Man when I first wrote this story two, almost three, years ago I never thought I'd get this far. The fact that I managed to finish Life at the Shinozaki's makes me very happy. Anyways here it is, the promised sequel. A few things I want to note here This isn't like LatS where I'm trying to tell a continuing narrative. This is a series of one-shots in the world of LatS. Some chapters will be set post epilogue, some will be set before. You get the point.

Important note, this is unbetaed, so expect somewhat lower than usual quality.

This first chapter is set ten years following the end of LatS, so expect Ayumi and Yoshiki's interactions to be different than how they were in LatS. Also in this chapter, Yoshiki is no longer a blond, just thought I'd point that out.

Life Together

Chapter One:

Dark blue eyes slowly peeled open to blurry images. Ayumi blinked slowly at the mass of dark hair in front of her, after a moment her eyesight cleared and she saw the familiar form of a young girl. The young woman's lips turned into a warm smile at the child sleeping before her. Unfocused grey eyes hesitantly opened at the sounds of someone moving. "Okaa-san?" The three, nearly four year old sleepily muttered.

"Go back to sleep, Kana-chan." The girl's mother told her in a soft tone before placing a light kiss on her forehead. The young girl nodded before closing her eyes and settling back into the sheets. Ayumi watched her daughter quickly return to dreamland for a few minutes.

Looking past her the twenty-seven year old noticed that there was an empty space past the sleeping child. Covering her mouth Ayumi stifled a yawn, so as not to rouse her daughter again. 'He must have already gotten up.' She thought to herself, as she could hear the muffled sounds of someone moving around in the kitchen.

Turning her gaze to the nightstand on her husband's side of the bed Ayumi took note of the time, it was just a little before seven in the morning. 'He let me sleep in...' The dark haired woman thought with a slight roll of her eyes.

She was slightly thankful at her husband's thoughtfulness, but at the same time annoyed at him not waking her when he got up, like she had asked. 'Oh well...' It wasn't a big deal, since she didn't have to be at work until ten that morning.

Ayumi slowly lifted the sheets and turned her body so that her feet were on the floor. Tiptoeing around the bed she quietly opened the slightly ajar bedroom door and closed it behind her with a soft click. Turning her head she noticed the door picture handing on the wall next to the master bedroom.

The photo was a little over three years old and featured her and her husband both wearing identical smiles. Ayumi's dark hair had been tied back into a ponytail and the tall man next to her had an arm wrapped around her shoulder. Her husband was looking down at her and the baby in her arms with a warm expression few had the privilege of seeing.

Ayumi smiled as she remembered that day. 'That was right after he decided on going to university.' She thought with an internal chuckle.

The scent of cooked food caught her attention, looking to the left Ayumi allowed her feet to carry her to the kitchen. Entering small room Ayumi's eyes caught sight of her husband standing at the stove. A small smile graced her features at the sight of him cooking breakfast. Quietly sneaking up on him she slowly slipped her right hand into his, and gave a small squeeze before kissing his cheek. "Good morning." She murmured against his cheek before stepping back.

Kishinuma Yoshiki's shoulders tensed in surprise before they relaxed, turning over his shoulder he noticed his short statured wife standing behind him clad in a simple night gown. Smiling at her he leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips. "Morning, Ayumi." He greeted before turning his attention back to the stove.

"I told you to wake me up." The dark haired girl reminded her husband, though her tone held only mock annoyance.

The dark haired man looked at his wife before chuckling at her. "Sorry, sorry." He told her before turning his attention back to the task at hand. "You looked so peaceful sleeping, I couldn't find it in myself to disturb you." He admitted. "I was going to go back in and wake you up after I finished making breakfast." He informed his wife in an attempt to placate her.

Ayumi offered a small smile. "Since I'm up, do you need any help?" The former class-rep would be the first to admit that she did not share her mother or sister's talent of the culinary arts, but she was more than capable of helping in the kitchen.

Yoshiki smiled at her penchant for wanting to lend a helping hand. "I'm nearly done, but if you want to set the table I'd appreciate it." At his request Ayumi went about setting the table.

By the time she was done Yoshiki had turned the stove off and was placing food on plates. It was then that they heard the sound of a door opening. The young adults looked up to see their three year old daughter enter the kitchen. "Good morning Okaa-san..." She yawned while rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "Otou-san..."

Ayumi smiled at the still sleepy form of their daughter. Walking over to the toddler she bent down and picked her up. "Good morning, Kana-chan. Did you sleep better?" She asked, her adopting warmth.

The little girl hummed before hugging her mom. "I didn't have anymore bad dreams after sleeping with Okaa-san." Her voice responded, losing some of it's sleepiness.

Yoshiki's lips curved up into a small smile at seeing Ayumi holding their child. 'More moments...' He thought to himself before announcing that it was time to eat.

Breakfast at the Kishinuma household was somewhat quiet that morning. Ayumi could tell that her husband was nervous for his first day of work at his new job. He had spent nearly a decade working at the same music store, even becoming a manager around the time he decided to further his education. 'This is a pretty big career change for him, I hope his first day goes well.' She thought to herself before slipping her hand under the table to grasp his.

Yoshiki, feeling his wife's hand in his, looked down in slight surprise before looking back up. Meeting his wife's blue eyes he offered a look of appreciation before squeezing her hand in return. Once breakfast was finished Ayumi took Kana to help get her changed into her outfit for the day while Yoshiki collected the dirty dishes.

Once everyone was properly dressed the young family left the confines of their house and made for a few houses down. The door they knocked on gave way to reveal Ayumi's older sister. Hinoe smiled warmly at her sister's family before turning her attention to her niece. "Hello, Kana-chan. Are you ready to spend the day with Oba-san?" The thirty-seven year old woman asked, her voice as warm and motherly as ever.

The little girl brightened at her aunt's question. "Yes!" She cried out excitedly, eager for what her aunt had planned for their day together. Maybe Hinoe Oba-san would take her to the park again.

Hinoe smiled before her younger sister drew her attention. "Thanks again, Onee-chan." Ayumi said grateful that her sister had agreed to watch Kana for day. Dropping to one knee she let her daughter down so youngster could enter the older woman's house.

Hinoe smiled warmly. "It's no problem, Ayumi-chan. I love babysitting Kana-chan." She assured her twenty-seven year old sister.

The three adults exchanged a few more pleasantries before Ayumi and Yoshiki left to go to work. As she was leaving Ayumi had promised that she would be around to pick her daughter up around five. Hinoe smiled as she watched her sister and brother-in-law leave before turning to her niece. "Kana-chan, I made some snacks. Let's have a nice lunch, and then I'll take you to the park."

"Yay!" The dark haired child exclaimed before going into her aunt's kitchen. Hinoe chuckled at her niece's excitement before following her.

"I'll see you on your lunch break." Ayumi had told Yoshiki before kissing his cheek and walking off to her place of work. After finishing her education at Kisaragi Academy Ayumi had gone on to university and majored in art. With Yoshiki's support she graduated and accomplished her goal of becoming an illustrator.

Yoshiki watched his wife leave with a fond smile on his face. Even after nearly ten years of being together he still felt his heart race every time she initiated something intimate. Whether it be a kiss on the cheek, her holding his hand, or something more he was reminded everyday the reason that his heart kept beating.

Shaking away the thoughts of his wife Yoshiki turned and began walking a familiar path he hadn't taken in nearly ten years. Upon arriving at the gate to Kisaragi Academy he half expected to see Naomi and Seiko standing by the shoe lockers, the latter of whom waiting to tease him and Ayumi. Of course though the pair were not at Kisaragi, as they were off doing their own things. Naomi was currently on maternity leave after giving birth to her and Satoshi's second child, a girl this time, and Seiko was working at a hair salon on the other side of the city.

Thinking about his old friends caused the young man's thoughts to wonder to that of his long time friend. 'I wonder how Satoshi's doing?' Yoshiki thought to himself as he pulled his phone out and reread his best friend's latest text.

{Hey man, heard that today's your first day on the job. Sorry I haven't been able to hang out much lately. Hope everything goes well.}

Sadly with their respective workloads Yoshiki and Satoshi had very little time to meet up. Also there was the fact that the brown haired man's wife had just given birth to his second kid, Yoshiki doubted they would be able to get together anytime soon.

Pocketing his phone the twenty-seven year old man entered his old high school. Most of the teachers who had taught during his time here were long gone, Tsubota included. "Thank god for that..." Yoshiki muttered, recalling his dislike for the oaf of a teacher. 'Thankfully though, the best teacher I ever had is still here.' The former delinquent thought with a nostalgic smile.

On graduation Yui had taken him aside after the ceremony, and despite no longer being his instructor had given him a hug and congratulated him. "I always knew you could do it, Kishinuma-kun." The violet eyed woman had told him, proud of her former student's accomplishment.

Coming up to his old classroom Yoshiki smiled fondly at the door he use to open everyday. 'And for this school year I'll be spending a lot of time back in here.' He thought with a slight chuckle before opening the door.

Inside was a young woman in her early thirties. She had brown hair that went past her shoulders and light purple eyes. Her attire was pretty similar to what he remembered her wearing, a purple blazer and light shirt with a blue pencil skirt. Shishido Yui looked away from her new students, who were all finding their seats, to see the entrance of her former student. "Kishinuma-kun," She greeted before walking over to him.

Yoshiki smirked. "Hey, Yui-sensei. I'm back." He told her with a light chuckle.

The thirty some year old smiled up at him. "It's so good to see you, I was surprised to find out that you would be coming on as a teacher's assistant for my class." Not that she wasn't ecstatic. In fact Yui was over the moon to know that one of her former students had chosen this career path. 'I always knew he could make something of himself, I just never would have expected this.'

The former delinquent entered the classroom. "This brings back memories..." He commented, looking at the students who had now quieted down. They were all taking in his appearance, probably wondering who he was and why their teacher seemed so familiar with him.

Yui smiled. "How's Ayumi-san?" The brown haired woman had kept in contact with the previous class-rep of 2-9, but they hadn't communicated in awhile.

Yoshiki's eyes brightened slightly at the mention of his wife. "Ayumi's doing well, she's been working with the same publishing company since she finished at her university."

The brown haired woman nodded, taking in Yoshiki's words. "I'll have to come visit sometime. I've been wanting to meet that adorable little girl of yours."

"Um, Shishido-sensei?" A female student called out hesitantly.

At hearing the current class-rep's voice Yui turned away from Yoshiki to take in her students. "Ah right." She said before fully giving them her attention. "Everyone, this is Kishinuma Yoshiki. Starting today he's going to be our assistant teacher. Please treat him as you would me."

Yui turned to her former student turned teacher. "Now then, Kishinuma-sensei would you like to say anything to the class?" She asked.

The dark haired man glanced at her before nodding. Turning his attention to the teenaged students he took a moment to reflect and think about how he was at that age. 'I use to cause trouble, I bet these kids would be real surprised to know that their new teacher was a trouble maker.' The dark haired man smirked.

"It's been awhile since I was in your guy's shoes, but I do remember what it was like. When I was in this very classroom I wasn't an honor student. I was actually expected to fail. But thanks to the support of the people around me I succeeded. While I'm here if any of you ever need help, don't be afraid to talk to me." Kishinuma Yoshiki said before stepping back.

Yui made a noise of approval before turning to her class. "Alright then, now that that's out of the way let's begin. Please pull out your text books and open to page 36."

Yoshiki watched the students file out of the classroom after the lunch bell rang. Looking at his phone he saw the text from Ayumi, informing him that she was on her way.

"Kishinuma-kun, would you care to join me for lunch?"

Yoshiki looked up to see the kind face of his new co-worker and smiled. "Sure. I hope you don't mind that Ayumi's going to be joining us."

Yui's smile widened even more. "Nonsense, the more the merrier. It's been so long since I've seen you two, it'll be good to catch up with Ayumi-san."

While Yui opened her bento Yoshiki sat off to the side and looked at his phone to see that Ayumi had texted him again.

{I'm at Kisaragi. It feels so weird being back here after graduating. haha.}

Yoshiki smirked at her text before responding with an affirmative that he had seen her message and that he agreed with her sentiment. Not long after that the door to the classroom opened and in came his wife, carrying two bentos. She smiled upon seeing her husband, and grew excited the moment she saw her old teacher. "Sensei!" The former class-rep called out, causing the thirty-three year old woman to look up.

"Ayumi-san!" Yui said before standing up to greet her old student. "It's so good to see you." She said, with a pleased smile.

Pleasantries were exchanged and the two former students sat down for a nice meal with their old teacher. "I never thought I'd be back here again." She said before looking over the familiar classroom.

Shishido Yui smiled at her former student. "It feels like it's been so long." The violet eyed woman stated with a nostalgic smile.

Ayumi grinned. "Careful now, Shishido-sensei. We're not that old yet." She joked with a light chuckle that was shared by the brown haired woman.

The three adults seated themselves, with Ayumi placing a light peck on her husband's cheek as she slid into her chair next to him.

"What have you been up to since I last saw you?" The thirty-three year old woman inquired as she dug into her food.

Ayumi, pausing in the middle of eating answered. "Well I've mainly been working at the same publishing company as the last time we spoke." Yui nodded at this, remembering that her new teacher's aide had told her so. "Yoshiki and I have been pretty busy with Kana-chan." She informed the older woman while referring to her three-year old daughter.

Yui smiled as she remembered seeing some of the pictures Ayumi had posted online. "I've seen pictures of her, she's so adorable." She told her former students who both looked happy.

"She looks just like her mother." Yoshiki told Yui who chuckled at Ayumi's cheeks becoming slightly pink at the subtle compliment.

"She does have your eyes though." Ayumi pointed out, over the years she had grown to really like Yoshiki's eyes. She felt that she could gleam so much from him just by looking into his eyes. Gray eyes blinked at her for a moment before the young man smiled.

"So where is she today?" Yui asked, she would have liked to have met Kana.

Ayumi sighed as the heat finally faded from her cheeks. "She's with my sister, I would have brought her but I had to work today." She told her former educator regrettably.

Yui lips made a thin line. "It's okay, I'm sure with Kishinuma-kun working here I'll end up seeing her at some point." She told her former student, not at all bothered.

The three continued their casual chit chat over lunch until it was time for Ayumi to head back to work, and for lessons to resume. Ayumi offered her husband a quick peck and promised that she'd be back when he got off so they could go pick Kana up together.

Yoshiki's day went by in a blur as he continued observing Yui's classes and interjecting when needed. Once the final bell had rung and the students were let go, the brown haired woman told Yoshiki to head home. "Go home, Kishinuma-kun. I'm sure Ayumi-san's waited long enough." The brown haired woman told Yoshiki who nodded thankfully before heading out.

He met with Ayumi at the front gate, the married couple greeted each other before heading off to Hinoe's to pick up their daughter. As they walked they held hands and talked about the various aspects of their day. Ayumi told Yoshiki about the new cover she was designing and how she was excited to be working with this particular author while Yoshiki mentioned how nostalgic it had been to be in a class with Shishido Yui again.

When Hinoe heard someone knocking on her front door she glanced at the time. "Wow, it's already that time?" She was surprised, the day had gone by so fast. Looking at the little rug rat resting on her lap she softly roused her. "Kana-chan, wake up. Wake up Kana-chan, Okaa-san and Otou-san are here." She said as the sleepy child slowly peeled open her eyes.

With a quiet laugh Hinoe got the child to her feet and escorted her to the front door. Opening it she was met with the faces of her sister and brother-in-law. "Time to go home, Kana-chan." Hinoe told the three year old who yawned.

Ayumi smiled as she stepped forward and scooped her daughter up. Holding her close she turned to her sister and thanked her. "Thanks for watching her, Onee-chan."

Hinoe smiled. "I told you, Ayumi. It was no trouble whatsoever."

Ayumi nodded before looking back at her sleepy daughter. "Say goodbye to Oba-san." She told her daughter who gave her aunt a sleepy wave.

"I'll see you guys later." Hinoe told the family of three before they made to walk home.

After returning home Yoshiki went about making dinner, with Ayumi's help, and the family of three sat down to a nice quiet meal. Once they finished eating Yoshiki took Kana into the living room to play a game while Ayumi did the dishes.

It was some time after eight o'clock when Kana grew sleepy and was put to bed while the married couple opted to stay up for a little longer. Ayumi smiled as she felt Yoshiki's hand take hers, looking at him she met his gaze and bit her lip at the slightly suggestive look in his eyes.

At her nodding at his silent question the two young adults turned off the television and headed to their room for some privacy. However as Yoshiki was trailing kisses down his wife's exposed neck a knock was heard against the door. Ayumi had to stifle a laugh as she felt her husband sigh into her neck. "Every time..." She heard him mutter as he separated from her and allowed her to answer their bedroom door.

Standing before her was a timid looking three-year old with gray watery eyes. "Nightmare?" Ayumi softly asked her three-year old daughter who was currently clutching a stuff bunny to her chest. When she nodded her head the twenty-seven year old gestured for the young girl to come on in.

Yoshiki smiled as he watched his wife and daughter enter the room. Despite the interruption he didn't mind too much, there'd be time for such a thing later. For now he was more than content to enjoy the quiet moments with his family.

Once Kana was situated between her mother and father the lights were turned off and the family of three drifted off into sleep.

And there's the first chapter of this one shot collection. I hope you all enjoyed this brief glance into the future. Also what did you all think of the idea of Yoshiki's future career choice? I got the idea from a fanmade CP game where Yoshiki became a teacher. I wish I could remember the name of it...

Another thing, this story will never be "finished" because it's me simply writing a one-shot for these two characters when I feel like it. I could decide to make this story five chapters long, or I could make it ten chapters long. Or I could just make this be the only chapter. (Probably won't do that as I am working on chapter two as of writing this.) Regardless I hope you all enjoy what I have to bring to the table.