Hello everyone. This is my first ever attempt at a fanfiction. DBZ and Fairy Tail are two of my most favourite animes out there. So I decided to make my first one as a crossover between the two.

The legendary super saiyan Brolly had a horrible past. This made him lose all his sanity and under the influence of his evil father turned into a feared heartless monster. What if he had been given a second chance at life?


The placing of the story is 4 years after majin buu arc in DB universe ie after the God of Destruction arc, and after the Macao arc in FT universe. Brolly has reverted to his 10 year old self. (The reason will be told later.).But his power is still intact. He can go up to SSJ2. Brolly will be massively OP and due to this I will bring in powerful villains later on. Storyline and dialogues will be slightly different than the original. I have edited out some content and also added extra contents in some areas.

Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super and Fairy Tail belong to their respective owners. I do not own anything except this fanfiction.


On a bright sunny day at the forests on the outskirts of Magnolia. A small kid stood alone in a secluded area in the forest. His clothes were in tatters and he was covered in wounds. He felt he had collided with a planet. His head was groggy and he felt severe exhaustion. Suddenly he shouted "KAKKAROT" and exploded with rage. This sudden outburst made the ground around him shake furiously. The trees in the area were uprooted and the rocks and boulders shattered to pieces. The air itself was shaken in fear.

Even Magnolia, felt the impact of this violent outrage. People ran helter skelter in panic. Even the Fairy Tail building felt the effects of these happenings. Inside the building, a pink haired teenager and a black haired boy of the same age hugged each other in fear. A blonde girl was literally choking a blue cat which tried in vain to fly away. A white haired hunk cowered under a table while an almost naked broad was trying to protect her precious barrel. Near her, two men were arguing about who would protect a blue haired girl who closed her ears to get some respite from all the noise. Everyone except for a short old man looked absolutely terrified.

This explosion of power was taking a toll on his body. His wounds started to bleed profusely and his vision started to get blurry. Soon he collapsed to the ground from severe lassitude.


"Where am i?" he wondered as he woke up in a strange bed. His wounds had been patched up and he felt perfectly fine. "Am I still in hell? But this does not feel like hell" He wondered when a sudden realization hit him "How did I get so small" he realized he had reverted to the body of a 10 year old. "Just what in the world happened to me?"

"My body may have shrunk but my power seems to be intact "he said as he stretched his arms and his neck. " Last thing I remember, I was o\in hell and Kakkarot had beat me again"

"Kakkarot "he said as he clenched his fists in rage but for some reason he did not feel any malevolence. His rage was a result of his saiyan blood boiling at the fact that he lost to Goku. But he did not feel any murderous hatred towards him.

Suddenly it struck him" How am I able to think so calmly and so clearly? "Before, only the words death and destruction rang in my ears. My mind was clouded in the urge to kill again and again. But now I feel my sanity has returned to me"

Then, his past flashed before him. The death and agony he had caused and the countless people he had mercilessly killed. For the first time in his life, he felt remorse. He began to regret what he had done. "What is this strange sensation in my heart" he wondered as small droplets started to form in his eyes.

But who could blame him. The king of his home planet tried to murder him when he was just a baby for the fault that he was born with a high power level. This made him loose his sanity. His father used him like a tool for his wicked ambitions. He never received any kindness or love and so he was oblivious to all these emotions. He was taught only to kill and wreak misery. Now as his mind regained its reason, he began to experience emotions he had never felt before.

"Yo. You are finally awake. How long were you planning on sleeping" he dried off his tears and turned to see a short old man who had a broad smile on his face. Beside him he saw a pink haired old lady who towered above the old man.

"Did you save me" he asked

"I found you lying in the forest. But it was Grandine here who healed you" as soon as the old man finished his sentence, a fist landed on his head with some force.

"How many times did I tell you not to call me by that name" the old lady looked annoyed

"Sorry Porlyusica Sama" the old man apologized in a playful tone. It was obvious that he was trying to cheer up the glum looking boy. But it seemed to produce little to no effect.

"My my, where are my manners? I am Makarov, the current guild master of Fairy Tail. And what is your name son?" he inquired.


"Brolly?That's an odd name won't you say" Makarov said with his trademark smile

"Thank You for saving me" Brolly replied.

"No problem kiddo. By the way that was some serious power you showed to cause that earthquake. Might I ask you what type of magic do you use?"

Magic" Brolly asked puzzled" I use KI. Is it like your magic"

"KI…" it was Makarov's turn to be surprised "can you show me your Ki Brolly"

"Ok" he said as he produced a small spherical ball of green Ki in his right hand. As soon as he understood that the old man was satisfied, he dispersed off it.

"KI" Makarov wondered" That is the life energy itself. Only a very few people in Earthland even know what KI this boy he can easily manipulate and recharge his ki. It's amazing. He might be Earthland's first ever ki user."

Breaking his chain of thoughts, Makarov again turned his attention to the saiyan "So, where are you from Brolly?"

Brolly did not give any response. Rather he folded his arms across his legs and produced a sorrowful expression on his face.

"He's had a tragic past. It seems he is not comfortable in talking about it" Makarov thought and he quickly diverted the topic "Brolly, how about this. Why don't you join my guild?"


"I told you earlier remember. I am the guild master of Fairy Tail"

"Guild"Brolly exclaimed for the second time.

"You do not know what a guild is?"

"NO I don't. I am not from these parts"

"Well that explains a lot of things" Makarov said and he began to explain to the saiyan about guilds, Fiore Jewels and so on. Brolly listened anxiously to his words trying to figure out where he was.

Makarov finished his explanation and realized that Brolly had more or less understood about the working of the country.

"SO Brolly, now will you join my guild?" he asked as he extended his arm to the saiyan.

"But will your guild people accept me" he asked slightly anxious

"Of course they will. Why wouldn't they?"

"Ok. I will join your guild" he said as he shook Makarov's hand. Brolly felt comfortable around the old man. He felt the old man gave off a fatherly aura. He wanted to tell him everything. But the fear that he may abandon him held him back.

"Before you leave get a change of attire, kid" porlyusica said as she motioned Brolly to follow her to the next room.

As Brolly left with the apothecary, Makarov wondered about the sensation in his hand "This kid... he is far stronger than Gildarts himself. He may be even stronger than any wizard saint I know. His heart feels so shrouded. It seems he had abusive past and has never experienced kindness or love. But I do not sense evil in him. It is my duty to lead him down the right path. While I am at it I should teach him proper manners also. He doesn't even know how to talk to people in the proper manner. Did he grow up in the wild or something?" the last line of thought cause the Fairy Tail guild master to chuckle.

"Ok. I am ready to go now Makarov" Brolly said as he returned.

"Alright then. Let's go"

Makarov and Brolly left after bidding their goodbyes to Porlyusica.

"Somehow I have been transported to a different dimension. But this is a second chance at life for me. I have to make full use of it and atone for my past. This will be the beginning of a new chapter in my life. This is my RE-AWAKENING"