Growing Legacy

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Chapter 1

Three years had passed since 'Septimius' had put one foot in the British magical world, longer still since he had stepped foot within Hogwarts. Yet here he was about to do just that; it was complete and utter madness. They'd had many meetings with the ICW but the last one, it had been during the summer holidays, and instead of leaving the children on their own, they came with. Harry had single-handedly goaded the ICW into an agreement, an agreement Talin had been trying to hash out with the stubborn members of the ICW.

-0 Flashback 0-

"This is boring!" Jaden grumbled, it was really hot outside and inside too, and their dad had made them wear really stuffy dress robes. "I don't see why we couldn't stay on our own! We aren't babies we don't need a babysitter!"

"Yeah, I agree," Harry sighed, "Dad could have used the House-elves," listening to old men arguing with their dads wasn't exactly their idea of fun. Especially since it had been going on for years now, meeting after meeting, the ICW just kept putting it off, despite the fact they'd already been inspected, the school had been deemed outstanding and quite deserving of being internationally recognized. There only problem was the age in which they graduated; the old men didn't think they were mature enough to handle being a fully-fledged grown adult at the age of fourteen. They didn't want to be embarrassed if anything happened so they were being observed further while they made up their mind. It wasn't what they'd said, but his dad had read between the lines.

"Can't we ask then go home?" Jaden sighed, he'd graduated school for Merlin's sake, when was his dad going to stop treating him like a baby? Or was his older brother right and he'd always be treated like a baby because he was the youngest?

"No," Harry grumbled, shaking his head. "We best not interrupt,"

"We wouldn't have a chance to get a word in edge wise," Jaden snorted, they were bickering like a bunch of first years who couldn't decide what to name their Quidditch team.

"It's a bit insulting listening to this," Harry grumbled, as they spoke, "What do they think we are hooligans?"

Jaden laughed at that, "It would seem so," they could hear every word from within the room, the people within were either unaware that they were there or just didn't care if they heard or not.

"…have no time for this, we are in the midst of bringing back the Triwizard tournament, to create international cooperation." Bathurst explained while barely clinging to his patience.

Harry glanced thoughtfully at the door, an idea sparking within his mind, a way to prove once and for all that his school deserved everything. Green eyes gleaming brightly, he paused momentarily, his dad wouldn't like this, perhaps he shouldn't…but he knew he could do it; he could prove to everyone that his school was the best. If this backfired his friends were going to go mental at him, his dad and Headmaster too.

"Where are you going?" Jaden blurted out in surprise when Harry stood up. "Our dads told us to stay here, remember?" blinking in confusion when Harry went to the doors…not in the opposite direction to leave the building.

Harry held up his finger to his mouth, using the universal language to tell him to keep quiet. Ever so slowly he began to press the handle, until the door was ready to open, quite well timed, in fact, as they begun discussing the tournament yet again. Which did annoy Harry, this was meant to be a meeting about his school, and they were using it to brag about how they'd revived the fabled Triwizard tournament.

"So, if we could prove ourselves you would willingly admit defeat and give us the status we deserve?" Harry called out, causing everyone to jump, completely startling everywhere there.

"Harrison Regis, just you wait until I get you home," Severus muttered under his breath, giving Harry a stern look.

Harry flushed, his dad rarely used his full name, although it isn't really his full name, Harrison James Severus Potter-Snape-Regis was it. His dad had no intentions of going back to using the Snape name, he would always be Regis now, and Harry was happy to be Harrison Regis too. "We could participate in the tournament! Just as well as any of the other schools! It would show them! All of them!" not just the ICW but the other schools they weren't to be underestimated.

"Harrison, please go outside and wait on us finishing up in here," Talin said after a moment of silence. "I am proud that you would defend the school, exceedingly so, but this is something that they, your dad and I need to work out together."

"Just hold on a minute," Bathurst said, raising his hand, "Are you trying to tell me little boy, that you think you're better than three seventeen-year old's from other schools?"

"My name is Harry, not little boy," Harry told him firmly without being cheeky, "I'm not saying I'm better, just as good as them. Plus there is no guarantee I would be picked if we went," yes, he knew about the tournament, the announcement that the ICW were trying to bring back the tournament had been in the newspaper. He had read up about it, having to use the library since there was no books about the tournament for sale, just old newspaper clippings. "But my friends are just as good as well."

Severus groaned inaudibly, his eyes closed in exasperation, his son was going to give him grey hairs if he kept this up. These people were old and traditionalists, the worst kind too, they were going to try and prove a point with all this and Harry had just fed them the idea on a silver platter. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he opened his eyes observing the reactions of the ICW, who were all conversing quietly amongst themselves, Bathurst looked undeniably smug at the moment.

Graham Winsor cleared his throat, "We have come to a decision," speaking for the group, while Bathurst just sat there with a smarmy look on his face. "You will be entered into the tournament as the fourth school, fourteen-year-old and up if you win then there will be no contestation of your school being given international recognition."

"I will not," Talin refused immediately.

"Then we are done here," Bathurst informed them, lips twitching but he refused to show how happy he was at this declaration.

"Why not? This will give you what you want!" Harry protested in disbelief.

"Harry, you are currently doing your NEWTS in a dozen classes, your friends in your year doing pretty much the same thereabout, do you honestly think that this tournament is a good use of your time? My students come first before any desire of my own." Talin said sincerely.

Bathurst deflated listening to the Headmaster speak to his student, something inside of him gave a little at the knowledge that Headmaster Addison was well and truly a better man. Here he was all smug about trying to prove Hogwarts was truly the better school and that fourteen-year-olds couldn't be as good as seventeen-year-old's…and Albus liked to say he was old and wise beyond his years. He definitely didn't feel it right about now.

"Please, let us do it," Harry begged, "At least let us try," he would do anything for him, Talin had been part of his whole life, and would have under normal circumstances been called 'Uncle Talin' if he hadn't had the unfortunate pleasure of being Headmaster and in a position of power. Harry would certainly go to Talin before Remus, who said they had been called 'Uncle Remy' and 'uncle Siri'.

"The parents won't go for this," Talin shook his head, his resolve wavering but still held to a higher standard. Glancing at Severus for help, to help convince everyone even him, that it was a bad idea.

The ICW wizards listened intently to the conversation going on in front of them. They honestly didn't know how to feel about it now they'd spoken. It had been a fun idea on how to get Talin to back off, none of them wanted to allow a school with so many Muggle subjects taking prominence. Yet as they listened, they realized subjects had nothing to do with it. Just pure unadulterated passion, not just from the Headmaster of the school but the students too.

Severus wasn't the slightest bit happy with what his son had started, unfortunately, he seemed very passionate about making sure the school was recognized for what it was. Everyone always thought they attended the best school, it was just the way it was, well almost everyone. He certainly would have said Hogwarts was the best school despite his own experience there, that was before he found out about Grand Riviere. He knew how much Talin wanted this as well, giving a single terse nod. He wasn't about to let his son go on his own so he was damn well going. With a little luck Harry wouldn't be picked. He liked the odds of his son being picked very much.

If only he knew.

-0 End Flashback 0-

It may not have shown, but Headmistress Minerva McGonagall was extremely excited for the tournament to proceed. Traditionally only three schools competed in it, thus it was usually called Triwizard tournament but this year, this year was special, four schools would be competing for the cup and prestige that came with winning the tournament. Since it wasn't a three-way competition, the official name for it was Quadwizard tournament.

"Miss Patel, fix your hair!" Minerva called as she made her way through the crowd of students all clamouring for a look at the students that was about to descend on the school. "Mr. Weasley straighten yourself up! You are representing Hogwarts!" she scolded the redhead. When he didn't move quickly enough a spell left her wand and his clothes righted themselves causing him to squeak in discomfort.

Any minute now the three schools would make an appearance. She would get to see Severus again after three years, talking over the mirror just wasn't the same.

"Look! Look! Look!" was called out by all the students, "They're here!" excited babble poured from the students of Hogwarts as they waited all crowded around the steps and along the gravel and grass in the hundreds, even the Slytherins were excitedly watching, admittedly with a lot more decorum than the other houses.

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