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Joseph Jerome was a young man in his early twenties. He had tanned skin, black hair with white bangs and alabaster colored eyes like his father. He wore the golden colored Legion armor of the Einherjar covered his body. The armor, a weaker version of Chad's Zero Armor, given to the Norse Faction demigods by the Olympians as a sign of friendship, had small dents, scorch marks and scratches on it but protected its wearer. In his hand was Skofnung, a mythical sword known for its sharpness and hardness. It had a thirty-inch silver blade, a dark green octagon shaped guard that matched the two-handed handle, and a black crescent pommel. Inscribed on the blade were several Viking runes that glowed whenever the blade clashed with something. He was also a Thane of the einherjar, having hold onto the position for 400 years.

He grunted as he pushed back another orc with his sword. Joseph then cut down the monster with a single swing, decapitating the orc. Another orc appeared with an assault rifle. With it were two goblins that were charging at Joseph. The orc fired his weapon at the demigod, but thanks to his super-senses, Joseph was able to dodge the bullets as he engaged the goblins. One goblin tried to strike Joseph from behind but was intercepted and then impaled through the heart. Joseph kicked the second goblin to the ground and then proceeded to impale it too.

The orc was about to fire again when his right arm was cut off. It roared in pain but was quickly silence when its head was removed. As the orc's body fell it revealed its killer to be none other than Magnus Chase. The son of Frey was covered with dirt and a few bruises, gripping his sentient sword Jack, or Sumarbrander. "Joseph! You good?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Joseph replied. "What about you?"

"Surviving." Magnus answered. He looked at the battlefield before him. Einherjars and Valkyries were fighting together against orcs, goblins, trolls and draugrs. Some of the orcs were even riding on top of wargs and wyverns. What made it worse was that, excluding the draugrs, some of the monsters were equipped with firearms. The trolls were carrying turrets on their backs that were fired by goblins. Already the defenders were suffering wounded and casualties. "Still no word from Asgard. Something or someone must be interfering with communications. I'm betting it's those Reavers you were talking about."

Reavers. They were monsters and yet not monsters. The first actual sighting of them was back in 1993, but no one knew what to make of them as the incident was brief and the witnesses didn't get a good look. All they were able to remember was how powerful the creature was, capable of fighting against some of the strongest beings. In short, Reavers were humanoid monsters though with different traits such as skin color, additional limbs, size difference and so on. They all had different skills and abilities, such as magic, enhanced physics, cybernetics, weapon usage and psionics. With those were also the skills that made them terrifying, whether fighting them alone or in a group. The Reavers served neither Titans, Angels, Demons, Gods or anyone else except for an entity named Orbis. Information on Orbis was also scarce, with some people believing he was an Outer God, children of Chaos who rival the Primordials. If not, he may have been one of the Old Ones, eldritch beings created after the Outer Gods, but who remained hidden in the shadows.

Back to the present, two of the Reavers were at the rear of the massive force of monsters. Both were males and they had pale gray skin. One was around average height with a skinny body and slick white hair. He had yellow eyes and wore grey metallic armor over a dark blue robe that had the Greek word for "Chrome". The second Reaver was much taller, around three meters and had a pair of tusks sticking out from his bottom mouth. He wore gray metallic armor too, except his did not cover his scaly arms. Plus, he wore a pair of light brown pants. In his hands was a large spiked hammer. Just like his comrade, his armor had the word "Basher" labeled on his armor.

The skinny one raised a hand, signaling a second wave to attack. This time it was over several dozen Orcs riding armored Wargs. The Orcs were carrying firearms, spears, swords and axes as they reinforced their comrades in pushing the demigods and Valkyries. Above were more wyverns also wearing enchanted dark grey metal armor. Riding them were orcs. Several of the wyverns released large fireballs from their mouths.

"Incoming!" Magnus yelled as the magical projectiles came flying at them.

Fortunately, several magic barriers were casted, blocking the fireballs as they exploded. A few Valkyries took to the air and fired magical spells at the wyverns, engaging them in an aerial battle. Some of the wyverns were killed by several spells hitting at once, while others had received major injuries to their wings that they could no longer stay in the air. Unfortunately, some of the invaders' attack managed to get through, and five Valkyries were downed instantly. One Valkyrie had taken a wound to the left shoulder and lost her ability to stay in the air. She crashed hard into the ground, near where Magnus and Joseph were standing.

The smoke and dust cleared as the girl slowly got out of the crater she had made. Doing so revealed her to be a beautiful young woman with long, straight silver hair and aqua colored eyes who appears to be in her late teens. She wore a set of Valkyrie armor, which consisted of a white breastplate with gold and pale blue accents and matching, fingerless gauntlets, boots, hip guards, and wing-shaped hair clips. She also wore a black leotard underneath her breastplate, black thigh-high stockings, and a pale blue cloth wrapped underneath her hip guards, all of which were clad with pink lacing along with her hair clips.

She rubbed her head as she tried to regain her senses. "Rossweisse! Are you okay?" Joseph shouted.

"L-Lord Jerome, sir! I am fine!" Rossweisse exclaimed she straightened herself.

"Good, because Chad would kill me if anything happened to you." Joseph said.

His comment earned a blush from the Valkyrie as the son of Chaos filled her head. It was no secret to anyone among the Valkyries and the Einherjars that Rossweisse had taken Chad's first kiss, whereas Kuroka had taken Chad's virginity. But that was a story for another time as several orcs and draugrs nearby were electrocuted. As their charred corpses fell, they revealed their killer. It was a young man in his early 20s slightly above average height with a lean muscular figure as well as lightly tanned skin, short honey-colored brown hair and blue eyes. He wore the same kind of armor as the others were with a waist-length red cape attached to the shoulders. In his right hand was a Dane Axe that had a deep brown wooden handle, a golden-bronze grip for two or one hand, and a silver blade covered in Elven runes.

This man was Bradley Rico, son of Thor, a Thane like Jerome, wielding his axe, Jarnbjorn. The axe could be thrown and controlled remotely by Bradley, who also coated the blade with lightning for extra damage. That said, Bradley charged towards a group of orcs and brought his axe down on the closes one. The blade cut through the creature's armor and flesh with ease, and the electricity released created a shockwave that sent the others flying. A troll tried to attack Bradley, only for the son of Thor to avoid the meaty fist and instead decapitate its head with a single stroke.

"Everyone! Stand firm! Reinforcements are here!" Bradley roared across the battlefield.

As if backing his words, several explosions appeared around the enemy forces, sending them flying. Since the attack had come from the rear, many of the monsters spun around. Standing inside a small crater were three people. One was Chad, wearing his Zero armor and wielding Infinity and Eternity in their sword forms. To his right was Thea, wearing a red and orange Legion Armor. The armor highlighted her curves well. In her right hand was a grey handle. To Chad's left was Zeke, donning sage green and black armor. In both hands were tonfas that had barrels and smoke rising out of them having just fired grenades.

Seeing Chad, the larger of the two Reavers growled while the smaller one had frown on his gray skin face. The demigods, legacies and Valkyries, however, cheered as they saw the new arrivals. Invigorated, they pushed back the invaders with greater zeal.

"Thea! Go support the others! Zeke will go and take on the Reavers!" Chad ordered before charging towards a group of orcs. Said monsters raised their weapons to impale the oncoming demigod/legacy. However, Chad warped before the blades could touch him, reappearing behind the orcs and swung his swords in a wide arc. The blades severed the monsters' heads from their necks. Changing his weapons into pistols, Chad fired several void bullets at an oncoming Troll. The bullets pierced through the monster's neck and face, killing it as it collapsed on the ground. Chad changed Alpha back into a Katana to block a sword strike from an Orc, before firing Eternity into the monster's chest, killing it.

He spotted a large group of monsters charging towards him. Putting away his dual weapons, Chad pulled out Infinity in sword form, and Oblivion in shield form. The shield glowed a blackish purple. Raising his shield, Oblivion erased several oncoming bullets and explosive arrow bolts that touched the shield. Chad then activated his jetpack, giving him a boost into the air and over a group of Draugr. Turning off the jetpack, Chad dived towards Draugr, impaling the undead through the head with Oblivion. The monster's body dissipated into black mist, indicating it had been erased from existence rather than being resurrected later. A fact that the other monsters took notice of as they made careful steps back.

A few weren't fast enough as Chad rushed towards several Orcs, cutting them down as they disappeared into black mist. Some orcs fired their rifles, trying to attack from a distance. Chad merely phased through the bullets or blocked them with his shield. Then he changed Oblivion into its rifle form. Taking aim with his shield raised, Chad fired back at the orcs as well as Draugrs. Some managed to protect themselves with their armor and shields, but others were not so lucky as they got filled with holes.

Back with Thea, the daughter of Hestia was firing fireballs from her left hand. In her right hand was her personal weapon, Elpida. Activating the fire covered bladed whip, Thea lashed out at several monsters, burning them as the whip cut through them with ease. A troll tried to attack her with a mace, bringing it down on the demigod. But Thea easily rolled out of the way before swinging her whip at him. Elpida easily melted off the chest piece and left a large scorch mark on the troll's chest. With the monster distracted by the pain, Thea slammed her gauntlet covered left fist into the troll's stomach. Focusing her flames, Thea caused the monster's body to combust into flames, killing it.

Turning around, Thea spotted several wounded einherjar about to be overwhelmed by several Orcs on Wargs. Activating her suit's jetpack, Thea took to the air. Pulling out some bombs filled with Greek fire, the daughter of Hestia threw them on the path of the Warg. The Orc riders had no time to move as the grenades exploded, releasing the flames onto them and their mounts. They roared in pain as the fire burned through their armor and skin. Those that had managed to survive were killed by fireballs, fired from Thea's arm-mounted guns.

Zeke was also raking in the kills. Armed with his gun-tonfas, Sentinel, he was either bashing in heads or firing either grenades or bullets at the enemies. Multiple monsters were killed by his barrage, and Zeke even managed to down a wyvern. A troll brought his hammer down onto Zeke, but the former soldier blocked the weapon with one of his tonfas, before ramming the other into the monster's stomach. Pulling the trigger, the shotgun mod left a large gaping hole in the troll. Activating his jetpack, Zeke took to the air and activated the grenade launcher mode. Firing rounds after rounds, the field below him was filled with explosions and body pieces flying. He then performed a slam onto the ground, knocking several orcs off their feet.

With the three attacking the enemy's flank, the Einherjar's morale soared and they took to the offensive. The wyvern riders tried to fight back but were downed by magical projectiles from Rossweisse and other Valkyries. Elves had also arrived to assist and were firing their arrows and spells from the rear, with Hearthstone also present too. The Reavers looked displease at the turn of events but did nothing. However, they did move when Chad was heading towards them.

Whipping out his swords, Chad dashed towards the Reavers. Chrome frowned and lifted his hand and performed several finger movements. On que, pillars of earth shot out of the ground and lunged at Chad. The Son of Chaos merely warped every time a pillar was close to skewering him. Once he was close enough, Chad did a jump into the air and aimed for Chrome. But before his blade could reach his target, Basher got in the way and raised his hammer and stopped Chad's blades. The demigod noticed his blades weren't cutting through the hammer. 'Like I thought, their weapons are made of a special metal.' Chad thought as he moved back a safe distance.

Chrome launched another wave of projectiles, this time at a faster speed than before. He twisted them, trying to confuse Chad who was teleporting to avoid them. Chad had tried to teleport on top of a pillar of earth, but as it curved, he lost his standing and fell. Fortunately, Chad stabbed Oblivion into the ground, righting himself and land on his feet before dashing forward. Morphing the longsword into an assault rifle, Chad opened fire. Basher got in front of Chrome and raised his armored arms to block the bullets. Chad then jumped over the two and landed behind Chrome and had Oblivion changed back into a claymore. He then swung it at Chrome who just barely managed to raise a piece of earth to protect himself.

Chad then delivered a strong kick to Chrome's chest, knocking the Reaver over. Once more changing Oblivion to shield mode, Chad blocked Basher's axe-pick. After pushing the weapon back, Chad then slammed the shield against Basher's body, knocking the large Reaver over. However, that gave Chrome enough time to release a powerful telekinetic blast that sent Chad flying several feet away. The demigod managed to recover though, but as he looked up, he saw a portal opening behind Basher and Chrome. "Hold it!" Chad roared as he raised Oblivion, changing it into rifle mode.

Chrome merely paused as he looked at Chad. Then the Reaver gave a mock bow before saying, "Lord Orbis sends his regards, Chad Walker." He said before disappearing into the portal.

Chad fired his pistols, but the portal had closed by then. "Damn it" The son of Chaos cursed. Putting away his weapons in his pocket dimension, Chad warped back to the others. When he arrived, he saw that the orcs, trolls and wyverns were already dead, their bodies slowly turning to dust. The Einherjars and Valkyries were dealing with their wounded and dead. Thea and Zeke were also lending a hand. However, Chad's focus was on the Einherjars and Valkyries talking to each other. They were Jerome, Magnus, Rossweisse and a beautiful woman with long light blue hair who wore the same armor as Rossweisse.

Jerome spotted Chad. "Glad you could make it Walker." Jerome said as he shook his friend's hand.

"Well, not like I could say no when a friend is in need of help." Chad replied as he then shook Magnus's hand. "What's the losses?"

"Surprisingly not bad." The blue haired woman, Brynhildr, said. "We've most suffered wounded, no deaths. If this was a vanguard unit, then they didn't do a good job."

"Maybe they were testing our defense and response time?" Jerome suggested.

"Could've been a diversion." Magnus said. "They might've been targeting something or someone else and were trying to make us focus here."

"Maybe. I think we should let Lord Odin know about this. In the meantime, let's go and help the others with the wounded." Jerome said before heading off to send a report. Brynhildr and Magnus went to help the others, thus leaving Chad alone with a blushing Rossweisse.

"You look you've been doing good Rose." Chad said cheerfully to his second girlfriend.

"I-I've been good, t, thank you!" Rossweisse stuttered.

Chad chuckled. "Sheesh, no need to act so nervous. It might make me think you don't want to see me."

Rossweisse gasped. "No! That's not it!" Her words were cut off when Chad patted her head.

"Relax, I'm just teasing you." Chad assured. He always loved messing with the Valkyrie. It was not out of being mean, but just for fun. Rossweisse was always easier to tease unlike Kuroka, who was more forward in their relationship.

Rossweisse pouted but eventually loosened up. Soon the two were catching up before going to help the others.

(Later, Chad's House)

Chad was presently in the kitchen, looking through an Iris Message he made with the sink water. On the other side were Chiron, Camp Counsellor of Camp Half-Blood, and Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. Since the Second Giant War and Loki's attempt to start Ragnarok, the Greco-Roman and Norse Demigods were working together to prevent future events. Percy and the other senior campers were also working as teachers and commanders for the younger campers, especially when they learned of other pantheons and the Three Factions.

Presently, Chad was reporting what he had witnessed. "We managed to locate a tear into Vanaheim, but the Valkyries and Einherjar sealed it up quickly. The invaders probably caused that themselves to sneak in, no doubt with some inside help. Loki is the main suspect, but he's shown no strange movements." Explained Chad.

"What about the invasion force?" Chiron asked.

"They were large, and if successful they could've sent up a base to invade Asgard." Chad reported. "However, the attack was rather sloppy and uncoordinated. That leads me to believe that this was just a test by Orbis."

Percy frowned. "A test? For what? And who?"

Chad shrugged and replied, "Can't say. Maybe for his soldiers or Reavers, the Norse defenses and response time? It's just a guess anyway. I could never tell what Orbis is thinking."

"Either way, to think he could find a way to bypass the Bifrost is troubling. I will let Lord Zeus know of this and pass on this to Lord Odin too." Chiron stated.

"Annabeth and I will work on preparing a response team just in case." Percy said. "We can't risk Orbis trying to hit us as well with a similar tactic."

"I believe that covers everything. We will let you know if we need any more assistance. Thank you, Chad." Chiron said before ending the message.

Chad turned off the sink when he suddenly felt a presence coming from the living room. Recognizing it, the Son of Chaos dashed out and spotted the figure.

The person was a cute young girl with long black hair down to her hips and gray eye. Her ears differed from a normal human's as they had pointed tips, although her long black hair made it difficult to notice. Her dark grey eyes had reptilian slit pupils. Despite her appearance, Orbis was no fool. This was one of the most powerful beings in existence: Ophis the Ouroboros or the Infinite Dragon God. And just like Chad and the oldest Protogenoi, a child of Chaos and his eldest child.

Chad relaxed his body but remained cautious. Though Ophis was physically stronger than him, Chad did have the advantage that her energies could not harm him, as Chaos had blessed his son with immunity from other Void-based users beside himself. "Ophis, wasn't expecting to see you here. Ever heard of knocking?"

Ophis ignored his words and looked at him with an emotionless stare. "I was bored and decided to visit my little brother. Hoping I could persuade you to join me and-"

"Get rid of Great Red. Yeah, I know." Chad finished. "Isn't that why you have that merry band of yours, the Khaos Brigade or whatever? And if you're that desperate than ask dad for help."

"None of them are strong enough to remove Great Red. And they seem more focused on their own goals than mine." Ophis replied. "And I tried asking father. He will not heed my call for aid, neither will the other of our siblings. That is why I've come to you."

"Well, looks like you came for nothing. Because I am not helping you." Chad stated firmly.

"I am your older sibling." Ophis said.

Snorting, Chad crossed his arms. "Try some new materials. If that was the case, I would've helped the others when they were trying to defeat the Olympians." He said. "Now, if you have nothing else to say, then please leave, because I am not sharing my food with you. Not after last time."

Ophis did what could count as a pout but recover quickly. "Before I leave, I should mention that someone you know recently joined my brigade."

Raising her hand, she created a projection of a man who stood of average height and had a lean, muscular build. Their entire body was covered in a grey armor like the Zero Suit and Legion Armor, except also appeared to be organic in some areas. The shoulder pads had a single line of three spikes, with the knuckles also have short spikes on them. Under his right hand was a helmet that had a pair of curved horns on the side, and a T-shaped black visor. His face showed a man in his early to mid-twenties with fair skin, short dark brown hair and green eyes that appeared to glow. Chad immediately recognized him, but before he could question Ophis, the Dragon God disappeared, leaving an annoyed younger brother. The reason for his annoyance was because he knew who the person in the image was.

Galileo Isocrates, now known as Orbis, and once Chad's first and best friend. He was a…unique case, even by Demigod standards. He had told Chad that years before the Second Titan War and Second Giant War, Gaea, who was just beginning to regain consciousness, had sensed that Chaos had sired a demigod, Chad Walker. Fearing that this new sibling would be a thorn in her plans to overthrow Olympus, Gaea decided to create a demigod child of her own. This child would be the key to not only fighting evenly against Chaos' child, but would also be the one to help overthrow the Olympians.

But, knowing that this one had to be powerful enough to face against a demigod of Chaos, Gaea managed to contact some her fellow Protogenos as well as the Titans who were freed and the Triumvirate Holdings. Under her orders, they managed to collect some surviving samples of her husband, Ouranos, essence. Using that, they created a demigod clone of the former ruler of the Heavens but with no memories, along with that were the essence of Tartarus and Pontus gaining their essence through their love for her and their desire to see Olympus and humanity fall (Pontus apparently hated humans for polluting the oceans), and others. She also called for the assistance of Medea, who helped bind the essences together. Through all this, and Galileo was born.

His heritage granted immense powers over the elements, including over nature and weather, land, ocean and sky, control over monsters, physical capabilities and magic. However, Gaea had underestimated Galileo's independence and freewill. When he was seven, he escaped his mother and fled into the world, hiding from her sight somehow. It was around that time that Chad had been taken under Hestia's care, with Galileo joining. The two quickly became friends, being the first other demigod either have ever met. They went on many adventures until reaching twelve. That was when things began to change.

During their adventures, Galileo saw the many ugly things of both humanity and the gods, what they did to the planet, to each other and everyone. He became disgusted with them and slowly the influence placed onto him before his birth by Gaea began to appear. But Galileo felt no attachment to his mother, and instead wanted to use his own powers to wipe out humans and deities alike, leaving only demigods and monsters, both whom Galileo saw as victims. Naturally, he tried to convince Chad to join him, but the son of Chaos refused, due to his attachment with his late mother and Hestia. The two fought and ended with Galileo running away. What happened after that, Chad did not know, but somehow Galileo managed to acquire his own advanced and magical armor, plus mastering his abilities and raising an army of monsters from different mythologies. After the Second War with the Titans and then the Giants, Orbis quickly absorbed what remained of their armies into their forces, which he did the same with the Triumvirate Holdings.

Thus, Orbis not only became a direct enemy towards Chad, but one of the few beings who could kill him. Not just with his collection of powers, but also because he could find and control Astro Metal, also called Adamant or Adamantium, the oldest and most powerful metal in existence, created during the birth of Gaea. It was perhaps the only resource that could match Null Crystals given their enchanted properties, a fact Chad knew when he met Orbis when his former friend became a powerful warlord. If Galileo was indeed a part of, or allied with the Khaos Brigade, things were going to get a lot hectic.

And done! Sorry for the long wait, hoped you liked the battle and Orbis' background. I figured that Galileo being a Demigod-Legacy like Chad would be a good match between them as former friends now enemies. My reason for giving Orbis such powers was because I wanted to make him strong, like Thanos strong because Chad was Deadpool strong. Be sure to leave a review!

Elpida: It is a magical bladed whip used by Thea. It releases heat that increases its cutting properties and can be used to grab onto things from a distance.

Sentinel: A pair of tonfas used by Ezekiel. They can release small concussive force upon impact, and turn into grenade launchers, shotguns, autocannons and Gatling guns. The tonfa also has blades hidden in them too.

Elpida is Greek for "Hope" in case you were wondering.

Jarnbjorn was inspired by the axe of the same name from Marvel