So here is my first Percy Jackson and DXD Crossover story, combined with my Chaos theme. I do hope you all enjoy and leave good reviews for it. Anyway, enjoy!

Name: Chad Walker

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Relatives: Chaos (Father), Alva Walker (Mother, Deceased), Hecate (Divine Ancestor), Ophis, Outer Gods (Half-Siblings), Gaea, Nyx, Physis, Ananke, Phanes and Akhyls (Half-Sisters), Ouranos, Erebus, Tartarus, Chronos and Pontus (Half-Brothers), Aether and Ourae (Nephews), Hemera, Nesoi and Elpis (Niece), Thalassa (Grandniece) and Hestia (Godmother)

Eye Color: Purple

Hair Color: Black

Species: Demigod/Legacy (Half-Protogenoi)

Affiliation: Olympus, Hestia, Khaos Brigade (Formerly), Himself

Residence: Mill Rock (Main), North and South Brother Islands (Secondary)

Alias: Son of Chaos, The Outsider, Havoc, Void Walker, Son of the Void, Child of the Void, God Killer and the Strongest Demigod

Likes: Adventure, meeting new people, friends, playing games, family, learn new things, doing pranks, freedom and fighting

Dislikes: Oppression, slavery, stripping people of free will, being told what to do, unfair laws and rules

Appearance: He is a young man in his late teens who is around 6 feet tall, has fit, muscular, and lean build, and considered attractive by others. He has fair skin, spiky, disheveled pitch-black hair, with tints of blue, and dark purple eyes. On his back is a large black star-shaped tattoo, with a single, large eye in the center and surrounded by many, smaller white stars. On the upper left side of his chest is a large scar that also covers portions of his left shoulder too. In casual attire, Chad would wear a light grey, short-sleeve shirt, over that is dark gray sweatshirt, followed by a black leather jacket shoulder pads, fingerless black gloves, black jeans, a black belt with a golden buckle, and black combat boots. On the back of the jacket is a yellow Magnum Chaos symbol.

Personality: Usually laid back and easy going, Chad's is an approachable guy who gets along with most people. He hates authority and is a bit of a rebel, listening to those he respects or is on good terms with, but can be disrespectful towards those he hates or finds annoying, no matter what they're status is. However, he can still be serious and even cold hearted, mercilessly killing his enemies, especially if they anger him. Chad also acts unpredictable, mostly when in combat, or with people he does not like or are trying to use him, to catch them off guard. Finally, he is fond of children and wants to keep them safe, due to his own traumatic childhood.

Background: Born between the union of the first Primordial god and creator of the universe, Chaos, with a mortal woman named Alva Walker, who was in fact a legacy of Hecate. Both Chad and his mother were protected by a symbiotic creature named Zero, given to them by Chaos. When Chad was eight, Alva was killed by servants of Gaea, who had sensed her younger brother's birth, and came to kidnap Chad. When he saw his mother killed, Chad went berserk and erased them from existence. He was eventually found by Hestia, goddess of the Hearth, and brought to Camp Half-Blood. Despite that, he left the camp when he was fifteen and took up the occupation as a hunter of the supernatural, as well as a freelancer, thief, assassin, mercenary, inventor, and bounty hunter. Most jobs he accepted were from Olympus, with Hestia acting as a liaison, and became a mother figure to Chad. He currently resides on Mill Rock, the small abandoned island between Manhattan and Queens, while making North and South Brother Islands his secondary bases. Chad Walker is also listed among the "Top 10 Strongest Beings in the World".

(General Abilities):

Body Supremacy: Maximum Bodily Capacity (Maximum Brain Capacity/100% Muscle Usage/Maximum Concentration Capacity/Adoptive Muscle Memory/Body Language Analysis)

Fighting Style: Swordsmanship & Gunmanship (Single and Duel Wielding), Hand-to-Hand Combat, Shield Mastery

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed and Agility

Superhuman Durability

Superhuman Healing

Superhuman Senses

Superhuman Endurance

Superhuman Stamina

Superhuman Reflexes

Enhanced Intelligence

Fighting Instincts & Tactical Genius

Hyper Intuition

(Demigod Abilities):

Nihilikinesis: Void Energy for Attacking and Defending, Negating Abilities, Intangibility, Imperceptibility & Invisibility, Erasing People and Objects from Existence

Kenokinesis: Semi-control over Air: Create tornadoes and hurricanes, reject air to create vacuums and air blasts, cause people to suffocate, or create suction capable of tearing matter to shreds, also creating incredibly sharp vacuum blades or destructive implosions.

Gyrokinesis: Increase/downforce or decrease/upforce gravity, gravity attacks, control attraction & repulsion, form singularities, flight and enhance physical combat

Ouranokinesis: Space-Time Distortion (With Chronokinesis), Warping Teleportation, Spatial Attacks, Spatial Deletion/Generation

Chronokinesis (Limited): Space-Time Distortion (With Ouronokinesis), Time Attacks, Time Reduction/Acceleration/Stopping

Creation: Object Creation (Life Creation is too strenuous)

(Legacy Abilities):

Mystokinesis: Property and Stability Manipulation, Communication, Binding and Sealing, and Barrier Magic.

Mist Control: Memory and illusion control, hide/disguise locations, objects and people


Zero: A living, black, bio-metallic, high-tech symbiotic being that Chaos gave to Chad when he was an infant, formed from the combination of technology and magic. In its dormant form, Zero can take the appearance of either a black satchel, a backpack or merge with his clothes. When in the forms of the former, it can store an infinite number of non-living objects, such as the various weapons Chad uses, due it being linked to the Void. Whatever he stores remains in the same condition as they were, such as food. When Zero merges with Chad, it takes on the appearance of a black and grey armor with a full black body suit underneath along with a helmet and jetpack attached to the back of the armor. Along with enhancing his physical capabilities, Zero gives Chad greater control over his void powers. The suit is also capable of adapting to various situations that Chad might find himself in, and if the situation calls for it, can also control Chad's body if he is unconscious. The creature will only obey Chad and find him wherever he is, and in its dormant form, will return to Chad's side if separated.

Oblivion: Chad's primary weapon. Oblivion can switch between a European longsword claymore with a black blade, navy-blue handle and golden crossguard, to a selective-fire assault rifle, and combination of a Heater and Kite shield. The blade can be infused with null energy, while the rifle can fire null bullets, letting him channel the dangerous power. The blade and bullets can break through most armor and weapons, but is heavy too. The shield form can erase most attacks and objects that touch it. This makes it good as a blunt weapon too. Chad can extend the void energy to create a wall to protect nearby allies. The weapon can only be wielded by Chad and will return to him on command. If it is damaged, the weapon will repair itself when stored away.

Infinity & Eternity: Another gift given to him by his father, Infinity and Eternity are adaptable weapons that can only be wielded by Chad, serving as his secondaries. They can take the form of twin katanas or a pair of semi-automatic pistols. They are not as strong as Oblivion, but are faster and lighter to wield. Like Oblivion, the blades can be infused with null energy and fire null bullets, and if they were to be separated from Chad, they will return in three-five minutes. Should the weapons be damaged, then Chad can simply store them away where they will repair themselves.

Various Items: Carries a large assortment of items he keeps stored in the void by Zero. They are to be used for different situations.