Growing Legacy

Chapter 12

"Have you come to a decision on whom you will partner with?" Minerva asked them, the judges surrounding her, as they waited on a reply from the champions. They had already spoken in great length with their headmaster or headmistresses in order to understand the rules in greater detail. The egg only informed the champions of their task, not the rules.

"I don't know why you're calling them partners, they don't get to help us," Cedric complained quietly, "More like a sacrificial lamb,"

Harry, Viktor and Fleur laughed a little, tense and cautious themselves. wholeheartedly agreeing with his statement though. It was true, why call them partners when they could not participate?

"Mr. Diggory," Minerva gave him an unimpressed glance.

"My brother, Lazar Krum has agreed to come," Viktor informed them, he was fast on his feet and agile. There was no doubt he would be able to keep himself from being hit with a great many spells. He wasn't sure how the whole thing would go down. Just that they would be having to protect their chosen from spells as well as traps laid out.

"Just for the day or will he be sticking around?" Harry asked, he'd heard a great deal of information about Lazar, he was impressive to say the least. Older than Viktor but not by much, and already had a Mastery under his belt and was already on his way towards completing his second one.

"He will return home the day after, the Portkey has already been programmed." Viktor said, grinning at Harry. He had missed his brother, his family, even though he spoke to them every night.

"You aren't picking Hermione Granger?" came the unwelcome voice of Albus Dumbledore.

"No," Viktor stated, giving Dumbledore a confused by vexed look. Why on earth was this wizard here? He had nothing to do with the tournament, wasn't a judge and most certainly knew nothing about him.

"My little sister," Fleur informed them, seeing as Viktor had no plans to speak again. She could see he was becoming a little agitated by the presumptions and the look on the old man's face. She was small and fast, hopefully it would ensure she wasn't such a big and easy target. Knowing fundamentally that nobody was going to be in true danger eased her fears. "Gabrielle Delacour."

"Apolline will be displeased if anything happens," the Beauxbaton Headmistress declared, "She demands all precautions be taken to prevent any harm coming to the participants, she says to inform you that you won't like the consequences." Informing them of what she had been told to say by the protective mother.

Everyone shifted looking a little beady eyed, all of them aware of just how powerful Apolline was and what she was capable of. She was very high up in the French Ministry and she could bring a great deal of harm to their door.

Fleur smothered her amusement; everyone was terrified of her mother. Her reputation was well known, she never understood it. Her mother was shorter than her, loving and beautiful. Never shown any hint of temper a day in her life.

"Mr. Diggory?" Minerva questioned, "Have you decided?" he had better, they were drawing closer to the day.

Cedric licked his lips, "My cousin, Aramis Diggory," they saw each other every summer, but they were by no means extremely close. When he'd heard of his predicament, he'd immediately offered.

"Your cousins Aramis Diggory?" Fleur gaped in shock, "The Runes Master?" one of the youngest at that.

Cedric nodded, "I visit France every summer to see my Uncle and cousins, Aramis always did have a fascination with Runes." He was an only child, it had been…it was always his favourite holidays, the summer. Getting to visit children his own age, although Aramis was a few years older than him.

"I can't wait to talk to him! Oh, the others are going to be so exited!" Harry declared, grinning at Cedric, "Well, except Sophie unless she asks a million questions about Runes," he added with sheepish amusement.

"He won't mind, he spends twelve hours of his day probably more discussing Runes." Cedric grinned, "It's probably why I'm as good as I am at it." it wasn't his favourite class, Defence was, but naturally, he was very good at Runes.

"And you, Mr. Regis?" Minerva asked, wondering at whom the young man was going to ask.

"My father, Septimus Regis," Harry said proudly, almost puffing up as he said his name. He was well known, maybe not utterly famous here, but in St. Lucius everyone in the community knew whom he was. Even here he was known, they used his books, thanks to Minerva.

"That is against the rules," Karkaroff insisted.

"Quite correct, nobody associated with the school can be used," Dumbledore backed him up.

"My father is not a teacher at GRMS," Harry explained as if speaking to a toddler, which irritated Dumbledore, judging by the gleam in his blue eyes. Karkaroff too naturally. "Has never been a teacher at GRMS he's a Potions Master and renowned Author."

"He's here looking after the students; thus, he's associated with the school," Dumbledore chided him, distrusting the boy immensely. His feelings for a certain other snake speaker merging with this boy.

"I think you'll find that they don't need looking after," Alejandro explained calmly, staring at them. "I too volunteered, I signed nothing to indicate association with the school. You'll find I cannot sign anything; I'm currently gaining my Mastery. Septimus Regis is a close personal friend, and elected to come so that my father at least had some adult company. During what he knew would be a rather difficult year."

"Then if they signed nothing, they technically aren't associated with the school and thus can participate." Minerva nodded as if the matter was settled.

"He's his father!" Krum protested.

"That he is," Talin agreed wholeheartedly. "And he is not a professor at my school."

"And Viktor has a brother arriving, Fleur a sister, Cedric a cousin," Maxime stated in her no-nonsense voice. "If this young man isn't to use his father…then they cannot use their siblings or cousins." She added crisply.

"What? You can't! I literally have nobody else I can use!" Cedric protested, everyone he knew was at Hogwarts, literally everyone. He wasn't going to use his bloody neighbours – who were miles away from the estate – and he barely knew them. "All my friends and acquaintances are here, at Hogwarts and as you've pointed out they can't be used." Way make this situation way more stressful than need be.

"It's sarcasm," Harry whispered, "She's making her point," speaking low enough that only Viktor and Fleur could hear him.

"I hope she makes it then!" Cedric grumbled.

Karkaroff, Dumbledore, Maxime, Talin and Minerva all argued until a voice put a stop to it.

"He can use his father, there is no rule stating otherwise," Crouch's whispered command was heard throughout the room. His eyes staring bleakly at them, thinking on his own family. "Now can we move along?"

"Yes, yes, very well, very well," Karkaroff grumbled, "We're all set." Grimacing a little at the look on his student's face. It's a look he was becoming increasingly familiar with as of late. Viktor wasn't happy with him and had taken to avoiding him when he could. Which irritated him something rotten, what on earth had gotten into him?

"Champions, you may go," Minerva stated firmly, giving a nod to the students. Silently thanking them for their appearance and answers. She barely saw Fleur and Viktor of the rest of the students from both schools. They had taken to having their meals with the GRMS.

"It's nearly lunch, do you have any other classes?" Fleur questioned them as she exited the room first, as Harry opened the door for her.

"No," Viktor shook his head.

"It's only History of magic," Cedric said, still not used to it being a half decent class, although that's exactly what it was now.

"I'm afraid my classes are only beginning, and I do need to attend, I'll be taking my NEWTS when I return home after the tournament is done." Harry said apologetically, "Meet up with you guys at dinner?"

"Sure, we'll come with," Fleur said, "Just to the doors of the entrance hall," so they could see him return to the cabin. They weren't taking any chances of the students attacking Harry if he was alone. Although, they all had a feeling that Harry could probably hold his own against anyone.

"I'll be fine-" Harry almost jumped when some spoke behind him.

"How did it go?" Luna questioned, giggling at his reaction.

Harry shrugged, "Just as well as we expected it," he told her wryly, "Dumbledore and Karkaroff argued…although Crouch settled it…" pretty much par of the course as of late.

"Have you found anything in your Headmasters correspondence?" Luna whispered, despite the halls being empty of anyone, ghosts, people or portraits.

Viktor grunted, "No," nothing unexpected anyway.

"Nobody in their right mind would keep incriminating evidence," Fleur scoffed, shaking her head, they weren't idiots.

"No but someone overly confident might…" Harry said thoughtfully, eyes gleaming. He knew just who to call, Talin's daughter, Jaden and Alejandro's sister, Tali. If they could convince her to break into the ICW wizard's office there might be correspondence there.

"Don't get anyone into trouble…you might be wrong," Cedric cautioned, as always, the voice of reason.

"You're probably right," Harry admitted, "It's probably just over the top competitiveness…" the high of getting their schools turning out to be the winner of this competition.

"Yeah, everyone is more eager to win than us," Cedric choked out an incredulous laugh. "It's insane!" his own father was his biggest supporter and best friend really. He was a tad bit too maniacal to see his son win, but it was all good.

Harry smiled, "A little bit," he agreed. "Are you finished classes for the day?" he turned to Luna in query.

"I have one more class, Potions, then I'm done, which is forty-five minutes before the class starts." Luna explained after glancing at her watch. "I'll walk with you?" knowing Harry had classes after.

"Sure, you still coming?" Harry asked, craning his neck to see the others.

They all agreed and began chatting about what had just done down. Displaying their amusement at some of the comments and the way it had been rehearsed. Adding their confusion as to why Dumbledore had been there. Why he would even think to ask about Granger.

"Well, you did go to the Yule Ball with her I suppose," Harry sighed, "In his day, it was probably seen as the beginning of a courtship." He smothered a snigger.

Viktor grunted and bared his teeth in amusement, "What does he know? He's never been married or engaged."

"Who told you that?" Fleur asked, surprised.

"My parents, they were very invested in the war, and the people involved," Viktor said darkly, recalling the mess Grindelwald had left everyone to mop up. Or rather, recalling the stories he'd been told by his grandparents who were no longer with him bless their souls. "My parents still talk about it a lot." Drives his friends mad, they didn't want to hear about it, except Lilyana she was always fascinated when his parents spoke of the war.

"Why gather information about Dumbledore though? I mean in all seriousness? All he did want duel Grindelwald and best him? That was the extent of his efforts in the war." Harry asked, brow furrowed, almost tripping due to the divot of stones.

"I never asked my parents why," Viktor shrugged, "But anything you want to know…they'll know. My parents are in politics now, they use any information they can get. Along with all the information they already had." It was just their way of life, you don't just give up or not use information against people in positions of power.

Harry grinned rather deviously; eyes gleaming as he stared at Viktor. "I wouldn't mind knowing…depends on the price though." And there most definitely was always a price.

"Want me to find out?" Viktor asked, ignoring the conversation Cedric and Luna were having with Fleur.

"Yeah, go ahead," Harry said, it was very unlikely he'd have what it took to get all the juicy gossip from the Krum's, but he was more curious about what It was worth than gossip on Dumbledore himself. If he did manage to get it, he'd definitely give it directly to his father.

Before long they were all at the door of the cabin, "Well, I guess this is it for me, you going to be okay going back to Hogwarts?" his concern for Luna prevalent. Especially considering that she had sided with GRMS and made it clear where her allegiance lies. Who knows whether they knew she was actually going to be attending GRMS next year and not Hogwarts.

"She won't be alone," Cedric told him, "We're going to escort Fleur and Viktor back, get some exercise I certainly could use it." he felt like he'd been cooped up too long, despite not having to take his exams…Harry had sort of guilted him into doing it – without even bloody trying to guilt him! – so he'd been spending a lot of time when he wasn't with his new friends at the library or practicing for what's to come in the next task.

"Just be careful…" Harry said his fingers brushing against Luna's his concern for her obvious.

Luna flushed bright red at the attention, attention she most definitely wasn't used to at all. Let alone from such an attractive Fourteen-year-old who was a whole year older than her.

Then the door suddenly opened and Luna bound out, after rubbing herself along Harry on the way. Almost causing him to fall on his backside, but thankfully the cabin was in a fortuitous position for him.

"Good afternoon," Severus said smoothly, watching his son with knowing eyes, not that Harry noticed. His boy was still staring at Luna, if he didn't know any better, he would say he was completely enamoured. Oh, who was he kidding? Harry definitely was. Clearing his throat, and Harry jumped.

"Hi dad!" Harry said, a little squeak to his voice that wasn't normally present.

"Hi, Mr. Regis," Luna said politely, the redness fading from her face.

"Did you get it sorted?" Severus asked calmly, Talin still had not returned, not that he was surprised. No doubt they were making last minute decisions about the task and making sure all was running smoothy. From spectator safety to ultimately the safety of the champions.

"Yeah, they tried to argue against you getting to take part," Harry said looking up at his dad. "Ale was awesome!"

"Was he, indeed?" Severus asked in amusement.

"They insisted you couldn't because you were 'associated' with the school," Cedric sighed, shaking his head ruefully. "It was all sorted though, thankfully! I mean I didn't know who else to ask!" not that he'd technically asked his cousin he'd volunteered.

"You should consider yourself lucky, Karkaroff and Maxime wished to choose for you lot," Talin explained, making an appearance. "Hermione Grangers name was in for you." he informed Viktor.

"Bloody hell," Viktor muttered, shaking his head, honestly, it's like they didn't know him at all. Just because he attended the ball with the only girl not fawning over him…didn't mean he was in love with her like the newspapers were speculating. He'd had to reassure his parents that he most definitely wasn't.

"You're going to be late for your class," Severus cautioned his son, seeing the time for himself.

"Crap!" Harry said wide eyed.

"Language," Severus said mildly, "Go on, in you go, you'll see Luna later on today," after he had done his schooling, which was more important. He would not let Harry's grades suffer not for the want of a girl, or any troubles he was feeling.

"Bye guys!" Harry said, giving Luna one last subtle lingering look before he was gone, racing towards the 'classroom' that was set up for them to attend classes.

"Harrison Regis?" his name was spoken as he skidded into the room.

"Here!" he called, all but sliding into his seat, while the others muffled their laughter.

"Okay, we're all here, let's get on with todays lesson…" came their professors voice through the mirror, able to see them as the mirror was set up so that they could see the entire classroom.

"I heard there were protests to my 'participation'?" Severus stated, as Talin made coffee for them. Once he had Luna back inside, and the door was closed.

"Indeed, not that it lasted overly long," Talin informed him, "I had nothing much to say…it's entirely draining dealing with them." And considering the meetings he'd had to endure in the past…it was saying a lot.

"It can be," Severus sighed, accepting the cup slid across from him. "I am going to assume Dumbledore somehow got himself involved?" his tone bone dry.

Talin stated, "Yes," in irritation, that old fool seemed to always find himself in the middle of things. "I am rather irate that nobody said anything about his presence there."

"That is Dumbledore for you," Severus said wryly, he hadn't been in the old fool's presence for years. Thankfully he was no longer his concern, just getting Harry to complete the tournament and get him home was all that mattered. "Regardless of his besmirched reputation…he's very well liked."

"I'd never allow that," Talin stated firmly, "Not after what he did, he shouldn't be near children."

"I completely agree," Severus nodded, sipping on his brew, "You won't hear me arguing," it was his son whom he had endangered after all.

Talin sighed, both of them sitting in comfortable silence. There was no need to always talk, that was how close they were. The peace was only shattered ten minutes later with the arrival of an owl.

"That's my order," Severus said, relief sweeping his features, as he stood and made for the window where the owl was perched patiently waiting.

Talin observed him, musing over the relief wondering at it.

"I had worried that it wouldn't come in time despite reassurances," Severus claimed the box and let it adjust to its proper size.

"I see," Talin murmured, finishing off his coffee cup. "I'm glad it came," for his peace of mind. Whatever it was, was evidently important to him.

"I may not be able to help my son directly but I can ensure his safety," Severus continued on, opening the box, and finding the measurements were exactly as he requested.

"Dragonhide armour?" Talin queried, touching it to confirm, that will have cost a pretty penny.

"Indeed, most of the spells will deflect off it, it will give him an easier time of it." Severus commented, closing the box once confirmed it was exactly as ordered. There wouldn't be enough time to send it back for adjustments if it had been wrong.

"He certainly will," Talin commented, feeling a little relieved. "Now I best get those updates done while I have some time."

"Indeed, I really should get my book started to," Severus sighed, he'd been putting it off. Anxious as he was, he'd been too worried to really focus or concentrate on his newest book. He'd yet to go beyond his deadline, and he'd really rather not. Although, his publicist would understand, everyone knew what was happening. Everything about the tournament was being written down in the papers where the champions were from.

With that duty called, as they both squared their shoulders and got down to it.

"Hey, Dad! I'm off to see…" Harry came into the bedroom calling out to his father.

"Just a moment, son," Severus said, before Harry could continue, writing forgotten as he turned to face his son.

"Is everything alright?" Harry asked, staring at his father curiously. It wasn't an unusual sight seeing his father writing. Although, him interrupting definitely was.

"I'm fine, there's a gift for you on your bed," Severus told him. "I'd like you to wear it during the task."

"During the task?" Harry murmured, glancing at his bed, finding a big square box as indicated. Walking over, he opened the lid, and gasped at the contents, touching it lightly well aware of what it was. "Dragonhide." He had a pair of boots and a wand holster made of it. The real deal was expensive, replicas were less so.

"It is, and as you know, Dragonhide is very durable." Severus commented, "I want you to try it on and make sure you can move adequately without difficulty."

"Oh," Harry said, blinking in surprise, "Thanks, Dad!" he said, hugging his dad tightly, beaming in delight. A weight he hadn't been fully aware of easing somewhat.

"You're welcome, now give it a try, it should fit over your clothes," Severus nudged him, as he focused back on his writing, finishing his sentence. Before tapping it with his wand so that the ink dried utterly. He didn't want it to smudge, although it could be easily corrected…he didn't want to have to do it. There, now he'd been very productive today…he felt as though he'd accomplished something.

"I'm done…what do you think?"

Severus swiftly turned and found that his son was getting on the last few pieces attached. Eyeing every piece critically, giving a museful nod, it fitted near perfection. "It's perfect," he conceded, smug that he'd gotten it right.

"Too much though, I'm going to be going through a growth spurt again which might mean it won't fit," Harry pouted a little, "But I do love it, thanks dad!"

"May fit under your clothes for a bit, but yes, you're quite right, it will not fit after your done with your growth spurt." Severus said, a proud gleam in his eyes as he stared at his son. Never for a moment did he ever think he'd be a good father back then. His own upbringing was abysmal and father just…lacking in every single possible way. Now look at him, he'd raised a wonderful boy. He was still not sure where he'd gone right, but he'd done it, and he was proud of himself.

"True! Can I show everyone?" Harry asked, already wanting to head out to see everyone's reaction.

Severus chuckled, "Entirely up to you," he murmured, watching his son take off, yes, he'd done well, he'd admit. Hopefully, well enough, that his son would emerge from this tournament unscathed an unsettled frown appearing on his face as he contemplated the tournament.

"What are you wearing?" came the immediate questions the second Harry appeared.

"Dragonhide armour! Dad bought it for me…for the next task!" Harry said, twirling around to show them. "It has everything I'll need!" he knew it would have been bought from a very reputable source. No Dragons would have been harmed to make the armour.

"Brilliant!" Dylan declared, "It will help a whole lot during the next task…"

"They didn't say something like this was forbidden?" Chao asked, frowning in concern.

"Nope, they said nothing about wearing anything," Harry said smugly, "Which means they can't forbid it."

"Unless, they hear around it and then do it," Sophie stated pursing her lips, "You have to keep it quiet…maybe even wear it under your gear when you go out…"

"Unless, they try to disqualify him for hiding it," Josh pondered, "They're being downright vicious seriously!" he was becoming increasingly ill-tempered towards the tournament officials, and how so utterly prejudice they were.

"They wouldn't dare…would they?" Sophie scoffed, "Course they would…" especially if Harry's thoughts were correct.

"Maybe you should inform them…or not wear it," Chao said in frustration, "I think…I think I'm going to read through the rules and regulations."

"Don't, they change them each task, it's the way it's always been. You'd be reading through a massive doorstep for nothing." Harry shook his head, "I'll keep quiet, wear it on top of my clothes, and if they tell me no then I'll take it off and only then." His excitement not diminished the slightest.

"I wonder how much it can expand…" Josh wondered, he was taller and a bit broader than Harry, so he wouldn't fit into it. "I wonder how it would hold up against the balls in quidditch."

"Kindly don't ask to find out unless you want to volunteer!" Harry chortled, shaking his head, he was definitely not going to. Dragonhide was brilliant at defecting spells…but Bludgers? He didn't think so.

Sophie laughed out loud, "Oh my god! Can you imagine," rubbing her chest in sympathetic pain of being hit in the chest with a Bludger. She'd never been hit herself, nobody had, a leg or arm as it passed maybe but that was it. "Oh, are they coming for dinner again?" the House-elves they'd brought with them were busier than ever and loving it, as they made additional meals for those attending from Durmstrang and Beauxbaton. A whole range of food, so that they experienced the other countries meals and favoured foods.

"Yeah, but the weather…we're definitely going to need the gazebo," Harry said, they could all hear the rain pattering against the cabin. "Or actually in here…" it would be very cosy and impossible to move, but it was brilliant, fascinating conversations, heated debates, everyone had someone they all spoke to.

"Hopefully…even with spells it's such a dreary day to sit out there!" Sophie confessed. The benches were soaking wet, with magic they can be bone dry again…but they couldn't change the weather.

"Yeah, you're right, the grass is sinking under your feet too," Chao admitted, "I put your boots on to let Luna out for a pee…it was like someone had cast a sinking charm on the ground."

"In only a few hours?" Harry wrinkled his brow in confusion.

"Yeah but remember it's been raining continuously for days before we go the rain this afternoon. It's good for the earth…not so good for us." Talin informed them, "Now leave the kitchen for a few moments while I set it up so that you can all eat in here." Shooing them out.

"Well, Sophie, that answers that question," Chao said, laughing as she laced her arms with her best friend.

"Certainly does," Sophie said dryly, sniggering in amusement. "Come on, I need to write down what our homework is…before I forget." Making a beeline for her journal. Which had her timetable, homework, due dates of her homework, appointments and everything she might need in her day to day life.

"It's not like you need to do it," Chao grumbled, "I mean the teachers aren't getting it until we get home."

"Ha, that's what you think!" Sophie snorted wryly, "I saw Talin handing off a whole lot of paperwork to Professor Wren last night. I wouldn't be surprised if it's all the homework we'd done so far!"

Chao's eyes widened dramatically, "You're joking!" she choked, gaping at her best friend horrified.

"No, not at all," Sophie shook her head, "He really was here, it was way late, around four o'clock in the morning here. I completely forgot until now." Hence why she wanted to have everything written down. Chao had been asleep…so, she hadn't been able to tell her.

"Oh, man!" Chao groaned, as she entered their room, complaining, "We've got like seven new projects to complete…I wonder how often they're collecting them." Eyes shadowing with worry that she had less time than anticipated to complete everything.

"Eight," Sophie corrected, "And who knows? Best just to have them completed."

"I can't fall behind, my parents will be very displeased, I might even be told to come home!" Chao confessed, "I best get started!" she'd just been having so much fun that she'd let herself get side-tracked on what was really important.

"Well, let's start with Charms then, it's the smallest, then later our History of magic," Sophie suggested, "We have three weeks they said to get them all completed." Reassuring her best friend.

Ten minutes later, "Hey, everyone will be here soon…aren't you coming?" Alexis asked, wandering in, surprised to see them both bent over work, scribbling on their notebooks with a fast pace.

"Yeah, we'll be there," Sophie giving Alexis a smile, "We're just catching up on our homework."

"Yeah, I was up half the night completing mine," Alexis admitted, sitting down on her bed, pulling out the book she was reading and silently joining them.

"Hey, Tali!" Jaden said, beaming at his twenty-two-year-old sister in the mirror.

"Hey, how's dad?" Tali asked, all the while doing her hair up intricately.

"I can't get over how painful that looks," Harry commented, in awe watching the way she put her hair up.

Tali just rolled her eyes with a fond smile, as she worked on her cornrows. It was something she and her mother had done together. Her poor father had been so lost in the beginning, but had been so determined he'd gone and done practicing. For someone with no hair, he was quite an expert now.

"We need your help," Jaden whispered quietly.

Tali frowned, "What's going on?" she demanded to know, worry shining in her eyes.

"We need you to break into the ICW, Bathurst's office," Harry commented, "We think he might be sabotaging GRMS's chance at winning the tournament."

"You did not just ask me that," Tali said, shocked that her brother would even think to ask that. Anyone attempting something like that would end up in a whole world of trouble.

"You'll have an invisibility cloak, plus those runes you worked on…and charms you'll be utterly undetectable!" Jaden blurted out, shifting uncomfortably at the look on his sisters' face. She didn't have a Runes Mastery just a Transfiguration and Charms Mastery.

Tali deftly continued to do her hair, which was just passed her backside. "You're nuts, both of you, it wouldn't be worth it!" but her mind was wandering to how much her father wanted this. If they were sabotaging it… "What proof do you have that there is anything untoward happening?"

"No proof, only our suspicions," Harry admitted, as he watched her tie up the end of her hair and begin on the next one. "We shouldn't have asked…it's not fair on you…I'm sorry." He apologised.

"How sure are you that there is sabotaging going on?"

"Um…eighty percent?" Jaden murmured anxiously, wondering now what he was getting his sister into. He glanced at Harry and each were as anxious as the other.

"They have fire drills on the first Friday of the month…" Tali informed them, "The all vacate the building during those times…it would be the perfect time to get in." with no way to Apparate…they have to know how to safely get out of the building. "That will give me time to come up with a plan…but if I don't find anything, you'll drop this…understood?" her tone becoming stern, she did not want her brothers getting into something they wouldn't be able to get out of.

"Yes," Harry and Jaden both exclaimed.

"Now where will I get this invisibility cloak?" she asked, dark eyes gleaming mischievously. "And can I borrow it?" she asked innocently as she pleased.

Harry grinned, "Yeah you can." He promised her, before he informed her exactly how to get her hands on an invisibility cloak.

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