There was one problem with sharing a bed with Naruto whenever they were in Konoha. It wasn't that he tended to snore loudly, or that no matter what happened she'd wake up with Naruto holding onto her. No those weren't really problems, though the snoring was annoying it wasn't enough to keep her up at night.

No, it was because Naruto was warm, sure if they lived in a colder climate or during the winter it'd probably be a boon. But they were in Konoha, a warm enough place even when they weren't in the middle of a heatwave.

So far her solution was to remove all blankets from their bed and leave the ceiling fan on while they slept. It had worked wonders.

Sakura woke up and smiled as she felt Naruto's body heat engulf her. She eagerly awaited the winter months where she could pile on the covers and cuddle with her living space heater. There were many reasons for her to be happy this morning besides waking up with her head resting on Naruto's defined chest. For the first time since Naruto had gotten back, they had nothing to do. No Kazekage rescue missions, no chasing after Sasuke and Orochimaru. Just a day of doing nothing and being with each other.

Oh and going to see her parents, but that really didn't count as a thing. That was just dinner plans.

Sakura sighed as she snuggled into Naruto's chest, not quite willing to start the day without him. The fact that Naruto's hand was currently kneading her ass was a good sign that he was at least in the process of waking up.

I know a good way to wake him up quick!

Her gaze drifted south and she saw that she was very very right. Naruto's monolith of masculinity had slipped free from his boxers as his morning wood made itself known. Did she really want her first time to be wake up morning sex?

Sex is sex!

Desire burned the dregs of her sleep away. It wasn't that they hadn't tried, or that there wasn't time. But if they weren't in the mood, somebody went out of their way to interrupt them. Mostly Sai, or Yamato. However, now, in the privacy of their own home on a day that she and Naruto had nothing better to do. They could have sex for the first time, the second time, the third time.

As many times as they wanted until they had to meet her parents for dinner.

"Fuck it," Sakura mumbled into Naruto's chest. She was horny now, and there was no way that Naruto wouldn't be happy waking up to mind blowing sex. With her eyes locked on Naruto's slumbering face, she grabbed hold of his hard-on and began to stroke it slowly up and down.

When she last tried this, she had no idea what she was doing with her only training coming from Jiraiya's perverted books. But now, she had knowledge on her side, and that knowledge allowed for some creativity; such as the application of chakra to stimulate certain areas.

It took one chakra laden stroke to cause a guttural growl escape from Naruto as his dick grew even harder, his hips thrust into her hand. All those awkward conversations with Tsunade and Shizune and late night sleepovers with Ino were suddenly paying off.

Naruto's moan was all the encouragement she needed to go further.

Bringing her leg around his waist Sakura slowly positioned herself to take Naruto, all the while slowly pumping him with chakra enhanced pleasure. He was hard as diamonds and radiating so much delicious heat. Using his penis as a tool she moved her boy shorts the side along with her underwear.

It was too much work to undress fully. This would do for now.

With her chakra acting as a muscle relaxer Sakura slowly guided Naruto inside of her, she was naturally petite and tiny, and he was without a doubt, well endowed. It hurt just as much as it felt good as she took him inch by inch. Even with her muscles relaxed it was a tight fit.

But it felt so good. She mounted him, slowly moving from side to completely straddling him. Just a few more inches and she would have Naruto completely inside of her. She moaned loudly, her body shaking as she continued to lower down onto Naruto. "Mmm Naruto."

"Sakura?" It was probably the fastest she'd seen Naruto wake up. His eyes flew open and his hands flew to her hips as he tried to sit up.

With one arm Sakura pinned him down, her super strength easily keeping him against the mattress as the last inch of Naruto's cock rested inside of her. She felt full, "Now now Naruto, Just let me handle this."

Before Naruto could respond she released the chakra relaxing her muscles, causing her to tighten around Naruto, earning a grunt from Naruto while her body shook from both pain and pleasure as she found herself already reaching a climax. It felt so similar to the times she had experimented. Only more, like the feeling was going to build into something massive.

"Fuck!" Naruto's hands flung to the mattress, grabbing hand fulls of the covers, his eyes nearly bulging out of his head. His hips thrust into her with a will of their own. "Sakura!"

Sakura bit her lip as the pain faded and her body shook with the pleasure that filled the void. She ground her hips against Naruto, matching his wild thrusts. She could feel it building with each motion, like the swelling of tides against a levy. "Follow me, Naruto, I'm leading, you follow."

Whether or Naruto Naruto knew what she was talking about was lost in his grunts and moans. But slowly they fell into a rhythm Naruto thrusting deep and deeper into her driving her wild. It happened without warning, whatever had been building exploded.

Her entire body quivered and spasmed, legs trembling as leaned forward to kiss naruto with the full might of her orgasm. It was a hungry kiss filled with desire and lust. "Naruto!"

"Sakura!" Naruto sounded so weak and pathetic, like all of his will was being directed towards something else. "I'm going to."

Reality snapped back to Sakura to gather what Naruto was about to say. He was about to cum inside of her. She spun around removing Naruto from her pussy, missing his warmth instantly even as the waves of her first orgasm still rocked her.

It took two strokes before Naruto shot his load high into the sky, nearly hitting the ceiling fan.

Sakura turned and looked at Naruto, as they were both sweaty and tired. She couldn't help but smile at his exhausted form. "Good morning."

"Next time give me a warning!" Naruto breathed out staring up at the ceiling.

Aww, must have taken a lot out of him


Sakura hummed to herself as she prepared an early lunch for herself and Naruto. The smile affixed to her face was a monument to her love. The sound of Naruto slowly stumbling out of their bed room echoed into the kitchen.

Here in their home, they could forget about the outside world. Forget about being a ninja, forget about Sasuke, Akatsuki, nothing mattered inside these walls but him and her. And she wouldn't have it any other way.

Naruto came from behind her wrapping his arms around her waist as he kissed her cheek. He was always like this, spoiling her at every turn. "What you making?"

"Just rice and fish," Sakura said as she spun in his arms, he was wearing her favorite shirt, none. With just his orange pants on and necklace dangling against his chest he looked like something out of a wilderness survival fantasy. Only freshly showered.

Naruto pouted even as he leaned his forehead against hers. "No ramen?"

"We just had amazing sex and you're expecting me to make you ramen?" She nipped at his lips even as she rolled her eyes, giving him but the briefest of kisses.

"So, I have to choose between sex with you and ramen?" Naruto asked as he stepped forward, lifting her up onto the counter with ease. He playfully bit her lip, before slowly leaning to actually kiss her.

His hands roamed her exposed stomach, playing with the sweat soaked fringes of her sports bra. She bit his lip as she turned leaned back to look at him. "The answer to that better be obvious Uzumaki."

Naruto leaned in stealing another kiss from her. Her legs had wrapped around his waist caging him against her. "Well, I'm always awake when I have ramen."

"I'll make certain you'll be awake for the next time." She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling herself off the counter as he fully supported her now. She kissed him again, and again.

"When's that?"

Oh oh! Shower sex shower sex! Nothing beats getting hot and steamy while you're hot and steamy!

"Well, if you're a good boy and set the table and promise to do the dishes I think I can work it in sometime after lunch." Sakura squeaked when Naruto nearly dropped her to the ground, as he sped around the kitchen.

Not doing dishes and shower sex? Best deal ever!

It was win win really.

"Sakura?" Naruto asked halfway into their meal.

"Mmm?" Couldn't he have waited until after she was done chewing? Seriously he had horrible timing and she couldn't cook fish worth a damn! It felt like she was chewing rubber! How on earth did Naruto even go get seconds?

He reached across the table softly stroking the back of her hand with his thumb. "I wanted to thank you, for all of this, I know I've said this before, but really just thank you. I love being here with you, I love that I have a real home, and I love feeling like I have a family."

"But most of all I love you."

I know what we're having for dessert tonight!

Sakura took another bit of her far too chewy meat while her face was easily matching her hair for the pinkest thing in the room. Her entire body felt warm from Naruto's words, flirting and teasing, and sex talk she could handle but she could only take so much mush!

Oh, system overload! Entering Tsundere mode!

"Idiot," Sakura barked as she swallowed the bite still partially whole. She smiled even as tears fell from her eyes. "Don't say stuff like that out of nowhere!"

"Ahh! Sakura don't cry!"


"Just relax Naruto." Sakura squeezed Naruto's hand as she had to all but drag him towards her parents home. They were on the street where they grew up on, a boring little shoot off from the main market street - equal amounts store and residence. "I'm sure they're going to love you."

Hopefully, at the very least they need be okay with the fact that their daughter was in love him.

"But what if I mess up! These are your parents Sakura! I need to impress them!" Naruto ran a hand over his jacket smoothing it out even as he drug his feet. "I don't want to embarrass you in front of them."

They were her parents she was more afraid of them embarrassing her in front of him. There were somethings that Naruto didn't need to know. Like her pink elephant, she left in their closet instead of bringing it to her home with Naruto. Or her baby photos. "Alright Naruto, here's what's going to happen."

"First, my father is going to try and intimidate you by pulling rank, he's a chunin now, but I'm fairly certain you can still beat him so don't let him get to you."


A chunin vest rested on the table between Naruto and her father, her mother had ambushed her and dragged her into the kitchen so she could only make out bits and pieces of their conversation. Mostly due to her mother rambling on about her day at the shop.

"Now then, I suspect you know what this is right boy?" Her father growled putting on an overly macho tone as though to make up for the fact that he cried just as much as his girls did when they watched sappy movies as a family.

"That's the vest they give you when you become a chunin isn't it?" Sakura smiled as she stirred the pot, Naruto sounded less than impressed. Sure he wanted to be a chunin, but her father was older than Kakashi. He should have been chunin years ago!

"That's right boy," Was he calling Naruto boy as part of some macho intimidation thing? "That means I out rank you, which means if you hurt my daughter in any way I'll make sure you'll regret it."

"Dad," Sakura shouted putting the pot down. "I'm a jonin, now get trying to stare my boyfriend before I make you regret it!"

"Yes honey," Her father deflated in his chair, the wind gone from his sails.

"Wait!" Naruto scrambled up from the seat and poked his head into the kitchen. "You're a jonin?"

"Oh," Sakura bit her lip and focused back on prepping for dinner. "Did I forget to tell you that?"


"Then my mother is going to say something stupid, rude, awkward, or embarrassing. Probably all four actually, she's not going to mean anything by it so just do your best to smile and nod."


"Well, I must say Naruto so far you're proving to be quite the gentleman." Mebuki smiled warmly as she reached across the table to lightly tap Naruto's hand. So far dinner had gone wonderfully, and Naruto's natural charm was wearing his parents down. "Though I must know, how many tails are my grandchildren going to have?"

"Mom!" Sakura slammed her hands on the table causing nearly all the dishes to jump an inch. Her face turned crimson, She was sixteen! That was far too even consider having a child! That was too young to even plan the rest of her life out!

Bring Sasuke back, marry Naruto, become Hokage, have a single child…. Oh and have sex with Naruto lots and lots of sex.

"What are you even talking about?" Sakura shouted even as Naruto sat there with a blush that rivaled hers. Though the lecherous grin on his face showed that he was recalling their adventures in baby making. "Naruto doesn't have any tails!"

"Well no," Mebuki looked offended as though amazed that she was the only one to think of this. "But he has the whiskers, who knows what kind of stuff the fox could pass down onto your kids!"

"Might be pretty fun to have a grandkid with a tail actually."

"Nobody asked you, dad!"

"Look, I'm just saying if Naruto's going to be raising the kids while you're busy being the Hokage it's important to be prepared, even if you do have normal children." Mebuki took a sip of her tea to end her sentence, looking as smug as any mother could in that moment.

"Wait!" Naruto snapped out of his recollection of the morning's activities slamming down a hand on the table. "Why would Sakura be the Hokage?"

"Cause she wants to be the Hokage," Hizashi joined his wife in a victory sip of tea. "Been her dream for almost two years now."

Naruto stared at Sakura his eyes narrowing to being dangerously close to a glare.

Ooooh, we're having angry sex already? Awesome!

"Oh," Sakura scratched her cheek finding the corner of the room very interesting. "Did I forget to tell you that?"


"Then, they're going to embarrass me and make me hate the fact that I agreed to bring you over for dinner."


Please let a stray Kunai fly through the window and strike me down!

Sakura groaned sinking further into her chair as she watched her parents murder the self-image of a badass into the ground. How on earth was Naruto going to respect her after tonight? Not only did he find out that she was a jonin and of her desire to be Hokage, not that she was hiding those from him, she just hadn't found a good time to bring it up.

"And here's Sakura when she tried to dye her hair blonde so she could be Ino's sister." Her parents had brought out their weapon of mass embarrassment, the photo album. And needless to say, Naruto was completely entranced by it.

"Oh, and here we are on the first day of the academy!" Naruto pointed at another photo.

"Oh my Naruto, it appears as though you've had eyes on Sakura for a while now huh?" Mebuki snickered as she pointed at the same photo.

That piqued Sakura's interests. She leaned over to see the school photo of their class during picture day, all of them were there, she and Ino stood near Sasuke making googly eyes at him. And Naruto… Naruto was looking at her his cheeks were light pink.

"Heh, yea." Naruto smiled at his mother completely oblivious of Sakura. "Yea, my crush on Sakura is why I started competing with Sasuke to get her attention."

Ba-bump, and that ladies and gentleman is the sound of Sakura's heart skipping a beat.

Naruto had liked her for that long? His rivalry of Sasuke was because of her? She should date him. Wait she was already doing that. She should kiss him, wait did that. Fuck his brains out? Wait did that twice. Oh, she should marry him. Yep, good plan.

"And here's one of her in the bath when she was a baby!" Her father pulled out a photo and handed it to Naruto.

Kill me now!

"Oh hey!" Naruto pointed towards her sudsy infant form, right at the small birthmark she had near her breasts. "You've had that cute mark on your boob since you were a baby? Awesome!"

A silence drifted over the room. Yes, her idiot boyfriend had just blurted out to her parents that he had seen her naked at least once.

"And how do you know about that birthmark?" Her father produced a kunai and began to spin it about.

"Oh, I saw it when we were having sex in the shower."

Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot! That's not something her parents needed to know!

"Well, what did you expect we live together," Sakura huffed folding her arms in protest. Her parents had no right to butt into hers and Naruto's sex life! Even if her boyfriend was the idiot blabbing it to the whole world.

Though to his credit, he was probably resisting the urge to run around the village screaming that he had sex with the girl of his dreams.

"Wait! Leaving together? Since when!?" Her mother stood up dropping the album as she looked between them her mouth wide open.

"Oh," Sakura scratched the side of her cheek. "Did I forget to tell you that?"


"But in the end, you'll say something sweet somehow making the whole night worth it."


"Listen so I know that, we have a lot to talk about." Sakura paced about their living room, she was so ready for today to be over. But it probably wasn't a good idea to go to bed with a grumpy Naruto. It was like going to bed with her hair wet, she'd just wake up to a mess!

"I just wanted to say sorry that I didn't tell you I was a jonin, I didn't actually mean to keep that a secret from you, I just kind of forgot, and you should be happy, it was because of my jonin pay that I was able to afford to fix up the house."

Naruto just sat there watching her, his face an unreadable mask. Was he annoyed at her? Oh god, what if he didn't want to date somebody that wouldn't support his dream of becoming Hokage? What if he wanted her to give up that dream so that it was less competition for him? Would she do that? In a heartbeat but she'd probably end up hating him for it and that would just lead to more complications further down the line and might even lead to a messy divorce where she moves to Suna and marries Gaara!

Wow really? That's where I went? I wonder if I got a thing for Jinchuriki.

"And as for me wanting to be Hokage, well that's your fault you know! I didn't want to be, hell I never even thought about it, until you said I could and you kind of made me want to be Hokage, and look I'm sorry but I don't think it'd be a good idea for me too give up that dream, I mean I'll support you as much as I can because I still want to be Hokage, but I want you to be Hokage to and and…"

Sakura stood panting as she stared at her Boyfriend a warm smile on his face sent a shiver down her spine.

"Well?" She asked holding her hand out to him before dropping it back down. "Aren't you going to say anything?"

He stood up and walked towards her. "It's impossible not to look at you and think you're the most beautiful woman in the world."

The kiss he offered her made her knees weak, as she leaned into him wrapping her arms around his neck even as his hands staying on her shoulders. She could feel everything from that kiss, all of Naruto's answers, all of his desires.

Their wordless desires mingling with one each other as a soft expression of their love.

Sakura rested her head on Naruto's chest. "I love you,"

"I love you too, Sakura." Naruto rubbed small circles on her back removing the remainder of her stress. "But, may the best kage win!"

Sakura laughed, "I'm sorry which one of us is a jonin? I should get you an apron, cause I wear the pants in the relationship."

Naruto bit at her ear. "Fine, I'll just not wear pants in the house."

"That has to be the worst threat ever"

"Who said it was a threat?"

AN: Whoops, meant to have Sakura's desire of being Hokage be revealed later, but I liked the "Did I forget to tell you that" line to much and it just felt like a good time. Oh well, Anyways, let me know if you guys want me to continue on like this!

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