It was a cold, snowy evening, and Lumpy was waiting at the bus stop for a ride home. He was wearing a scarf for this weather, but since it wasn't enough clothing to keep him warm, he was shivering constantly. Even worse was that the bus was running late, as well as the fact that staying out in the cold for so long was beginning to affect Lumpy.

Lumpy shivered pathetically as a gust of exceptionally chilly wind blew. He really wished that he wore more winter clothing than a scarf today. His nostrils turned a slightly red tinge, and a small amount of clear mucus began to ooze from his nostrils. He sniffled, sucking up the mucus, but as he inhaled the cold air around him, his nose continued to run. A few seconds later, the mucus dripped back out of Lumpy's nostrils again.

Lumpy sniffled sharply, and brought up his hand to wipe his nose. He sniffled again, trying to keep his nose from running, but it wasn't working. In the process, his throat began to feel sore. He cleared it quietly, but it wasn't much help.

"Ugh..." Lumpy sniffled again as his nose itched slightly. He rubbed his nostrils with his forefinger, trying to wipe the mucus off them as well as trying to stop his nose from itching. "I don't feel so good..."

The itching sensation gradually got worse, until his nostrils began to flare up. He tilted his neck back as his breath hitched. He was going to sneeze.

"Ah... Aah... Aaaahhh-" Lumpy tilted his neck really far back, then put his hands over his mouth and released an uncharacteristically cute sneeze. "Chyeeewww!"

Lumpy could feel a small amount of mucus spurting from his nose with the sneeze. It had been almost the complete opposite of his usual large, loud sneezes, but no less forceful. Lumpy removed his hands from his mouth and rubbed his runny nostrils on his forefinger, sniffling several times.

"Ugh. Excuse me," he said to nobody in the area. He sniffled again as his nostrils continued to run. "Ugh, what's wrong with my nose? Maybe I'm getting the sniffles..."

"Wait, am I?" Lumpy thought almost immediately afterwards. "The sniffles don't make me sneeze. That's a cold. The sniffles isn't a cold. Is it?"

He suddenly remembered that his nose was still running. He sniffled again, but his nose just stayed runny. He removed his forefinger from his nose, took his scarf and wiped his nose with it. It was all he could use, since he didn't bring any tissues or a handkerchief with him at the time. The mucus was cleared from his nose, but he continued to sniffle repeatedly.

"Okay, maybe the sniffles can make me sneeze, sometimes," he thought. "But not as often as a cold."

The bus finally came, to Lumpy's slight relief. He got up from the bench and got onto the bus, taking his seat as quickly as he could. However, the second he stepped on the bus, the mere smell of the interior caused Lumpy's nose to start twitching again. He sniffled sharply, but only ended up taking more of the stink that was already irritating his nostrils. Another sneeze began to build.

"Ah, aaah..." Lumpy rubbed his nose, trying to stop it from itching, but it didn't work. He then removed his hand, grabbed his scarf and covered his nose with it. "Aaaaaahhhhh-chyew!"

He wasn't even trying to stifle the sneeze, but it naturally came out like that. It was hard to tell whether it came from a male or a female. Lumpy removed his scarf and rubbed his nose with his forefinger, groaning quietly. He made the mistake of sniffling again, however, and once he had caught the slightly unpleasant odor of the bus's insides, another sneeze escaped from him, without warning.


This time, Lumpy had no choice but to sneeze into his hand, coating his hand with a small amount of mucus and saliva. He removed his hand and rubbed his nose with his forefinger again. And after a few seconds of this had gone by, he took his scarf and wiped the mucus off his hand and nose. He didn't take another sniffle this time; he had learned his lesson.

The bus finally reached the next bus stop, the one closest to his house. Lumpy stepped off the bus, continuing to wipe his nose with the scarf. He watched as the bus pulled away from the bus stop, and then he slowly walked home, shivering and sniffling every step of the way.

Once he had finally gotten home, he opened the front door, took off his scarf and put it on the rack. Walking into his house, he closed the door behind him and walked into his bedroom. He lay down in his bed, pulling the blanket over him as he took a box of tissues and put it by his bedside. He was still feeling cold, so he took an extra blanket - a different one than the one that was covering him - and wrapped himself in it.

His nostrils were still running, so he tilted his neck back and gave the biggest sniffle he could, trying to clear his nose. However, as he took the sniffle, he accidentally tickled his nostrils, causing them to flare up and causing a sneeze to build. Lumpy briefly tilted his neck back to normal before he began to inhale.

"Ah... Aaah..." He tilted his neck back again, waiting for the sneeze to release. "Aaaaaaaah-chyeeeeeewwwww!"

Lumpy shot his neck forwards as he released a slightly more forceful sneeze than the last few he had released. The sneeze also caused a slightly larger amount of mucus to release from his nose. Ironically enough, it still managed to sound cute, although the mucus aspect wasn't.

Once he had recovered from the sneeze, Lumpy rubbed his nostrils with his forefinger. Then, since his nose was so runny, he took a tissue from the tissue box, held the tissue to his red nostrils and blew them briefly, but loudly. They were still running, to his dismay. He wiped his nose repeatedly on the tissue, continuing to sniffle.

"Yep, I do have the sniffles." He sighed to himself. "Not as sneeze-filled as a cold, but not much better than a cold, either..."

After the sun had completely set, Lumpy removed the tissue from his nose and lay down in bed, trying to fall asleep. While he was waiting, he sniffled repeatedly, trying to stop his nose from running, but no matter how hard he tried, it just wouldn't stop. He couldn't resist wiping his nostrils with his tissue a few more times.

"I'd almost rather sneeze a lot than have my nose run a lot..." He yawned into his hand as his eyes grew heavy. He removed the tissue from his nose and set the tissue aside.

"Maybe the sniffles will go away tomorrow. But it's alright if they don't, I don't mind. It's just weird that I haven't sneezed a lot, even when my nose is all sniffly..."

Lumpy closed his eyes, finally falling asleep for the night.