One day, the Pet Pals were relaxing in a cabin in the forest. They had already been on a long walk through the woods, and they were all feeling pretty tired by the time they had found the cabin. This little house didn't have any electricity or residents, but it did have running water, and could be rented for free as long as it was kept in good condition. Also, the Pet Pals were mostly in the forest to collect resources for their home, so they had some extra time on their hands.

Pio inhaled and sighed softly to himself as he sat on the little couch in the living room. He had been feeling bored throughout the entire walk. Even though he was a playful, fun-loving frog, it was surprisingly easy for him to get bored, even after only a few minutes.

"What's wrong, Pio?" Holly asked as she was sitting next to him on the couch.

"Nothing. I'm just bored," Pio said. "But if you ask me, that's definitely something wrong."

"Well, what would you like to do?"

Instead of responding, Pio simply sat where he was, thinking to himself. He looked back over at Holly, and an idea came to him.

"Hey, Holly, are you ticklish?" Pio asked.

"Um..." Holly didn't know what to say. Judging by his question, she could tell almost exactly what was on his mind: he wanted to tickle her. But rather than trying to stop him, she decided to just tell the truth and answer his question. As she did, she looked away and blushed. "Yes. I am."

A mischievous smile appeared on Pio's face, and he raised one of his hands up for Holly to see. "Oh, really?"

Holly's eyes widened in realization. She knew that he wanted to tickle her, but she didn't know that he would actually do it. "Oh, dear..." she thought to herself.

Just as she finished thinking that, Pio placed his hand right on Holly's belly and started wiggling his fingers around at a fast speed. In response, Holly started giggling and squirming around.

"Hehehehehehe! Hehehehehey, Pio! Hehehehehehe! Stop it!"

Without responding, Pio put his other hand on Holly's belly and continued tickling her. He increased the speed of his fingers until they were going as fast as they could go. Holly started laughing harder.

"Hehehehe, hahahahahahahaha!" Holly continued to squirm around as she laughed. She couldn't help it, since she was so ticklish. "Pio, plehehehehehehease! Quit it! Hahahahahahahaha!"

Pio continued tickling her belly for a few seconds. He was enjoying her laughter, but he wondered to himself if there were any other ticklish parts on her body. Pio pulled his hands away from Holly's belly, but then gently grabbed onto her back legs and pulled them up onto the couch. Holly panted until she caught her breath, and then gasped in fear when she saw what he was doing.

"Pio! Please, no!" she begged.

"What's the matter, Holly? Is this your tickle spot?" Without giving her time to answer, Pio placed his hands right on Holly's feet and wiggled all of his fingers around as fast as he could.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Right when he started tickling her feet, Holly began to laugh uncontrollably. Her feet were the most ticklish parts of her body, even more so than her belly. "PIHIHIHIHIHIHIOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Yeah, what do you think of that?" Pio asked playfully as he continued tickling her feet. He moved his fingers to her toes and tickled them as well.


Pio continued to tickle Holly's feet and toes for thirty seconds straight. After this, he started to feel bad for her and stopped tickling her, pulling his hands away from her feet. Holly stopped laughing and started gasping for air, trying to catch her breath. She still giggled slightly, however, until she finally caught her breath and stopped panting.

"Sorry, Holly," Pio apologized for tickling her so much. "I was just bored and really wanted to have some fun."

"It's okay, Pio. I understand," Holly said. She knew that he would do something like this.

"I knew you'd say that you were ticklish, but I didn't know you were that ticklish," Pio replied.

"That's why you need to be careful when you're tickling me," Holly pointed out. "I enjoyed it and all, but there's only so much tickling I can handle before I can't take it anymore.

"In that case, I'll go easier on you next time," Pio promised. "And it definitely won't last as long as this."

"Thank you," Holly responded with a smile.