Hey there guys and girls. I am extremely sorry that I haven't updated in a while. There are several reasons for that. Mainly, it was not the loss of inspiration. I still have the same fire burning inside me when I started this fic and it hasn't diminished one bit.

The primary reason is that I am not happy at all at the direction I took the story. I agree that Broly was way ooc and my pacing was just horrible. I have to rectify that before I can continue. I tried to make up for it in future chapters but no matter how I tried, these chapters ended up not quite on track. You wouldn't believe I spent two weeks on a perfect chapter 11 and came up with nothing at all.

Then my other fic IZANAGI has been eating away my time. Let me just say, I write that fic with so much heart and passion that I cannot help but keep writing it and keep everything aside while doing so. I sort of like fell in mad romance with that story.

What I want to promise is that this story is not dead. It is going to get a major revamp from the ground up. I am going to post a new first chapter within a month correcting all mistakes I have made. Which means the entirety of the story is going to be different with a different timeline setting and major character developments.

Reawakening will come back better and stronger than before.

And yes friends, please check out my other fic too if you have the time.

I wish you guys A Happy and Prosperous New Year. May the New Year bring with it countless happiness into your lives.

With Regards,