"Hello, Princess. Did you have a good nap?" Rick talks soothingly to a crying Lily as he lifts her from her bassinet. "Let's get you a clean diaper, before we go wake up Mommy. Mommy needs all the rest she can get." Lily continues to fret as Rick moves her to the changing table nearby and unsnaps her from her onesie, "I know you aren't happy with that messy diaper are you, baby? Daddy is gonna get you clean and sweet smelling in just a minute." Rick makes a silly face for Lily as he removes her messy diaper and drops it in the diaper genie. "What a big mess from such a tiny, beautiful girl." Rick cleans Lily with heated wipes and puts a fresh diaper on her, talking the whole time. "I know baby girl, it's not fun. Daddy will be finished in just a minute." Rick snaps the onesie closed. "See that wasn't so bad, was it Miss Lily? Let's go see Mommy." Rick picks up Lily and kisses her forehead. He cradles her to his chest, and Lily roots against his shirt. "Sorry, Darlin', I don't have the right equipment for that. Let's go wake up your Mommy."

Rick carries Lily to the master bedroom talking softly in the baby's ear as he nears the bed. "Mommy is still sleeping, but we're going to wake her up so don't you fret." Rick gently grasps Kate's shoulder, "Sorry, Honey, our progeny is hungry."

Kate tries to wipe the sleep from her eyes as Lily frets louder. "Hey, baby girl. Just give me a minute. I think my left arm's asleep. Rick, can you help me get situated so I can nurse her?"

"If I put her down on the bed, she's going to scream. What do you need me to do?"

"Put her in that football hold that you do with one arm. I just need you to help me get my clothes off. I know you can do that one-handed," Kate teases Rick.

"I'd looove to help you undress." Rick wiggles his eyebrows to tease Kate. Rick shifts Lily so that her stomach lies across his left forearm with her head cradled in his palm and her legs on either side of his elbow. Kate is talking to Lily to reassure her. Rick helps Kate shift to a sitting position against the headboard and places a pillow in her lap. He reaches out to unbutton Kate's top and slides it over her head. Kate unhooks her nursing bra's flap with her right hand. Rick helps Kate position Lily so that the baby can latch on to her left breast. Rick's phone rings in his office with the opening bars of Copland's piano sonata.

"I think we're set. Go see what Paula wants. I know that's her ringtone."

Rick kisses the top of Kate's head and rushes off to his office. Kate singsongs to Lily, "I'm sorry that took so long, little one. I must have slept wrong on that arm. It's okay now. Mommy's gonna feed you." Kate continues to talk to Lily about what they will do later and what a good baby Lily is.

Rick's raised voice starts to filter into the bedroom from his office, "No, Paula, that's not acceptable. We are not allowing the NY Ledger to come take pictures of us with the baby." He lets Paula speak for a few seconds. "No. I didn't let the papers print pictures of Alexis when she was a child, and I'm not going to allow Lily to be used for publicity."

While Rick argues with Paula, Lily has drained Kate's left breast, and Kate needs to reposition her. Kate calls out for Rick, "Rick, Babe. I need you to come back in here, please." Lily startles from Kate's louder volume and starts to fuss. "I'm sorry, my sweet girl. I need Daddy to come here." Kate covers Lily's ear with her hand as she calls for Rick again, "Rick, come here." Lily is crying and fussing. Kate loses control of the baby and Lily slips off the pillow. Lily screams from the unexpected roll onto the bed from her mother's arms. Kate screams, "Rick!"

"I, oh shit.." Rick hangs up on Paula as he starts to run to the bedroom, "I'm coming. I'm coming, Kate!"

Rick sees Kate trying to soothe the baby, while she is in a strange position. "My left side is not listening to my brain. Lily rolled off the pillow, and I can't manage to get her back up."

Rick lifts Lily from the bed to his shoulder and pats her back. Lily burps, and Rick sways to soothe and calm her. "Honey, is your left side numb or pins and needles or - I don't know what to do for you. Tell me what you need."

"It's mostly numb and doesn't want to do what I want it to do. I've never had this sensation before. Would you scoot behind me and help me hold Lily so she can finish nursing?" Kate is trying to stay calm, but she is inwardly frightened.

"There's breast milk in the refrigerator. I could give her a bottle."

"Richard Castle. You will stay away from the liquid gold in the fridge and freezer. I am saving that for emergencies, or when I go back to work."

"Okay. Whatever you need me to do." Rick sat on the bed and carefully nudged Kate towards the middle. He slid an arm behind her, while still holding Lily against his shoulder. Once he had Kate leaning against his right shoulder, he placed the pillow in Kate's lap and transferred Lily to rest on the pillow and Kate's right arm. He slid Kate closer to the middle of his chest. He unhooked the right cup of her nursing bra, but then didn't know what to do next. "Tell me what you need me to do now."

Kate used her right arm to draw Lily close to her breast. "Hold my nipple between your index and middle fingers and help Lily find it."

"I'm always happy to touch your breast," Rick tried to lighten the moment as he helped Lily latch on to nurse.

"If my other arm was working, I'd smack you right now." Kate idly threatened.

They watched Lily nurse for a few minutes. "I'm scared, Babe. This isn't normal."

"When Lily is full, I'll call Lanie. She'll know what to do, and I can reach her faster than calling your doctor's office." Rick reassured Kate. He tried to soothe Kate by using his free left hand to caress her cheek. Inwardly, Rick's brain was screaming in terror.

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