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Life Together

Chapter Seven:

Kishinuma Yoshiki watched the twin tailed girl leave the bathroom. His lips curved into a small smile at her admittance to having lied to a teacher. 'A class-rep who protects a delinquent by lying to a teacher?' That was a new one. "Heh, heh." He couldn't help but chuckle at the turn of events that had just transpired. He hadn't expected this to happen, he still felt a bit blindsided, but he wasn't displeased.

That girl, Shinozaki, he had never seen her before nor had he heard anything about her. To be fair Yoshiki didn't exactly care to listen to the gossip at Kisaragi. He only knew that he was somewhat infamous due to how he stood out amongst his peers as a delinquent. Skipping class, smoking on school property, getting into fist fights. How could people not talk about him?

"I almost kicked the shit out of that stupid teacher." Yoshiki muttered as he started to walk out of the boy's gym bathroom. He had been so close to cutting his time at Kisaragi short, and for what? Some stupid teacher who isn't even worth a damn?

Suddenly Yoshiki felt somewhat annoyed with himself. He didn't like playing into other people's games, and even if he had been more than alright with kicking an ass that deserved it...He had nearly acted as Tsubota wanted him to. "Shinozaki..." But she stepped in and defused the situation before it could even occur.

Yoshiki couldn't exactly describe how he felt at the moment. He felt lighter than he had in a long time, but he also felt like he had hit rock bottom. That the only way to go was up, and Shinozaki had given him a boost. But it would be up to him to claw his way out of this hole.

As Yoshiki stalked the halls of Kisaragi he took note of all the classrooms that he passed. His fellow students were hard at work, trying their best to make it to graduation. 'What have I been doing here?' Yoshiki asked himself, not for the first time since coming to this school. He almost never showed up to class, yet he still occasionally came to the school and usually ended up causing trouble.

Everyone always said that he would fail, that he wouldn't make anything of himself and accomplish nothing. Even his own father had said those words to him before literally throwing him out. Yoshiki came to a halt at the school entrance and glared at the floor.

"Stay in school even if you have to go through hell and high water!"

Shinozaki was different. She hadn't exactly been nice to him, in fact she called him the worst. But she didn't tell him to give up, she had encouraged him. To the point that it had made her cry. No one except for his sister would ever cry on his behalf.

"I owe her." Yoshiki realized as he changed his shoes and made his way out of the school. Despite the school day not being over, and Shinozaki's insistence that he stay in school, Yoshiki didn't feel like he'd be able to handle being at Kisaragi for the rest of the day. His mind couldn't focus on anything except for the event that had occured in the gym bathroom.

Yoshiki wandered around for awhile until his feet led him to the park near his apartment complex. The very same park he had camped out in for nearly three weeks after getting kicked out of his childhood home. Heaving a sigh Yoshiki plopped down on a bench and lifted his gaze to the sky.

The once blue sky was slowly bleeding orange, school should be out by now. Yoshiki wondered what Shinozaki did after school...shaking those thoughts away the blond tried to stop thinking about the twin tailed class-rep who had helped him earlier.

Scratching the back of his head he redirected his thoughts. "Miki's probably out of school by now..." Yoshiki said out loud as he pulled his phone out and finally looked at the time. It was well after 4:00 pm, he still had two hours until he had to be at work.

Frowning in determination Yoshiki dialed his sister's number and placed his phone to his ear. On the fourth ring Miki answered him. "Hey, Onii-chan, what's up?" Her voice was cheerful and curious at the same time. Yoshiki rarely called her unless he had something important to tell her.

"Hey Miki, nothing I just..." He paused while recalling meeting Shinozaki. Since the incident he had spent the last few hours walking around, thinking. She thought he could be better, and he wanted to. "I've been thinking..." He finally announced.

This seemed to pique her interest. "Oh? Sounds serious, what about?" Miki asked, wondering what was up with her brother.

Running a hand through his hair Yoshiki leaned back in the park bench. "Something happened earlier today. I almost did something stupid and drop out of school." He admitted much to Miki's surprise, for she didn't say anything. "But then, something happened. It made me realize that I've been kind of dumb lately."

"Onii-chan..." Miki breathed out at her brother's regretful tone. She certainly hadn't expected this conversation to happen.

"I can do better...and I want to be better." Because I want to prove Shinozaki right for believing in me. He didn't say.

"I believe in you Onii-chan. If you put your mind to whatever you want, I know there isn't nothing you can't do." Miki encouraged before giggling. "Except cooking that is." Yoshiki rolled his eyes at his little sister's teasing.

"Shut up." He said with no real annoyance. His sister was quick to tease him, but she was also one of at least two people who would encourage him.

This was fun to write. I liked be able to show a little bit of Yoshiki's relationship with his sister. Working on the next chapter of this story atm. Not very far into it, but I think you guys will enjoy what I've got planned.