruby up in the air himself right afterwards.

To keep herself from being pulled by the strong wind and off the ship, Ruby sticks Crescent Rose's blade in the ground and drags to a stop. She holds herself in position on the ground for a while. Then, she meets Roman standing above her, at his feet and cane.

Roman: "Little Red, Little Red… You are just determined to be the hero of Vale, aren't ya? Honestly, I'd be admired, if I weren't surprised and you weren't such a nuisance. Next thing you know, you'll try to be the hero of Mistral, won't you?"

Ruby: "What are you doing? Without these ships, the Grimm will destroy everything!"

Roman: "So naive… That's the plan!" Roman aims his cane down at Ruby. But she grabs it and pulls it aside, preventing the shot from hitting her, throwing him off balance, and away from her. She uses this opportunity to get back up.

Before given the chance to fight back, Neopolitan goes in, kicking at Ruby and puts her at the edge of the ship. She nearly falls off by a Nevermore passing by and having the wind catch her scythe. However, she maintains stability and turns back to question Roman's motives.

Ruby: "But why?! What do you get out of ut?!"

Roman: "Good question, but not the right one. You're asking the wrong questions, Red. It's not what I have to gain. It's that I can't afford to lose! Look at the bigger picture, and maybe you'll understand!" Ruby then goes into fight Roman standing before her. "But until you do, how about a little lesson from yours truly?!" He smirks as he bends down slightly and Neopolitan jumps over his back to kick Ruby's scythe.

With Neopolitan's skills, she manages to hook the bottom of her umbrella to Crescent Rose, and disarm Ruby. The disarming flips Ruby in the air. With her being open, Neopolitan kicks her in Roman's direction.

Roman: "My turn!" Seeing Ruby come his way, Roman conducts a signature move of his, throwing Melodic Cudgel to the ground, barrel first. It shoots off of the ground and creates an impact of the handle hitting Ruby, and bouncing back to Roman. "This'll throw you off."

To get her off of the ship this time, Roman puts his cane over his shoulders and shoots Ruby. She gets hit back and manages to catch her scythe, that just so happened to have landed and stick to the edge where she falls at.

Roman: "*growl* "Just fall down already, would you? You have a better chance of safety if you're down there and away from me anyway. Trust me! I may be a gambling man, but even I know there's some bets you just don't take."

As Roman begins to make his point, Neopolitan engages the sharp needle from the tip of her umbrella. She drags the pointed end on the ground, making sparks as she makes her way to Ruby. Now above her, Neopolitan points it at Ruby.

Roman: "Like it or not, the people who hired me are going to change the world. You can't stop 'em. I can't stop 'em! Even if I really wanted to. If I could change the world like they could, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I'd be safe and in charge, and you'd have been dealt with much sooner. But hey… You know the old saying. If you can't beat 'em-!" To his interruption, Ruby reaches up and opens up Neopolitan's umbrella.

Neopolitan: "*gasp*" Neopolitan's umbrella gets caught in the wind from being high in the sky. It pulls and levitates her away in the air among the flying Grimm.

Roman: "NEO!" Roman watches as Neopolitan blows away, holding on for dear life. "No… No! This wasn't supposed to happen! This wasn't part of the plan!" Horries in despair, wondering if she'll land before falling, or if she can defend herself from Grimm. After a brief moment, he watches her while ignoring Ruby getting back up.

Ruby: "I don't care what you say! We will stop them, and I will stop you! BET ON THAT!"

Roman: "...You don't care? Hehe… Of course you don't. You're just a kid, afterall… You know what, I'm just about at my limit! You must think this is all a game, don't you?! You think you live in this fantasy world, all black and white, where you can be the hero?! With your happy ever after?! Hohoho, no! You can forget about all of that! And you can forget about being shoved off the edge! Because that was the easy route. But now, it's MY turn to take you to school this time! You messed with my little Neo and sent her off to those monsters! So now, I'm gonna show you just what happens when someone REALLY crosses me!"

Roman sees as Ruby speeds, zigzagging, towards him. So he shoots in the air for another one of his signature moves, and catches the round in the handle of his cane. He uses his hold on the round to slash its dust element across to hit Ruby. It knocks her back, allowing Roman to take advantage and attack her again. He knocks her face up with his handle, and with the barrel pressed on her body, shoots her. She goes back far enough for Roman to walk back up to her on the ground.

Roman: "Ya got spirit Red. But this is the real world!" Roman hits Ruby again as she tries to get up. "The real world is cold! And it just got a lot colder for the both of us!He hits her again while on the ground. "The real world doesn't care about spirit!" He tries to hit her again, but she kicks him in the shin before giving him the chance to. It puts him on one knee for a moment. "You little…!" This helps her to get back up, but only for a while. "You want to be a hero?" He starts to get back up himself. "Then play the part and die like every other Huntsman in history! You'd be disappointing less people, and doing me a solid!" He hits her once again to the ground. "As for me, I'll do what I do best. Lie. Steal. Cheat! And survive!"

At his last word, Roman lifts up his cane for another hit on Ruby. But before he could, out of nowhere, a Griffon picks him up with its beak, and swallows him whole. It roars as he goes down its throat.

Roman: "Ah! What the-?! Get- Get me out of here!" Roman lays motionless, cramped in a dark, moist pit with minimum oxygen left, that is a Griffon's insides. He can feel movement from the outside, as if the Grimm is running. "I can't breat-! Whoa! WHOA!" Then, the movement changes into a more forceful one, going downward. It feels as if someone (Ruby) has kicked the Griffon down a few feet. After that, the Griffon lays motionless, holding Roman within it. They both burn in the ship's now made destruction.


The impact on the Griffon from Ruby kicking and busting it inside of the control room kills it instantly, along with the explosions that were caused. Due to its death, it disintegrates, just like all Grimm do after being killed. Thus, freeing Roman from its entrapment.

Roman: "*deep inhale* Ah-! *coughing* *heavy breathing* Disgusting!" Roman brings himself to his feet, using Melodic Cudgel for support, and wipes off the mess on his clothing and himself. He falls back to one knee as the ship rumbles. Because of that, he then comes to realize his current position; he is in the control room, that is now on fire, of a tilting ship. "This isn't good. I got to get off this ship! The aircrafts should still be functioning, so that should be my best ticket off."

Immediately, Roman exits through the doors and out of the burning control room. The ship's alarm is going off, alerting the ship's danger of losing altitude. Explosions go off in various areas, that are now starting to set more rooms and halls on fire. Still, even with that, as well as the floor being slanted from descending altitude, Roman pursues to survival, like he said he would.

After making it pass the halls that are beginning to explode, Roman makes it to the room where the aircrafts are held for deployment. As well as, in this case, emergency evacuation. He struggles to find the right one to take, seeing how about half of them are destroyed by surrounding fires and explosions. Luckily, one catches his eye. One that is in good condition with the least surroundings of fire. So quickly, he runs and makes his way inside the aircraft.

While already having enough experience with aircrafts, Roman turns it on in preparation to launch. The controls inside send a signal to the ship itself to open up a hatch that allows him to fly off. He flies out into the dark night, made darker by the presence of Grimm, yet lighter when compared to being in a falling ship.

Roman: "*sigh* I made it…! I'm safe! I told that little red brat I'd survive… Wait, hold on. I think I'm forgetting something." Roman tries to think of what it is that had slipped his mind. But then he remembers the scroll he placed in the ship. When he had put the scroll in the ship's system, the virus was planted, immediately. And an aircraft like the one he is in right now blew up and crashed down. "Oh no!" Roman looks back to see six Atlesian Knights 200 pointing their guns at him. "Oh you have got to be sh-!"

The Knights interrupt Roman's curse of this moment by shooting in his direction. He dodges behind cover, while the rounds damage the aircraft controls. It causes the aircraft to explode in some parts, losing altitude. Roman notices this, and shoots four explosive rounds in the Knights' direction. One round would be enough to take out two Knights at a time, and one more round will be enough to immediately bust open the back hatch to escape. With the path clear, he grabs the nearest parachute, straps it on as he runs, and jumps out of the aircraft. He loses his hat during the process.

Roman: "No!"

The aircraft did manage to get closer to the ground and away from the Grimm before it was destroyed. After falling for a while, Roman reaches a reasonable height in the air and uses the parachute to land in an alley between a building and a book trade store. Judging by the minor silence, aside from the aircraft crashing somewhere, the area seems to be mostly clear of Grimm. This helps him to relax for now and take off the parachute. He then dusts himself off again, before mourning for his missing comrade.

Roman: "Well, finally made it to the ground, and I'm still alive. (sarcasm) Whoop-de-doo. *sigh* What does it matter anyway? I lost my hat, the ship crashed, taking the virus along with it, so that plan failed. My head might be as good as gone at this point. But worst of all, I lost Neo." Gradually, Roman starts to fall deeper into depression. His eyes start to water, on the verge of ruining his eyeliner.

Then, a shadow casts over Roman's head, drawing his attention. He looks up, and in mid-air, wearing his hat and holding on to her signature parachuting umbrella, he sees…

Roman: "Neo?!" Slowly, Neopolitan descends from above his head. He sticks out his arms, thinking of her to be an angel (a lethal one, at that). She disengages her umbrella while in mid-air. He catches her at the bend of her legs with his arms between her thighs and calves. He tries to find his words only to stutter. "You made it! W-WE made it! I-I thought…" Neopolitan takes off his hat, dust it off, twirls it, and puts it back on his head. "M-My…" She then dusts his shoulders off and straightens his collar and scarf. "You… You were…" Then in one of her pockets, she pulls out a cigar and puts it in his stuttering mouth. "Bu-But how…?" She lights it up while he continues to process her presence. "This… This can't be-." Finally, she gives him a kiss on the cheek to calm him down. And at last, he calms down. "...*sigh* What would I ever do without you?"

Roman pats Neopolitan's head, and she closes her eyes in acceptance and joy. He puts her down so they can walk out of the alley.

I did think that this was a more sweeter side of Roman. I do miss him. He was very entertaining and relatable in some aspects. I just hope we'll at least see Neopolitan again in the show. Maybe even feel for her for losing Roman Torchwick. Maybe...

This goes down to staying to the show's integrity by their logic, and at the same time, what also makes sense. Now, as I kind of stated before, I'm hardly convinced that Roman Torchwick is dead. If he's dead, then fine, he's dead. But still, he was eaten whole by a disintegratable monster, that was kicked into an explosion. And even if the ship's destruction sealed the deal, then we should've been shown the body. Everybody else who died had a body that was proven to be dead, except his. Neopolitan is assumed to still be alive after what happened to her, though unseen. So it would only be fair to assume maybe not the best, but less of the worst. And this brings me to another character who is claimed deceased with an unseen dead body, which would also be fair to present. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you an...


Chapter 2.2: Roaming Cat Books It Out Of Town

Roman: "I should've known you'd survive. I'm just not used to someone as flawless as you being outsmarted by an amateur like Red, I guess. Anyways, let's head back to the hideout and touch bases with-. *grunt*." Roman bumps into a man, knocking down the traveling bags he was carrying. "Might wanna watch where you're going there, pal!"

?: "Sorry about that. I'm in a bit of a rush to- *silent gasp*" The man looks at Roman more and recognizes him. Quickly, but calmly, he picks his bags back up. "...to find a safer place… to e-Vacuo. I- I-I mean evacuate, to- to vacuate! I mean Vacuo! Er- I mean, nowhere!"

Roman: "Riiight. Hey, don't I know you?"

?: "Um, I don't believe we've met…" After staring for a moment, not only does Roman note the man's stuttering, and his hands trembling, but he looks at his other physical traits. Black hair, hazel eyes, big noticeable sideburns, muscular body, and rougher than usual hands and fingers.

Roman: "Yeah, I know you!" Roman smiles. "You're Tukson, owner of 'Every Book Under The Sun!', aren't you?!"

Tukson: "Hehe. Yes." Tukson smiles out of slight relief and recognition.

Roman: "Aaand former White Fang member. Am I right?" Tukson's smile fades after seeing that Roman was only playing dumb for a while.

Tukson drops his luggage and tries to run away in the opposite direction of Roman and Neopolitan. However, Neopolitan instantly appears in front of him with her sharp pointed umbrella to his neck, after he had just saw her at Roman's side.

Roman: "Well, that answers my question." Slowly, Roman walks back up in front of Tukson. "You know, last I heard, you've been presumably dead, by a certain Thief and Butcher who visited your store. Now, it was originally my job to see to that, but, I was busy at that time. And kids just don't ever listen; being where they're not suppose to be, and taking all the fun jobs from ya. Right? Not only that, but apparently, they didn't get the job done. So, I want to hear your side of the story. How is it that you're still alive?"

Tukson: "Well, all they did was shoot me in the head. That might have killed any normal person, but not if that person could use their aura like I did. I mean, during the time, I wasn't going to join the White Fang without the right kind of protection. So I had it released before joining."

Roman: "Hm. Good point. Smart man, dumb kids. And look at how well that turned out! You're still alive, well, and breathing! It takes time to beat away someone's aura, doesn't it? They got to go through much more PAIN and SUFFERING, or even TORTURE to reach the skin! Hahaho!" Roman's playfulness changes as he now holds Melodic Cudgel up on his shoulder. There is now a sinister tone in his voice. "So, you know what that means now, right?"

Tukson becomes angry as he engages his claws, even with Neopolitan having a needle to his neck. Roman then sticks out his cane, about the fire. But suddenly, a roar is heard from behind Roman. He looks back to see another Griffon about to attack him. It strikes fear in him as it is already in front of him. Not even Neopolitan is quick enough to react.

As the Griffon is about to engulf Roman, Tukson is in the air, and uses multiple slashes from his claws on the Griffon. They both land in front and behind Roman without looking back, until the Griffon falls and disintegrates. Roman breathes out of relief, but collects himself for the primary issue. Tukson now faces Roman with his claws out, ready to fight again. Neopolitan steps up, about to unsheathe the needle in her umbrella. But Roman sticks his cane out in front of her to stop her.

Roman: "Okay, Mr. Tukson, faunus cat, puma, wart- whatever it is you are, answer me this. If you're not dead, and there are people who WANT you dead in this city, then why are you still here?!"

Tukson: "I had to get my shop cleared first. I own every book in Remnant, so it takes time, days, weeks, sometimes months to transfer them from one place to another. Before I had the chance to leave, all of these Grimm showed up, and I had to fight some of them off. What does it matter to you?"

Roman: "Alright, look, from the way how things are, my boss thinks you're dead. So from here on out, you're a dead man. Think of this as a returned favor, because I have had a heck of a day, and that Grimm was the last thing I needed to see, AGAIN... So get out of here, and don't ever come back to Vale. Not that I think you'd want to anyway." Briefly, Roman looks at the city's devastation. Tukson remains still, for a moment in confusion.

Tukson: "Are you serious? ...Alright." Tukson runs back for his belongings, and picks them back up. "Thank you!" He makes his way away with haste.

Roman: "Yeah, yeah. Get out of here before I (softly) change my mind." Tukson is already a ways away from Roman, and did not have enough energy in him to speak any louder. "*sigh* Come on, Neo. Let's find some neighborhood that we can ransack. Maybe the Crow Bar. I need a few drinks before heading back. We just need to be on our guard." Neopolitan pulls on Roman's suit a few times to get his attention. "Huh?" He looks at Neopolitan, who tilts her head with her usual smile. Almost telepathically, Roman knows what she wants. "Fine. We can get ice cream too." Neopolitan grabs his arm out of excitement as he casually walks with his cane. The two continue down the dark streets of devastation.

Well, why not have Tukson survive as well? Now he may be vulnerable to bullets like anyone with unreleased aura, but again, the proof lies within the bodies that lie on the ground, for they cannot lie. Hahaha. To give credit, RoosterTeeth may have wanted to be subtle in the the first two volumes at first. But I hardly work well with claims when proof can be shown. It only makes it easier to imagine different possibilities. Maybe that's what they wanted from us. I mean, maybe it was more than just a shot to the face. Maybe Mercury and Emerald were actually thorough.

Now, let's get to the omakes with more action and endless possibilities.

Chapter 2.5: Never Hold A Candle To A Wicked Lion-Eagle

Roman: "I may be a gambling man, but even I know there's some bets you just don't take." Roman has Ruby hanging at the edge of the ship, with Neopolitan's umbrella to her face. "Like it or not, the people who hired me are going to change the world. You can't stop 'em. I can't stop 'em! You know the old saying. If you can't beat 'em-!"

Ruby: "Gotcha!" Ruby presses the switch on Neopolitan's umbrella.

Neopolitan: "*gasp*" Neopolitan's umbrella opens, and sends her flying.

Roman: "NEO!" Ruby gets up, while barely at Roman's attention.

Ruby: "I don't care what you say! We will stop them, and I will stop you! BET ON THAT!"

(Meanwhile, With Neopolitan...)

Up in the sky, while holding on to her open umbrella, Neopolitan manages to shift side to side to avoid every Grimm that she comes across. At some point, she utilizes her skills to deal with the situation. Deal with it without worrying about falling.

So, Neopolitan targets her destination, back at the ship, and closes her umbrella while in the sky. She manages to slash every Nevermore and Griffon in her path with her needled umbrella, right before jumping off of them. Gradually, she gets closer to the ship, Grimm after Grimm. Her path is clear of all but one particular Griffon. She jumps off of it with great force to get directly above the ship at a far distance. Her arms spread for air resistance.

Little did Neopolitan know, she had upset the Griffon she jumped off of. As she is descending, it flies toward her with its beak open. She flip kicks its head downward. The kick makes its head face the ship now. It licks its beak and dives faster to the ship. Neopolitan looks at the direction it's going, and sees Roman as its next prey.

Roman: "(distance) You wanna be a hero? Then play the part and die like every other Huntsman in history!"

Neopolitan: "*growl*" Neopolitan takes the needle out of her umbrella. She then straightens her body like a missile to dive and catch the Griffon ahead of her.

(Meanwhile, With Roman And Ruby…)

Roman: "As for me..."

Neopolitan: "*scream 16.67%* Aaah…!"

Roman: "...I'll do what I do best."

Neopolitan: "*scream 33.33%* ...aaah…!"

Roman: "Lie."

Neopolitan: "*scream 50.0%* ...aaaH…!"

Roman: "Steal."

Neopolitan: "*scream 66.67%* ...aaAH…!"

Roman: "Cheat!"

Neopolitan: "*scream 83.33%* ...aAAH…!"

Roman: "And-!"

Neopolitan: "*scream 100.0%* ...AAAH!" Neopolitan lands and stabs her needle into the Griffon's throat and into the ship's ground. Roman holds his position with his cane above his head, and looks back at Neopolitan. And then, she finishes off the Griffon by twisting and yanking her needle out. It's head falls clean off. Then Roman turns back to Ruby.

Roman: "Survive!" Roman pulls the trigger of his cane to increase the impact of his swing. It uppercuts Ruby in the chin and up in the air. While in the air, Roman shoots the hook of his cane toward her like a grappling hook. It grabs her neck and stops extending. "Get over here!" He pulls it down to slam her on the ground.

Before Ruby could get back up, Roman assembles his hook back and pulls her in the air with great force. When she reaches him, he punches her in the face to make her flip upside down in the air. While in this position in midair, quickly, Neopolitan holds her umbrella, balancing the tip on the ground, and kicks her with both legs. Ruby gets sent towards her scythe and grabs it before falling off the edge.

Roman: "Hahahahahaa! Great teamwork there, Neo! We're finally rid of Little Red! And thanks for saving me back there. You know, I almost thought I lost you. You alright?" Neopolitan nods her head. "Good. Now, let's head back inside."

(Meanwhile, With Ruby…)

As Ruby falls from the ship, with haste, she spreads her arms for air resistance. Instantly, she has a plan. Her plan comes into motion before should can react, as a Griffon flies straight to her. But by reflexes, she kicks its face aside, flips herself over, and sticks her scythe on its shoulder as she rides and holds onto its back. It roars in pain and assumes obedience.

By pulling the scythe and putting pressure on the Griffon's shoulder, Ruby directs the Griffon up in the air and above the ship. She reaches a high enough point, and then directs the Griffon down with great speed. She makes it twirl down as they descend toward the glass windows of the control room.

Ruby: "DIVE! DIVE! DIE! DIE!" Before she could crash, she front flips off of the Griffon and towards Roman, who is dumbstruck, and Neopolitan, who is amazed by what she did. She shoots her scythe while in rifle mode behind herself to increase her speed in midair, and sticks her foot out.

Roman: "Oh for f-!" The bottom of Ruby's boot meets Roman's face, slamming him to the ground.

Ruby lands and jumps up again. She front flips over Neopolitan while shooting her with Crescent Rose, still in rifle mode. However, Neopolitan has her umbrella open to shield her from the rain of bullets. Then Ruby lands on top of her umbrella and pushes to jump off of it. It throws Neopolitan off balance for a moment. Ruby acceptingly falls back off of the ship, seeing and hearing how it is exploding. While in the air, Ruby starts shooting downward in the air to land safely.

(Meanwhile, With Roman And Neopolitan…)

Roman: "Ow! Ah! How did she-?!" Roman is cut off by feeling the ship rumble and tilt. "Neo! We gotta get off the ship!" Neopolitan looks at the edge of the ship and sees a nearby Nevermore about to reach the ship's side. After recalling Ruby's action with a Griffon, she gives a wicked smile, grabs Roman's hand, and starts running towards the edge. "Wait! Wait! Neo, what are you doing?! Where are we-?! No! No no! No no no! NOOO!"

Neopolitan pulls Roman and jumps on top off the approaching Nevermore. She takes out her needle and holds it up in the air.

Roman: "Neo! Neo, what are you-?!" Roman sees Neopolitan jab the needle into the Nevermore. It shreaks and flies faster toward the ground. "AAAGH!" He holds onto its feathers for dear life, while she holds onto its feathers for the time of her life.

Neopolitan steers the Nevermore down to an abandoned street in the city. Its head lands first, killing it instantly, and it's body drags to a stop. Having had fun with her imitation of Ruby's heroism, Neopolitan jumps off of her dead ride. Roman, however, falls off out of being overwhelmed. She walks to him and stands over him. Her head tilts as she looks down at him, laying on the ground and staring up at the Grimm filled sky. He sees this, as well as the ship crashing down.

Roman: "Somebody, just kill me now…"

Neopolitan could have just closed her umbrella, truthfully. She seems able body to work her way through the sky. Professor Ozpin's students could during initiation when they were launched in the air. If anything, Neopolitan may be more able bodied than even Ruby. More flexible and balanced, indeed.

And finally, some laughs and SLIM chance of survival.

Chapter 2.7: A Burning Lamp In A Grimm Monstro

Roman: "How's the weather down there, Little Red Sniping Hood?"

Ruby: "Pull me up! It's raining sideways with Grimm out here! There's no way I can-!" Ruby is interrupted by an approaching Nevermore. "Not now." She kicks it away, and it makes a dog like whimper. "-defend myself!" Ruby holds onto her scythe for dear life as she hangs on to the edge of the ship.

Roman: "I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm crazy enough to gamble on a few bargains, but I don't gamble with crazy like the people who hired me. Between you, Neo and I, we're scared of 'em and what they're planning. So we figured it'd be better to join 'em than to bea-! …You listening down there?"

Roman informs Ruby of his reason for this villainy. But with Neopolitan's umbrella pointing at her, Ruby notices something while only little bits of his words reach her attention.

Ruby: "Ooh! What does this button do?" Ruby presses the switch, and it sends Neopolitan up in the air. To express the spontaneous action that just happened, she addresses it a sign that she pops out of Cartoonatry. (And she will continue to do so.)

Neopolitan: "(WEEE!)"

Roman: "Oh, no you di'nt!" Ruby gets back up from the edge.

Ruby: "Oh, yes I d'id! You mad, bro?!"

Roman: "Yeah, I'm mad!"

Ruby: "You wanna go?!"

Roman: "Yeah, I wanna go! Come at me, bro!"

Ruby: "I'm a sis! Not a bro, bro! Comin' at you!"

Ruby bursts into zigzags towards Roman. He shoots a round, and catches it with his cane to throw it at Ruby.

Roman: "Right back at you!" It hits Ruby before she could attack.

Ruby: "Ow, my spleen!" Roman goes up to hit her in the face. "Not the face!" He then shoots her guts. "My leg!"

Roman: "We don't see as much spirit in this world like yours, Red. And maybe that's because we live in the real world!" Roman hits Ruby down to the ground. "A cold world!" He hits her again while on the floor. "A world where no one gives a bat's butt about spirit!" Ruby kicks his leg before he could hit her once more. "Ow, my guts! You can be the hero you want to be, but you gotta be willing to die like every other Huntsman and Huntress who did too!" He hits her one last time. "Me on the other hand, I'll lie till I die, steal as I kill, cheat before I'm beat, and survive to stay alive!"

Out of nowhere, a Griffon shows up behind Roman, and eats him whole.

Roman: "(muffled) Or not!"

The Griffon roars and runs toward Ruby.

Ruby: "Alley-oop!" Ruby jumps and kicks it down to the control room. Right afterwards, the ship rumbles and starts to blow up. Ruby then starts to run for Crescent Rose at the edge. "Gotta go fast! Gotta go fast! Gotta go faster! Faster! Faster, faster, faster! Yoink!" She grabs her scythe, and pogo-shoots down to safety. "Boing! Boing! Boing!"

(Meanwhile, With Roman…)

The Griffon remains alive in the fire. It sees its surroundings, and exits up from where it was attacked, out of the fire. But meanwhile, something (or someone) inside of it starts to act up.

Roman: "Come on! Where are you when I need you?!" With the Griffon now holding still, Roman tries to move his arms around to feel for Melodic Cudgel. As difficult as it is, Roman managed to find his cane. "Yes!"

The Griffon now gets ready to fly off. But before it could jump, in the darkness, Roman pulls on the unseen, but familiar feeling trigger on the familiar feeling handle and shoots Melodic Cudgel, where ever it will hit. The round manages to shoot its head clean off. It falls back down and disintegrates as Roman stands up in confidence and silent anger.

Roman: "I didn't come this far to be dinner!" Even while the ship is exploding and tilting, Roman calmly walks to the front edge of the ship. Out of nowhere, Neopolitan appears beside him from her semblance of Illusion. "Neo, it has been an honor vandalizing and plundering with you.

Neopolitan: "(Likewise, boss.)" Neopolitan starts to play an invisible violin that sounds just as beautifully quiet as her charisma.

Roman: "...Alright Neo. Take us home." Neopolitan ends the silent song and hands Roman the umbrella while she holds on to him. He opens up her umbrella and they both easily levitate down, as if standing on air with their feet flat, and the ship falling faster.

Neopolitan: "(I'm Neo Politan, ya'll!)

Roman and Neopolitan softly land at their hideout in between quadcons. Roman draws a cigar while Neopolitan lights it.

Roman: "I should've known our ship would sink if Ruby came along. Pun intended. Aside from the ship being destroyed…" Roman hears the explosion from far away as it crashes. "...everything went according to plan. (sarcasm) Atlas' most chivalrous Knights proved their loyalty to the kingdom quite thoroughly. And now, the rest is up to the boss." Roman takes a draw for near victory. "You have a really strong umbrella by the way, Neo."

Neopolitan: "(Ember Celica ain't got nothing on this!)"

Roman: "Hahaha!"

They both sit down and turn on the news as the Battle of Beacon continues, and is soon to the Fall of Beacon.

On a final note, I respect the decisions that RoosterTeeth made with the character's death, and the decisions they will make. As much as I miss them, I wouldn't watch their content if I didn't support them. I trust their reasons. I'm just open to alternate possibilities.

I had fun writing most of my little twists into the story. It took longer than I had hoped to release this, but now, I can go back to writing the next two chapters of my first story. And I do apologize for the grammar, if/when spotted. I did look over this numerous times, but still. Again, hopefully, the first story can be released before Volume 5 at this time. Afterwards, I'll get back to this story. I hope to receive some reviews, follows, and maybe favorites from both stories. And I hope you enjoyed this one.

Next time…

Adam: "And as I set out upon this world and deliver the justice mankind so greatly deserves... I will make it my mission to destroy everything you love."