Growing Legacy

Chapter 23

"Are we visiting the graves today?" Harry asked as he was side-long apparated by his dad. They landed directly in the Leaky Cauldron, which was bustling. Not too busy luckily, but it had it's share of patrons, but the Leaky Cauldron often did, it was the gate way between the Muggle and Magical World after all. Thus, there was always a steady stream of traffic, and not all magical either.

"Would you like to say goodbye?" Severus asked his son, staring just slightly down at him, although, it wouldn't be needed much longer, he was going through what was probably his last growth spurt. He actually hadn't made any plans to visit the Potter's graves today. However, if his son wished to go, Severus would take him. Who knows when they'd next have the opportunity? Until this year, Harry hadn't had a chance to see his parents' graves.

"Yes," Harry replied, as he followed his dad to the counter.

"Conference room thirteen," Severus informed Tom, the innkeeper quiet but firmly. "Then we shall make time to go." He told his son; he didn't think the conversation with Remus and Sirius were going to last long anyway. They were either coming or they were staying here. The choice was theirs, but it was also his choice to make sure they couldn't blab.

Severus didn't delude himself into thinking that they were coming really, he would be pleasantly surprised if they did return to St. Lucia with them.

"Here," Severus said, holding out a bag of galleons, "There should be more than enough in there for the new book you wanted and a selection of flowers." Harry knew what his mothers' favourite flowers were, should he choose to get them. If not, they could conjure something far lovelier and something that would last infinitely longer.

"I have my savings," Harry said, showing his own pouch, he'd learned to save at a young age. Maybe because his dad had gotten him everything he wanted, within reason, naturally.

Harry had still learned the value of money; Severus had grown up poor and wouldn't have allowed Harry to become a spoiled brat. In fact, it had been one of his worst nightmares. Clothes, food and treats and necessities were NOT considered items that would spoil his son. It was something he promised to give him when he became his father.

"Very well," Severus murmured, returning his pouch to his pocket, after removing enough coins for a drink, "A firewhisky and a butterbeer please." He intended to take them up with him, he was sure Remus and Sirius had already gotten something for themselves. There was no way that they had considered him in their plans, they got on a lot better than they used to, but the old animosity would always sour their interactions even if they'd accepted each other's presence, for Harry's sake.

"Coming right up!" Tom said cheerfully, he'd seen this man – who reminded him so vividly of Macarius Prince – and his son a few times throughout the year. He knew whom they were, or rather who the child was, he'd participated in the Quadwizard tournament and came second to Viktor Krum. "On the house! And may I say, congratulations young Regis! You did extraordinary!" especially for his age! No student in Hogwarts would have been able to do as well as Harrison Regis did at his age.

He had written to ICW in a bid to encourage GRMS to be added to the internationally renowned/recognized schools, clearly, they were doing something right. Not only was this youngster bright, he was powerful and simply very gifted. Although to be fair, he hadn't met any of the other GRMS students regretfully.

Tom hadn't been the only one writing and demanding that GRMS be accepted once word got into the paper.

Harry flushed in pride and happiness, "Thank you," a little bit shy, but his happiness bolstered it, he wasn't used to attention from complete strangers. It was nice, new, but nice. There was a high that came with being told he had done well, it helped wash away his disappointment and feeling of failure. Talin had repeatedly told him he was proud of him, that there was nothing he'd change, and that eased harry as well.

Severus chuckled, handing over the bottle of butterbeer that had been opened in their line of sight. He took his own glass and raised it to Tom in silent thanks before the pair left the bar and made for the stairs.

Harry didn't wait on his dad, he opened the door and grinned widely at Sirius and Remus, "Hey!" he said enthusiastically, hugging both of them tightly. It had taken a while for him to grow used to them, Sirius especially, but he liked both of them now.

"How are you?" Remus asked, at the same time Sirius spoke over him, exclaiming how amazing and awesome Harry was. "Your dad would be so proud of you! I wish I could have seen it, the newspaper did well, writing it out but man! You have to let me see it in the pensive!" enthused, it was really the first time he could say (other than Quidditch) that Harry was like James.

"My father," Harry automatically corrected him, he did it himself sometimes, so it didn't matter, it wasn't as annoying as it used to be when he first got to know them. His father was James Potter, his dad was Severus Snape or Septimus Regis as he knew him best as. "The newspaper was alright; they missed a few bits out." Agreeing with Sirius jut as enthusiastically.

"Indeed, they did," Severus agreed, "And drink your butterbeer, you have twenty minutes before you need to take your next potion." His son like the other participants of the tournament, had a weeks' worth of potions to take. He'd ensured they knew how strong they were, that they could cause drowsiness, and to take it easy. It hadn't been easy talking to Viktor's coach, but he'd gotten through to the fool. He kept his son's close by, giving it to him when required. Not because he couldn't trust his son, but because he was a Potions Master, he always carried a variety of potions everywhere with him.

Remus' gaze became more piercing at the news Harry needed potions, boring into Harry's seeking an answer.

"I'm fine, I promise," Harry reassured the amber eyed wizard, "I just ache a little, okay a lot," he amended hearing his dad's snort of disbelief. "It was just too much running."

"Not to mention the cold you caught," Severus said unimpressed, but a few potions enabled the common cold to be reduced to practically nothing.

Remus pressed his hand against Harry's head, he seemed a little warm but not too feverishly warm.

"He's fine, stop babying him," Sirius said, nudging Remus with a dramatic eyeroll, Harry wasn't a kid anymore.

Severus eyed Remus, his countenance impassive, as he often was when it came to dealing with Black and Lupin. He couldn't quite gauge whether they were going to leave or not, there was no obvious signs of guilt or any such emotion. "Are you returning to St. Lucia?" his and Harry's home, Britain wasn't their home anymore. He didn't care enough about them to spend an age beating around the bush.

Guilt flickered through amber eyes, and Severus spotted it immediately. He wasn't a spy any longer, and while over a decade since he had been on the defensive/on the look-out for anything…nefarious. There were some things that would never change. Severus was always watching, some people a lot more closely than they realized. Anger slammed into him, but he did not show it, he would give them a chance to not let Harry down.

"I can't wait to get home, neither can Luna, she's missed the rest of the pack, me too!" Harry exclaimed, it was too cold here, he couldn't wait to get back to the warmth. Sure, he'd gotten used to the weather here, but he missed the sun, his tanned skin had faded, leaving him rather pale. He knew Sirius and Remus would need to make their own way back home as well.

"About that…" Remus said, halting, his stomach churning, guilt nearly consuming him.

"What is it?" Harry asked, his contagious rambling already trailing off, his eyes dimming, "You…you're not coming…are you?" he asked in realisation, hurt splashing across his face. He felt his dad grip him tightly, silently giving him reassurance and keeping his feet planted where it was after the shock of the realization that they would rather be at war than with him.

"It's not forever…we'll be back before you know it!" Sirius chimed in, his grey eyes filled with fervour and excitement.

Severus stared at Black as if he had grown an additional head, or more like he had cut it off, if his glare got any more ferocious, he may just have accomplished it. Was he honestly that deluded? "Do you not recall just how close we were to losing before we actually won the war?" and the cost it took to win it went unsaid, but everyone in the room could practically hear it dripping with Severus' well-known scorn. Seething in fury that Black would act as if this was just a damn game.

Sirius' chin jutted out, "I lost my best friend that night, I don't need a reminder of how close we were to losing," Sirius said, baring his teeth at Severus, acting like a feral wolf. You could see he was far better at keeping his composure, all those sessions at the mind healers, but it hadn't helped him entirely.

"You…you'd rather fight than come home with me?" hurt shining in his green eyes, he didn't understand, they'd been really happy and determined to be in his life, even when he was leery of it. Yet a few months back here and they were wanting to stay? To abandon him? "You want to forget me?" grateful for his dad, for without him, Harry didn't think his legs would have held him.

Sirius barked out a laugh, "Oh, come on, he's not really going to make us forget, we'll be back before you know it, Kiddo."

Remus remined silent on the subject, his eyes watching everything warily, knowing without a doubt Severus was serious. His hand twitching towards where his wand was kept. He would never willingly allow anyone to tamper with his memories. The prospect was absolutely terrifying, so yes, he was watching Severus with wide cautious eyes.

"When have I ever kidded? Black?" Severus asked darkly, boring holes into his Black's skull.

"You can't honestly want to abandon the country! We're at war for Merlin's sake!" Sirius protested, sitting forward an intense look on his face, trying to play growing up and failing. "Harry has a vital part to play too."

"So, you've made your choice?" Severus asked coolly, hurting only because he knew his son would be.

Remus stood, wand at the ready, he didn't want to hurt Harry or Severus but he wouldn't allow anyone to remove his memories. The only upside was the fact that Severus seemed wholly focused on Sirius, which gave him a chance to stun the wizard. He wouldn't hurt Harry, not for anything, not even the war. Which in truth he didn't want to take part in. Why should he? It wasn't as if it was going to help the rights of creatures become better…if anything the wizarding world would soon ban or put down werewolves altogether. They hated and feared him…he'd been more optimistic during the last war…but this time he wasn't such a fool or deluded. However, he couldn't abandon Sirius again, he'd been wrong, and they had both suffered – Sirius more so – for it.

It was the last thing he knew, as Severus fired off a spell at Sirius, who wasn't expecting it – not really – and didn't even think to doge. "Right, and these are the people who want to help stop a war." They couldn't even avoid the spell; they weren't in shape enough to really help.

Remus panicked, his entire being protested as Severus stood over him, his heart was just about beating out of his chest. He shouldn't have come; he shouldn't have even contemplated the idea. He'd known Severus was serious, that he would do anything to protect Harry. As were his rights, and he'd do anything to protect Harry too but he didn't want to forget. He didn't want to be under the impression that Harry had died of child abuse for Merlin's sake.

Feet entered his line of sight, understanding dawned how Severus got the better of them. He'd had someone else in the room with him. If he'd been able, he would have cursed angrily, he was spitting mad. The person – whoever they are – remained quiet, but as he moved into his line of sight, Remus shouldn't have found himself surprised. Talin Addison, the Headmaster of Harry's school and good friends with Severus. Of course, it would be him.

"As much as I would like to remove your memories entirely, I cannot." Severus knelt down beside Lupin; lips pursed in annoyance. "Know that it is not for you, or even for Harry…but I am not adept at removing years' worth of memories." Not good enough to ensure that the memories remained gone, but this way? It would ensure that his son's existence would be secured. The thought of Voldemort finding him was beyond terrifying, the quicker they got out of here the better.

"Dad…" Harry said, staring at the two fallen wizards, hurt and worried.

Severus turned to stare at his son, sadness gleaming in his dark depths, "I know," he said quietly, softly, "But it must be done." he couldn't force Black and Lupin to return with them. Harry's safety came first, before all else, even his happiness.

Harry bit his lip, "It's not fair," his tone tremulous.

"No, it's not," Severus agreed, "Talin, could you do me a favour? Escort Harrison to the bookstore and then to pick some flowers? Harry wishes to visit his parents before we leave." For good, with a little luck, because he was determined that Harry wouldn't take part in this war at all. If he did, then he'd be a fully grown adult not still a young teen – whether he'd graduated school or not – he wouldn't have it.

"Come, Harrison," slipping into his old habits, it seemed, as quickly as Severus was.

Harry glanced at them, his gaze hardening, "I hope you survive the war…but don't come looking for me, leave me alone." he told the pair, chin held high, hurt and anger in his voice. With that, he allowed himself to be guided out by Talin, the door snicked closed with a feeling of finality.

Severus knelt fully beside Remus, and entered his mind, not having much care about how much it hurt. He was still furious with the pair of them, for hurting his son, for deciding a war was more important. At least Lily and James decided Harry was more important and actually went into hiding. Yes, they were betrayed, but they had put their son first before the valiant fight against Voldemort especially as he was winning.

It was easy, to slid through Remus' memories, he didn't pay too much attention to them. At least not fully, not until he got to when they found out about Harry being alive. Years' worth of memories, he poured his magic into it, slowly and deliberately boxing the memories up, everything associated with his son, him, St. Lucia, even the Quadwizard tournament was inserted.

With a sweaty brow, Severus wiped it, as he closed his eyes and begun the spell, on those memories he cast the Fidelius Charm making himself the secret keeper. Making them entirely inaccessible to anyone, and making it so that Remus could not speak about it to anyone, not even Sirius.

They had chosen what they wanted to do.

To make matters worse, Severus got the sense that Remus hadn't been all too eager to return to the UK. Back to the reality of war, not when he'd been living in a luxurious life in St. Lucia where he wasn't feared or hated. It was quite frankly, the best time Remus' had ever had, except for the three years at Hogwarts where his pack had known what he was and instead of running, had became animagi in order to help him, romp around on the full moon…before the reality of war slammed into their faces. Well aware that he'd been distrusted towards the end, just because other werewolves had been joining Voldemort.

By the time Severus withdrew from Remus, the wizard was unconscious, eyes closed body lax. Glancing at the clock on the wall in the conference room he nodded. Not quite so surprised that it had taken him so long, half an hour, time moved differently whilst doing it. No doubt his son had already picked his book and flowers. Using his left hand, he hoisted himself to his feet, staggering a little, the power that had gone into it was more than he normally used all week.

There was a reason, only powerful people could cast the Fidelius charm.

That and Severus had tweaked it to fit his own needs. He'd always been very good at that, whether it came to spells or potions.

Moving over to Sirius, who's eyes were going back and forth, exuding rage and indignation. He truly hadn't believed that Severus would actually try to remove their memories. He'd assumed it was an empty threat in a bid to ensure they left to return to St. Lucia. As if he would leave everyone in the UK to Voldemort's mercies. No way in hell, plus Voldemort had killed James and Lily, this was his chance to get revenge on the one who'd really done it, not just betrayed them.

"After the fight you had to endure to be in Harry's life…you give it up for this? A cheap thrill? You're not an Auror Black, you couldn't be one even if you wanted, you didn't get the grades required to train to be one. There won't be an Order this time around…you've given up Harry…for what? And what do you think Lily and James would be thinking right now?" a disgusted sneer on his face, staring down his nose at Black. He had no doubt Lupin could hear everything going on. "Trying to relive your 'glory days', as Harry said, don't even think of approaching him."

Sirius just stared at Snape hatred and deep-seated fury on his face, any pretence of tolerating him gone. Completely ignoring the truth in what Snivellus was saying. Reverting back to old habits, something that came very easily for Sirius, especially since he didn't want to be an adult. Unlike Remus, Sirius did have some half competent mind barriers, having learned them as a child. He was the heir of the Black family after all, so it made sense.

Not that he stood a chance against Severus, who was able to lie successfully to Lord Voldemort for years and live to tell the tale. His Occlumency and Legillimency was top notch, there was nobody alive better than him, and he didn't say that out of misbegotten pride. It had been hard earned and righteous.

Sirius received the same treatment as Remus, he made no effort to dull the pain, even if it meant he too would feel the same pain echoing. Sirius' mind – despite his barriers – were a mess, the years in Azkaban clearly hadn't been kind at all to him. He dreaded to think what it would be like without those barriers. With meticulous painstaking care, he boxed up every single memory he had of Harry, even of Dobby in Azkaban and the care he'd received due to his interference might he add. Until all the way up to the tournament, until this very moment. Now came the difficult part, pouring his magic into it, wordless magic, weaving around the Fidelius Charm again, making himself the secret keeper, once he felt the magic connect, Severus withdrew from Black.

Like Lupin, Sirius was unconscious, body lax.

Severus was quick to stand once more, removing his magical signature from the room and the wizards themselves. Smoothing out his robes, he decided to leave them there, and exit the room. Adding a do not disturb sign, he made his way down to the pub, asking Tom how long the room was ordered for.

"Just the hour, Master Regis," Tom said, knowing who he was, he'd been in the newspaper, he was Harrison Regis' father after all.

"Here, we'd like to keep it a few more hours," handing over the coins.

"That's twenty-four hours' worth, Sir!" Tom protested, as Septimus left. befuddled, he wiped down the bars top as he set the money in the till, and put the conference room as occupied for the next twenty-four hours. Expecting that the wizard would be back, either that or the two wizards who had hired it would.

Severus found his son and Talin waiting for him outside the magical side of the Leaky Cauldron. A lovely bouquet of flowers in his hands, Lily would love them. His son was watching him closely, seeking comfort, his world was being changed and re-arranged in ways he hadn't anticipated at all. Severus smiled, bringing his son close, making sure he knew that everything would be okay.

He would make sure of it.

"I shall leave you to it," Talin said, giving them both a fond smile, but he needed to return to the students, it wouldn't be fair to make Filius watch them all day after all.

Severus inclined his head gratefully; he'd known he'd need help if it came to both of them fighting him over the removal of their memories. Fondness digging it's roots deeply within Severus, he'd never known a friend like Talin, not even Lily, but they had been children. Talin and he had an adult friendship, which he hoped would stand the test of time.

"Are you ready?" they were in the wrong place, they were currently in Diagon Alley, when his son nodded, Severus Apparated them a little bit further away from the Potter cemetery. He relaxed when he noticed that it was empty, not a soul in sight. Harry would get to say his goodbyes in peace. He put a silencing spell up to ensure complete privacy. They hadn't come this far only to be outed because someone was spying on the Potter graves and overhears everything.

"Hi, mum, hi father," Harry said, kneeling before their stones, as he put the flowers between their graves, "I'm…I'm just coming to say goodbye, I'm not sure when we will be back again…" looking up in silent query, "Or if we will ever be back, I love you, but dad's taking very good care of me. I didn't win the Twi-Wizard tournament…"

Severus let Harry talk to them while he kept a watch on the area. He was hypervigilant, just knowing Voldemort was back was enough to rouse feelings in him that hadn't been present in a decade. Voldemort, if he even got an inkling, that he or Harry were alive…they'd be hunted down to the end of the earth. He knew exactly what sort of fate would await them, and it caused him to shudder anew in fear. No, the Dark Lord thought they were dead, and that was the end of that.

Eventually, Severus touched his son's back, "It's time to go," he told him, it was true, they were due to take off in twenty minutes. Which would give them enough time to Apparate to the front of Hogwarts and walk through the grounds to get to the GRMS cabins.

Harry quickly scrambled to his feet, glancing at the time, surprised to see it was so late.

Severus flicked his wand, creating a wreathe on Lily's grave, "I'll take care of our son," he murmured, "Goodbye, Lily…" with a little luck it really would be the last time they stepped foot on the UK soil. He'd die taking care of their son and making sure he survived, no matter what. He certainly wouldn't expect him to fight, he still couldn't believe Black and Lupin's sheer nerve.

Severus wrapped his arms around Harry, removing the spells on the area, and his own traces, paranoia settling in deep. He apparated them both as close to the wards of Hogwarts as he could, and still reach their destination. "Luna!" he laughed, rushing towards his wolf, who was playfully running away from Talin's attempts to bring him in by the look of it.

Severus' own lips twitched in amusement, relieved that Harry felt better, well enough to laugh despite what had happened. He was angry at them, that was good, it was better than being sad or upset. Those in the know about Harry were waiting at the cabin to say goodbye to all of them, Severus included.

"We'll come and see you," Minerva said, hugging Severus close.

"Just survive somehow," Severus murmured, the guilt beginning to simmer like a low heat now.

"None of that, you just take care of your son, keep him safe," Minerva declared sternly, "It's what I want for both of you." she added, knowing that Severus would feel guilty but do what he had to regardless to keep Harry safe. All that was left of Lily safe. Too much had been taken from Harry in the last war, she'd be damned before she allowed it to happen again.

"She's right, stay safe," Filius spoke in his usual squeaky voice.

"We must go," Talin said, shaking both Minerva and Filius' hand and bid them a fond farewell, with the hope of meeting again someday.

"Luna! Come!" Harry called out, entering the cabin, which they would be using to return home. Grinning in delight when she came to him when he asked. "Guess who's getting tickets to the first game of the season?" Harry cackled in delight as he dodged the pillow Chao threw at him.

"Wait, seriously? You actually mean that?" Josh practically squeaked in delight. "You're actually going to the first game of the season?"

"Yeah, Fleur too," Harry informed them, as everyone settled down in envy.

"Holy crap! They're sold out everywhere!" Sophie told them in envy, eyes wide.

"Yeah, a lot of people will be buying them to sell them back on for extortionate prices." Harry grumbled, a practice he hated, but sort of understood. He would need to buy from them in order to allow his best friends to come. Not just any seats either, it would need to be top box ones like the ones Viktor will be bringing along.

"Alexis, come on, relax a little, you're going to do great in your exams," Chao said, watching the girl immerse herself in her book. "We're finally going home!" she added with a delighted squeal.

"I'm glad," Harry confessed, as he got up to get a drink, as Hogwarts began to fade into the distance looking more like a postage stamp than a castle now.

"Things are getting way to serious here," Jaden, Talin's youngest stated.

"Just wait until dad finds out what's been happening back home," Ale said sharing a secret look with Harry.

"Just what exactly has been happening?" Talin asked causing his sons to jump, the look of guilt on their faces very telling.

"Nothing," both of them said, attempting an innocent look.

Talin just gave his sons dubious looks, more amused than concerned.

When they returned home, his daughter would have gathered folders of information regarding the attempts to cheat that the ICW were involved in. Thanks to the invisibility cloak that Harry had given her to borrow in order to get access to the building.

Or should they say a certain someone within ICW not the organisation itself, Bathurst who was beyond worried that Grande Riviere magical school might actually win. Not only with Albus Dumbledore involved but Igor Karkaroff as well. It would spell the end of him and his career, the shame of it would be his legacy.

Whether it would allow Grande Riviere magical school that international recognition it so desired, remains to be seen.

Either way the Quadtournament would be added to the long list of Harrison Regis' growing legacy. Who needed a legacy like being The-Boy-Who-Lived? Certainly not him, no, that wouldn't be Harrison James Severus Potter-Snape-Regis' Legacy. Whether it would intertwine was also unknown...after all, golem magic...did not hold forever. Could Harrison outrun the legacy of The-Boy-Who-Lived and the prophecy? Could he outrun destiny? Was this a predestined legacy?

The End

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